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Loudoun Co. VA Wills (FHL film 32,274, index 1757-1871; negative films)
      H-172/4: 22 Sept. 1807; will of Charles Duncan, weak and declining health; my whole estate for the use of my wife and my two daughters viz Catherine and Susanna, the whole to be kept together and undivided during the natural life of my wife for her use and the use of Catharine and Susanna during that time; out of the profits my two youngest sons Mason and Benjamin may be maintained & schooled until age 15, at which time they are to be bound by my executors to good trades with discreet moral men until they become of lawful age, but if my wife should die before the youngest of my sons become of lawful age, I desire that the two girls above mentioned, viz Catherine & Susanna, shall enjoy the estate above mentioned until my youngest son Benjamin shall arrive at lawful age and that they shall peaceably and undisturbed enjoy the same until that period they are not wasting or destroying any part of the same more than can be avoided; at the death of my wife if it should happen after my youngest son becomes of lawful age, the whole may be sold and the proceeds thereof be equally divided among all my children; in case my wife dies before my youngest son Benjamin arrives at lawful age, I desire that as soon as said Benjamin becomes of lawful age, it shall be sold and the proceeds equally divided among all my children; I further desire that if at the time of the division aforesaid any of my children that are now alive, viz, Nancy, William, Charles, Catherine, Susanna, George, Henry, Coleman, Mason and Benjamin should then be dead, that part be equally divided between their respective children. Appoint wife Susanna Dunkin and son Charles exec. /s/ Chas. Dunkin. Wit. Israel Lacey, Hezekiah W. Athey, Jno. Brooks, Thomas Hicks, Rebekah Castle, John Farley. Rec. 14 Dec. 1807 on oath of Hezekiah W. Athey, John Farley and James Crooks; Charles Dunkin appointed executor with Richard Hancock and Lewis Garner sec. (FHL film 32,277)
      H-235: 9 May 1808, inventory of estate of Charles Duncan returned by John Farley, James Lewis, Wm. Conalley; total $786.87. (FHL film 32,277)
      Q-299/300: 4 March 1827, will of Susanna (X) Duncan; to my daughter Catherine Duncan and her heirs, slaves; to my daughter Susannah Duncan and her heirs, other slaves; balance should there be any to be equally divided amongst the remaining part of my children and the children of my daughter Nancy Gardner deceased; appoint daughters Catharine and Susannah Duncan executrixes. Wit. Walter Dower?, Mathew P. Lee, Joshua Lee; recorded May 16, 1827 on oath of Matthew P. Lee and Joshua Lee; Susannah Duncan gave bond with Gustavas A. Moran, Chas. Lewis and Catherine Duncan securities. (FHL film 32,281)
      R-125/6: 14 March 1828; inventory of Susanna Dunkin's estate returned, total $1446. (FHL film 32,282)
      OO-44: 5 Sept. 1859: In pursuance of County court order 14 June 1859, inventory of estate of George Duncan returned by James W. Brawner, James S. Odem, Mason Griffin, John Moore: one land warrant #40632 for 120 acres of land at $75 per acre, total $90; Recorded 12 Sept. 1859. (FHL film 32,291)
      OO-398/9: 31 March 1860, report by John Moore, Admr, of estate of George Duncan decd; included payments for coffin, etc., and income from the land warrant. (FHL film 32,291)
      No others
      (No Pearson; checked in case name was not Burson in chancery court 1832; FHL film 32,274 will index 1757-1871, none to 1824)
      (No will found for Peter Overfield; checked only through ca 1796 and should have checked later for both)
      A-222: 19 Sept. 1769, Benjamin Burson of Cameron Parish; my wife, my children, my father Joseph Burson maintained fitting his age; my children be educated; my wife Ann and father-in-law Owen Roberts and Samuel Potts exec. Wit. John Dodd, John Williams; proved Oct. 10, 1769. (FHL film 32,275)
      C-238: 25 June 1786, George Burson; wife Sarah Burson stock etc.; son James; Joseph; Benjamin; Jonathan 166 acres where I now live joining lands of James, Joseph & Benjamin Burson, Henry Dunkin, Thomas Blackburn and Henry Smith; dau. Ruth Romine £5, dau. Hannah Bradfield £5, dau. Esther Cammaro 5 shillings. Wit. Thomas Brown, Joseph Gregg, Wm. Dillon; proved Oct. 9, 1786. (FHL film 32,275)
      D-188: 15 Dec. 1790, Benj. Burson; 2 sons George and Silas land I now live, divided equally; wife Hannah personal estate; 2 daus. Sarah Burson and Esther Burson; rest of my surviving children; wife may choose to continue to live on the place whereon I now live after my sons are 21. Wit. James Burson, Thomas Brown, Jonathan Burson; proved July 11, 1790. (FHL film 32,276)

Loudoun Co. VA Circuit Court Will Book A (FHL film 32,293; from information from Robert P. Moore 10/1999)
      A-35/36: 28 Dec. 1815, will of Alexander (X) McMackin of Loudoun Co. VA, weak of body; just debts and funeral expenses be paid; real and personal estate be [divided into equal shares, one share to] my daughter Catherine Duncan, my daughter Mary Lingham, my daughter Martha Cordell, my daughter Ann Tablor, the heirs of my dau. Elizabeth decd to wit 1/2 to my granddau. Mary Henderson, the other half divided equally between my two grandsons Alexander and Lawson; as to my son William McMackin and my dau. Sarah Skinner an acount of money paid and articles they received from me formerly which will be nearly equal to the legacies my other children mentioned will receive, I have therefore thought it right & just that they should no receive any part of my personal estate after my decease; appoint my son in law Martin Cordell and my friend John Henderson execs. Wit. John Newton, Thos. Jacob, Samuel Murrey?; produced 3 April 1817 for probate. (MAD: pages faint; no Duncan grandchildren named; one John Henderson mar. Mary Duncan, Jan. 7, 1815)

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