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Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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Last revised August 26, 2007

Formed 1843 from Harrison, Lewis, Randolph
Taylor formed 1844 from Barbour, Harrison, Marion, Preston
Upshur formed 1851 from Randolph, Barbour, Lewis

1850-1860 Barbour Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Barbour Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Barbour Co. WV Marriage Records (FHL film 808,381)
      Marriage License Record 1843-1849, Vol.1 -- Groom index only, brides scanned from groom index -- no Duncan
      Marriage License Record, 1845-1909 -- not looked at, indexed by groom
      Marriage Register 1853-1884 -- not looked at

"The history of Barbour County, West Virginia : from its earliest exploration and settlement to the present time" by Hu Maxwell; pub. Parsons, W. Va.: McClain Print. Co., 1968, 526 pgs. (LH13653, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 975.457 H2m and film 1,036,526 item 5, reprint of 1899 publication by Acme Publishing, Morgantown, W.Va.)
      Pg.200-202: The minute book of Barbour County's first county court begins with an entry made April 3, 1843, ... John S. Duncan, well-known attorney in the county at that time, took the required oath and was admitted to practice before the county court.
      Pg.211: The first circuit court in Barbour was held Wednesday, May 10, 1843 ... Edwin S. Duncan was Judge. ... Edwin D. Wilson was appointed Clerk by the court, and his bondsmen were ... John S. Duncan.
      Pg.226: Lawyers who have practiced ... Edwin S. Duncan, 1849.
      Pg.231: Prosecuting attorneys ... John S. Duncan, 1843.

Formed 1847 from Kanawha, Cabell, Logan
Lincoln formed 1867 from Boone, Cabell, Kanawha

1850-1860 Boone Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Boone Co. WV Census
Washington Twp.
Pg.378, #59-61, DEKINS?, Jno. W. 27 VA (white) farmer $500-$250
                  Elisabeth 32 VA keeping house
                  Joseph E. 7 WV
                  Keenis F. (m) 3 WV
                  Salona B. (f) 1 WV
                  (MAD: indexed Jno. W. Denkins)

1870-1880 Boone Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Formed 1856 from Gilmer

1860 Calhoun Co. VA Census (no Duncan indexed)
Pg.19, #824-753, Isaac B. COX 35 b.Green Co. OH farmer $1100-$240
                  Pricey 28 KY
                  Thursey E. 9, Christian (f) 7 b.Gilmer Co. VA
                  Nancy E. 5 b.Gilmer Co. VA
                  Lucinda 3, Isaac 1 b.Calhoun Co. VA
                  (MAD: Isaac B. Cox mar. Pricey Duncan in Gilmer Co. WV on 2/21/1850)

1870 Calhoun Co. WV Census
Washington Twp.
Pg.664, #512-513, DUNCAN, John 27 VA (white) farmer $500-$217
                  Harriet 24 VA keeping house
                  Christiana (f) 4 WV
                  Elisabeth 2 WV

Formed 1845 from Lewis, Kanawha
Roane formed 1856 from Kanawha, Jackson, Gilmer

1850-1860 Gilmer Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870-1880 Gilmer Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Gilmer Co. WV Marriages v.1-3 1845-1933 (FHL film 808,589)
      Duncan, Pricey (f) to Isaac B. Cox, 2/21/1850 by John Woofter, P.1, Ln.42
      (no other Duncan through 1870)
      (MAD: see 1860 Calhoun Co. WV census)

Formed 1785 from Hampshire
Pendleton formed 1787 from Augusta Co. VA and Hardy Co. (W)VA
Grant formed 1866 from Hardy

1810-1860 Hardy Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870-1880 Hardy Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Hardy Co. WV Marriage records 1795-1916 v.1-2 w/index (FHL film 818,697)
      Vol.1, 1795-1833 - no Duncan groom or bride
      Vol.2, 1853-1868 - no Duncan

Hardy Co. WV Deed Indexes 1786-1970, A-D (grantor, FHL film 816,658; grantee FHL film 816,665)
      No Duncan

Hardy Co. WV Will index 1786-1970 (FHL film 818,540)
      No Duncan through 1900

Formed 1831 from Kanawha, Mason, Wood
Wirt formed 1848 from Wood, Jackson
Roane formed 1856 from Kanawha, Jackson, Gilmer

1840-1860 Jackson Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Jackson Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Jackson Co. WV Marriage index A-L 1831-1949 (groom index on FHL film 567,231; bride index on FHL film 567,233)
      Vol.1 (FHL film 567,217)
      John Guin? (Ouince?) to Lavina Duncan, dau. of James Duncan, 2 Feb. 1855, 1B-67
      Duncan grooms start 1912; next Duncan bride is 1880

