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Formed 1727 from Henrico
Albemarle formed 1744 from Goochland, Louisa
Cumberland formed 1748-9 from Goochland


1830 Goochland Co. VA Census
Pg.156  Littlebury Duncan       0000,1   - 0

1840 Goochland Co. VA Census
Pg.398  S. Duncan               2000,1   - 0100,1
        (MAD: Littlebury Duncan b. Fluvanna Co. VA;
        to Campbell Co. VA 1850)

1850-1860 Goochland Co. VA census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Goochland Co. VA Census
Dover Twp.
Pg.46, #50-50, HENRY, John 35 VA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Ellen 29 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Ella 5 VA BLACK at home
                  HENRY, Margaret 3 VA BLACK at home
                  William 5/12 VA BLACK b.Feby. at home
                  DUNCAN, Judy 55 VA BLACK house keeping
                  (MAD: Judy Duncan indexed age 35)


VA State Land Grants, Mid Valley & Adjacent Areas (from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      10 Sept. 1735, Martin Duncan, Goochland Co., on James River adj. Payne.

Goochland Co. VA Deeds (from Sue Harris with permission to share with others)
      13 March 1727, Robert Hodges of St. James Parish, Henrico, to Wm. Hodges of same, for £1/5, 70 acres on small branch of Lickin Hole called Emos Branch, bounded by William Wosters(?), Wm. Spurlock. Wit. Thos Whorton Jr., John Hodges, Martin Duncan. Rec. 16 July 1728, pg.19.
      24 July 1728, Robert Hodges of St. James Parish, Goochland, to Joseph Parsons of same, for £40, land in same parish on upper branch of Lickinghole Creek, 380 acres, as appears by patent dated 16 June 1727. Wit. Thos. Worton Jr., Martin Dunkin, John Hodges. Rec. 20 Aug. 1728, pg.27.
      23 Jan. 1730, Joseph Parsons of St. James Parish, Goochland, to Nowel Burton of same, for £25, 100 acres on Genitoe Creek, bounded by Samuel Allen, Robert Woodson, Josiah Woodson & Martin Dunkin. Rec. 17 Oct. 1731, pg.277.
      2-17/18: 12 Oct. 1733, Martin Donkin & Mary his wife of Goochland to James Hopper of Caroline, for £10, 100 acres, part of 400 acres belonging to Martin Dunkin & Mary, named "Joppy," bounded by Deep Creek. Rec. 15 Oct. 1734, pg.17.
      15 July 1735, Nowel Burton of Goochland to Samuel Richardson of Henrico, for £14, 100 acres in St. James Parish, bounded by Samuel Allen, Robert Woodson, Josiah Woodson & Martin Duncan. Rec. 15 July 1735, pg.122.
      19 Aug. 1735, Samuel Allen of St. James Parish, Goochland, to Samuel Richardson, for £5, 15 acres in St. James Parish bounded by Richard Pearne, Joseph Parsons & Martin Duncan. Rec. 16 Sept. 1735, pg.141.
      10 Sept. 1735, Martin Duncan, 212 acres adj. east side of Little Bird on north side of James River adj. Geo. Payne. Patents 16, 1735, pg.229.
      1736, Thomas Tindall of Goochland to Richard Hall of same for 3000 lbs tobacco, land on north side of Fluvanna River, 200 acres, bounded as by patent 27 Sept. 1729, by Hardware River. Rec. 16 Nov. 1736, pg.236. (MAD: More Hall and Scruggs deeds, not copied here)
      19 June 1739, Robert Addams of Goochland to Thomas Hall of same for £20, 100 acres north side of James River on a branch of Lickenhole Creek called Deep Creek, bounded by said Adams and the creek. Wit. Chas. Lynch, Thomas Sanders, Charles Moorman.
      3-291/293: 26 Oct. 1739, Martin Duncan of Goochland to Robert Williams of Middlesex for £6, 106 acres on lower side of Little Byrd Creek, bounded by David Davis, Beech Creek, John Johnson, Wm. Webb & Josias Payne. Wit. James George, Samuel Williams. Signed Martin (MD) Duncan, Mary (M) Duncan. Rec. 20 May 1740, pg.291.
      (MAD: no date?) John Godby of Caroline to David Davis of Goochland, for £46, 400 acres on western branch of Lickinghold Creek bounded by Thos. Salmon, Martin Duncan. Rec. 10 March 1741.
      19 March 1743, Martin & Mary Duncan to Silvester Profitt, pg.314
      19 Nov. 1745, Martin & Mary Duncan to James & Elizabeth Gresham, pg.52.

