Duncans in Jefferson Co. WV


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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Last revised August 26, 2003

Formed 1801 from Berkeley


1810-1850 Jefferson Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Jefferson Co. VA Census
Charlestown P.O.
Pg.995, #1029-1016, Amanda FRITTS 47 VA (blank) $0-$200
                  John W. 24 VA miller
                  George CRAMER 20 VA miller
Pg.995, #1029-1017, Joseph DUNCAN 27 VA stone mason $0-$150
                  Mary E. 20 VA mar. in year
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Hampshire Co. (W) VA census)

1870 Jefferson Co. WV Census
Grant Twp.
Pg.534, #261-268, DUNCAN, Joseph 37 VA (white) farmer $0-$5000
                  Mary E. 27 VA keeping house
                  Mary E. 8, Ann C. 5, Thomas S. 2 WV
                  Joseph L. 10/12 WV b.Sept.
                  CLINE, Annie 57 "do" (white) domestic servant
                  CLINE, Margaret E. 14 WV
                  QUICK, John E. 24 VA (white) farm laborer
                  JACKSON, Charles 18 WV (white) farm laborer
                  TIMBERS, Oliver 28? (23?) WV (white) farm laborer


Jefferson Co. WV Marriage records
      Marriage Bonds 1821-1827 - no index (FHL film 829,871)
      Marriage Records Vol.1 1801-1858 - no Duncan (FHL film 829,872)


Jefferson Co. WV Inventories, Sales, and Accounts (FHL film 828,428)
      Vol.10 p.158: Order for Inventory and appraisal of estate of Thomas Duncan by Robert D. Brown, Levi C. Cordell, Leonard Sadler, and John P. Brown or any three, court 16 Jan. 1842.
            p.158: Appraisal of personal estate of Thomas Duncan 25 Jan. 1842 by Robert T. Brown, Leonard Sadlor and J.P. Brown, 25 Jan. 1842, rec. 20 Feb. 1843; included money found on his person at death $46.78, copper plate illustrative of writing $50, copy of T?. Hunter's instruction for piano forte $1, one volume Musee Des Familles $1., three old copies of an antham called the Lord's Prayer $.19, a lot of writing paper $.25, 100 Russia and common quills $.50, a lot of sundry old music $.12-1/2, 25 sattin watch papers $.50, 2 copies Walker's small dictionary $.37-1/2, 1 copy Nugent's dictionary $.25, one copy Galateo $.12-1/2, 1 copy Blairi Familiar Letters $.10, 1 copy Piano Forte Primer $.12-1/2, 1 copy Italian Phrase Books and 1 copy Italian word book $.06, 2 small books on dancing and letter writing $.03, 12 Bunches piano forte wire and 1 tuning fork and 1 key and 1 pair nippers $2.00, 65 knots violin strings and 3 violin screws and bridge $1.75, one lot sundries ... (incl. silver spectacles and comb, glass, razors, ruler, French candy) total $126.16. John S. Gallaher Jr., admin. of Thomas Duncan decd. Court 20 Feb. 1843, ordered recorded.
            p.159: Sale list of the effects of the late Thomas Duncan, taken 21 March 1842. sales to Mr. C. Chapline of violin strings, lot of music, etc.; sales to many others; no sales to a Duncan. Total $23.31-1/2. Recorded 20 Feb. 1843.


Jefferson Co. WV Deed Indexes (FHL film 828,409)
      Vol.1, 1801-1830 - no Duncan
      Vol.2, 1831-1847 - no Duncan


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