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Formed 1742 from Hanover
Albemarle formed 1744 from Goochland, Louisa


1830 Louisa Co. VA Census
Pg. 20  Robert Duncan      0000,1000,01  - 0000,01

1840 Louisa Co. VA Census
Pg.240  Eliza Duncan       0             - 0000,001
   259  Robert Duncan      0000,0011     - 0

1850 Louisa Co. VA Census
Pg.366, #84, James FARRAR 27 VA farmer $1560
                  Sallie 21 VA
                  John 1 VA
                  Elizabeth DUNCAN 56 VA
Pg.399, #589, Ro. A. DUNCAN (m) 50 VA farmer $4280 (alone)

1860 Louisa Co. VA Census
Jackson P.O.
Pg.868, #193-193, Robert A. Duncan 61 VA farmer $10,000-$24,850
                  Elizabeth E. 66 VA "boarder" $0-$2,000
                  Joseph B. JOHNSON 22 VA laborer
                  William MEREDITH 76 VA farmer & Dr. $18,240-"12,0400"
                  Sarah T. 65 VA
                  Wm. C. 37 VA insane
                  Sallie T. ANDERSON 23 VA "inmate" $0-$3000
                  John ANTHONY 23 VA overseer

1870 Louisa Co. VA Census
Northern District
Pg.269, #45-40, DUNCAN, Abraham 30 VA BLACK works on R.R. $0-$0
                  Rosabella (f) 24 VA BLACK keeping house
                  KENNY, Alexander 12 VA MULATTO farm laborer
                  Ella 10 VA BLACK domestic servant
                  LEWIS, Frank 15 VA BLACK farm laborer
Southern District
Pg.451, #1175-1177, DUNCAN, Robert A. 71 VA (white) farmer $6000-$10,000
                  Betsy 75 VA keeps house $0-$1500


Louisa Co. VA General Index to Mixed Probate Records 1742-1947 (FHL film 32,191)
      Duncans pg.132-136
      Duncan, Robert A.: Appt. 19-56
      Duncan, Robert D.: A/C sales 19-102
      (Vol.19 not on film, after 1901)

Louisa Co. VA Superior Court of Law Wills 1810-1828 (FHL film 32,198 item 4)
      No Duncan

Louisa Co. VA Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery Wills & Circuit Court Wills 1834-1901 (FHL film 32,198 item 5)
      No Duncan


Louisa Co. VA Deed Index (index to 1824, and 1825-1872, grantor on FHL film 32,199; grantee on FHL film 32,200)
      K-123: Duncan, Robert lease to several, 9/9/1805
      L-452: Duncan, Robert to Wm. G. & Nicholas J. Poindexter, trust, 1808
      M-203: Duncan, Edmund B. to Dabney, Charles Jr., trust, 7/12/1813
      M-285: Duncan, John Hicks to Meredith, William, agreement, 1/10/1814
      M-486: Duncan, Elizabeth E. & Susan P. &c to Crew, Micajah & Jesse, trust, 6/12/1815
      Q-462: Duncan, Jno. N's exors from Flanagan, Whittle, trust, 1825
      P-361: Duncan, Eliza E. from Dabney (comr) release, 1822
      S-26: Duncan, Ann from Branham, Ludlow, 1829
      S-69: Duncan, Eliza to/from Farrar, Stephen &c, 1826
      S-73: Duncan, Robert A. to/from Farrar, Stephen &c, 1827
      S-78: Duncan, Robert A. to/from Wash, Atwood & wf, 1829
      U-196: Duncan, Robert & wf. to Hunter, John &c, power of attorney, 1833
      Y-409: Duncan, Robert A. from Anderson, Thos. M., trust, 1843
      Z-195: Duncan, Robert A. &c from Shelton, Thos., trust, 1845
      Z-274: Duncan, Robt. A. to Hunter, John &c, power of attorney, 1845
      CC-684: Duncan, Robt. A. from Duncan, Elizabeth E., 1854
      DD-203: Duncan, Robt. A & others to Loyall, Thos. heirs, deed & release, 1855
      EE-126: Duncan, Robt. A. &c from Dabney, Catharine &c, 1857
      Next deed 1861, 1869; not copied