Goochland Co. VA Deeds (FHL film 31,651 grantor deed index 1728-1839)
      MAD: above deeds from Sue Harris were in books 1 to 3
      No other deeds indexed through 1839
      4-314: 19 March 1743, Martin (D) Duncan and wife Mary to Silvester Profitt, both Goochland Co. VA, for £10, 100 acres adj. Silvester Profitt, John Godbee, James Hoppor. Wit. Edward Blothloy, Robert Page, Charles Christian. (FHL film 31,654)
      5-52: 19 Nov. 1745, Martin (MD) Duncan and wife Mary of Albemarle Co. VA to James Gresham and wife Elizabeth of King & Queen Co., for £50, land in Goochland Co. on branches of Licking Hole Creek, 210 acres adj. James Hoppers line, Thos. Samons line, William Spurlocks corner, being land said Martin lately dwelt on. Wit. Arthur Hopkins, John Smith. (FHL film 31,654)
      14-105: 6 Nov. 1784, Robert Duncan to Holeman Rice, both Goochland Co., for £150, 150 acres, part of tract which said Duncan sold to Edward Smith whereon his son Charles Smith now lives, adj. along said line crossing the three ?? road, Thomas Embersons line, Cornelius Ider's line, Smith's line, to ?? the county line. Wit. ?? Rice, James? Shepard? (torn corner). (FHL film 31,657)


Goochland Co. VA Records (from Grace Norvell 1985 with permission to share with others)
      Deed 12-272: 16 Aug. 1779, Jessee Blackwell and Matthew Riddle (Ridley?) to Robert Duncan, land at the head of Fork Creek (GN: creek rises in upper Goochland and empties into the South Anna in Louisa) adjoining county line and Emmersons. (GN: Emmersons adj. Norvells).
      (GN: Louisa Co. Deed F-172, 28 June 1786, Robert Duncan and wife Sarah to Edward Smith on Fork Creek; several witnesses connect to Norvell neighborhood over the line in Goochland.)
      Order Book 13-216: 29 Aug. 1779, Robert Duncan a witness from Louisa (to Goochland Courthouse) for John Rogers against Samuel Powell, is paid for two days attendance, coming and returning 22 miles twice. (GN: Goochland courthouse is about 11 miles from head of Fork Creek; also, Norvells who adj. Emmersons sold property to Samuel Powell and there is much litigation between the families of James Norvell Sr. (probable father or grandfather of Hugh Norvell) and Samuel Powell at the same time.)
      Order Book 15-179: 1784-5, Robert and Sarah Duncan deed to Holman Rice; deed and dower release recorded.

Goochland Co. VA Order Books, 1728-1741 (FHL film 31,671; from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
      No Duncan indexed Book 1, 1728-1730; part of "D" index missilng
      Pg.297, Oct. 1734, Martin Dunkin deed to James Hopper.
      May 1736 court, The petition of Martin Dunkin against John Woodson is (dissolved?), no prosecution.

Goochland Co. VA Tithe List 1735-1749 (from Sue Harris with permission to share with others)
      10 June 1746, Southam Parish by Thos. Turpin: John Duncan, 1
      10 June 1747, Southam Parish by Thos. Turpin: John Duncan, 1
      1748-1749 - no Duncan, Dunkin listed


