(Bartlett Yancey was the son of Bartlett Sr. & Ann Graves Yancey)

Source: Transcribed from copies of the original Bible in posession of the Caswell County Historical Association 1997.

Bartlett Yancey, the tenth child of Bartlett Yancey the elder, and Anne, his wife, was born on Saturday the 19th day of February, 1785; died August 30th, 1828.

Nancy Yancey, the ninth child of Jno. Graves, his wife Nancy, was born on Saturday the 3rd day of December, 1786, died the 8th of April 1855.

B. Yancey his Nancy, were married on Wednesday evening, 21 December 1808.

Rufus Augustus Yancey, their first son, was born Thursday, 26th October 1809 and died 5th November, 1829.

Frances Yancey, their first daughter, was born on Friday evening, 31st May 1811 and died 3rd of October 1839.

Curtius Yancey, their second son , was born on Sunday morning, 30th May 1813 and died 6th of May 1814, of the Collic Infantium.

Algernon Sidney Yancey, their third son, was born Sunday morning 28th January 1816 and died 27th August 1846.

Mary Catherine Yancey, their second daughter, was born on Friday morning, 26th December 1817.

Ann Elizabeth Yancey, their third daughter, was born on Friday morning the 15th of June 1821.

Carolina Louisa Yancey, their fourth daughter, was born on Saturday, the 19th day of October, 1823 and died 24th December 1842.

Maria Virginia Yancey, their fifth daughter, was born on Thursday, the 2nd day of November, 1826.

Family Record of the Age of Negro Children

Negro - Albert, son of Milly, born 10th of April 1810

Negro - Charles, son of Milly, born 5th of March 1813

Negro - [Silon?], daughter of Milly, was born 23rd of January 1815

Negro - Sampson, son [Mimy?], was born 1th October 1816

Negro - Deanna, daughter of Milly, was born 3rd of Aug 1817

Negro - Lucinda, daughter of [Dilsy?] was born 20th of January 1818

Negro - Abraham, son of Mary, was born on 8th of November 1818

Negro - Agnes, daughter of Milly was born 13th day of June 1819

Negro - Clarissa, daughter of [Dilsy?] was born 3[0?]th day of Septem. 1819

Negro - Ann daughter of Yellow Milly, was born 9th of June 1820

Negro - Tom, son of [Dilsy?] was born on the 20th May 1821

Negro - Nelly, daughter of Black Milly was born on the 12th of August 1821

Negro - Betsy, daughter of Little Milly was born on the 19th of January 1822

Negro - Peter, son of Sally was born on the 15th of February 1822

Negro - Nathan, son of Yellow Milly was born on the 17th of February 1822

and died 3rd of August 1822

Negro - Chainey, daughter of Mary was born on the 18th of March 1823

Negro - Robin, the son of Yellow Milly was born on the 15th of April 1823

Negro - Margaret, daughter of [Dilsy?] was born on the 27th of May 1823

Negro - John, son of Black Milly was born on the 9th day of October 1823

Negro - Brunswick, son of Sally was born on the 4th of November 1823

Negro - Willis, son of Polly was born on the [__ ___?] July 1824

Negro - Alexander, son of Yellow Milly was born on the [____ _____ ____?]