Louisa Co. VA Deeds
      B-322: 28 Aug. 1759 ("XXVIII day"), John Moor of Louisa Co., banker, to Robert Duncanson (sic) of Spotsylvania Co., for £27, 300 acres, part of a larger tract Moore (sic) purchased of Nichol. Meriwether late decd., etc. No wit. (FHL film 32,201)
      F-143: 21 Nov. 1786, Thomas Darricott and wife Elizabeth of Parish of St. Martins, Louisa Co., to Robert Duncan of City of Richmond and County of Henrico, for £554, 665-1/4 acres on south Annus? River in parish of St. Martins, ... Samuel Dabney's line, on Diggs, to the river. Wit. And. Todd, John Todd, Joseph Thomas. Note in margin: Delivered Mr. Hugh Davidson by Mr. Duncan's order. (FHL film 32,203) (MAD: Kay D. Hampton files show info from Margaret Sprogis as delivered to "Wm." Duncan; error, definitely "Mr." and not "Wm.")
      F-171: 28 June 1786, Robert Duncan (signed) and wife Sarah of Louisa Co. VA to Edward Smith of same, for £202.10, 250 acres on back Creek, Henry Dykis line, corner Goodalls line, down the county line, corner Neacy? Elvis? line, Williamsons line. Wit. Peter Crawford, Daniel Powers, John Beckley, Thomas Barnett, Wm. Timberlake, John Price, William Holland. Rec. 12 Feb. 1787 on oaths of wit. ... Robert Duncan "now of ----". (FHL film 32,203)
      F-486: 4 Aug. 1788, Robert Duncan of Louisa Co., Gentleman, to James Brown of City of Richmond; Robert for some time past engaged in commercial business in City of Richmond, and now indebted to Alexander Donald and Robert Burton of London, England, for £1919.5.8, mortgage 666-1/4 acres bought of Thomas Darracothe and slaves. Wit. John Hicks, James Strange, Thomas Banks. (FHL film 32,203)
      H-110: 12 Aug. 1780, Drury Murrell and Darcas (sic), his wife, of Goochland Co. to Robert Duncan of Louisa Co., for £150, 250 acres in Goochland Co. near the head of fork Creek, county line, John Farrishes line. Wit. Cornelius Toler, Robert Duncan, John Duncan. Rec. on oaths of all witnesses 11 Sept. 1780. (FHL film 32,204)
      I-593: 5 Jan. 1798, John Hicks and wife Ann of City of Richmond, to John Hicks Duncan Susanna Pearson Duncan Eliza Edland Duncan Ann Hicks Duncan and Robt. Alexander Duncan (no commas) of Louisa Co., sons and daughters of Robert Duncan of said county of Louisa, for £865 paid by the said John Hicks Duncan, Susanna Duncan, Eliza Edlow (sic) Duncan, Ann Hicks Duncan and Robert Alexander Duncan (no commas in actual deed) by the hands of Robert Duncan their father and next friend, 665-1/4 acres in Louisa Co., corner Samuel Dabney's line, Digges, to the river, ... the same tract of land and premises purchased by the said John Hicks under a Deed of trust from said Robert Duncan to Donald & Burton. Wit. J.H. William Jones, James Davis, John Glazebrook, Susanna Pearson, John Johnson, William Lamberth, Wm. Jones, John (x) Adams, William Adams. Rec. 8 April 1799. (FHL film 32,205)
      I-725: 17 Jan. 1800, Robert Duncan of Louisa Co. to Lancelot Minor and David Bullock of same, mortgage of four tracts of land, 1000 acre grant to William Tilton assee. of Michael Ryan 4 Aug. 1785; 1000 acre grant to said William Tilton assee. of Michael Ryan 4 Aug. 1785 which two tracts were deeded to Robert Duncan by William Tilton; one tract 4000 acres granted to Standish Ford assee. of William Tilton who was assee. of Michael Ryan, patent 4 Aug. 1785, likewise conveyed to Robert Duncan by said Standish Ford by deed; one tract 2010 acres granted to Jonah W. Gibbs assee. of William Tilton who was assee. of Michael Ryan, patent 4 Aug. 1785 conveyed by deed to Robert Duncan by said Jonas W. Gibbs. Wit. Wm. Clark, Benj. Clark, James Meriwether, Wm. Johnson. Rec. 11 March 1800. (FHL film 32,205)
      K-28: 5 Nov. 1804, Robert Duncan trust deed for animals, slaves, etc., and land whereon I now reside to David Bullock and William Lawrence, John Iverson security. Wit. Lancelot Minor, Robert Merewether, George Ferrell. Rec. 14 Jan. 1805 on oaths of wit. (FHL film 32,206)
      K-123: 6 Sept. 1805, Robert Duncan to Sherard Matthews, both Louisa Co. VA, Matthews to pay yearly 1/4 share of crop he makes without waste, lease part of land on which he lives beg. at SE side of ground already cleared and in tobacco near a branch, for 7 years, from 25 Dec. 1804; adj. John Johnson, John Thomas, Joseph Isbel. /s/ Robt. Duncan, Rebecca Duncan, Sharerd Matthews. Wit. John Hubbard, John Watkins, Nelson Hopkins. (FHL film 32,206)
      K-124: 6 Sept. 1805, Robert Duncan to John Brooks, both Louisa Co. VA, for yearly payment of 1/4 crops, lease for 7 years, part of land where Duncan lives, adj. Colo. John Overton, John Johnson, from 25 Dec. 1804. /s/ Robt. Duncan, Rebeca Duncan, John Brooks. (FHL film 32,606)
      L-452: 15 Jan. 1808, Robert Duncan to Wm. G. Poindexter and Nicholas J. Poindexter, cattle, growing crops, etc., in trust, to secure John Overton as my security to Samuel Goodman decd, Jacob Faeler, William Thompson sheriff of Louisa Co. Wit. James Mathews, Edmund B. Duncan, John Hubbard, John H. Duncan. (FHL film 32,206)
