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Welcome to Most Wanted Families resource site

This repository holds ancestral records for  Rutledge, Kelly, and collateral families.

Records are provided by visitors researching their own branch of these families. Submitters of records will receive written credit as they choose, by name only, or by their contact email address.

Submitters own copyright to their work. 

Track your ancestors from their original country to America, as they moved state by state, or county by county, purchased or sold land, executed wills, paid taxes, applied for war pensions, were born, married or died as recorded in county, state or federal records, census reports.

If you own copyright to material about these families and want to contribute those resources to this effort, please contact the project manager.


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This link is to Rutledge and associated families.

Earliest county found where our Rutledge family lived is Hawkins County, Tennessee. We are looking for more records there.

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Enter Stephen Rutledge migration record from Hawkins County, Tennessee to Texas County, Missouri.

This link is to queries posted by Rutledge's to all states and all countries in which they ever lived.

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This link is to information about our direct line Rutledge, from Hawkins County Tennessee to Texas County (Tyrone) Missouri.

Stephen's Family Wife was Mary Massey of Sequatchie County Tennessee.

Stephen died in Tyrone, Texas County, MO around 1895. He was a Civil War veteran.

We need to know more about his life in Tyrone, Missouri. We now have a copy of his death certificate and seek more records.

This link is to the Kelly database. Links below point to records for associated families.

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Hiram Kelly married Elizabeth McGee 1813 in Burke County, North Carolina. 1822 they were in Habersham County, Georgia where ggfather Jessie R Kelly was born 1833.

From 1840 to 1850 they moved gradually west through other counties like Cherokee County, on to Atlanta, Georgia.

Around 1845 his wife Elizabeth died and he married again.

About 1858 Hiram moved with wife and three young daughters to Hindsville, Arkansas.

An older son Joseph b ca 1820 and family moved with them.

In 1859 Jessie graduated from medical school in Atlanta and with his family joined his father in Hindsville.

Civil War era NW Arkansas Joseph was killed by a Union bushwhacker, Hiram died, and Jessie moved the whole family to Texas for safety, and after the war returned to Madison County, AR.

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Patrick Stuart McGee and wife Mary Speer of Burke County, NC were my 4gparents and parents of 3gmother Elizabeth McGee who married Hiram Kelly ca 1813. Not much is known yet about this Patrick Stuart McGee family.

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Henry Mentlo Owen married Chelnessee Rutledge in Tyrone, Missouri about 1876. The Owen line came from Smith County, Tennessee. Names in that line are William, William Jr. and Henry. There were siblings to Henry, but their names are unknown.

The source for middle name Mentlo is unknown, but surname Mentlo could have been a related family.

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Beebe history started in 1535 Northampton, England and arrived 1650 to New London, Connecticut.

Their descendents over two centuries moved to Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and in 1850 to Shelby County Iowa. During the Civil War they moved to Missouri then to Texas, Oklahoma and finally to Arkansas.

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Elizabeth Williamson dau of Chawncey Williamson married Cornelius Alvero Beebe in Shelby County Iowa.

They were my 2ggrandparents. Chancey George Williamson was my 3gfather.

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Pruitt from Lancaster Kentucky married Floy Beebe in 1907 Gainesville, Texas. They were my mother's parents and my grand parents. Need to know more about Pruitt.

This link is to queries posted by Kelly's to all states and countries in which they ever lived. If known we will list the counties in which they ever lived.

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This space is for links to resources for Kelly and associated families when they are completed.

First will be a tracking record for our ancestor Hiram Kelly and his ancestors whom we believe came from King and Queen County Virginia. This journey ended 1858 in Arkansas.

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