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Loudoun Co. VA Deed Indexes (index to 1837 on FHL film 32,294; index 1833-1857 on FHL film 32,295; some extracts also from Louis Boone 1982 with permission to share with others)
      A-252/3: 13 Feb. 1759, Jacob Lasswell to Joshua Duncan Junr.
      E-223/9: 11 Oct. 1766, Samuel Duncan to Stephen Russell
      F-30: 7 Aug. 1767, Joshua Duncan Jr. to Stephen Rossel
      H-466: Donham, Amos from Thompson, Amos
      L-217: 10 March 1777, Amos Donham and Samuel Cox, exchange
      L-341/3: 27 May 1777, George Mason to Charles Dunkin
      M-341: 9 July 1779, Peter Overfield to Henry Dunkin
      N-67: 21 July 1779, Amos Dunham to Samuel Cox
      R-155/9: 5 Sept. 1788, Henry Duncan to Jonathan Burson
      R-160/2: 24 April 1787, John Piggot, Samuel Iden, William Jansey, agreem.
      R-335: 14 Nov. 1789, Henry Duncan to Levin Powell
      T-1: 4 March 1791, Joshua Duncan Jr. to Edward Lloyd
      W-86: 16 June 1795, Joshua Duncan to Stephen George Rossell
      2E-263: 11 June 1804, Robert McCormick to Samuel Dunkin
      2E-267: 10 Feb. 1804, Nathaniel Cawford to Samuel Dunkin
      2G-425: 8 Sept. 1806, John Burson to Samuel Dunkin
      2N-474: 15 March 1811, Henry Duncan to Charles Bennet
      ??: 28 Aug. 1811, John Duncan from James Graham
      ??: 28 Aug. 1811, John Duncan to Aaron Arden (MAD: see 4Q-454)
      2P-9: Samuel Duncan to James Stewart
      2P-20: 16 April 1812, Samuel Dunkin to Nancy Graves
      2P-30: 8 Nov. 1811, Samuel Duncan to Thornton Walker
      2P-328: 16 April 1812, Samuel Dunkin to George Tavener Jr.
      2Q-417: 26 March 1813, John Divers et al to Samuel Dunken
      2S-43: 14 Feb. 1814, Mary Davis to Samuel Dunkin
      2T-26: 6 May 1815, John Dunkin to Aaron Burson, mortgage
      2T-38: 2 May 1815, Philip Fry to John Dunken
      2T-186: 17 Sept. 1815, Samuel Dunkin to John & James McPherson
      2T-187: 15 Sept. 1815, Samuel Dunkin to Henry Evans
      2T-188: 18 Sept. 1815, Samuel Dunkin to Elizabeth Bollin
      2T-318: 23 March 1816, John Dunken to Thomas Trahern
      2U-61: 23 March 1816, Thomas Trahern to John Dunkin
      2U-307: 30 Aug. 1816, Samuel Dunkin to Caleb N. Gallaher
      2V-309: 10 April 1817, Thomas Reid to Samuel Duncan
      2Z-230: 3 April 1817, Samuel Dunkin to George Marks
      2Z-234: 1 April 1819, John Marks to Samuel Dunkin
      3A-119: 10 Nov. 1819, John Dunkin to John Clark
      3A-183: 11 Nov. 1819, John Clarke, to Thornton Walker; mortgage owed Duncan
      3B-382: 21 Dec. 1820, Samuel Dunkin to Joseph Janney, trust
      3B-404: 6 May 1815, Aaron Burson to John Dunkin, release
      3D-24: 6 Feb. 1821, Andrew Divon to Samuel Duncan
      ?3D-27: 1821, John Johnson to Thomas H. Wey, trust to Samuel Dunkin
      3D-29: 14 April 1821, John W. Clark to John Dunkin
      No John Duncan grantor 1821-1824
      3G-318: 7 Jan. 1824, Samuel Dunkin to Stephen McPherson
      3G-357: 3 Feb. 1827, George Lloyd to William Dunkin, trust
      3G-499: May 1824, Samuel Dunkin to Price Jacobs
      3H-224: 5 May 1824, Samuel Duncan to Henry Hutchison
      3I-260: 16 Aug. 1824, John & James Iden, David Daniel, & wives & Samuel Russell to Samuel Dunkin
      3K-111: 4 March 1825, John Dunkin to David E. Brown, trust
      3L-6: 25 Sept. 1825, John Dunkin to Samuel Beck
      3R-198: 23 Aug. 1828, Charles Duncan to Benjamin Bridges & Lewellen Hutchison, trust
      3V-127/9: 23 Sept. 1829, Robert & Moses Wickleff & Benjamin S?. Young & wives to James S.B. Allensworth, P/A
      3V-129/31: 31 May 1830, Robert Wickleff etc. to Benjn. S. Young, P/A
      3V-131/3: 4 April 1830, Coleman Duncan & James S.B. Allensworth & wives to Benjamin S. Young, P/A
      3V-133/7: (no date); Samuel Singleton heirs incl. above.
      3V-137/40: 26 June 1830, Robert Wickleff etc. & Coleman Duncan etc by attorney Benjamin S. Young, to William Fletcher and Enoch Glasscock
      3W-337: 26 Sept. 1831, Samuel Duncan to Moses Brown
      3W-384/5: 4 Oct. 1831, Abner Carter trust to Henry Plaster Jr., owed Samuel Dunkin
      3W-389/90: 27 Sept. 1831, Moses Brown to George Kean, trust, owed Samuel Dunkin
      3W-390/1: 5 Oct. 1831, Richard H. Henderson to Samuel Dunkin, release?
      3W-432: 16 April 1830, Samuel Dunkin Senr. to Charles L. Clowes
      3X-449: 3 Oct. 1831, Samuel & Joshua B. Dunkin to Abner Carter
      4B-106: 14 July 1832, Alexander Anderson trust to John H. Wood, owed William Dunkin
      4C-293: 1 Dec. 1834, George Keene to Moses Brown, release
      4I-259: 14 July 1836, Benjamin Duncan to Henry Shacklett & Susan Berkley, P/A
      4L-106: Oct. 1838, Richard H. Henderson to Moses Brown, release
   Indexed but not looked at:
      H-466: Donham, Amos from Thompson, Amos (not copied)
      2O-286: Denham, Amos from Carter, John (not copied)
      3D-27: Duncan, Saml. Tee from John Johnson, Trust
      3E-178: Dunkin, John to Saml. & Isaac Nichols, Tee, trust
      3E-351: Duncan, Saml. Tee from John Johnson, Trust
      3G-347: Dunkin, Saml. from Geo. E. Lloyd, B&S
      3N-35: Dunkin, Saml. from Jos. Torreyson, B&S
      3Q-138: Dunkin, Saml. to Craven Silcott, B&S
      3S-225: Dunkin, Saml. to Saml. Torreyson, B&S
      5M-398: Joseph Dunkins from Wm. W. Painter (1833-1857 index)


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