and died 7th of June 1826

Negro - Susan, daughter of [Dilsy?] 16th Sept 1825

Negro - Madison, son of Sally was born 7th Oct 1825

Negro - Priscilla, daughter of Mary born 27 Nov 1825

Negro - Monroe, son of Patsy born 24th January 1826

Negro - [Minerva?], daughter of Black Milly born the [__?] July 1826

Negro - Susan, daughter of Yellow Milly born 4th Feb 1827

Negro - [Martha???], daughter of Polly born 12th of July 1827

Negro - Pholeny?, daughter of Little Milly born 13th of Sep 1827

Negro - Margaret, daughter of Sally born 16th Nov 1827

Negro - George, son of [Dilsy?] born 30th December 1827

Negro - Alcey, daughter of Patsy born 19th of March 1828

Negro - Ede, daughter of Mary born 4th of July 1828

Negro - Rebecca, daughter of Barbara born 29th of March 1829

Negro - Paris, son of Polly born 17th of September 1829

Negro - Charlotte, daughter of Black Milly born 19th of October 1829

Negro - Adeline, daughter of Patsy was born 20th of December 1829

Negro - [Iveson?], son of Yellow Milly was born 29th of January 1830

Negro - Jackson, son of Leannah was born 1st of March 1830

Negro - Elijah, son of Sally was born 10th of April 1830

Negro - [Scipio?], son on of [Dilsy?] was born 7th of November 1830

Negro - Humphrey, son of Mary was born 8th of November 1830

Negro - Squire, son of Aby was born 28th of January 1831

Negro - Tabitha, daughter of Lucy born the 12th of April 1831

Negro - Martin, son of Polly born the 15th of July 1831

Negro - Emily, daughter of Barbara born on the 4th of Oct 1831

Negro - Isabella, daughter of Yellow Milly born 1st of Feb 1832

Negro - Shadrack, son of Mary born 11th of Feb 1832

Negro - Stephen, son of Black Milly born 13th of March 1832

Negro - Calvin, son of Jenny born the 6th of July 1832

[Negro] - Melinda, daughter of Lucy born the 17th of August 1832

Negro - Lettice, daughter of Betty born the 8th of May 1833

Negro - Jane, daughter of [Dilsy?] born the 3rd of March 1833

Negro - Jane, daughter of Lucy born the 7th of May 1834

Negro - Sampson, son of Yellow Milly born the 12th of May 1834

Negro - Keziah, daughter of Betty born the 12th of August 1834

Negro - Nathan, son of [Dilsy?] born the 28 June 1835

Negro - Alexander, son of Barbry born the 22nd of January 1836

Negro - Granderson, son of Patty, born 2nd of December 1835

Negro - Oscar, son of Lucy, born 23rd of January 1836

Negro - Lafayette, son of Mary, born 13th of February 1836

Negro - Amanda, daughter of Betty, born 4th July 1836

Negro - Kitty, daughter of Mary, born 25th Dec 1837

Negro - John, son of Lavinia, born 6th of Jan 1838

Negro - Adah, daughter of Adah, born 7th July 1838

Negro - Felix, son of Lucy, born 25th of May 1838

Negro - Logan, son of Barbary, born 8th [June?] 1838

Negro - William, son of [May?] born August 1835 - Kitty born 26 D[ec 1838?]

Negro - Ned, son of Amy, born 4th April 1839

Negro - Camillus, son of Milly, born 29th April 1839

Negro - Maria, daughter of Betty, born 6th Nov 1839

Negro - William, son of Lucy, born 14th September 1840

Negro - Allen, son of Betty, born Jan'y 1841

Negro - Martha, daughter of Amy, born 14th April 1841

Negro - Sarah, daughter of Betty, born 18 Sept 1841

Negro - Pink, son of Milly, born 23 December 1841

Negro - Alexander, son of Fanny, born [__?] June 1842

Negro - Sylvia, daughter of Eliza, born 16 July 1842

Negro - [Annis?], daughter of Lucy, born 13 December 1842

Negro - Aggy, daughter of [Betty?], born 13 June 1843

Negro - Rial, son of Amy, born 2nd October 1843

Negro - Emeline, daughter of Fanny, born 17th Sept 1844

Negro - Susan, daughter of Lucy, born 20th Nov 1844

Negro - Elzie, daughter of Sally, born 6th of August 1845

Negro - [Nintus?], son of Eliza, born [7th?] October 1845

Negro - Sarah, daughter of Chany, born 25th December 1845

Negro - Mary, daughter of Margaret, 2nd February 1846

Negro - Christina, daughter of Betty, born 24th April 1846

Negro - Dolly, daughter of Amy, born 20th September 1846

Negro - Ellen, daughter of Lucy, born 25th October 1846

Negro - Parthena, daughter of Betsy, born July 1846

Negro - Wiley, son of Mary, born November 8th 1846

Negro - Adeline, daughter of Chany, born December 1847

Negro - Pleasant, son of Adeline, born Feb 1847

Negro - Madison, son of Fanny, born 18th Dec 1846

Negro - Ransom, son of Sally, born 17th January 1848

Negro - [Jesse?], son of Lettice, born 25th January 1848

Negro - Jeff, aon of Betty, born 7th April 1848

Negro - Billy, son of Eliza, born 12th April 1848

Negro - Melissa, daughter of Amy, born 27th September 1848

Negro - Brunswick & Sally, children of Margaret born 27th October 1848

Negro - [M___?] daughter of Lucy, born 17th November 1848

Negro - Adeline, da[ghter] of Fanny, born [9th?] March 1849

Negro - Lucy, daughter of Betsy, born April 1849

Negro - Abram, son of Edy, born July 1849

Negro - Jinnie, daughter of Sally, born 3 September 1849

Negro - Roswell, son of Betty, born April 17 1850

Negros - Hurt & Rebecca, children of Betty, born Sep [26?] 1851

Negro - Ishmael, son of Sally, born 1st March 1851

Negro - Sidnor, son of Eliza, born 28th October 1850

Negro - Polly, daughter of Lucy, born 3rd October 1851

Negro - John, son of Margaret, was born 4th November 1851

Negro - Reuben, son of Amy, born 13th November 1851

Negro - Bart, son of Sally, born 5 February 1853

Negro - Viny, daughter of Kate, born 10th March 1852

Negro - Lizetta, daughter of Fanny, born 25th March 1852

Negro - Louis, son of Edy, born 8th April 1852

Negro - Gabriel, son of Betty, born 10th July 1853

Negro - Robin, son of Maria, born 29th July 1853

Negro - Rebecca, daughter of Eliza, born 30th April 1854

Negro - John, son of Amy, born 7th May 1854

Negro - Joseph, son of Fanny, born 23rd June 1854

Negro - Madison, son of Margaret, born 2nd Oct 1853

Negro - William, son of Margaret, born July 2nd 1855

Negro - Tom, son of Betty born [left blank]

Negro - [Solo?]mon, son of Harriet, born in Sept 1854

Negro - Lucien, son of Lucy, born Nov 1854


Castor, son of Fanny, born 19th Dec 1855

Robin, son of Jane, born Dec 24th 1855

Americus, son of Fanny, born 20th May 1858

Anderson, son of Jemima, born 20th March 1859. Sold

John, son of Jane, born Dec 1859. Died.

Pleasant, son of Eliza, born 1859

Henry, son of Fanny, born May 1860

Alexander, son of Eliza, born May 1861

Junius, son of Margaret, born 22 of Sept 1861

Ned, son of Kate, born April 1862

Robert Lea, son of Fanny, born May 1863

Lucien, son of Susan, born 6th of Ja'y 1864

William, son of Jane, born 8th of Ja'y 1864