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Fauquier Co. VA Deeds
      1-227: 28 May 1761, George Wheatley and wife Dianah (signed Dianah (X) Darnall) of Hamilton Parish to John Duncan of same, for £80, 128 acres in Fauquier Co. ... "unto the said John Duncan in his actual possession now being, one piece or parcel" ... part of the tract of land whereon the said George Wheatly now lives ... a dividing line of Daniel Marr deceased, ... corner to said land and land now held by Sturdie in right of his wife, ... Geo. Wheatley held title ... a good sure perfect and indefeasible estate of inheritance in fee simple .... Wit. Wm. Sturdie (Hurdie?), Wm. Settle, Jos. Blackmore. (FHL film 31,583; NOTE: Anjou's manuscript pg.45 cites as Bootha)
      1-304: 13 Oct. 1761, Joseph Hackney and William Duty of Province of NC to John Duncan of Parish of Hamilton, Co. of Fauquier, 5 shillings, lease in Hamilton Parish land formerly "Colonel Pages (now Churchills)", Nicholas Russells Jr. and William Russells, 100 acres given by Capt. Russell to his son Martin Russel decd whose dau. the said Caty Duty is; lease for 1 year. Wit. Thomas McClanaham, Samuel Prier, Joseph (X) Duncan, Joseph Duncan (signed), William Walker, Jacob Wever, Samuel Walker. (FHL film 31,583)
      1-305: 31 Oct. 1761, Joseph Hackney and wife Sarah and William Duty and wife Caty of NC to "John Duncan" of the Parish of Hamilton and County of Fauquier Junier for £60, to the said "Joseph Duncan", agree to sell the land after one year - (later, "John Duncan"). Witnesses Thomas McClanaham, Samuel Porter, Joseph Duncan, Joseph (X) Duncan, Wm. Walker, Jacob Wever, Samuel Walker, Thomas Parker. Relinquishment of dowers. Joseph Duncan's oath re signature of Joseph Hackney, Thomas McClanaham. (FHL film 31,583) (MAD: John & Elizabeth sold 1769)
      1-329: 24 June 1762, John Duncan (signed) and wife Elizabeth (x) of Hamilton Parish to Samuel Porter of same, for £100 current money, 150 acres whereon the said Samuel Porter now lives, bounded ... part of tract of land purchased by John Holtzclaw dec'd from William Bufoelt(?) by the said John Holtzclaw "the above hundred & fifty acres was in his last Will & Testament given to his Daughter Elizabeth now the Wife of the said John Duncan and party to these presents" .... No wit. Ack. in court 24 May 1762 (sic). (FHL film 31,583)
      1-467: 21 Dec. 1762, Rice Duncan of County of Fauquier, to Anne Hooe, Sarah Hooe and Susanna Hooe of Stafford Co., for 5 shillings, Anne, Sarah and Susanna daus of John Hooe, 189 acres, granted by deed for proprietor's office to Rice Duncan 17 Feb. 1743, lease. /s/ Rice "R" (his mark) Duncan. Wit. Thos. McClanaham, Wm. McClanaham. (FHL film 31,583) (MAD: grant in Prince William Co.)
      1-469: 22 Dec. 1762, Rice "R" (his mark) Duncan of Fauquier Co. VA, to same, for £40, 189 acres, free and clear from all ... dower rights, etc., above land. Wit. Thomas McClanaham, William McClanaham, Francis (X) Selt, William Marshall. (FHL film 31,583)
      2-121/2: 15/16 Feb. 1764, lease & release, Peter Rout (sic) and wife Martha of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., planter, to James Withers of Hamilton Parish, Fauquier Co., for £50 VA money, 50 acres beg. mouth of a branch where said Peter Routt formerly set his house, up the branch, on Rappahannock River opposite Slaughter Mill. Wit. John Bell, Augustine Jennings. (FHL film 31,583) (MAD: James Withers was father-in-law of Samuel Duncan; wanted locality.)
