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Formed 1838 from Botetourt, Montgomery
Craig formed 1851 from Botetourt, Giles, Roanoke, Alleghany, and Montgomery Co. VA, Monroe Co. WV



1840 Roanoke Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Roanoke Co. VA Census
Pg.289, #407, Betsey REID/REECE 50 VA (blank) $1800
                  Thomas C. 24 VA farmer
                  Sally 18, David 29 VA
                  John 11, Ridley (m) 13 VA
                  Howel DUNCAN 30 VA manager
                  (MAD: see Fluvanna Co. VA; son of John & Jane Snead; 1870 Chesterfield Co. VA census)
Pg.297-8, #532, Robert F. BIBB 31 VA R.R. contractor $0
                  Margaret 27 VA
                  Samuel 8, Hellens? (f) 6 VA
                  Virginia 4, Asineth (f) 2 VA
                  Infant (f) 2/12 VA
                  V.G. SAUNDERS (m) 33 VA
                  (overseers and laborers)
                  Adam DUNCINS 25 VA MULATTO laborer
                  John 23, Henry 16 VA MULATTOES laborers

1860 Roanoke Co. VA Census
P.O. Salem
Pg.707, #239, Littleberry DUNCAN 45 VA day laborer 0-0
                  Mary 43 VA
                  Nancy 24, Bostly (f) 18 VA
                  William 13, Bettis (f) 10 VA
                  Minta (f) 6 VA
                  (MAD: 1850 Campbell Co. VA census; Bostly was Wertley in 1850)
Town of Salem
Pg.818, #984, Charles DUNCAN 45 VA harness maker 0-0
                  Mary 41 VA
                  John 14, William 12 VA
                  Charles 11, Frank 6 VA
                  Virginia 4, Harriet 2 VA
                  (MAD: cannot identify in 1850; not shown as mulatto or black; not found on 1850 census under this occupation)

1870 Roanoke Co. VA Census
Big Lick Twp. (thick ink, hard to read)
Pg.301, #311-325, DUNKIN, Littlebury (m) 65 VA at home $2200-$250
                  Mary 52 VA keeping house
                  Jenney 33 VA at home
                  Wortley V?. (f) 26 VA at home
                  Ana (f) 20, Mirta (Minta?) (f) 14 VA at home
                  John V?. 20 (30?) VA at home
Pg.303, #335-364, KENT, James M. 44 VA doctor & farmer $30,000-$5000
                  Lucy A. 34 VA keeping house
                  Joseph 14, Catherine 13 VA attending school
                  Mary 8, Rose 4, Charles 2 VA at home
                  Margaret 1/12 VA b.May at home
                  DUNKIN, James 55 NY gardner
                  & BLACK family

1900 Roanoke Co. VA Census (HeritageQuest image 12/3/2010)
Salem District
Lutheran Orphanage, College Avenue, Town of Salem, 3rd Ward, 22 June 1900
Supervisor's Dist. 6, Enumeration Dist. 77, Sheet 28
Page.229A, #534-539, BARRIER?, Kate, head, w/f, Dec. 1870, age 29, single, NC NC NC
   WHITLOCK, Lutetia, housekeep, w/f, Oct. 1856, age 43, widow, 3 ch, 3 living, VA VA VA
   (32 orphans, born NC or VA, including)
  DUNCAN, Walter J., orphan, w/m, Apr. 1893, age 7, single, VA VA VA
  DUNCAN, Samuel D., orphan, w/m, May 1895, age 5, single, VA VA VA
      (MAD: see 1910 Smyth Co. VA census)


Roanoke Co. VA Marriage Licenses 1838-1853, Marriage Register 1853-1919 (FHL film 33,822)
      No Duncan until 1874, not copied

Roanoke Co. VA Index to wills 1838-1953 (FHL film 33,802)
      Martha Duncan, 3-462
      (MAD: not in book 3, 1855-1862, FHL film 33,806, although reference is written very plainly)

Roanoke Co. VA Deeds
      Grantor index 1838-1923 - no Duncan until 1880, not copied (FHL film 33,808)
      Grantee index 1838-1923 - no Duncan until 1870, not copied (FHL film 33,811)

