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Last revised September 18, 2003

Original Shire formed 1634
Accomack formed 1634 from Northampton
Called Accawmack until 1642


1820-1840 Northampton Co. VA census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Northampton Co. VA Census
Pg.279, #101, Margaret CORE 36 Northampton VA (blank occupation)
                  William 16, Caleb 8, John 11, Bore (Bove?) D. (m) 6,
                  Margaret 2 all Accomac VA
                  (next to Wheeler family)
                  (MAD: see will of Thomas Wheeler 1854)
Pg.287, #252, Edwd. R. WADDEY 45 Northampton Co. VA, tavern keeper
                  Harriett 43 Northampton Co.
                  Lafayette HARIMERSON 26 Northampton Co. lawyer
                  William DUNCAN 21 Northampton Co. coach maker
Pg.290, #281, John H. DUNCAN 37 Accomack VA farmer
                  Elizabeth 33 Accomack VA
                  Charles 2 Northampton VA
                  Samuel SAVAGE 29 Accomack VA "none"
                  Elizabeth NORRIS 26 Northampton VA BLACK insane
Pg.291, #309, William WADDEY 23 Northampton Co. farmer $1500
                  Mary 19 Northampton Co.
                  Nathl. SUTTON 19 BLACK Northampton Co.
                  William G. CHRISTIAN 16 & others
                  Eliza WADDEY 12, Frederick 9 Northampton Co.
                  Edward 6, Rebecca 3, Thomas 3/12 Northampton Co.
                  (MAD: No other Waddey family indexed)
Pg.293, #331, Elijah BRITTINGHAM 67 Worcester MD overseer of poor
                  Margarett 67 Accomack
                  Peggy CAMMPBELL 10 Northampton
                  William PITTS 72 Northampton pauper
                  many other paupers on next page, marked "poor house"
                  (MAD: no Duncan, no other Brittinghams in household; no other Elijah Brittingham indexed in 1850)

1860 Northampton Co. VA Census
Eastville P.O.
Pg.728, #247, Elijah BRITTINGHAM 51 VA speculator $8000-$62000
                  Virginia S. 37 VA
                  Edwd. S. 18, Henry 17 VA
                  Sally 15, Maggie 12 VA
                  Elijah 10, Jacob 7 VA
                  Ann DUNCAN 45 VA (blank) $0-$1000
                  Peggy BRITTINGHAM 77 VA
                  (MAD: Ann Duncan ? widow of Thos. P. Duncan)

1870 Northampton Co. VA Census
Eastville Twp.
Pg.650, #18-17, LEATHERBURY, Wm 23 VA (white) Retail Merchant $0-$2500, mar. in June?
                  Rebecca 24 VA keeping house, mar. in June?
                  DUNCAN, Chas. 22 VA (white) clerk in store
Pg.665, #265-247, NASAN?, D.H. (m) 23 MD (white) ret. merchant $0-$500
                  C. Anna 22 VA keeping house
                  Robt. 1 VA at home
                  DUNCAN, James 16 VA (white) clerk in store
                  FILCHERT?, Ella (f) 17 VA BLACK domestic servt.


Northampton Co. VA Marriage Index (FHL film 32,735)
      Wheeler, John to Anne Scott, widow, June 13, 1774
      Wheelor, Thomas to Betsy Wilson, 5/21/1803
      Wheelor, Thomas to Peggy Seaton, 6/11/1810
      Wheelor, Thomas to Agnes Wilkins, 6/8/1811
      (no other Ann or Susan; trying to find Ann Susan Wheeler m. Thomas Duncan 1826 to see if she were a widow)
      Duncan, Thomas to Ann Susan Wheeler, wife single, parents Thomas A. Wheelor, married June 27, 1826


Northampton Co. VA Inventories (FHL film 32,786)
      Pg.220: Inventory and appraisal of estate of Elizabeth Duncan, included bed, furniture, clothing, fabric. Appraised by Thomas Marshall, Joachim Michael, William Smith. Inventory returned 16 Sept. 1746.

Northampton Co. VA Wills & c., 1783-1788 (FHL film 32,747)
      Pg.467: 5 Jan. 1787, will of Alexander Duncan of Saltcoats in Shire of Ayer, Kingdom of Scotland, at present in Northampton, VA, North America, sick and weak; appoint Thomas Suttie? exec; to Molly Warren £10 VA currency; remainder to Mary Duncan my lawful daughter in the care of Capt. Hannibal Lusk in Town of Greenock, Scotland. Wit. Wm. Stith, Robt. Hewat, Joseph Milhas. Prob. 11 April 1787.

