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ARCHIBALD DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-8679 (FHL film 970,863)
      Applied 19 Sept. 1832 in Harrison Co. KY; died 13 Nov. 1839 Harrison Co. KY; enlisted for 3 years in Oct. or Nov. 1779 in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Mark Thomas, Col. Slaughter, Genl. Clarke; born 22 May 1763 in Bute Co. NC; record of age copied from record made by his father; lived in Fauquier Co. VA when enlisted; since the Rev. War lived in Culpeper Co. VA then Fauquier Co., then in 1800 to KY, Bourbon and Harrison Co.; known to Capt. John Whitehead and Robt. Garner and John Trumble.
      Application of Hannah Duncan, age 63, on 4 March 1840, in Harrison Co. KY; m. Archibald Duncan in August 1792; husband died 13 Nov. 1839; known by Wiseman Hitch of Harrison Co. KY, age 63 on 8 Nov. 1839, in Fauquier Co. VA about 5 years after their marriage and has lived as near neighbor for about 40 years; known by Nancy Hitch of Harrison Co. KY, age 58 on 18 Jan. 1840, who was at wedding; letter from Thos. Parker of Versailles, KY, 18 March 1840, whose Aunt was Hannah Duncan.
      Application of Hannah Duncan, age 67, on 3 Feb. 1843, in Harrison Co. KY; Hannah Williams m. Archibald Duncan 22 Aug. 1792 in Fauquier Co. VA, bond by Archibald Duncan and Joseph Parker, wit. G. Gwathmey.
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CHARLES DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-22973 (FHL film 970,863)
      Applied 27 July 1819, age 59, in Giles Co. VA; enlisted for 3 years on 12 Jan. 1777 in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Wm. Blackwell, Col. Daniel Morgain, Gen. Woodford; served 3 years; witness John Kirk.
      Applied 30 May 1821, age 60?, in Giles Co. VA; old and infirm; wife and 5 children live with him; son Braxton b. 1 Feb. 1798 weak & sickly; dau. Peggy b. 10 July 1800; dau. Alsey b. 20 Nov. 1802; dau. Nancy b. 4 March 1806; dau. Judith b. 14 July 1808.
      Application by Peggy Duncan, age 72 years & upwards, res. Walker's Creek, Giles Co. VA, on 23 March 1840; m. Charles Duncan 7 Dec. 1786 in Fauquier Co. VA by clergyman James Craig; husband died 24 Oct. 1838 in Giles Co. VA; witness John Kirk Sr. not present at wedding as he lived in Montgomery now Giles Co. but during visit to his father's residence learned of marriage; the family record contained their marriage date and dates of birth of Charles and Peggy as well as "nine of their children".
      Application by Margaret Duncan, 10 March 1846 in Mercer Co. IL refers to her brother of Giles Co. VA if yet living as witness to Charles Duncan's Rev. War Service; first child b. 15 Sept. 1787.
      Declaration by Buford Duncan, age 59, on 1 March 1847 in Mercer Co. IL; his mother to Mercer Co. IL during 1842, Margaret d. 29 Aug. 1846 Mercer Co. IL; legal heirs Buford age 59, Braxton age 49, Elizabeth Lett age 56, Margaret Bolten age 47, Thornton age 54, Nancy Brooks age 40?, Judith Brown age 39. Letter in 1880 mentions the whereabouts of Judith Brown were unknown.
      Original Family Record in possession of Braxton Duncan: Charles Duncan b. 19 Jan. 1761, Margaret "Peggy" b. 3 Oct. 1767, m. 17 Dec. 1786, Charles d. 24 Oct. 1838, Margaret d. 30 Aug. 1846; Buford b. 15 Sept. 1787, John K. b. 26 Jan. 1789 d. 11 Dec. 1814, Elizabeth b. 20 Jan. 1791, Thornton b. 14 Jan. 1793, Ezekiel b. 12 June 1795, Braxton b. 1 Feb. 1798, Margaret "Peggy" b. 10 July 1800, Elsby b. 20 Nov. 1802, Nancy b. 4 March 1806, Judith b. 14 July 1808, Sarah b. 4 May 1811 d. 22 Sept. 1813; also contains records "of branches of said Family and others who had by permission ... free use ... for that purpose, by their children" ... Floyd Duncan b. 20 Nov. 1825; James Kebley b. 4 Jan. 1824; Araminta Kirk b. 15 Jan. 1815/45; Margaret Susannah Duncan b. 13 Aug. 1837.
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CHRISTOPHER DUNCAN, Rev. Benefit Application R-20198 (FHL film 970,863)
      Applied 5 Sept. 1828 in Fauquier Co. VA; enlisted under Capt. Gabriel Long's Co. of 11th Regt.; witnesses Henry Bartlet and John Dulin.
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JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-8373 (FHL film 970,864)
      Applied 15 Oct. 1832, age 91, in Floyd Co. VA; drafted in 1778? in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Chinn, Maj. Edmundson, Col. Chas. Edmunds or Edmundson, for one year; moved to Montgomery Co. now Floyd Co. VA next year; enlisted under Col. Wm. Preston and Capt. Brigg/Trigg and Capt./Maj. Cloyd of Montgomery Co. VA; witnesses Henry Bishop and Andrew Reed of Floyd Co. VA.
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JOSEPH DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-30389 (FHL film 970,864)
      Applied 29 Jan. 1836, age 83, in Greenup Co. KY; b. 1 Jan. 1752 in Fauquier Co. VA; age was recorded by his father; drafted Aug. 1776 under Capt. Joseph James of MD for 3 months; drafted 1777? (or 1780-81?) in Fauquier Co. VA under Capt. Benj. Harrison, Maj. ? Samuel Black, Col. Armisted Churchill, Gen. D. Muhlenburg, for 3 months; in 1806 moved to Scioto Co. OH; in 1810 to Greenup Co. KY; wit. Wm. Cers?; witnesses George W. Ward JP that Joseph age ca 86; statement of William Kearns, age 86, of Bath Co. KY, who knew Joseph Duncan of Carter Co. KY who lived in same neighborhood in Fauquier Co. VA, Joseph 5-6 years older. Deposition of Joseph Duncan, 30 June 1842, taken at Marshall Duncan's house, Carter Co. KY. See letter 18 Jan. 1839 re Joseph Duncan in file for Archibald Duncan, W-8679, Harrison Co. KY.
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NIMROD DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application W-2925 (FHL film 970,864)
      Application 10 Dec. 1842 in Shelby Co. KY by John Duncan age ca 53 and Joseph Duncan age ca 50, only sons of Nimrod Duncan (insane for 15 years), all residing on same premises in Shelby Co.; Nimrod lived in Fauquier Co. VA, enlisted in Nov./Dec. 1779 in VA under Capt. Mark Thomas, Maj. George Slaughter, in IL Reg. until 21 Dec. 1781; witness Charles Baird, age over 64, met Nimrod in 1794 in Shelby Co.
      Declaration of Hannah Duncan 24 March 1845 in Shelby Co. KY; widow of Nimrod Duncan; m. 1786; 7 October 1848, Hannah age 79, m. Nimrod Duncan on 13 Feb. 1785 in Fauquier Co. VA; Nimrod d. 9 March 1844.
      Letter from Joseph Duncan 13 May 1858 Greencastle [Putnam Co.], IN.
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