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Last revised September 18, 2003

Formed 1720-1 from Richmond, Westmoreland
Prince William formed 1730-1 from King George, Stafford
See also Stafford Co. VA


1820-1830 King George Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 King George Co. VA Census
      Indexed Samuel N. Denkins pg.43; actually DEAKINS not copied

1840-1870 King George Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed


King George Co. VA Wills (FHL film 32,058)
      MAD: Wills that include Duncans have been published in books; did not copy from film.
      1-23: Will of William Rowley Senr. of Parish of Brunswick, 23 Oct. 1751. Son Moses Rowley; dau. Amey Proctor; dau. Ann Stardis (Tardis?); heirs of dau. Margery Smith decd; heirs of dau. Elizabeth Armstrong; son William Rowley; Exec. son William Rowley. Wit. Thos. Emersson (sic), James Rains, William Harders. Prob. 7 Feb. 1754.
      1-50: Will of Elizabeth (x) Hackley of Brunswick Parish, 28 Sept. 1755. sick and weak; my land whereon Shill? Robinson now lives be sold; use of my grandchildren James Hackley, Joseph Hackley and Ann Hackley sons and dau. of son Joseph Hackley decd. when of age or marry; principal divided among them; son Lott Hackley gray horse; son Francis Hackley sorrell horse; son James Hackley horse; dau. Lucy Hackley horse. Exec. son John Hackley. Wit. George Worton, Lott Hackley, James Hackley. Prob. 5 Aug. 1756.
      1-354: Will of William Rowley 11 May 1774. Wife have use of plantation until dwelling house repaired where wife lived before our marriage; brother Moses Rowley the plantation of Garret Mill where he now lives; sister Ann Harden?; to James Armstrong an equal moiety of the lands I purchased of Jno. Thompson and William Grigsby; to wife (unnamed) the land I bought of Simon Thomas; to George Armstrong; to Elizabeth Armstrong the wife of Thomas Armstrong the land and plantation where she lives purchased of Jos.? Grigsby then to her son James Armstrong; for the use of William Armstrong; to Samuel Harden the remaining moiety or equal half of the lands I purchased of Jno. Thompson and William Grigsby; to Aaron Harden; to Moses Harden; to exec. for the use of Jane Owen wife of Richard Owens (sic); to Dorothy? Davis, Elizabeth? Davis and Lucy Davis daughters of Samuel & Barbara? (Basheba?) Davis; to Mary Florence; to Jane Hillier?, Mary White, Sarah Ford?, Betty Carter?, and Ann Proctor; to Rowley Smith; apparently a Joseph Smith owed William Rowley money which Joseph Smith is directed to pay William Smith and Thomas Smith; to Ann Arnold; to Lettice Vickart? wife of the Rev. Jno. Wickart?; to the said Letice Vickard and Catharine Taylor wife of Capt. Richard Taylor; to Elizabeth Armstrong wife of Thos? Armstrong 300 acres of land bought of John Grigsby during her life then her son James Armstrong; residue to Lettice Wickard?/Vickard?. Wit. Alexander Rowe?, Daniel McDonald?, Richard Todd. "Before the will is attached? I further desire that my Extrs. may satisfy the three daughters of Samuel Davis afd. for their legacies and slave ..." Prob. (illeg.) (dark pages)
      1-371: Will of Howson Hooe, of Saint Paul Parish, Stafford Co., 16 Dec. 1773. wife Anne Frances land I purchased of Robert Hughes and land I purchased of George Brent on Sequia? run during life; then my son Bernard; wife Anne Frances and son William land I now live on together with lands I purchased of William Colebough to be equally divided, then to son William; son Bernard; son Howson; have already given sons Howson, John, Harris, Bernard and William Hooe; remainder equally to my five sons Howson, John, Harris, Bernard and William. Exec. sons Howson, John, Harris, Bernard and William. Wit. Robert? Longfellow?, William? Kelley?, ? McKentosh, Alex. Stone. 7 May 1777: wit. John? Burton, Warthenson? (x) Burton. Codicil 7 May 1777. son William entitled to all slaves ...; and my will further is that if my son William should die during my life by which account the lands slaves and other estate devised and bequeathed to him by my said will might be construed a lapsed legacy and the children and family of my son William would receive no benefit now my will and desire is that my granddaughters Anne Frances and Elizabeth and their heirs be entitled to the lands slaves and other estate devised and bequeathed to my son William ... in the contingency aforesaid the wife of my son William shall be entitled to dower in the said lands ... Wit. Alexr. Row (Rose?), Thomas Grant, John Horton?, Wharternon? (x) Burton. Produced in court 4 Jan. 1781 by William Hooe, Gent., exec.
      2-32: Will of Seymour Hooe dated 13 Oct. 1780; of infirm health; wife Sarah Hooe until the child with which my wife is now big, if a mail (sic), attains the full age of 21; if a female or if dies before 21 then until son Alexander Seymour Hooe attains 21; then estate divided; land to son Alexander Seymour Hooe and child if male; but not if child is female; slaves to son Alexander Seymour Hooe and dau. Lucy Thornton Hooe and unborn child; kinsman William Alexander Esq. of Prince William Co. and brother Gerrard Hooe guardian of child and also exec. In case of death or refusal of them, appoint friend John Taliaferro Esq. of Hays and nephews William Storke and John Storke exec. Memorandum 25 Nov. 1780: John Taliaferro appointed third executor and trustee. Memorandum 4 Jan. 1783: appoint friends John Taliaferro and William Hooe executors, revoking appointment of William Alexander and George Gray of Maryland; three executors, to wit, brother Gerard Hooe, John Taliaferro and William Hooe. Wit. John Turner, Frances Storke. Probated 3 April 1783.


