Webmaster Note: All electronic links were inserted by the Webmaster. This transcript is especially meaningful to me, since Goerge Vastine Sage (G.V.Sage) was my great granduncle, (husband of Mary Elizabeth Duncan; who was the daughter of my paternal great grandfather Christian France Duncan). If anyone has information about any of the individuals listed in these notes, or about George Vastine Sage, I'd appreciate knowing about it.

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Stickleyville, Virginia

With Identification of Some of the Persons Named, In Parentheses,

By His Daughter, Bonnie Sage Ball

Source: Early Records of Lee County, Virginia, Volume II, pp. 65-68. Compiled by Ada Grace Catron. Copyright 1972, Ada Grace Catron.

Transcribed by Dot Wilson Duncan, March 6, 2001. (Note: AGC = Ada Grace Catron; BSB = Bonnie Sage Ball)

Page 65:

Trigg Fraley died Jan. 3, 1900. (Son of Jeff and Susan (Duncan) Fraley, at Pattonsville)

Dewie Fraley died Jan. 18, 1901. (Son of Jeff and Susan (Duncan) Fraley).

J. W. Glass (Wesley) died Sept. 15, 1900, at 5:00 A.M.

Rebecca Glass (wife of J.W.) died Oct. 2, 1900.

Gof Sprinkle died Apr. 28, 1902.

W. W. Sage died Nov. 28, 1902. (William Winfield Sage, grandfather of G. V. Sage)

A.J. Hickam died Dec. 25, 1902.

Crit Collier died Dec. 23, 1902. (Husband of Dona Sage. He was shot from a horse.)

Essie Durham died Jan. 18, 1903.

Lillie Hodge died Sept. 13, 1903.

Page 66:

Raten (or Roten) Hurst died Oct. 25, 1903.

Sallie Moore died March 11, 1897.

Jesse Roberts’ wife died may 17, 1903.

Shade Wilder died May 18, 1903.

Emer (Emma) Fletcher died Feb. 15, 1904. ("Bud’s" first wife) ("Bud" was William Emmet Fletcher, born Sept. 22, 1857, died Sept. 28, 1956. Emma was born Feb. 14, 1858. These dates from tombstone inscriptions. AGC)

Rebecka Ely died March 11, 1904.

Charles Hicks died Nov. 29, 1904 – "pendecitis"

Mattie Fay Sage died Nov. 23, 1904. (Dau. Of G.V. and Mollie Sage)

Young Sage died Dec. 16, 1904. (Son of W.S. and Fay Sage)

R.M. Dickenson’s Baby died Dec. 16, 1904.

D. J. Banner died Dec. 15, 1904.

"Pop" Barker died Jan. 2, 1905. Age 82 years, 6 mos., 1 day.

William McKinley (President) died Sept. 14, 1901.

Nancie Noel died Aug. 10, 1903.

Mitch. Cox died Aug. 11, 1903. (Killed by train near Dryden.)

Henry J. Morgan died Jan. 14, 1905.

Maggie Chafman died Feb. 13, 1905.

Mrs. M. J. Shelburn died Feb. 9, 1905. Age 77 yrs.

Henderson Gobble died Feb. 4, 1905.

Rossie Penley died April 8, 1905.

Donie Collier died April 15, 1905. (Widow of Crit)

Dickson Litton died Dec. 10, 1906. Age 86 yrs.

Mrs. Tankersley died Dec. 12, 1906.

Bob Gillam’s wife died Dec. 8, 1906.

W.W. Sage and Elizabeth Fannon was married Oct. 19, 1848.

Dr. James W. Sage was mar. to Rebecca Hammons Dec. 30, 1860.

Harrison Sage – bornd Oct. 20, 1851, died at home – Apr. 1882.

John D. Sage was killed July 11, 1862, by Witcher’s men, near the top of Powell Mountain. (This was John Davis Sage, gr-gr-grandfather of Joris Byard Catron, husband of Ada Grace Catron. AGC)

Lewis Berry killed on July 11, 1862 on north mt. near spring on Fincastle Road.

Jim Smith was killed near Stone’s Creek.

Page 67:

Jack Myers was killed with John Davis Sage, same time and place. Witcher’s men taken 14 Lee County men and left Lee County with 14 stolen horses.

Henry Morgan Sage bornd July 16, 1858.

Sampson Sage died March 25, 1872. (Father of John Davis Sage. AGC)

Liddie Sage died May 1, 1872. "Sweat on face when buried." (She was Lydia Fletcher Sage, dau. Of Aaron Fletcher, Sr., and wife of Sampson Sage.)

John Sage died Nov. 8, 1876.

Manervie E. Sage died Sept. 2, 1883. (Dau. Of William W. and Elizabeth Sage)

Tobie Sage bornd Dec. 9th, 1871. (Child of William W. and Elizabeth)

G. C. Duff bornd Apr. ___, 1830.

Garet Millard Sage (10 years old) and Virgie Ethel Sage (8) joined the Southern Methodist Church at Blue Springs. Rev. Strader in charge of work then.

"Nervie" Johnson died Dec. 8, 1906.

Sallie Parsons died April 15, 1907.

Henry Vaughn died July 14, 1907.

Iry Parks killed Sam Gillam Oct. 10, 1907.

Preston Delp died Oct. 4th, 1907.

Louisa Duff died June 4, 1908 – age 84 yrs.

James Stewart’s boy died May 26, 1910.

Lide Young (Eliza), wife of Dr. Young, died July 10th, 1910, at 1:00 A.M.

Mrs. W. M. Cypress died July 10, 1910.

Elizabeth Glass died Feb. 26, 1911, 5:20 P.M. (Elizabeth Rasnic, wife of M’Nelius Glass)

Roy Gillenwater died Jan. 29, 1912, at 1:30 A.M.

Rebecca Lloyd died Jan. 29, 1912.

Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson died Jan. 10, 1910 – age 76 yrs., 1 mo., 3 days. (1st wife of H.L. Anderson) (Married June 16, 1885, to H.L. Anderson)

E. F. Young (Elkanah) died Nov. 5, 1913, at 6:00 P.M.

John Ladd died Dec. 20, 1912 – age 11 yr., 9 mo., 8 days.

Dr. James Ward died Dec. 20, 1913.

D.J. Banner Borned June 14th, 1822, died Dec. 14, 1904. (Father of Vas Stickley Banner)

Page 68:

Mrs. Eliza Banner died March 30th, 1913. Mrs. Banner lived 88 years, 2 months, and 15 days.

B. D. Miles commenced to keep church on Saturday, Jan. 21, 1911.

J. F. Rasnic died on Feb. 22, 1911 at 8:30 A.M.

Forest Koger died on March 13, 1911.

Howard Livingston died March 27, 1911.

Lucinda Miles died Feb. 22, 1912, at 2:00 A.M. (Lucinda Fannon, who married B.D. Miles)

Mr. W. M. (Will) Slemp died March 4, 1912, at 5:30 A.M., in Louisville Hospital. (Louisville, KY. AGC)

H. C. Joslyn died on Jan. 12, 1913, at 6 A.M. He was bornd Jan. 5th, 1837; age 76 years and 7 days.

John T. Whitaker – born July 13, 1839, died March 31, 1820 – Age 81 yrs.

John Phipps’ boy died on Jan. 10, 1913.

A.J. Litton was bornd Jan. 6th, 1824.

G. C. Duff was bornd Apr. ___, 1830.

Johnie Osborn died March 4th, 1913.

Jack Jesse died March 4th, 1913.

Pop Barker died March 4th, 1913. (This conflicts with the other date, so it should probably be omitted or explained. B.S.B.)