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Formed 1777 from Montgomery Co. VA
Kanawha formed 1788 from Greenbrier Co. (W)VA and Montgomery Co. VA
Bath formed 1790-1 from Augusta and Botetourt Co. VA and Greenbrier Co. (W)VA
Monroe formed 1799 from Greenbrier
Nicholas formed 1818 from Greenbrier, Kanawha
Fayette formed 1831 from Kanawha, Greenbrier, Logan
Formed 1871 from Greenbrier, Monroe, Mercer
(MAD: See "Descendants of William Duncan the Elder" by Nancy Reba Roy)


1820 Greenbrier Co. VA Census Pg. 72 John Duncan 210201 - 01401 (MAD: son of Rawley Duncan & Mary; see William Duncan the Elder; Bible records give dates and children; John b. ca 1753; d. 13 Jan. 1823; mar. Elizabeth Patterson 29 Dec. 1792) 1830 Greenbrier Co. VA Census Pg.172 Duncan, Elizabeth 0002,0000,1 - 0001,1000,1 1840 Greenbrier Co. VA Census Pg.199 Raleigh Duncan 1000,01 - 2100,01 222 Nathan Duncan 1000,1 - 0000,01 223 Elizabeth Duncan 0000,001 - 0000,0000,01 224 Charles Duncan 2000,01 - 0000,1 (MAD: also James b. 16 May 1794)

1850 Greenbrier Co. VA Census
Pg.275, #553, Raleigh DUNCAN 43 VA hatter
                  Sarah 40 VA
                  Elizabeth 17, Martha 14 VA
                  John 12, Margaret 9 VA
                  Mary 7, Virginia 5 VA
                  Charles 2/12 VA
                  (MAD: Raleigh b. 8 Aug. 1806; John in 1860 Botetourt Co. VA census)
Pg.275, #555, Valentine KENNADY 37 VA cooper
                  Mary 28 VA
                  Stephan? 10, John 8 VA
                  Catherine 6, Christopher 4 VA
                  Silas 3, Amanda 1 VA
                  Rebecca DUNCAN 4 VA
Pg.297, #871, Charles DUNCAN 41 VA farmer
                  Cassa 38 VA
                  Nathan 12, James 10 VA
                  Elizabeth 8, Sarah 7 VA
                  Nancy 5, Emaly 3 VA
                  (MAD: Charles b. 7 Oct. 1810; wife Cassa Alderson mar. Monroe Co. WV 1836)
Pg.297,--, ASBURY family
Pg.298, #880, Michael HICKS 38 VA farmer $500
                  Jera (f) 35 VA
                  Nancy 19, Lone (f) 16, William 14 VA
                  Lydia 10, John 8, Michel 6 VA
                  Ruth 4, Lewis C. 1 VA
                  (MAD: 1908 "Hist. Summers Co. WV"= Michael Hix b. 1/4/1809 mar. Jeriah DUNCAN)
Pg.298, #881, John HICKS 39 VA, Jane 40 VA & family
Pg.300, #917, Nathan DUNCAN 37 VA farmer $100
                  Almira 37 VA
                  Wm. L. 11, James L. 9 VA
                  John E. 7, Mary M. 5 VA
                  Lucy A. 3, Robert N. 6/12 VA
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 82 New Jersey
                  (MAD: Elizabeth Patterson, widow of John; Nathan b. 29 July 1813; wife Almira Crews)
Pg.302, #931, John DUNCAN 54 VA farmer $1280
                  Adaline 33 VA
                  John H. 4, Elizabeth 2 VA
                  Francis M. (m) 7/12 VA
                  Sarah J. MARTIN 22 VA
                  (MAD: John b. 27 Oct. 1795; wife Adaline Hit/Hix; Francis M. 7/12 was probably the Marion who was not of sound mind.)

