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Formed 1776 from District of West Augusta VA
Brooke formed 1796 from Ohio
Tyler formed 1814 from Ohio
Marshall formed 1835 from Ohio


1830 Ohio Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.212  Duncan, James       1000,2      - 1000,1
        Duncan, Robert      0000,1      - 0000,1
        Duncan, Daniel      1220,0001   - 1121,101

1840 Ohio Co. VA Census
Pg. 24  Jas. Duncan         2201,01     - 1101,01
    39  Robt. Duncan        1001,11     - 0000,01
Wheeling City
Pg. 74  David Duncan        1000,1      - 0000,1

1850 Ohio Co. VA Census
Pg.78, #1116, Alexander LANDEN 42 SCT tanner $10000
                  Ruth P. 39 VA
                  Charles P. 18, Henry E. 15 VA
                  Nicholas D. 11, James K. 6 VA
                  Mary Ann DUNCAN 6 MO
                  Jane JANE? 33 VA BLACK
Wheeling town
Pg.111, #1589, David E. DUNCAN 37 OH baker
                  Priscilla 35 PA
                  James W. 9, David E. 4 VA
                  Mary W. 3, Leander 2 VA
                  (MAD: James W. mar. 1863 in Richmond City, Henrico Co. VA)

1860 Ohio Co. VA Census
Wheeling Ward 2
Pg.138, #1431-1488, Eleanor CLEMENS 60 PA (blank) $0-$500
                  James W. 25 VA physician $0-$600
                  Mary C. 30 VA
                  Lucinda DUNCAN 18 IRE domestic
                  Margaret 16 IRE domestic
                  Ellen SMITH 40 VA BLACK
Wheeling Ward 4
Pg.250, #2208-2307, D.E. DUNCAN (m) 50 OH baker $600-$125
                  Elizabeth 33 PA
                  David 16 VA cabin boy
                  Leander (m) 11, Emma 4 VA
                  Sarah H. 3 VA
                  Mary E. MULDREW 16 VA operative
                  Margaret 14, Jane 11 VA
                  James W. 19 VA baker
Clinton P.O.
Pg.464, #248-256, Hamilton BOONE 45 VA farmer $10,000-$1200
                  Frances (f) 40 VA
                  Albert G. 18, Ott H. (m) 16 VA
                  Ruth DUNCAN 15 OH
                  Humphrey BOONE (m) 76 MD
                  (MAD: ? Ruth in 1850 Jefferson Co. OH census)

1870 Ohio Co. WV Census
Triadelphia Twp.
Pg.104, #214-212, DUNCAN, John 23 VA (white) farmer $5000-$750
                  Rebecca 48 VA keeps hse.
                  Jennie 18 VA at home
                  Clara 15 VA at home
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Marshall Co. WV census)
3rd Ward, City of Wheeling
Pg.192, #84-84, BRACKUNER, Wilber? 30 VA (white) clerk $10,000-$15,000
                  Sarah 63 VA keeps hse
                  Elizbeth 34 VA "none"
                  DUNCAN, Mary 19 HOLland dom. servt. (not marked par. of foreign birth)
Pg.204, #251-250, DELAPLAIN, Robt. S. 27 VA (white) Wh. dry goods $0-$25,000
                  Mary L. 24 OH keeps hse.
                  William A. 6, Lewis 3 WV
                  DUNCAN, Maria 23 IRE dom. servt., parents of foreign birth
                  Lucinda 27 IRE dom. servt. parents of foreign birth
4th Ward, City of Wheeling
Pg.269, #638-630, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 48 VA (white) keeping hse. $2900?-$0
                  Mary 14 VA at school
                  Helen 12, Anna 10 VA at school
                  Joseph 7 VA
5th Ward, City of Wheeling
Pg.281, #89-89, KENNEDY, Wm. 39 VA (white) carpenter $1900-$550
                  Mary 35 OH keeps hse
                  Joseph 21 VA nailer
                  Anna 17 VA at school
                  DUNCAN, Etta 5 WV (white)
                  Amelia 29 VA (white) seamstress
6th Ward, City of Wheeling
Pg.315, #77-77, CAMPBELL, Thos. 39 VA (white) Sheriff O.Co. $6000-$25,000
                  Fanny 33 VA keeps hse
                  Elizabeth 15, Thos. P. 14, Mary 10 VA at school
                  Anna 8 VA
                  Emily 5 WV
                  Hanson 6/12 WV b.Dec.
                  GARDEREN, Anna 20 IRE dom. servt., parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Bridget 30 IRE dom. servt., parents of foreign birth