      2-195: 17 Sept. 1764, William Obanion (signed Obannon) of Hamilton Parish, Fauquier Co., and wife Elizabeth to Joseph Duncan Junr, for love and affection, to Joseph Duncan, 50 acres, part of greater tract, side of Broad Run. Wit. Eward Humslon?, Thos. Barlet, Thomas Obannon. (FHL film 31,583)
      2-207: 25 Oct. 1764, Robert "R" (his mark) Duncan Senr. and wife Anne of Culpeper Co. VA to William Johnson of King George Co., for £25, 100 acres corner Lott Hackley and Morris Jacobs, Rock run. Also signed by Robert Duncan Jur. Wit. James Arnold, Samuel Watker, Rodham Tullor/Tullar. (FHL film 31,583)
      2-394: 20 Dec. 1765, John (x) Duncan and wife Wilkey (x) of Hamilton Parish to Augustine Jennings of same, for £100, 200 acres, land whereon the son (unnamed) of the said John Duncan now liveth, bounded ... line of Peter Hedgman (sic) and Nathaniel Hedgeman. Wit. Wm. Sturdy, Paul Williams, Jonas Williams, Augustine Jennings. Wilkey examined, appeared in court 26 May 1766. (FHL film 31,583)
      2-473: 1 June 1765, Joseph Duncan and wife Caty of Hamilton Parish, to Martin Pickett of same, for £15, 70 acres, land from William OBanion. (both signed). Wit. Chattin Lamkin, Francis Cottrell, William Blackwell, Joseph Williams. (FHL film 31,583)
      2-542: 20 Sept. 1766, Charles (x) Duncan of Fauquier Co. to David Partlow of Caroline Co., for £100, land whereon I now live ... on the Summerduck run, 242 acres bounded ... beginning at three white oaks on Summerduck Run thence South 86 deg. East 153 poles to one white oak corner to George Henry, thence with the said Henry's line South 40 deg. East 46 poles to one pine, then South 65 deg. East 28 poles to one red oak, then South 35 deg. East 70 poles to two pines, then South 17 deg. East 20 poles to two red oaks, then South 40 poles to one white oak and pine, then South 10 deg. East to James Furnets line, then with the said Furnets line South 80 deg. West to Summerduck Run, then with the severall courses of the said run to the beg., .... Wit. Jno. Hume, John Williams, Elizh. (x) Hume. (FHL film 31,583)
      2-655: 6 Dec. 1766, John Darnell, Jean (X) his wife and William Darnell their son of Hamilton Parish, Fauquier Co. VA, to John Duncan Jr. son of John Duncan of the same Parish & county, for £60, 125 acres now in possession of John Jr., Corbins line, crossing Ratliss run, Smith's Spring Branch. Wit. Paul Williams, James (X) Duncan, James Wright, Morgan (X) Darnall, John (X) Duncan. (FHL film 31,583) (MAD: sold 3-139)
      2-657: 22 June 1767, John (X) Duncan of Fauquier Co. for love and affection, to my granddaughters respectively the following negroes: to my granddau. Elizabeth McCormack (dau. of William Morgan and wife to John McCormack) negro woman Jude; to my granddau. Phebe Morgan (dau. of William Morgan) negro woman Carner; to my granddau. Alice Morgan (dau. of William Morgan) negro woman Jay? & her future increase to be taken into possession of the said Alice immediately on my death or her marriage; to my granddau. Rosannah Morgan (dau. of William Morgan) and her heirs negro woman Luce. Wit. Thom. Marshall, Wm. Settle, Henry Mauzy. 22 June 1767, release by William Morgan in consequence of the within several gifts of slaves to my daughters from John Duncan, relinquish any further claim against the said Duncan's estate or any part thereof; wit. Thom. Marshall. (FHL film 31,583)
      3-139/40: 29 Feb./1 March 1768, lease & release, John Duncan Junr and Dinah his wife of Hamilton Parish, to Thomas Pope of same, for £60, 125 acres, Corbin's line, Ratliss Run, Smith's Spring, land purchased from John Darnall, Jane his wife and William Darnell on 6 Dec. 1766. Signed by both. Wit. James Arnold, Thomas Bennett, Edward Newgent, Wm. Sturdy. (FHL film 31,584) (MAD: bought 2-655)