      M-203: 30 Jan. 1813, Edmond B. Duncan to Thomas Gardner, both Louisa Co., trust deed to secure Chas. Dabney for $50 as security for Duncan in a bond to Henry Beverley, and to secure Price & Dabney for £46.3.9, the crop of wheat on the plantation rented of his father whereon Jno. Hubbard formerly resided, and personal property. Wit. Nath. Rekins/Bakins, Fleming Thomason, John Gentry. (FHL film 32,207)
      M-285: 28 Oct. 1813, John Hicks Duncan to William Meredith, one fifth part of land on South Anna River and Cub Creek on which Robert Duncan Sr. now resides, 665-1/4 acres adj. Colonel Overton, R. Thomas & Jo Gabell?, and Mrs. Jane Dabney, Edwd. Garland, Lann Minor and by South Anna River, for $800; includes property and slaves; more not copied. Wit. Geo. Flemming, Edmond B. Duncan, Jno. Bowles, Matthew Anderson. (FHL film 32,207)
      M-486: 15 March 1815, Susannah Pearson Duncan and Eliza Edloe Duncan of Louisa Co. VA to Micajah Crew of Hanover Co., for $1, undivided interest in 666 acres conveyed to children of Robert Duncan in trust, $422.16; mention trust deeds of Robert Duncan. Wit. Robert Duncan, Edmund B. Duncan, Walter Crew, Wm. Jackson, Jos. F. Johnson, Wm. L. Thomson. (FHL film 32,207)
      P-361: 12 Aug. 1822; Whereas Susan P. and Eliza E. Duncan by deed 5 March 1815 conveyed to Micajah Crew their undivided interest etc; said Susan P. Duncan has since the execution of deed intermarried with Stephen Farrar; quit claim to Susanna P. Farrar formerly Duncan and Eliza E. Duncan (debt paid). /s/ Charles Dabney Jr. by comr.; release by Micajah Crew. (FHL film 32,208)
      Q-462: 18 Oct. 1825, Whittle Flanagan & wife Judith in trust to Ludlow Bramham; Flanagan owes Ann Duncan, exor of John N. Duncan, decd, trust deed; not copied further. (FHL film 32,209)
      S-26: 19 May 1829, Ludlow Bramham of Louisa Co. VA to Ann Duncan of Buckingham Co. VA, for $100, the same as trust deed, 100 acres on Hudson Creek (sold at auction). (FHL film 32,210) (MAD: Ann Duncan to Highland Co. OH)
      S-69: 9 Dec. 1826, Stephen Farrar and wife Susan P., Atwood Wash and wife Nancy H., and Robert A. Duncan, to Eliza E. Duncan, all Louisa Co., $1495, 160 acres on South Anna River, lot #2, adj. "Isbell's line", Doct. William Meredith's line, corner Nancy H. Wash. Wit. L?.W. Hakins, Dav.? Richardson. (FHL film 32,210)
      S-73: 17 Aug. 1827, Stephen Farrar and wife Susan P., Atwood Wash & wife Nancy H., and Eliza E. Duncan, to Robt. A. Duncan, for $1495, Lot #4, 115 acres. (FHL film 32,210)
      S-78: 6 Aug. 1829, Atwood Wash and wife Nancy H. to Robert A. Duncan, for $1600, lands adj. Doct. Wm. Meredith and Elizabeth E. Duncan, 180 acres, alloted to Nancy H. Wash in division of land on which Robert Duncan Sr. resided. (FHL film 32,210)
      U-196: 4 Dec. 1833, Robt. A. Duncan authorize John Hunter & Lucien Minor to affix my name as security on bond by Frances Dabney as exec. of will of Samuel Dabney. Wit. Stephen Farrar. (FHL film 32,211)
      Y-409: 19 July 1843, Thos. M. Anderson (1), Archd. Anderson (2), and Robt. A. Duncan (3); Thos. M. Anderson owes Duncan $594.10, Thos. M. Anderson in trust to Archd. Anderson, negro man Mat and negro woman Louisa. No wit. (FHL film 32,213)
      Z-195: 20 Jan. 1845, Thomas Shelton (1) George W. Payne (2) and Julian Record and Robert A. Duncan (3), Shelton owes Julian Kean (Record?) and Robt. A. Duncan; negroes in trust to George W. Payne (not copied further). (FHL film 32,213)
      Z-274: 1 May 1845, Robt. A. Duncan appoint John Hunter of Louisa Co. VA my attorney; that Francis Dabney intends to qualify as executor of will of Elizabeth T. Dabney decd, or as administrator with the will annexed, and will need to post bond, and Duncan is willing to become security but it may not be convenient to go to court, John Hunter can sign for us? as security for Francis Dabney. Wit. Stephen Farrar. Proved by Stephen Farrar on 12 May 1845. (FHL film 32,213)
      CC-684: 9 June 1852, Elizabeth E. Duncan to Robert A. Duncan, both Louisa Co., 160 acres alloted to Elizabeth in 1826, at $10 per acre. (FHL film 32,215)
      DD-203: (blank) Jan. 1855, Robert A. Duncan and John Page to Hugh N. Pendleton and heirs of Thos. Loyal decd; that 19 Jan. 1847 Loyall made trust deed to Duncan & Page to secure debt to Hugh N. Pendleton, for 323-1/2 acres; Duncan & Page with approval of Pendleton now make deed to Loyal's heirs of the land. Indexed as deed & release. (FHL film 32,215)
      EE-126: 4 Nov. 1857, Catharine W. Dabney and Catharine Massey Shelton (1), Robert B. Waddy (2), and John B. Shelton and Robert A. Duncan (3), all Louisa Co. VA; for $5 paid by Waddy, deed to Waddy their interest in slaves (11 names) now in possession of Catharine W. Dabney bequeathed to her for life by will of John Jackson decd late of Louisa Co., and their interest in property held for life by Catharine Jackson widow of said John Jackson; in trust to secure debt to John B. Shelton and Robert A. Duncan of $1,000 each. (FHL film 32,216)