Ohio Co. WV Marriages (index males on FHL film 863,788; females on FHL film 863,792; mar. register Vol.1-4, on FHL film 863,796)
      Duncan, John to Elizabeth Harvey, 27 Feb. 1816 by James Heroy VDM, 1-165
      Duncan, Robert to Uphemia Giles, 28 June 1822 license, mar. 4 July by Jacob Cozad, Pastor L.B. Congregation, 1-226
      Duncan, James to Pheby Giles, 27 Jan. 1823 by Joseph Stevenson, 1-250
      Duncan, Robert Mr. to Miss Sarah Vanmeter, 26 Nov. 1835 by G.W. Robinson, 2-52
      Duncan, Mathew to Julyann Harris, 10 Nov. 1836 by William Lambdin MG, 2-61
      Duncan, David E. to Elizabeth Muldrew, 9 Jan. 1853 by S.R. Dawson, filed 18 Jan. 1853, 2-163
      Duncan, Robert to Ann Hoopes, 28 Oct. 1852 by Cyrus Dickson, Pastor 2nd Presby. Church, Wheeling, VA, filed 1853, 2-168
      Duncan, Robt. to Ann E. Hoopes, 25 Oct. 1852 license, 3-11
      Duncan, David E. to Elizabeth Muldrew, 27 Dec. 1852 license, 3-12
      Duncan, Maggie to Fritz Edward, 1867, 5-61
      Duncan, Mary to Thomas Pye, 1869, 5-76
      (MAD: Marriage Book 5 did not have these marriages on pages 61 and 76; film 863,797)


Ohio Co. WV Deeds (indexes, 1778-1935, D-E grantor pg.167 on FHL film 855,566; grantee D,E,F pg.135 on FHL film 855,578)
      2-125: 7 Feb. 1791, John Green and wife Judah to John Duncan, both Ohio Co. VA, £37.10, 50 acres adj. Daniel Harris. No wit. (FHL film 855,587)
      7-410: 15 Dec. 1812, Robert Linn & wife Catherine (@) of Muskingum Co. OH to Peter Duncan of Summerset Co. NJ, $250, 94-1/2 acres on waters of Wheeling Creek, being part of grant to Conrad Stroup by patent 19 April 1787. Wit. Saml. Thompson, Isaac Hazlett. (FHL film 855,590)
      9-406: 7 April 1819, John Duncan (no wife) to Oliver Crawford, $250, 50 acres adj. Daniel Haris, Benjamin Mills & Samuel McClure. No wit. (FHL film 855,591)
      13-36: 19 May 1825, Edwin S. Duncan of Clarksburg [Harrison Co. WV] appoint John List Jr. of Wheeling my attorney to sell and transfer to Alexander Caldwell ten shares of stock in North Western Bank of VA. Wit. A.G. McRae. Receipt by A.Caldwell for stock. (FHL film 855,593)
      17-104: 15 March 1830, Wm. Holliday and wife Mary to James & Robert Dunkins, all Ohio Co. WV, $300, lot #168 & piece of lot #165 in West Liberty where the smith shop stands. (FHL film 855,528)
      18-161: 20 Oct. 1832, John Duncan and wife Elizabeth, Jesse Johnston and wife Jane, and Nancy Nichoal, all of Guernsey Co. OH, to Theodore L. Harvey of Ohio Co. VA, $412, all their interest in land within the boundary of land devised to said Theodore L. Harvey by Benjamin Harvey late of Ohio Co. decd where said Theodore now lives, and also land they are entitled to as devisees of said Benjamin which adjoins where Theodore now lives (more not copied). All signed. Wit. Allin W. Beatty & Nicholas Bailpack? as to Jesse & Jane Johnson, Mathias L. Clatter? & Silas Pasker as to John & Elizabeth Duncan and Nancy Nichoals. Reg. Guernsey Co. OH. (indexed: 20+ acres) (FHL film 855,528)
      24-519: 1851, Thos. Hornbrook al to David E. Duncan, Lots 63, 64, 65, 73, 74, 75, 76 in Lagrange. (from index only)
      34-525: 1851, D.E. Duncan to Wm. R. Mayberry al, 7 lots La Grange, Deed of Trust, Release 42-429, 1857. (from index only)
      37-8: 1852, D.E. Duncan to Michael Edwards Jr. al, Lots 62, 63, 64, 73, 74, 75, 76, La Grange plat "O". (from index only)
      38-96: 1 Nov. 1852, Sarah Duncan late Sarah Van Metre of Ohio Co. VA to Vincent H. Van Metre of same, $700, all her right to land near town of West Liberty adj. George Purcell and others, being 1/4 part of land which Joseph Van Metre died owning, 28a. No wit. (FHL film 855,538)
      Did not copy 1875 grantor deeds nor 1867 grantee deeds