Formed 1866 from Hampshire

1870 Mineral Co. WV Census
Elk Twp. (faint page)
Pg.597, #16-16, DUNKINS, William 55 VA farmer $2500-$1000, father of foreign birth
                  Millie? 54 VA keeping house
                  James H. 25 VA farm laborer $0-$150
                  Margaret E. 21 VA
                  Thompson L. (m) 19 VA
                  David 18, George B. 15 VA
                  Charles E.G. 13 VA at home
                  Archibald 8? VA
New Creek Twp. (faint page)
Pg.626, #56-56, DUNCAN, Alexander 31 VA -?- laborer $0-$0
                  ?..alonia (f) 31 MD
                  John W. 9 VA
                  James H. 10/12 b.July WV
                  WHITE, Catherine 22 VA domestic servant
                  America J?. (f) 2? WV
                  (MAD: wife Apelona in 1860 Hampshire Co. W/VA census)
Pg.626, #57-57, DUNCAN, John 52 VA railroad laborer $0-$0
                  Narann? (f) 52 WV
                  (MAD: wife Naomi or Neoma in 1850-1860 Hampshire Co. WV census)
Pg.627, #80-80, DUNCAN, Jos. B. 36 VA farmer $600-$250
                  Rebecca C. 35 VA keeping house
                  Mary A. 16 VA at home
                  John W. 14 VA
                  Virginia H. (f) 3 WV
                  BAKER, Mahlon (m) 76 VA True? Wright $0-$0
Pg.627, #82-82, DUNCAN, John W. 35 VA boot & shoe maker $300-$0
                  Mary C. 35 VA keeping house
                  Chas. C. 4 WV
                  MARTIN, Delven? L. (m) 8 VA
Piedmont Twp. (page numbers in order as given)
Pg.235, #262-315, DUNCAN, Robert 49 SCT miner U.G. $0-$0 parents of foreign birth
                  Margaret 49 SCT keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Hugh 17 SCT miner U.G., parents of foreign birth
                  Robert 14 MD miner U.G., parents of foreign birth
                  Flora 10, Ellen 8 VA at home, parents of foreign birth

Formed 1820 from Berkeley, Hampshire

1830-1860 Morgan Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870-1880 Morgan Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Morgan Co. WV Marriage Bonds 1820-1865 (FHL film 588,679)
      Marriage Records 1850-1856 - no Duncan
      Marriage Bonds 1820-1841 - no index
      Marriage Bonds 1841-1850 - no index; quit

Morgan Co. WV Wills v.1-2 1820-1856 (FHL film 588,683)
      Wills, Vol.1, 1820-1845 - no Duncan
      Wills, Vol.2, 1844-1856 - no index

Morgan Co. WV Marriages, deaths, wills & inv. 1817-1900 "Miscellaneous" Marriage Bonds 1820; copied by WPA (FHL film 848,636)
      No index; no Duncan to 1850

Morgan Co. WV Deeds Liber Index v.1-10 1820-1875, Books 1 to 17 (FHL film 588,690)
      No Duncan through Book 7, 1865 (1855?)

Formed 1818 from Greenbrier, Kanawha
Braxton formed 1836 from Kanawha, Lewis, Nicholas
Clay formed 1858 from Braxton, Nicholas
Webster formed 1860 from Braxton, Nicholas

1830-1850 Nicholas Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Nicholas Co. VA Census
Nicholas P.O.
Pg.1027, #1009-745, John E. DUNCAN 27 VA farmer $600-$600
                  Elizabeth 19 VA wife
                  Sarah M. 3 VA

1870 Nicholas Co. WV Census
Pg.159, #72, Levin CRAWFORD 35 VA farmer $2000-$600
                  Sarah 21 WV
                  John A. 2, Mary F. 3/12 WV
                  John FOSTER 61 WV (blank) $0-$800
                  Margaret 53 WV
Pg.160, #97, DUNCAN, John E. 37 VA farmer $1500-$500
                  Eliza 29 WV
                  Andrew 6, Norman C. 3 WV
                  (MAD: John Edwin Duncan mar. Elizabeth Foster)

1880 Nicholas Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Formed 1787 from Augusta, Hardy
Pocahontas Co. WV formed 1821 from Pendleton & Randolph Co. WV and Bath Co. VA
Highland Co. VA formed 1847 from Bath Co. VA and Pendleton Co. WV

1820-1860 Pendleton Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870-1880 Pendleton Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Pendleton Co. WV Deed Index A-E 1788-1951 (FHL film 818,722)
      No Duncan until after 1870

Pendleton Co. WV Probate Records
      Inventories (start) v.4 1815-26, v.5 1826-34 - no Duncan (FHL film 818,575)
      Inventories, v.6 1834-46, v.7 1846-53 - no Duncan (FHL film 818,576)
      Wills v.1, 1788-1801 - no Duncan (FHL film 818,725 item 2)
      Wills v.2 1801-08, v.3 1808-16, v.4 1815-58 - no Duncan (FHL film 818,551)

Formed 1856 from Kanawha, Jackson, Gilmer

1860 Roane Co. VA Census
Osborne Mills P.O.
Pg.551, #69, John DUNCAN 25 KY farmer $0-$25
                  Christina 19 VA
                  Rica (f) 1 VA
                  Lucinda JUSTICE 30 KY
                  Rebecca 21 KY
                  James J. 14, Lucinda (sic) 14 VA
                  Addison 11 VA

1870-1880 Roane Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Formed 1856 from Randolph

1860 Tucker Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Tucker Co. WV Census
Hannasville Twp.
Pg.220, #12-12, DUNCAN, John H. 24 VA (white) farmer $1150-$1075
                  Margarett 24 VA house keeping
                  Francis J. (m) 12 VA at home
                  Adaline 9 VA at home
                  Harriet 7, William 5, Martha 2 WV

1880 Tucker Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

Formed 1814 from Ohio
Doddridge formed 1845 from Harrison, Tyler, Ritchie, Lewis
Wetzel formed 1846 from Tyler
Pleasants formed 1851 from Ritchie, Tyler, Wood

1820-1860 Tyler Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870-1880 Tyler Co. WV Census
      No Duncan indexed

VA State Land Office Surveys; Book U, 1837-1838 (FHL film 29,611)
      U-688: David Dunham, 50 acres, Tyler Co. VA, Oct. 5, 1837, based on two warrants (not copied)


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