1860 Greenbrier Co. VA Census
Lewisburg P.O.
Pg.252, #384-321, Ambrose HAYDEN 53 VA carpenter $0-$255
                  Mary 45 VA & family & many others
                  Flems. DUNCAN (m) 17 VA teamster
                  (MAD: 1850 Amherst Co. VA census)
Pg.307, #785-691, Raleigh DUNCAN 53 VA hatter $0-$213
                  Sally 49 VA
                  Martha 21, Margaret 19 VA
                  Mary 17, Rebecca 15 VA
                  Virginia 13 VA
Pg.411, #188-178, Nathan S. DUNCAN 47 VA farmer $0-$451
                  Elmira 46 VA
                  Wm. L. 21, Jas. L. 19 VA
                  John L. 16, Mary M. 14 VA
                  Lucy A. 12, George A. 8 VA
                  Nancy E. 5 VA
Pg.411, #195-183, Chas. DUNCAN 50 VA farmer $300-$868
                  Cassie 48 VA
                  Nathan 22 VA farmer
                  Jas. 20, Sarah 18 VA
Pg.426, #295-277, John DUNCAN 65 VA farmer $5000-$1815
                  Adaline 40 VA
                  John H. 14, Elizabeth 12 VA
                  Marion (m) 10, Michael 8 VA
                  Rusiann (f) 6, Love J. (f) 4 VA
                  Wm. H. 6/12 VA
                  (MAD: Jerusha age 6, Lovey J. age 4, writing clear)

1870 Greenbrier Co. WV Census
Big Level Twp., P.O. Frankfort
Pg.312, #65-67, DUNCAN, R. 63 WV hatter $500-$150
                  Sarah ("m") 61 WV keeping house
                  Rebecca A. 24 WV at home
                  Virgenia A. (f) 22 WV at home
                  (MAD: Raleigh Duncan)
Blue Sulpher Twp., P.O. Lewisburg
Pg.337, #145-141, DUNCAN, James 32 VA farmer $0-$100
                  Francis P. 24 VA housekeeper
                  Elliet W. G.? 5 WV
                  Mary E. 2 WV
                  Annanrah (f) 1/12 WV b.May
Pg.338, #146-142, DUNCAN, Chas. 59 VA farmer $400-$300
                  Casah (f) 56 VA housekeeper
Pg.338, #148-144, DUNCAN, Nathan 33 VA farmer $0-$100
                  Mary W. 35 VA housekeeper
                  Wm. G. 3 WV
                  Jasper L. 1 WV
Pg.346, #273-163, DUNCAN, Nathan 56 VA farm hand $600-$420
                  Elmira R. 56 VA keeping house
                  John L. 26 VA farmhand
                  Mary M. 24 VA at home
                  Loucinda 22 VA at home
                  George A. 18 VA at home
                  Nancy E. 15 VA at home
Pg.346, #274-264, DUNCAN, James 29 VA farmer $0-$140
                  Marthy E. 18 VA keepinghouse
                  (no children)
Pg.347, #292-281, DUNCAN, John 75 VA farmer $1000-$370
                  Adaline 55 VA keeping house
                  Bettie 22 VA at home
                  Michael 20 VA at home
                  Marion (m) 19 VA at home
                  Jurushia (f) 16 VA at home
                  Lovey Jane (f) 12 VA
                  Wm. H. 10 VA
                  HITT, Lovey Jane (f) 85 VA infirm
Pg.347, #293-282, DUNCAN, John H. 25 VA farm hand $0-$0
                  Virginia 26 VA keeping house
Fort Spring Twp.
Pg.375, #64-66, DUCAN, Fleming 25 VA (white) farming $350-$200
                  Susan 25 WV keeping house
                  Harriet E. (f) 3, Sarah J?. 1 WV
White Sulphur Springs Twp, P.O. White Sulphur Springs
Pg.426, #28-31, DANKINS, James 44 ENG gardner $0-$300, parents of foreign birth
                  Mildred 26 VA keeping house
                  Lilease? E. (f) 4 VA father of foreign birth
                  James T. 2 VA father of foreign birth
                  Farina M. (f) 6/12 WV b.Nov., father of foreign birth
                  DAVIS?, H.A. (f) 31 VA boarding