Ohio Co. WV Wills, Inventories, etc. (FHL film 464,969 item 1)
      No Duncan
      3-38/41: Will of Benjamin Harvey of Ohio Co. VA, to avoid contraversies after my decease, make and publish this my last will and testament (all others I make void), 8 May 1829; confirm to wife Catharine all that is contained in an article of agreement made (blank) April 1823 during her life. To my son Benjamin my right and title to 110 acres except hereafter, adj. James Holidays line, thence to a sugar tree near the fence and drain before my house (the fence between Benjn. field and the field before my dwelling the girls may remove), thence to a poplar stump that John Curtis cut down, then ... James Curtis's line, lines of James Curtis and William Faris and James Holiday or others to beg.; if there is more than 110 acres take it off in a south course from the last drain, if less run a north course till the 110 acres is included. I reserve 10 acres of said land for use of my wife Catharine of that field that lays between the public road and Benjn. lane and the field before my dwelling house, the said 10 acres to be laid off and fenced at Benjn's expense, also the surveying of the 110 acres. N.B. the ten acres of land is for my wife's natural life with the privilege as pr. article timber for fire wood or fence or repairing the house. To my son Theodore Lawrance my right to 120 acres to survey the land ... upper row of apple trees, drain of his spring, James Curtis's line, Benjamin Harvey Sr.'s line surveyed by Wm. Wilson in presence of William Finley, Clement Leach and others, corner established by said James and Benjamin and Pursall, then to a corner of Pursell's (Rutherfords original corner surveyed in 1774), then to corner Harveys and Waddels, then ... James Holiday and Harvey's corner, Finley's line; if less than 125 acres extend the first line out from the orchard till its filled, if more then Theodore shall give to my daughters Ann and Jane whatever they can agree on or call two fee holders to settle the price and time when to pay if they can't agree then call a third. The orchard and buildings I give to Theodore within the said line. I reserve for my wife Catharine the choice of dwelling house and west end of the barn 1/3 of the orchard and 10 acres of clear land that lays between the public road the land and spring run for her life ... and at her death to my son Theodore. N.B. the 10 acres to be laid off and fenced by Theodore as per article April 1823. My wife has no claim to the dwelling house that Theo built or the spring that belongs to it. The balance of my land to my daughters Ann Nichol, Elizh A. Duncan, Jane Johnson, Rachell Pursall and Sarah Bell, as follows: Elizh A. Ann & Jane may sell their part that is to say the 1/2 the must take the wood land, if there is over in Theor. part that must be included, the other half Rachell and Sarah to have that is the clear land. It may be rented together or separate or live on it as the girls choose. If rented the rent is to be divided between Rachell and Sarah ... at their death the eldest child of Rachell or Sarah is to have their mothers part or sell it. N.B. if Elizh. Ann and Jane choose to sell the land, Theodore if he would purchase it shall have it at a reasonable price ... or my son Benjamin or both in partnership. To the heirs of my dau. Mary Holiday to Elizh. $1 when she is 21 or one year after my decease also $1 to Jane when she is 21 also $1 to Mary when she is 21 paid out of the cash from sale of my chattles. The remainder of cash after debts to be divided among my five daughters; if not sufficient to pay my debts then Benjamin and Theodore must pay balance or their lands be rented to pay the same. To William Holliday give him six and one fourth of a cent. To my wife Catharine the young horse and use of the mare till the horse is 30 months old she is not to take the mare out of the state without permission by my exr, but to return it for my daughters, also a cow and heifer; she may choose (furniture) To Benjamin my son my family bible and wearing apparel; to my son Theodore my book case. Appoint my son Theodore my exec. Wit. Katharine Young, John Harvey, Samuel Finley. Proven at Feb. 1831 court by oaths of John Harvey and Samuel Finley, and ordered recorded. (FHL film 853,049)


Jefferson Co. OH Deed Record (SLC 2/2009)
      X-96: 17 July 1843, John Duncan and wife Mahala (X) of Jefferson Co. OH to James Duncan of Ohio Co. VA, for $350, lots 71 and 72 in town of Tiltonsville. Wit. J.C. McCleary, B. Archibald. (FHL film 895,958)

