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Welcome to the Beebe Exchange.

If you are researching the Beebe family and are stuck in finding an ancestor, please consider using the Beebe Exchange. With the help of many others, I have a database of over 60,100 names of Beebes, their descendants and spouses. They descend from Thomas Bebe of Northamptonshire, England and his Grandson John Beeby who died in 1650 bringing his family to New England.

To use the Exchange, send me the name of a known ancestor and some clues to help identify him or her. Dates of birth and/or death, or name of a spouse or location are all good clues. If I have your ancestor in my database, I'll let you know. You can send me your line to that person. In return, I'll send you the direct line ancestors of the person that you have provided me. We should both benefit from the exchange. You get ancestors and I get new descendants that I do not have in my files.

If you provide your source references, I may use them. Otherwise I will show you as the source. i.e. "Files of Jane Doe of Timbuktu, AZ."

A link to the left will tell you about me and my wife Marion. Marion relates to the persons in my database. The remaining links also cover some interesting facts about some of her relatives, both close and distant. The address that follows can not be automatically copied. Please type it in your e-mail program and show "Beebe" in the subject. I would like to hear from you.