Greenbrier Co. WV Marriages typed by Historical Records Survey (FHL film 249,991, no cross-index, grooms start with "C")
      No A.J. Miller to Duncan bride ca 1850-1870; no Miller marriages later than ca 1836
      No Michael Hix (Hicks) to Jeriah Duncan ca 1830-1840 (per Summers Co. WV History)
      John Duncan to Adaline Hicks, mar. 2/18/1845 by Wm. G. Margrave, 1A-26 (p.15)
      Duncan, Nathan to Crews, Elvira, 12/28/1837
      Duncan, John to Hicks, Adaline, 2/18/1845

Greenbrier Co. WV marriages (1781-1969 index on FHL film 595,039; Vol. 1A, 1B 1780-1914 on FHL film 595,040)
      no Alex. Miller marriage found; looked for David Hanger to Nancy (Dunkin) bef. 1833 and George Hanger to Ruth (Dunkin) bef. 1839, heirs of John Duncan, only David Hanger to Ruth Duncan (SLC 9/13/1991)
      1A-60, 1822 (sic), Ruth Duncan (bride index)
      1A-60, 1832 (sic), David Hanger (groom index)
      Vol.1A, 1780-1849 (alphabetic by groom) (FHL film 595,040 item 1)
      No Michael Hix (rechecked SLC 2/24/1993)
      12/29/1793, John Duncan to Eliz. Patterson by Jno. Alderson (1A-23)
      11/9/1820, Polly Duncan to James Jamison by Jos. Gibson (1A-64)
      3/10/1825, Eliz. Duncan to Robert Tresham by Jno. McChevy? (1A-144)
      7/9/1832, Ruth Duncan to David Harger by Alex. Trennan (1A-60)
      12/28/1837, Nathan Duncan to Elvira Crews by Wm. J. Margrave (1A-26)
      7/18/1845, John Duncan to Adaline Hicks by Wm. J. Margrave (1A-26)
      Vol. 1843-1878 (FHL film 595,040 item 2)
      No Hix, no Duncan groom
      July 30, 1860, Andrew Jackson Miller to Sarah Duncan (pages not numbered, in date order)
      Next marriage 1856, quit

Greenbrier Co. WV Marriages 1782-1890 "some years missing" (FHL film 249,991, not looked at); Marriage Records Vol.1A (FHL film 595,040)
      1A-60, Feb. 9, 1832, David Hanger to Ruth Duncan


Greenbrier Co. WV misc. records; Deaths, wills, inventories, church & bible records, 1732-1899; typed by WPA (FHL film 848,629 item 2)
      John Duncan, Dec. court 1825, appraisement

Greenbrier Co. WV Wills (index 1777-1969 on FHL film 595,029)
      1-694: Court 24 Dec. 1825, appraisal of John Ducan (sic); estate includes 1 old mare, 2 mares, 1 yearling colt, 1 horse, 1 cow, 1 heiffer, household items and farm animals, 2 beds $70, 2 beds $40, 1 large Bible, etc.; appraised by Robert Miller, John Miller, John Patterson, 22 Dec. 1825, recorded Dec. 1825. (FHL film 595,214)

Greenbrier Co. WV Wills, 1777-1861 (typed) (FHL film 848,622)
      No Duncan


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Russell Co. VA Deed (FHL film 33,830)
      2-529: 28 Aug. 1798, John Duncan and wife Elizabeth (both signed) of Greenbrier Co. to Samuel Stalliard of Russell Co., 31 lbs, land known by the name of Big Island "on (or in) Clinch River", containing 11 acres, part of tract of 326 acres granted Roleigh Duncan 26 June 1786, this part an island. No wit.

Fayette Co. WV Deed (FHL film 583,734)
      C-243 (316): 1 April 1842, John Duncan of Fayette Co. VA to Andrew H. Boggess of same, $1, land in Fayette formerly Greenbrier Co. on the Indian Grave Ridge in forks of Meadow Creek, a branch of New River, 190 acres which was granted to said Duncan by patent 12 Nov. 1828 adj. Fox' corner, top of a narrow ridge. No wit. or wife.