"Reports of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Virginia" (from Jim Dempsey 10/2003; there is much more in the published record of this case about the laws)
      NICHOLAS v. BURRUSS. Unnumbered; SUPREME COURT OF VIRGINIA; 31 Va. 289; 4 Leigh 289; February, 1833
      This suit refers to the will of John Peyton dated 9 October 1801 recorded in Fluvanna Co. VA court, naming Mrs. Mary Duncan and her children to inherit, and freeing his slaves as they reached a certain age. One of them, Nicholas, as a negro pauper, brought a suit in the county court of Goochland against Burruss, for the recovery of the plaintiff's freedom. Peyton had devised 1000 acres of land in the western country for the use of his slaves, and 3000 acres of western lands to three devisees, in equal shares: he devised that his land in Fluvanna, and another parcel of land lying in Prince William, and his stock of horses &c. should be sold, after Mrs. Duncan's death, and bequeathed the proceeds of the sale in legacies; he also bequeathed other pecuniary legacies; and, as to his slaves between the death of Mrs. Duncan and the periods at which they were to be emancipated, he bequeathed them to a nephew and five children of Mrs. Duncan; and he gave the residue of his estate to Mrs. Duncan's children. John Quarles, an executor named in the will, duly qualified as such. ... The plaintiff, Nicholas, was one of the testator's slaves emancipated by his will, but whose actual manumission was postponed to a distant day when he should attain the prescribed age, and that the executor Quarles died before he had attained to that age. ... A fieri facias, sued out by one Lightfoot, in October 1810, on a judgment of the county court of Fluvanna, recovered by him against Quarles the executor of the testator Peyton, for 57 dollars with interest and costs, to be levied of the goods and chattels of the testator in the executor's hands; and proved, that this execution was levied on the plaintiff Nicholas, then in the executor's hands as part of his testator's estate, and that the plaintiff was sold by the sheriff at auction for 135 dollars, out of which the execution was satisfied; and that Quarles attended this sale, and invited a person present to bid for the property, stating that the title was good except as to a claim of R.B. Peyton's children. Under this sale, the defendant claimed. ... The county court ... gave judgment that he was a free man. The defendant appealed to the circuit court, which reversed the judgment; and then the plaintiff appealed to this court. ...
      Judgment of the circuit court reversed, and that of the county court affirmed.


Albemarle Co. VA Deeds (from Sue Harris with permission to share with others)
      Deed Book 1, pg.114: 14 Nov. 1749, Jno. Smith of Goochland to John Smith Jr. for £10, 400 acres in fork of Cunningham Creek adj. Martin Duncan.
      Pg.275, 2 June 1760, Thos. Grigs Yarbrough, Goochland, to Geo. Thompson, Louisa, son of Jos. Thompson decd, late of Albemarle, for £45, 400 acres on North Fork Cunningham Creek adj. Martin Duncan, Horse Pen Branch.
      (no page), 12 March 1767, Jno. Duncan had 265 acres survey made by William Cabell.

Louisa Co. VA Deeds (FHL film 32,204)
      H-110: 12 Aug. 1780, Drury Murrell and Darcas (sic), his wife, of Goochland Co. to Robert Duncan of Louisa Co., for £150, 250 acres in Goochland Co. near the head of fork Creek, county line, John Farrishes line. Wit. Cornelius Toler, Robert Duncan, John Duncan. Rec. on oaths of all witnesses 11 Sept. 1780.


"The Cabells and Their Kin : a Memorial Volume of History, Biography, and Genealogy" by Alexander Brown; pub. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Co., 1895, 696 pgs.; HQ Reel/Fiche Number: G3239 (from info from Heather 3/17/2012)
      Pg.52: Dr. Cabell was long a member of the vestry, a church-warden, etc., the Rev. Robert Rose and himself were good friends, and he is frequently mentioned in Rose's Diary, which is now preserved by the Virginia Historical Society. He frequently preached at and stayed at "Capt Cabal's." "Jan'y 23rd 1748/9 stayed at Capt. Cabal's reading the Literal Scheme and viewing his low grounds -- Saw Martin Duncan's wife making sugar." [MAD: Robert Rose's survey of land was in Goochland County, Virginia]
          Dr. Cabell brought Martin Duncan a 16-gallon still from England in 1741, but I suppose this still was for making something stronger than sugar.
      Pg.149-151: Convention on May 10, 1776, ... assistance to North Carolina ... The quota of Amherst County [Virginia], one company of fifty men, was enlisted in the service on May 25; Nicholas Cabell, captain; ... extracts from Col. William Cabell's diary ... The references to Capt. Nicholas Cabell in his brother's (Col. Will's) diary are nearly all of a business character. ... "Jan'y 30th, 1778. Paid Nicholas Cabell £400 in presence of Young Landrum and Daniel Dunakin -- also paid him £4 4s. which Daniel Dunakin paid James Bell, the fuller, for fulling 16-3/4 yards of cloth."


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