HISTORIES before 1923

1916 "History of TX and Texans" by Frank W. Johnson, Vol.1-5 (SUTRO film 69 reel 2 & 3; CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      V.4 p.1705: JOHN A. DUNCAN, in service of Southern Pacific Railway, foreman of the roundhouse at Glidden [Colorado Co.]; had his home in TX almost 40 years. Of old VA family & ancestry, John A. Duncan was born in Montgomery, AL, December 29, 1858, son of George W. and Mary (Caldwell) Duncan who had moved to AL only a short time previously. His father, who was born at town of Fluvanna, Faquier (sic) Co. VA, self-educated, son of a slave-holding farmer. The old planter and the grandfather was James Duncan who married a Miss Sneed, representing another old family of VA; among the children of this old couple were: George W.; Robert who died in TN; Howell, the oldest son who spent his life in Roanoke, VA; Valentine whose life was passed in Faquier Co.; Mrs. Mary Waldrip of Hanover; Nannie who married a planter named Pettit and lived near Fluvanna; Lucinda who was married and spent her life in her native country, and German, of Fluvanna. After his marriage, George W. Duncan spent several years on farm of his mother and about 1855 left VA, to Montgomery, AL where engaged in planting, enrolled for service in Confederate Army, was captured at Agar's Station, MS, paroled two weeks later, returned home a year before close of war; an agent for General Allen, and later for Charles Moulton an extensive farmer near Montgomery, AL, in whose service he died March 3, 1868. George W. Duncan was married in Campbell Co. VA on November 15, 1853, to Mary A. Caldwell, born November 16, 1844, dau. of Watson and Mary (Winfrey) Caldwell; they belonged to old VA families and Mr. Caldwell was extensive tobacco grower with slave labor; lost his money because of Civil War; (more on Caldwell family not copied here). Children of George W. and Mary Duncan were: Alice who married Whitaker (no second name) and died at Spout Springs, VA; John Archer; Charles of Denta, VA; George Freney, who died in childhood; and Kate who died unmarried. John A. Duncan grew up in old VA, his mother having returned there after the death of the father, and in 1878 came direct from Lynchburg, VA, to LaGrange, TX, by railroad ... The first time Mr. Duncan revisited his old home in VA was after an absence of 14 years and soon after his own marriage. He was married at Halletsville, TX on November 26, 1884, to Mrs. Lydia Overbay, whose father, Charles Keykendall, was an early settler in Lavaca Co. The children of Mr. & Mrs. Duncan are: John C., an employee of the Southern Pacific at Glidden; Miss Ethel; Leslie, freight clerk at Glidden; and Miss Kyle, attending school at Columbus. (MAD: Denta, VA, as given in history; Dante, VA, as given by Terry Duncan, a descendant, 12/2001)


"The Daily Telegraph" Bluefield, West Virginia, January 9, 1904 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 1/2004)
      Roanoke, Va., January 9. -- Joseph Duncan, a white man 27 years of age, committed suicide early this morning by drinking carbolic acid. He was in O'Leary's bar-room on Nelson street, a few minutes before 7 o'clock and was seen to take the poison from his pocket and drink two-thirds of the contents of a two - ounce vial. After taking the fatal dose he remarked that he would be dead in a few minutes. He immediately walked out of the saloon, in the company with a stranger, going up Railroad avenue to the St. James Hotel, where he was led through the door and forced to take a seat, the stranger immediately making his departure. Duncan was then frothing at the mouth and seemed to be suffering internally. The clerk thought, from his appearance that, he was suffering from poison and the police were notified at once, and physicians summoned. The physicians at once saw that he was suffering from carbolic acid poisoning and sent for the ambulance and conveyed the dying man to the hospital, where he died in great agony. The chief of police took charge of his effects, which consisted of two empty pocket book, a knife and a bundle of papers. Among the papers an accident policy was found for $700. made out in favor of his mother, Adeline Duncan, of Handly [MAD: Kanawha Co.], W. Va. G.T. Spooner was the writer of the policy, which is on the Continental Casualty Company. An honorable discharge from the Third Virginia regiment, Company H, was also found among the effects, and the discharge showed that he had enlisted at Hillsville, Va., giving that place as his home. Mayor Cutchin wired both Handley, W. Va., and Hillsville, Va., to ascertain the where-abouts of his mother. [MAD: Hillville, Carroll Co. VA]
      Duncan had been in the city for several days and had been drinking very heavily. He was arrested day before yesterday for being drunk, and when sober enough at the situation he had put up $5 for his appearance the next morning, and as he failed to show up the money was forfeited.
      Duncan went into the St. James Hotel last evening apparently under the influence of liquor and while seated at one of the tables was seen by the barkeeper, to uncork the bottle and after smelling the contents for a moment, put the cork back in the bottle and take his departure.


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