      3-531/2: 21/22 Dec. 1769, lease & release, John Duncan and wife Elizabeth (X) of Fauquier Co. to Richard Chichester of same, for £70, 100 acres where said John Duncan lately lived, adj. side of a ridge where the lands of William Russell and the said Richard Chichester corner, side of the main road, Page line, being the land purchased of Joseph Hackney and wife Sarah and William Duty and wife Caty by deed of lease and release bearing date 30 and 31 Oct. 1761. Wit. William Russell Sen, William Russell Jur., Jesse Russell, Mary McCarty, Sinah McCarty, James Hathaway. (FHL film 31,584)
      4-50: 24 Sept. 1770, Joseph Hitt and wife Mary to John Duncan (no parishes given), for £120, 214 acres in Hamilton Parish, part of larger tract said Joseph Hitt purchased of Nathl. Hitten (Hilten?), bounded ... Capt. Wm. Russell's line, head of a branch of Turkey Run, trees marked IH ... IO, line of Richd. Grubbs near a draw falling into the Parsons branch. Wit. to delivery: Thomas Marshall, Benjamin Garner, Ebbin Porter. (FHL film 31,584)
      4-103: (no day, month) 1770, James Slaughter of Culpeper Co. to John Duncan of Fauquier Co., for £24, 40 acres, Slaughter's line, adj. tract said Duncan now lives. Wit. Robert Lawsone. Ack. in court 26 Nov. 1770. (FHL film 31,584)
      5-338: 28 May 1773, John Duncan (signed) and wife Elizabeth (x) to Benjamin Holtzclaw, for £16.10, 16 acres in Hamilton Parish, part of larger tract purchased of Joseph Hitt ... Russell's line .... Wit. Joseph Holtzclaw. (FHL film 31,585)
      5-413: 23 Aug. 1773, John Duncan (signed) and wife Elizabeth (x) to Mesrs. William Cuningham & Co. of Glasgow, merchants, for £61.5, 146 acres in Hamilton Parish, part of a larger tract, bounded ... land on the road, older dividing line to Hitts. Wit. George Pickett, Randolph Spicer?, Henry (x) Newby. (FHL film 31,585)
      6-34: 23 May 1774, John Duncan (signed) and wife Elizabeth (x) of Culpeper Co. VA to Joseph Duncan Senr. of Fauquier Co., for £30 current money, ... receipt whereof the said John Duncan and Elizabeth his wife do hereby acknowledge ... the said John Duncan and BETTY his wife have hereunto bargained, sold ... 53 acres in Hamilton Parish, Fauquier Co., ... the marsh road and joining Benjamin Holtzclaw's land ... to the old beg. of Joseph Hitts land ... Bumberry's line ... the road near Turkey run Church ... which tract of land the said John Duncan and BETTY his wife do grant ... to the said Joseph Duncan with all ... right, title, (etc.) whatsoever the said John Duncan and BETTY his wife of in or to the same ... /s/ John Duncan, Elizabeth (x her mark) Duncan. Wit. Jos. Blackwell, Thos. Keith(?), Samuel Blackwell. Acknowledged in court 26 Sept. 1774. (FHL film 31,585) (MAD: perhaps Elizabeth Holtzclaw; see 1803 deed D-41 of John Duncan and wife Betty Ann in Montgomery Co. VA)
      6-244: 26 Feb. 1776, Martin Pickett and Ann (both signed) his wife of Fauquier Co. to John Duncan of Culpeper Co., for £200, 250 acres in Fauquier Co., land called Page land ... corner Josiah Holtzclaw, Holtzclaw & Samuel Porter & Thomas Pickett, corner Thomas Porter & John Bryan, corner John Bryan and William Bryan. No wit. (FHL film 31,585)
      6-339, 340: 4 Nov. 1776, John Duncan of County of Fauquier Jun. to Alexander Lithgow and John Lithgow of Town of Dumfriese, Prince William Co., merchants, for 5 shillings (6-340 sale for for £200, signed by John & Elizabeth (X) Duncan), 250 acres corner Josiah Holtzclaw, Samuel Porter, Thomas Porter, John Bryan, William Bryan, part of tract called "Page land" purchased of Martin Pickett. /s/ John Duncan. Wit. Humphrey A. Brooke, John Blackwell, John Bryan. (FHL film 31,585)
      6-456: 15 Dec. 1777, Joseph (X) Duncan and wife Lydia (X) of Fauquier Co. to Tunis Johnson of same, for £157, 214 acres, corner to said Joseph Duncan, branch of Licking run, purchased of James Garner 28 Nov. 1776. Wit. A. Churchill, William Bryant, Charles Bell, James Duncan, Samuel Johnson. (FHL film 31,585) (MAD: see deed 7-515 from James Garner to Joseph Duncan; James Duncan did not sign by mark.)
