Eileen Kinnick Diary - 1936 - Week 45

Eileen Kinnick

1936 Diary

Week 45 – Nov 2-8

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1936 Orientation - middle of the year

Eileen was 17 on Dec. 14, 1935
Graduate, Coon Rapids (IA) High School

Leo is 1 year older
Buzzy is 10 years younger

Summertime 1936


Max got her engagement ring

Those blamed wedding bells again!!!!


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Monday, Nov 2

Rained in morning and was it cold. Norma here in pm. Went to supper with & stayed all night with me. Boys came for dance about 9:00. Waited at café awhile. Had a keen time! At intermission we went with Orrin & Maxine. Walked out of Textor's because we couldn't get waited on. Had malted milks at Kitty's & Bertha's. Orrin (2), Don A., Leland D., Pete. “Orrin & I waltzing.” Home with Don & Norma. Really cold. Took hot bottle and 2 irons to bed with us. Home at 2:00.


Tuesday, Nov 3

Still terribly cold. Election day. Surely a busy town. Norma still here. Had election headquarters in here (democratic). Norma out home to dinner. Her mother cam after her in pm. Had choc. & roll at Kitty's & Bertha's with Edith. She & her mother rode home with us. Pete & I to Homecoming. Elmer, Don, Edith, Harold sat with Pete & me. To Hutcheson's afterwards. Edith was queen. She surely looked nice but it was so cold.

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Wednesday, Nov 4

A little warmer out. I sent in another lesson. Typed quite a bit. Read “Fair as the Moon.” Surely was good. Betty S. came in after school for awhile. Read & listened to radio at home at nite. Leo came in to the free show. “The Way You Look Tonite” was first on Hit Parade.

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Thursday, Nov 5

Still cold. Cleaned up whole store. Dusted & swept. Typed some letters. Read “Lights Up.” Surely good. Edith & Erna rode out with us. Took the typewriter. Got stationary at 1 cent sale. Took bath & read & listened to radio.


Friday, Nov 6

My raw throat made me feel so terribly miserable. Rather busy. “Wouldn't it be terrible to be blind!” Snowed a little. Real cold. Dad home late from sale. Had cocoa & roll at Kitty's & Bertha's. Ate peanuts. Tired at nite. Finished my book & went to bed early.


Saturday, Nov 7

Real cold out again. Cold worse!

Bothered talking. Home to dinner. Took Charlie's car to Carroll & got machine. Snowed and got pretty slick coming home. Ila Jean came to Coon with me “Here comes the Maytag Man.” Lils, Roberts, & I down at Virginia Smiths. Got candy & powder at 1 cent sale. Finished “Dreams End.” Really was good. Went to sleep on cot.


Sunday, Nov 8

Up fairly early. Washed & set my hair. Cleaned upstairs & down. Ironed in pm. Over to Lund 's & fixed Erna's hair. Elmer, Edith L., Edith P., & I played cards awhile. Had V-8. Drove up town a minute. Mr. Frohlich died! Pete came at 7:30. Elmer, Vera, Kenny, Edith P., Harold, Edith L., Pete & I went to Carroll to “Dimples.” To Lincoln & Clyde's. Cold still pretty bad. Max got her engagement ring tonite. Those blamed wedding bells again!!!!

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