Northampton Co. VA Wills (Index on FHL film 29,793)
      38-122: 1 Aug. 1840, Thomas P. Duncan of Northampton Co. VA; wife Susan Ann shall have her first choice of my horses in addition to the provisions made for her by law; to my son Wm. Caleb Thomas Duncan all the balance of my real & personal estate together with the property which I may on my own become entitled to from the estate of my father Caleb Duncan or from any other person, but should my son die without arriving at 21 or having lawful heir, then my wife should have the whole estate during her life, and then remainder left equally to Wm. Thomas Core, Margaret Agnes Core and John Thomas Core, the children of Wm. H. Core & my sister Mary Duncan the daughter of Caleb Duncan. Appt. friend Teackle? W. Jacob executor. Wit. Wm. A. Parker, Edward C. Thomas, Jno. Segar. Proved 12 Dec. 1842 by oath of Edward C. Thomas; 9 Jan. 1843 by oath of John Segar; Teackle W. Jacob executor, bond John M? Henderson and John H. Tankard?. (FHL film 32,792) (MAD: see Accomack Co. VA)
      39-28: 12 April 1854, Thomas A. Wheeler of Northampton Co. VA; wife Agnes for life the farm and homestead whereon I at present reside; upon her death, to dau. Margaret Core for life, then to my grandchildren, the children of said Margaret Core, who may be living at the death of their mother. To my wife Agnes slaves during life, then equally to my three children Ann S. Duncan, John T. Wheeler and Margaret Core; if one of my children dies during the lifetime of my wife Agnes, then the slaves divided between my child or children then living and each of my grandchildren, each of grandchildren and each of my child or children equal share. To wife Agnes furniture, foods for one year; to dau. Ann S. Duncan slave; to dau. Margaret Core slave for life, slave can be hired out by son John T. Wheeler, at Margaret's death, the slave to her surviving children. To son John T. Wheeler slaves. Slave to be sold if needed to pay debts or son John T. Wheeler can take him if he pays debts and transfers to dau. Margaret Core or her children "his interest in the little tract of land which was bequeathed to them by his grandmother." Remainder divided between three children Ann S. Duncan, John T. Wheeler and Margaret Core. Executor friend Daniel Fitchett. Wit. B?.S. Davidson?, Wm. J. Anderson?, John Stackley?. Proved 19 Nov. 1855 on oath of John Sloakley?; Peter S. Bowdoin is sick and cannot attend, William J. Bowdoin has died. William T. Fitchett and George T. Jarvis knew handwriting of William G?. Bowdoin. Daniel Fitchett executor, security William E. Wilkins. (FHL film 32,792)


Northampton Co. VA Deed Indexes
Index 1632-1732 (FHL film 32,794)
      No Duncan
Index 1733-1917 (FHL film 32,795 grantor; FHL film 32,796 grantee)
      33-508: Ann Duncan to Elizabeth Widgen, 13 March 1850, int. 64
      34-515: Wm. T. Duncan to Edgar J. Spady, Tr., 28 March 1855, mortgage personal property
      Next 1908; no grantee deed for Esther Bell

Northampton Co. VA Deeds
      33-508: 18 Nov. 1849, Ann Duncan of Northampton Co. VA to Elizabeth Widgen (Hogue?) of same, for $650, 64 acres adj. lands of James Saunders, James B. Scott & William W. Scott, Thomas A. Wheeler, held jointly by Ann Duncan and Esther Bell; undivided half. Wit. Leroy Oldham, William E. Waddey, Edward Kerr; proved on oath of wit.; rec. 1850. (FHL film 32,779)
      34-515: (blank day and month) 1855, William T. Duncan to Edgar J. Spady, mortgage personal property incl. 3 beds; owes William P. Moore; security John H. Kellam. Wit. John H. Killam, Henry T. Robbins. (FHL film 32,779)


Accomack and Northampton Co. VA District Court, 1789-1791 (FHL film 30,013)
      No Duncan

Northampton Co. VA Hungars Parish Vestry Book, 1758-1782 (FHL film 32,800)
      No Duncan to 1763 from page by page search.

Accomack Co. VA General Index to Wills (FHL film 29,993)
      No Wheelor


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