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A new book by Elton Lacey on the Samuel Brice Family of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Price $35.


THE STEPHEN LACY FAMILY of Goochland County, Virginia by Hazel Potter Lawler, 1981 has been re-issued under the direction of Elton Lacey. This book has been out of print and unavailable for over 20 years. So, this is an opportunity not to be missed, if you want to own it. This book starts with the immigrant, Thomas Lacy, and covers the period from roughly 1660 to 1980. It is 647 pages long with a short addendum by Hazel. It is available for purchase at the price of $60.. It has a small issue and after they are gone, there will again be no books available.

If you are interested in purchasing it, contact Elton Lacey 4058 Deerfield College Station, TX 77845, ph. 409-774-7065, e-mail [email protected].

The companion volume, THE WILLIAM AND ELLIOTT LACY FAMILIES is also available for $45. It includes material on William, Nathaniel, Phoebe, Elkanah, and Elliott Lacy and spans from 1660-1996

Thomas Lacy II had 7 known children: Stephen Lacy (ca 1705/10-1772) Thomas Lacy III (ca 1705/8-) William Lacy (1713-1775) Nathaniel Lacy (1715-1781) Phoebe Lacy (?) Elkanah Lacy (ca 1720/30-1777) Elliott Lacy (ca 1725-1777) Stephen had 12 children and he and his descendants are the subject of this book.

It is well documented citing land grants, wills, census data, personal records and other such sources.

Elton Lacey 4058 Deerfield College Station, TX 77845


A new book by Bonnie B. Lacey and Louise H. Hall on Hodges in the Carolinas and the Southern States. Price $40.

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