Goochland Co. VA Records (from Grace Norvell 1985 with permission to share with others)
      Deed 12-272: 16 Aug. 1779, Jessee Blackwell and Matthew Riddle (GN: Ridley?) to Robert Duncan, land at the head of Fork Creek (GN: creek rises in upper Goochland and empties into the South Anna in Louisa) adjoining county line and Emmersons. (GN: Emmersons adj. Norvells).
      (GN: Louisa Co. Deed F-172, 28 June 1786, Robert Duncan and wife Sarah to Edward Smith on Fork Creek; several witnesses connect to Norvell neighborhood over the line in Goochland.)
      Order Book 13-216: 29 Aug. 1779, Robert Duncan a witness from Louisa (to Goochland Courthouse) for John Rogers against Samuel Powell, is paid for two days attendance, coming and returning 22 miles twice. (GN: Goochland courthouse is about 11 miles from head of Fork Creek; also, Norvells who adj. Emmersons sold property to Samuel Powell and there is much litigation between the families of James Norvell Sr. (probable father or grandfather of Hugh Norvell) and Samuel Powell at the same time.)
      Order Book 15-179: 1784-5, Robert and Sarah Duncan deed to Holman Rice; deed and dower release recorded.

MAD NOTE: Robert Duncan Sr. died Newberry Co. SC; will dated 27 July 1802, recorded 14 May 1817; named children John, William, James, Robert Jr., Nancy Freeman, Mary, Sarah Massey, Levina Stewart, Jane Nevil. Robert Jr. of Union Co. SC deeded land by Robert Sr. of Newberry Co. SC. Robert Jr. died Union Co. SC; will dated 2 Aug. 1825, recorded 4 Oct. 1825; named wife Susanna, brother William, sisters Mary Kelley, Levina Stewart, Jane Morrell; Saray Massay, heirs of Ann Freeman. Susanna, widow of Robert, died Union Co. SC; will dated 15 Sept. 1828, probated 8 May 1830; named the children (by name) of her nephew Robert Lane & his present wife Unity.


Case Files of Applications from Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons ("Amnesty Papers") 1865-1867; roll 1, Name Index to Pardon Application Files; Group I, Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South.
      Duncan, Robert A. (Va.). Ro. A. Duncan, Louisa Co. VA, ... recommend the petitioner be pardoned. He is a fat kind man. Petition dated Richmond, VA, Aug. 4, 1865, /s/ Robert A. Duncan; native of Louisa Co. VA where I have lived all my life, following the pursuits of a farmer; am sixty seven years old and have never been prominently connected with any political party. ... extent of my participation in the late war has been the payment of the taxes impresed by the late Confederate Government ... and humanitarian efforts [such] as feeding hungry or disabled soldiers. (Roll 59, Virginia, Cr-Ea; FHL film 1,758,797; SLC 6/16/2008)


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