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Formed 1720-1 from Essex, King & Queen, King William
Orange formed 1734 from Spotsylvania


1810 Spotsylvania Co. VA Census
Pg.110a  Alexander Duncan        00001 - 00000
   110b  Lucy Duncum             00000 - 00000

1820 Spotsylvania Co. VA Census
Pg.  70  Alexander Duncan        000001 - 00000
         Lucy Duncan             Free colored

1830 Spotsylvania Co. VA Census
Pg. 110  Lucy Dunkin             Free colored

1840 Spotsylvania Co. VA Census
Pg. 120  Lucy Duncan             Free colored
    132  Frank? (Frans) Duncan   Free colored
    167  Alex Duncan             Free colored

1850-1870 Spotsylvania Co. VA census
      No Duncan indexed


Spotsylvania Co. VA Index to wills 1722-1947 (FHL film 34,055)
      No Duncan to Book T, 1852; no Norman will ca 1843-1852


Spotsylvania Co. VA Deeds, Index 1-2 1722-1922 (grantor on FHL film 34,066; grantee on FHL film 34,067)
      no Norman deeds ca 1850 (looking for location of John J. Duncan, wife Jane C. Norman, 1851; see Culpeper Co. VA)
      Q-42: 6 May 1802, Fontaine Maury to Alexander Duncan; that Maury had mortgaged the land, it was sold by decree of Spotsylvania Co. Court, Duncan was the purchaser as highest bidder, quit claim to Duncan (land not described). Wit. Wm. Brooke, Francis Brooke. Reg. 1806. (FHL film 34,075)
      Q-165: 28 Feb. 1803, Emancipation; Alexander Duncan of Town of Fredericksburg, set free mulatto woman Lucy and her four children Alexander, Eliza, William and Lucy. Wit. Thos. R. Rootes, Jno. Chew, Robert L. Chew. Reg. 1806. (FHL film 34,075)
      T-258: 12 Feb. 1813, Seth Barton of Spotsylvania Co. VA to Alexander Duncan of Town of Fredericksburg, VA, for $220 paid by Alexr. Dunkin Jr. (sic), lot 18 adj. town of Fredericksburg, deed to Alexander Duncan Jr. (sic; mention in body of deed of Alexander Sr.). Wit. Anthony Buck, Archd. Ritchie Taylor, Thomas Legg. Reg. 1814. (FHL film 34,076)
      T-260: 28? June 1813, Alexander Duncan Sr. to Alexander Duncan Jr., both of Town of Fredericksburg, for $1, lot 18 which Alexander Duncan Sr. purchased of Seth Barton. Wit. Horace Marshall, Anthony Buck, Anderson McWilliams. Reg. 1814. (FHL film 34,076)
      X-401: 9 Sept. 1822, Martha (+) McKenny of Montgomery Co. KY appoint friend Traverse Duncan (called "Travis" later) of same, attorney to transact my business in VA. Reg. in Montgomery Co. KY. (FHL film 34,040)
      Y-18: 24 Oct. 1822, Travis Duncan under power of attorney from Martha McKinny of KY, to James Akins (Akiers?), for $100, all Martha's undivided interest in land and plantation whereon her father Benjamin Reynolds formerly lived. Wit. (three men last name Waller, one last name Carter; too dark to read). (FHL film 34,078)
      FF-389: 16 Aug. 1836, Alexander Duncan and Fanny (X) his wife of Spotsylvania Co. VA to Jesse Curtis of Town of Fredericksburg, VA, for $450, lot 18. No wit. (FHL film 34,081)


Spotsylvania Co. VA Court Records - MAD: see the following website (from information from Kathy Duncan 1999):
      Court Records Digest, created by Barry L. McGhee.
      Copyright - 1996, 1997, Barry L. McGhee; last modified: September 22, 1997


Culpeper Co. VA Deeds
      EE-499: -- day of June 1811, Elizabeth Duncan widow of Benjamin Duncan late of Fayette Co. KY, decd, appoint friend James Duncan of Logan Co. attorney re property in State of VA by virtue of last will of William Duncan late of Culpeper, or any dues ... I may have on any person in "Potsylvania" Co., State of VA, or any county in VA. Wit. Reuben Browning, Abner Browning. Recorded Logan Co. KY. (FHL film 30,955) (MAD: see Pittsylvania Co.)
      10-221: Deed of four parts, 24 Jan. 1851, between James H. Vowles and wife Sarah M. of Culpeper Co. VA (1st part), John J. Duncan and wife Jane C. of Spotsylvania Co. VA (2nd part), Joseph T. Norman of Culpeper Co. VA (3rd part), and Lavinia L. Norman of Culpeper Co. VA (4th part); that the late Thomas Norman, father of the said Sarah M., Jane C., Joseph T. and Lavinia S. Norman, died owning land known as "Land Spring" tract which descended to his said children who now make a deed of partition. Deed includes survey of land 3 July 1848, 198-1/2 acres, on the main road from Stevensburg to Fredericksburg, adj. Jacob Stout, Martin Nalle's estate formerly Samuels, Mrs. Fitzhugh, Hansborough and Stout near the Sand Springs. (FHL film 30,967)
      10-290: 27 Jan. 1851, John J. Duncan and wife Jane C. Duncan of Spotsylvania Co. VA to Abel J. Stout of Culpeper Co., for $202, 50-1/2 acres, part of land willed by Thomas Norman decd. to his 3 daus., Sarah M., Jane C., and Lavinia L. Norman, known as sand spring tract, designated in the division of land as lot No. 3. No wit.; both appeared in Culpeper Co. (FHL film 30,967)

Louisa Co. VA Deeds (FHL film 32,201)
      B-322: 28 Aug. 1759 ("XXVIII day"), John Moor of Louisa Co., banker, to Robert Duncanson (sic) of Spotsylvania Co., for 27 lbs, 300 acres, part of a larger tract Moore (sic) purchased of Nichol. Meriwether late decd., etc. No wit.


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