Washington Co. PA Deed (SLC 2/2009)
      1X-342/343: 15 Dec. 1806, John Duncan of "Ohio State of the Ohio," and his brother Andrew Duncan of Washington Co. PA, whereas John Duncan (father of the above John and Andrew Duncan died intestate) and left a certain tract of land in Chartiers Township Washington Co. PA adj. land of James McNary and others where said Andrew Duncan now lives, and whereas the[re] were eight heirs to said land, viz, Elizabeth Anne Margaret John Andrew Mary Susanah and Isabella (MAD: no commas) and whereas the said John Duncan purchased three of his sisters claims and caused them to make over their claims to the said Andrew Duncan, which will fully appear by the records in Washington Co., viz, Anne Margaret and Mary, that the said John Duncan in consideration of $400 paid by the said Andrew Duncan, has sold to Andrew Duncan all his right to his part of the said tract of land. /s/ John Duncan. Wit: William Slemons, William Slemons Junior. Ack. Washington Co. PA by John Duncan, 15 Dec. 1806. Rec. 31 May 1813. (FHL film 862,519)


"Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands" by Andrew B. Booth, 1920, Vol.2, B-G (FHL film 1,305,384 and 1,685,400; also from Evelyn Sigler 3/1985, and pgs.712-714 from Florence Dyess 1987 & 1990)
      Duncan, James W., Pvt. Co. E, 5th LA Inf. Enlisted May 4, 1861, New Orleans, LA. Present on Rolls to Feb. 1862. Rolls from July 1862 to Dec. 1863, Absent, Detached on C.S. Bakery in Richmond, VA. Rolls from Jan. 1864 to April 1864, Absent, Detailed as Baker in Andersonville, GA. Rolls from May 1 to Aug. 31, 1864, Absent, Detailed as Baker in Salisbury, NC. On Register of refugees and Rebel Deserters, Provost Marshal General, Washington, DC, received Feb. 17, 1865, Hdqrs. Army of the Potomac. Taken Oath. Transportation furnished to Norfolk, VA. Born Wheeling [Ohio Co.], VA, occupation clerk, Res. New Orleans, LA, age when enlisted 21, single.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, David E., mother Duncan, Elizabeth E.; B 5 W.Va. Cav.; 1864 July 19, Invalid Appl. #48767, no cert.; 1888 March 7, Mother Appl. #368727, no cert., W.Va. (MAD: see Ohio Co. WV)

HISTORIES before 1923

1879 "History of the Pan-Handle, Historical Collections of Ohio, Brooke, Marshall & Hancock Cos. WV" compiled and edited by J.H. Newton, G.G. Nichols and A.G. Sprankel; edited by J.H. Newton (FHL film 202,847)
      No index to Biographies; no Duncan biography in page-by-page scan

1890 "History Upper Ohio Valley" by Gibson L. Cranmer; pub. by Brant & Fuller (FHL films 496,598 item 3 & 496,599 item 1, see Belmont Co. OH)
      Includes. Hist. Upper OH Valley, Ohio Co. VA; "Pan-Handle"; Medical Hist. Pan-Handle: Biog. Sketches Brooke, Hancock & Marshall Cos. WV; History of Logan the Mingo chief; Bench & Bar of Jefferson Co.; Biog. Sketches, Education & Religion; Medical Hist. Jefferson Co.; Hist. Belmont Co.; Agricultural Resources.
      Vol.I - Ohio, Brooke, Hancock & Marshall Co. WV - no Duncan biography

1902 "History of Wheeling City & Ohio Co. WV & Representative Citizens" by Gibson L. Cranmer (FHL film 1,000,650 item 3, book 18)
      Pg.709-10: J.C. DUNCAN, well-known resident of Elm Grove, Ohio Co. WV, engaged in well drilling & pump business, which he has followed for many years. Lifelong Republican, elected JP, and in Jan. 1900 was elected to the town council and served on the committee on streets and alleys. He was born in Marshall Co. WV on October 11?, 1846, and is a son of Robert Duncan. John Duncan, grandfather of J.C., was born in OH of Scotch ancestry and was one of the noted Presbyterians of his day; he lived to reach the advanced age of 90 years. Robert Duncan, father of J.C., was born at Fairview [Guernsey Co.], OH, and learned the trade of a tailer which he followed until his death at the early age of 30 years. J.C. Duncan attended the subscription schools ... and was nine years of age when his father died, and he was obliged to partially support himself. He remained with his mother and at the age of 19 years took charge of the old farm and his mother's interests, there being three sisters to rear and educate. In 1883 he moved to Elm Grove, Ohio Co. WV and conducted a general store ... well-drilling & pump business under the firm name of Woods, Duncan & Atkinson?. In 1872 Mr. Duncan was united in marriage with Ellen J?. Kimmins, a daughter of William and Jane (Little) Kimmins. Her father was a farmer ... lived to age 70 years. Her grandfather Samuel Kimmins was born in Ohio, died age 85. Mrs. Jane (Little) Kimmins, mother of Mrs. Duncan, native PA, died age 70 years. Three children: Wilbert T. born 1873 a painter by trade & town recorder for 4 years; Elbridge Roy b. 25 Feb. 1890, and Lurline B., born Dec. 27, 1891. (have poor copy) (MAD: Robert b. 1822 OH had wife Rebecca on 1850 Marshall Co. WV census)