King George Co. VA Index to Land Grants (FHL film 29,312)
      A-11: Christopher Marr, 4 March 1722/3, 266a beg. at head of branch that falls into Marsh Run and adj. his own & the lands of Wm. Page (Seige?) decd, John Brown &c.
      A-15: John Bradford adj. Marrs ...
      A-16: John Brown adj. Daniel Marr ...
      A-76: John Hopper, 25 Sept. 1724, 339a beg. at Christopher Marr's corner adj. Cummings land.
      A-101: Samuel Skinker, 7 Jan. 1724/5, 542a on south side Great Marsh run adj. lands of Philip Seidwell and William Allen.
      B-5: Thomas Dunkin, 4 Oct. 1726, 88a on a branch spring out of the upper side of the great run of Rappahannock river.
      B-6: Thomas Dunkin, 5 Oct. 1726, 67a on a branch of the Marsh run commonly called Marr's run.
      B-16: Edward Twentyman not copied
      B-17: Edward Newgent?, not copied
      B-19: Robert Duncan, 14 Oct. 1726, 500a ... adj. patent 27 July 1715, granted said Duncan. (we have)
      D-53: Samuel Skinker, 11 Sept. 1731, 90a on the head of Omen/Ornen Creek.
      (MAD: only a few in King George Co. after Book D)

Northern Neck (VA) Land Grants (FHL film 29,511)
      B-5: 4 Oct. 1726, grant to Thomas Dunkins of King George Co., 88 acres on branch out of upper side of great run of Rappahannock River, adj. land of Coll Rice Hooe.
      B-6: 5 Oct. 1726, grant to Thomas Dunkin of King George Co., 67 acres on branch of Marsh Run called Marrs Run, corner land of Charles Morgan, land of Parson Scott, Dinwiddie's land.
      B-19: 14 Oct. 1726, grant to Robert Duncan of King George Co., 242 acres in county aforesaid, adj. grant to said Duncan by pattent 27 July 1715 for 258 acres, the whole being 500 acres, mouth of Summerduck run.

King George Co. VA Deeds, 1721-1823 (Index on FHL film 32,060)
      John Dankins to Thomas Jett, 1765, bill of sale, book 5, pg. 635.
      No Duncan, Duncomb, etc.
      No Duncan to Skinker; Deeds from James Kay, Patrick Grady, Samuel Hoyle, Patrick Hamrich, John Farguson, John Diskin, St.John Shropshire, not copied.
      2-2: 4 May 1735, James Brissee and wife Elinor (x), Richard (RE) Elkins and wife Mary (x), and Robert (RD) Duncan and wife Ann (x), daughters and heirs of Robert Gallop late of King George Co., decd, to George Famos, for 5 shillings (sic), part of a certain tract of land 250 acres on Deep Run joining out of Rappahannock River including the fork of the sd. run in the County of Richmond formerly but now King George County, ... (blotted) father of the sd. Elinor, Mary and Ann, grant 24? Feb. 1714/5?. Wit. H.C.? Battaley, Anth. Hayney, John Ambros. Rec. 6 Feb. 1735; all grantors in court. (FHL film 32,062)


King George Co. VA Order Book 1721-1734 (FHL film 32,054)
      Index poor, but no Duncan spotted. See published books.

King George Co. VA Bonds 1765-1789 (FHL film 32,087)
      No Duncan


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