(Capt.) Charles & Mary (Crawford) Yancey Family Bible

(Capt Charles Yancey was son of Robert & Temperance (Dumas) Yancey)

Source: The following information is taken from a document in the James P. Root Collection in the Rhode Island Historical Library Archives. It would appear that Mrs. Frank A Crawford Vanderbilt (author of Laurus Crawfurdiana - a book containing information on the genealogy of the Crawford and Yancey families) may have employed Mr. Root in researching the necessary information to publish her book - published in 1883.

Although the information in the Root Collection does not make reference to a Yancey Bible, per se, the format would seem to indicate that the original source was probably a family Bible.

Chas. Yancey born 10th May 1741

Mary, his wife 8th Aug 1742

died 26th May 1841

Charles Yancey & Mary Crawford married 2nd Feb 1762

Oldest daughter:

Ann Yancey born 19 May 1763

died 8th Aug 1780

Elizabeth Yancey born 23rd May 1765

died 4th March 1803

Unity Yancey born 10th Nov 1766

Louisa Yancey born 21st ____ 1768

died ________ 1780

Robert Yancey born 28th Feb ____

died 28th April 1808

Mary Yancey born 12th Jan 1772

died May 1773

Rhoda Yancey born 26th Jan 1774

died 24th ___ 1839

Joel Yancey born 26th Sep 1775

died 1780

David Yancey born 20th June 1777

died Dec 1807

William C. Yancey born Nov 4th 1779

died 1789

[Mary?] (miscarried) Yancey

born 20th Aug 1780

Polly Yancey born 13 Oct 1784

died 1806

Elizabeth Kimbrough died March 3, 1803 aged 37 years. Her husband, Joseph Kimbrough died the fall after, leaving eight promising children - 2 sons and six daughters.

David Yancey and his nephew Dr Wm. Kimbrough died in Jamaica of yellow fever in a few days of each other in 1807.

Col. Robert Yancey died 23rd April 1808 with [fevers?] and consumption.

My granddaughter, Sarah Barrett, second daughter of Joseph Kimbrough died 6th March 1808 of [_____?] fever. Resigned, composed, amicable in disposition. Left one sweet babe, Elizabeth.