HISTORIES before 1923

1908 "History of Summers Co. [WV] from the earliest settlement to the present time" by James Henry Miller (Memphis Public Library book 975.476 M648H; from Evelyn Sigler 10/1983 with permission to share with others)
      Pg.461-2: The Duncan Family:
      John Duncan was one of the first settlers on Lick Creek, in Green Suphur District. It is impossible to give the exact date of his location, but it was some time prior to 1800. He was from Shenandoah Co. VA, and married Elizabeth Patterson. He died in 1823, and it was at the house of his widow, on the old Duncan place on Lick Creek, that the first Baptist Church in that region was organized in 1832. He was an Indian fighter, and helped to defend the forts in that region. He was the father of eleven children, six boys and five girls. The three boys, who were known to the writer, were John, being the oldest, who resided on Mill Fork, almost in sight of Green Sulphur Springs, where his son, Harvey Duncan, now lives, and who married a Miss Adeline Hix, sister of John and William Hix, and aunt of Robert Hix. Charles married Cassie Alderson, a sister of the wives of David Graham and Robert Miller; and Nathan Duncan, who married Elmira Crews, of Monroe County. We are unable to ascertain any history of the other members of the older family.
      Charles Duncan left two sons, Nathan A. and James, known as "Jim Curly," his son, Elliott Duncan, being the present deputy sheriff for Green Sulphur District; and one daughter, who married A.J. Miller, now living in Roanoke, Virginia.
      Nathan L. Duncan left surviving him George A. Duncan, who lives at the old Nathan Duncan homestead on Duncan's Branch. George A. Duncan married Miss Mollie Graham, a daughter of James L. Graham. James Sedley Duncan, who was a brave Confederate soldier, and fought throughout the Civil War in the Confederate Army, and was desperately wounded at the Seven Days' fight, now resides on Lick Creek, and John L. Duncan, who married Miss Alice George, a daughter of Tom Lewis George, of the Meadows. His daughters were Ellen, Martha and Lucy. Lucy married John C. McNeer, who now resides at Oak Hill, in Fayette County; Ellen married a Mr. Watson, of Ashland, Ky., who died some years ago, and Martha married Charles Connor, and resides on Muddy Creek, in Greenbrier County.
      John Duncan, Sr., was understood to be a Scotchman, and was a native of that country.
      John Duncan the younger, or second, left the following children: John Hunter Duncan, who is a farmer residing near Elton. He has also engaged in saw-milling. He is a very tall, large man, noted for his slow speech and slow movements. W.H. (generally known as Harvey), who was disabled when a boy from the disease commonly known as white swelling. Marion, who was not of strong mind, and three daughters, and Michael -- Miss Jerusha, who married Mr. John H. Ford, a prosperous farmer and horse trader; Lovey Jane, who married W.L. Stanard, of Webster Springs, and Elizabeth, who married Marion Surbaugh, commonly known as "Bug," a nickname.
      Green Sulphur settlement made by Millers, Duncans, Winthrows, and Gwins more than 100 years ago. (pg.75)
      Pioneers on Lick Creek in Green Sulphur District: Curtis Alderson, Samuel and Robert Winthrow, John and Robert Miller, Samuel Gwinn, John Duncan, and John Hicks. (pg.86)
      John Kincaide lived and died on Lick Creek on a farm now owned by James Sedley Duncan. (pg.90)
      Election of 1880 for County Court Commissioners: J.H. Duncan, Greenback party, 469 votes (he lost). (pg.182)
      J.S. Duncan on Board of Education. (pg.184)