1883 "History of Monongalia Co. WV from its first settlements to the present time with numerous biographical and family sketches" by Samuel T. Wiley (FHL film 1,000,650, item 1, book 16; no index of biographies)
      Pg.638-9, Clinton District: Charles M. Duncan, born Ohio Co. 1831; in 1854 he went to CA and spent several years there, mining & trading; was among the first on the Frazier River, in British America, when the gold excitement occurred there. He enlisted in Co. E, 2nd CA volunteer cavalry in 1861, and served three years; was employed as scout much of the time, by reason of his familiarity with the customs and language of the Indians. After being discharged, he returned to WV and in January 1868 married Hannah Cornelia Smith, of this district. They have three children -- James Ross, Sallie Kimball and Charles Smith. Mr. Duncan is postmaster at Halleck, and has been a school officer. He is an intelligent and public spirited gentleman. (have poor copy)

1895 "Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Monongalia, Marion and Taylor Counties, WV" by Rush, West & Co., (Los Angeles Public Library book R975.4 B615)
      Pg.138, Monongalia Co.: CHARLES H. DUNCAN, a veteran of the Civil War, and a prosperous and well-to-do farmer of Clinton district, this county, was born at West Liberty, Ohio Co. WV, September 6, 1831, a son of James and Nancy (Smith) Duncan.
      He is of Irish origin, his grandfather, Charles Duncan, having emigrated from the "Emerald Isle" at an early period, and located first in Meadville [Crawford Co.], PA, and later at Cannonsburg, Washington County, in the same state, where he died.
      James Duncan was born in Meadville in the year 1800, and grew to manhood in his native town and then went to Cannonsburg, where he learned the trade of wagonmaker, and soon afterwards settled at West Liberty, Ohio Co. WV, where he followed his trade until death ended his labors in 1887. ... He was twice married, first to a Miss Van Meter, and had two children; the first died in early life, and the second, Mary, was twice married, and is now also deceased. James Duncan married as his second wife, Nancy Smith, and they became the parents of nine children: John, deceased; Charles H., subject; Elizabeth, of Dunbar, Pennsylvania, and James, Augustus, Theodore and James, all deceased; Ross, a mould sawyer of Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, and Sallie, the wife of Charles Kimball of Dunbar, Pennsylvania.
      Mr. Duncan was reared in Ohio county, and at the age of eighteen began coal-boating on the Ohio river from Pittsburg to New Orleans. He was thus engaged for six years, when in 1854 he went to California ... After the close of the (Civil) war he returned to Preston county, this state, ... On January 18, 1868, he married Cornelia, a daughter of Joseph Smith, of Clinton district, and ...

1881 "History of Stark Co. OH" by William Henry Perrin (FHL book 977.162 H2p; other minor references not copied)
      Pg.380-3: The embarrassment in all business matters, stagnation of trade, and especially the ruin of commerce upon the ocean, upon which New England subsisted, occasioned by the war of 1812, drove many shipmasters and New England people to the West, and the year 1814 was strongly marked by the increase from that quarter. Among those who came into Perry Twp. that year were Gilbertharp Earle and his family, Capt. James Duncan, a retired shipmaster from the merchant service, his residence having been at Portsmouth [Rockingham Co.], NH, and many others. .... When Mr. Duncan left Portsmouth, his objective point was the State of VA, that portion now incl. in WV, and especially Brooke and Ohio Counties. At Wheeling [Ohio Co.], he had friends, Messrs. Jacob Atkinson and Peabody Atkinson, brothers, and a Mr. Peterson. He remained in those counties for a year or two, and married Miss Eliza T. Vilette, and with the two brothers Atkinson ... to visit the "Rotch Settlement" ... to Kendal. (similar to 1925 history) ... town being called Massillon, name suggested by Mrs. Duncan, who was a fine French scholar, and a niece of Hon. Charles Hammond, one of early editors of Cincinnati "Gazette" and woman of rare education and social qualities.


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