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Last revised October 7, 2000

Formed 1778 from Augusta
Page formed 1831 from Rockingham, Shenandoah


1820-1850 Rockingham Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Rockingham Co. VA Census
1st Dist., P.O. Harrisonburg
Pg.566, #1674-1638, Saml. C. SWITZER 26 VA painter $700-$300
                  Margaret 60 VA
                  Valentine 28 VA chair maker $0-$100
                  William 20 VA painter $0-$25
                  Simon 30 VA painter $0-$50
                  John A. 22 VA tailor $0-$150
                  Virginia DUNCAN (f) 45 VA seamstress
                  (MAD: Virginia Stone, widow of James Fox Duncan d.1836, of 1850 Norfolk Co. VA census)
Pg.645, #2231-2182, Theodore N. SELLERS 31 VA physician $2400-$5000
                  Jane R. 29 VA
                  John D. 3, Edgar B. 1 VA
                  Infant (m) 1/12 VA
                  Margaret DUNCUM 65 VA
                  (MAD: Margaret Ralls, widow of John Dunkum of 1850 Albemarle Co. VA census)
Pg.762, #3045-2985, Railroad laborers, including
                  Addison DUNCAN 40 VA
                  (MAD: 1850 Page Co. VA census)
Pg.798, #3282-3217, Herrington DUNKIN 25 VA laborer $0-$100
                  Elizabeth 30 VA
                  (no children, not mar. in year)

1870 Rockingham Co. VA Census
Stonewall Twp. (first name given first)
Pg.293, #214-217, Theodore N. SELLARS 40 VA phisician & farmer $12,000-$1,700
                  Jane R. 40 VA housekeeper
                  John D. 13, Edgar B. 11 VA at school
                  Theodore N. Jr. 9 VA at school
                  Margaret 7, Ada L. 5, William W. 1 VA
                  Margaret A. DUNKINS 84 VA no occupation


Rockingham Co. VA Will Book A, 1803-1863 (FHL film 33,447)
      No Duncan in index


Rockingham Co. VA Court Minute Books
      Book 1, pt. 1, 1778-1786 - no index (FHL film 33,481)
      Book 1, pt. 2, 1786-1792 - no index
      Book 2, 1791-1794 - no index (FHL film 33,482)
      Book 3, 1795-1797 - no index
      Book 4, 1797-1802 - no index (FHL film 33,483)
      Book 5, 1802-1806 - no index (FHL film 33,484)
      Book 6, 1806-1810 - no index
      Book 7, 1810-1814 - no index (FHL film 33,485)
      Book 8, 1814-1816 - no index
      Book 9, 1817-1821 - no index (FHL film 33,486)

Rockingham Co. VA Superior Court Records
      (FHL films 30,403 to 30,409) - not checked, only some are indexed


Rockingham Co. VA Superior Court Deed Book 1809-1852 (FHL film 33,454)
      No Duncan

Rockingham Co. VA Index to Burnt Records
      Deed Book O - no Duncan (FHL film 33,455)
      Deed Book OO, 1793-1802 - no Duncan
      Deed Book OOO, 1802-1809 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,456)
      Deed Book OOOO, 1809-1810 - no Duncan
      Deed Book 1, 1805-1811 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,457)
      Deed Book 2, 1811-1815 - no Duncan
      Deed Book 3, 1815-1818 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,458)
      Deed Book 4, 1818-1820 - no Duncan


Rockingham Co. VA Personal Property Tax
      1782-1789 - not in any order (FHL film 33,507)
      1797-1807 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,508)
      1808 - no tax book
      1809-1815 - no Duncan
      1816-1817 - no Duncan (FHL film 33,509)


Bounty Land Application SC 3733 of William Duncan, War of 1812 (copy of documents from Sara Blalock 1985 with permission to share with others)
      Bedford Co. TN, 4 Nov. 1850, appeared William Duncan, aged 56, resident of Rutherford Co. TN; he was a private in the company commanded by Capt. Henry Welch in 5th Reg. of VA Volunteer Militia commanded by Col. McLannahan, in War declared by US against Great Brittain in June 1812; that he volunteered at Harrisonburg, VA, on 14 July 1814 for 6 months; that he continued in actual service for 6 months and was honorably discharged at Norfolk, VA, 29 Jan. 1815; that he has lost his certificate of discharge but which time of service will appear from the muster rolls of said company & the pay rolls. /s/ Wm. Duncan.
      Bedford Co. TN, 29 March 1855, appeared William Duncan, aged 61, resident of Rutherford Co. who was a private in company commanded by Capt. Henry Welch, 5th Reg. VA Militia commanded by Col. McClanahan; volunteered in Rockingham Co. VA on or about 14 July 1814 for 6 months, discharged at Norfolk VA on 29 Jan. 1815; he received Warrant No. (blank) for 90 (80?) acres under act of 25 Sept. 1855 which was sold and transferred. Applies for additional bounty land under act 3 March 1855. /s/ Wm. Duncan; wit. David A? Evans, Augustus H. White, residents of Bedford Co. who know Wm. Duncan.
      Rutherford Co. TN, 23 March 1871, appeared William Duncan, age 76, resident near Fosterville, Rutherford Co., TN, not married; he served 60 days in military service of US in War of 1812; he enlisted in Capt. Henry Welsh's Co., Col. McLanahan 5th VA Regt., at Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co. VA, on 14 July 1814; discharged at Fort Nelson, VA, on 29 Jan. 1815; his time was spent in Fort Nelson in the Artilery Service; he never received any bounty land, was in the service about six months. /s/ William Duncan; wit. Wm. Witson/Mitson, F. Henry?. Form letter from Pension Office to request evidence of enlistment of Wm. Duncan, Claim No. 4101, in War of 1812.
      (MAD: Nancy Reba Roy's notebooks, pg. 347, 357: William H. Duncan, b. 15 Dec. 1794 Culpeper Co. VA, d. 8 March 1877 Fosterville, TN, son of William Duncan Sr. & Lucy Crowley; mar. ca 1828 Nancy M. Landrum in VA.)


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