      J.S. Duncan on Board of Education, Greenbrier District. (pg.191)
      John Hunter Duncan indexed pg.212, not found.
      Confederate soldiers of Green Sulphur District: (pg.214, 215)
         Jas. S. Duncan, 22nd VA Reg.
         James Sedley Duncan, Co. B, 60th VA, was guard of General Lee's headquarters.
         John L. Duncan, Co. B, 60th VA Reg.
         William Duncan, son of Nathan L. Duncan, Co. B, 60th VA Reg., d. of fever on being brought home from Monroe draft by his father.
         John L. Duncan, Thurmond's Rangers.
         Nathan A. Duncan, son of Charles Duncan.
         John Hunter Duncan, son of John, Thurmond's Rangers.
      Court Case: Commissioners appointed John P. Duncan, 1883. (pg.260)
      Election of 1898, Green Sulphur District, for President of Board of Education. John H. Tinder, Republican, 224 votes, against E.W. Duncan, Democrat, 175 votes. (pg.277)
         School at ford of Lick Creek at foot of Keeny Knob built by Mr. Nathan Duncan of hewn logs, dressed floor and ceiling, cost $400, ca 1867. (pg.290)
         Mention of Duncan settlement. First school taught after [Civil] war was taught by John P. Duncan, attended by a number of soldiers of Confederacy, including James S. Duncan, John L. Duncan, Nathan Duncan. (pg.291)
      Lick Creek Baptist Church was organized by a few Christian people at the residence of Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan's place, on the Duncan branch of Lick Creek about half mile from Green Sulphur, on 21 Aug. 1832. (pg.308)
      Lick Creek Baptist Church members include Lewis Kincaid, John Duncan. (pg.311)
      Greenback party formed 1880; one of leaders was John P. Duncan. (pg.333)
      Peters Family. Andrew Jackson Miller m. a Duncan, dau. of Charles Duncan and Cassie (Alderson) Duncan, moved to Roanoke, VA. (pg.506)
      George Family. Thomas George from Rappahannock Co. VA, m. Catharine McCoy; had twelve children: Sallie, Jane, Betsy, Mary, Cynthia, Elize, Catharine Malinda, Margaret, William m. Ruth Conner (MAD: Commer?), John, Thomas Lewis. A dau. of Thomas Lewis, Alice, married John L. Duncan who lives at Oak Hill in Fayette Co. (pg.516)
      Wm. Harrison Ford, b. Greenbrier Co. April 13, 1816; his son John Ford m. Miss Arathusa Duncan. (pg.521)
      Hix Family. John Hix, native of Monroe Co. VA (now WV), killed by bull in 1807. John Hix Jr., b. Aug. 31, 1778, Cumberland Co. VA. His children: Elizabeth, b. Oct. 13, 1804; Catherine, b. Nov. 27, 1806; Michael, b. Jan. 4, 1809, m. Jeriah Duncan; John, b. Dec. 5, 1811; Adeline, b. July, 1816, m. John Duncan who lives at Green Sulphur; William, b. July 28, 1823, m. Jane Kincaid; Andrew, twin to William. (pg.641)
      Gwinn Family. John Duncan granted by Gov. Preston 19-1/2 acres 17 Aug. 1816 on Lick Creek. (pg.658)
      Patterson Family. Charles and Lewis, bachelors, tanners by trade. A niece of these brothers, Miss Alice Patterson, m. Lt. Nathan L. Duncan. She made deer hides and other small animal hides into men's and women's gloves. (pg.675)
      Jury, July 1891, included J.L. Duncan. (pg.812)
      Jury, July 1880, included J.L. Duncan. (pg.824)

1886 "PA Genealogies" by William Henry Egle
      Pg.554: William Gregory Beckley, b. July 29, 1839, son of Alfred Beckley (native of Lexington KY) & Emily Neville Craig, m. Margaret Esther Duncan & had issue: Emily Virginia; Laura Steel; Walter Lee; Emily Neville; John Duncan.
      Pg.554: Isaac Craig Beckley (brother of Wm. Gregory), b. March 2, 1841, m. Mary Duncan (no date) & had issue: Clinton Theodore; Robina; Edward Gray Comingo; Sarah.
      (MAD: see Greenbrier Co. WV)


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