Roman Catholic Baptismal Records Of Woodford Parish, County Galway, Ireland 1865 - 1889


Register Of Baptisms In
Woodford / Looscaune Parish (Roman Catholic)
21 April 1865 - Sep 1889

Transcribed By Jane Rock Kennedy
From Photocopies Of Written Parish Records
on LDS film #1279217 - #1279218

Note: Every attempt was made to transcribe the names and dates in the order in which they appeared, as accurately as possible, and as they appeared in the register. However, there is the possibility of errors, so please use this information only as a guide to point you in a direction, not as the definitive data.

If there was a question as to the spelling of a name a (?) will follow that name. An M"c indicates the writing of the Mc with the double lines under the c. Where dates were not recorded a ------- is placed. Where names were not recorded a ------- is placed. A * indicates one of the EGANs in our family. An x in front of a name represents the same mark made in the register.



Surname Christian Date of Birth Father Mother Date of Baptism
KEANE Mary A. Dec 31 [1873] Andrew Anne FINLEY Jan 1st
BURKE Catherine Jan 1st Michael Mary BURKE Jan 1st
MAHON Honoria Jan 5th James Mary MULVEHILL Jan 9th
STARR Honoria Jan 8th Michael Cath. LEONARD Jan 11th
HOLLARAN Patrick Jan 17th Michael Bridget WALSHE Jan 17th
FAHY Michael Jan 15th Thomas Mary DILLON Jan 17th
SMYTH Thomas Jan 24th Patrick Anne MULLHOLLAND Jan 25th
NOONAN Margaret Feb 16th Michael Mary KELLY Feb 17th
KILLEEN Brigid Feb 19th Peter Ellen ROR(?) Feb 21st
SHERIDAN Brigid Feb 23rd Bernard Catherine REEVES Feb24th
x MORAN Mary Feb 22nd Robert Julia FARRELL Feb 26th
WALSHE Hannah Feb 26th John Mary TORPEY Mar 1st
POWER Patrick Mar 5th William Cath. ROBINSON Mar 5th
DALY Hanah Mar 11th Denis Ellen TUOHY Mar 11th
KENNEDY Mary Mar 10th William Mgt. TUOHY Mar 12th
CONROY Mary A. Mar 24th Thomas Ann KELLY Mar 28th
COMMINS John Mar 29th Thomas Hanah RYAN Mar 30th
FENLEY Thomas Mar 30th Andrew Brigid FARRELL Mar 31st
McBREEN Mary E. Apl 22nd Thomas Mary SHERIDAN Apl 25th
HAYES Michael Apl 23rd Martin Anne BRIEN Apl 25th
COONEY Brigid Apl 25th Michael Mary MAHONEY Apl 26th
McDONNELL Mary Apl 30th Timothy Cath. CONROY May 3rd
SHEEDY Catherine May 3rd John Brigid KENNEDY May 9th
WHYTE Mary May 10th John Anne DILLON May 10th
COOLEY Anne May 9th John Cath. CHEEVERS May 13th
DONOHOE Mary May 13th Thomas Cath. COLLINS May 16th
x SULLIVAN Margaret May 19th Michael Anne KENNEDY May 20th
x CONROY Margaret May 21st Thomas Kate NOONAN May 23rd
BURKE Mary May 21st James Anny(?) HOGAN May 23rd
HAYES Honor May 21st Patrick Mary MORAN May 30th
DOOLEY Timothy May 26th James Margt. KEATING May 30th
CAVANAGH Bridget June 8th Thomas Mary GERAGHTY June 13th
FENLEY Bernard June 13th Thomas Anne McBRIDE June 14th
McMAHON Mary June 23rd Michael Bridget COUGHLAN June 28th
HOLLERAN Brigid June 25th Michael Anne TULLY June 28th
TUOHY John June 26th Michael Mary MORAN June 28th
TAMPLIN Sarah July 5th William Mgt. MINOGUE July 8th
CONNELLY Margaret July 13th Patrick Mary McENENEY July 18th
FAHY Margaret Aug 3rd John Brigid TUOHY Aug 4th
BRODERICK Margaret Aug 10th Michael Tammy BURKE Aug 14th
McDERMOTT Mary Aug 11th Hugh Honoria KENNEDY Aug 14th
PAGE Martin Aug 23rd Patrick Elizabeth PORTER Aug 24th
CONROY Michael Aug 27th Martin Judy BURNS Aug 28th
HAYES Mary Aug 28th Michael Mary McCABE Aug 29th
PORTER Michael Aug 29th Thomas Brigid QUINN Aug 30th
x FLANNERY Mary A. Aug 30th Michael Honoria MURRAY Aug 31st
COLLINS Mary Aug 30th Patrick Cath. FINLAY

Sep 1st

PIERSE James Sep 11th William Anne M"cGANN Sep 11th
MULLEN Ellen Sep 21st Patrick Mary NOONE Oct 1st
KEARY Agatha Oct 4th Patrick Mary ROCHE Oct 9th
DEMPSEY Edward Oct 18th Patrick Anne FARRELL Oct 14th
O'FARRELL Francis Oct 18th Edward Mary A. CONROY Oct 18th
x EGAN* Catherine Oct 18th Laurence Mary LYONS Oct 22nd
TURNER George Oct 20th Robert Elenor(?) BRUTON Nov 9th
LYONS Laurence Nov 28th Martin Anne ABBERTON Nov 30th
MAHON (twins) Mary
Dec 8th Michael Anne TUOHY Dec 8th
McENENEY Edward Dec 7th John Brigid MURRAY Dec 12th
McENENEY Mary Dec 11th Francis Cath. McNAMARA Dec 13th
KILDEA Ellen Dec 9th Denis Ellen HALLAN(?) Dec 19th
COLLINS Margaret Dec 22nd James Mary LYONS Dec 24th
HENLEY Patrick Dec 28th John Elizabeth McGANN Dec 29th


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