      7-387: 15 Dec. 1781, James Duncan of Hamilton Parish, Fauquier Co. VA, for diverse good causes, give, grant, and deliver to son Joseph Duncan 4 negroes named Peter, John, Mary & Beth, 2 beds & furniture and head of cattle and one mare; to my son Charles Duncan 8 negroes named Old Sam, Britton, Doll, Sarah, Frank, Lucy, Luke and Daniel and also 2 beds and furniture, 4 horses, 7 head of cattle and 18 sheep and also the plantation whereon I now live with all the corn, fodder, hay and tobacco now upon it and also every other thing except what is before mentioned to be given away; to my dau. Elizabeth wife of Francis Humes 3 negroes named Will, Moses and Winney and one colt; to my dau. Ann wife of Stephen Threlkeld 3 negroes named Adam, Young Sam and Sall, young Sam not to be delivered til after my death. /s/ James (X) Duncan. Wit. John Blackwell, Cassom? Day, Hen. Thompson. Reg. 25 March 1782; proved on oaths of John Blackwell and Cossom Day. (FHL film 31,586) (MAD: this is supposed to be "Rev." James Duncan)
      7-407: 3 April 1782, Joseph (X) Duncan Sen. of Fauquier Co. to John Mauzy and Jemima his wife of same, love and affection & 5 shillings, two negroes now in their possession, one named George and the other Priscilla. Wit. John Withers, Aaron Darnell, Joseph Duncan. (FHL film 31,586)
      7-408: 3 April 1782, Joseph (X) Duncan Sen. of Fauquier Co. to John Withers and Rosamond his wife of same, for love and affection, & 5 shillings, two negroes now in their possession, one named Patt and the other Bett. Wit. John Mauzy, Aaron Darnall, Joseph Duncan. (FHL film 31,586) (MAD: The first letter in "Sen." looks like the present capital "J" but does not look like the "J" in "Joseph"; wanted names of slaves; Rosamond Withers, not Rosannah; Jr. Sen. not Junr.) (MAD: see Deed 7-387, James Duncan 1781 to son Joseph Duncan, negroes Peter, John, Mary & Beth)
      7-447: 2 April 1782, John Hedgman, Gent. of Stafford Co., to Charles Duncan of Fauquier Co., 12,000 lbs of tobacco, lease for 99 years, 316 acres in Fauquier Co. adj. line of Mr. John Hedgman, Fletcher's branch, Foxes line; Charles Duncan to pay the rents and quitrents. /s/ John Hedgmann, Charles Duncan. Wit. John Wigginton, Elias Phillips, James Sharp. (FHL film 31,586)
      7-515: 28 Nov. 1776, James Garner and Betsey his wife of Guilford Co. NC, to Joseph Duncan of Fauquier Co. VA, for £140, 214 acres, part of tract formerly belonging to Thomas Gardner, adj. to said Joseph Duncan. /s/ James Garner, Elizabeth Garner. Wit. James Wright, Thos. Carter, Wm. Brian. Court to John Moffett, Martin Pickett & Henry Peyton to examine Betsy Garner; returned 17 Sept. 1777 by J. Moffett, H. Peyton. Proved in Court 27 Jan. 1777 on oaths of William Brian and Thomas Porter, and on 23 June 1783 by oath of James Wright; ordered recorded. (FHL film 31,586) (MAD: Joseph & Lydia sold 6-456)
      8-126: 27 Feb. 1784, John Hedgeman of Stafford Co. and Catherine his wife to Charles Duncan of Fauquier, for £200, 400 acres, Hedgeman's corner, Fletcher's branch (waterway), corner to Clion Moore. Wit. James Freeman, James Hackley, William Compton Freeman, Garrot Freeman, John Wigginton. (FHL film 31,586)
      9-97: 4 Feb. 1786, John Hedgeman and wife Catherine of Stafford Co., John Hardy of the same co. trustee of said Hedgman, and Charles Duncan of Fauquier Co., refer to deed of trust 14 Feb. 1785, recorded in Stafford Co., appoint John Hardy to dispose of land for payment of his debts, sell to Charles Duncan for for £130.10, 87 acres corner Pierce Bailey and Charles Duncan, of Fletchers branch, Tinpot run. Wit. Thomas Mountjoy, John Miller, James Hackley. (FHL film 31,586)
      9-99: 4 Feb. 1786, same to James Hardy. Wit. Thomas Mountjoy, John Miller, Charles Duncan. (FHL film 31,586)
      9-306: 1 Feb. 1787, Denny Fairfax lately called Denny Martin, of Leeds Castle, Co. of Kent and Kingdom of Great Brittain, heir of Thomas Lord Fairfax (Thomas uncle to Denny), by Thomas Brian Martin Esq. (brother of Denny) of Greenway Court, Frederick Co. VA, to Joseph Duncan of Fauquier Co. VA, by power of attorney, for the rents received, confirm to Joseph Duncan, 159-1/2 acres, survey lately made by James Routt, corner to Capt. Shackelfords, to Joseph Duncan for and during the life of said Joseph Duncan, Katy Duncan his wife and James Duncan his son, for for £7.10. Joseph Duncan can have 4 hands, will erect and build on the lot a dwelling house and plant 100 apple trees (occasionally called "Jacob" Duncan in lease). (MAD: The hands, building, apple trees wording occurs in other nearby leases). Wit. Howsen Duncan, Archabald Duncan, Ben Bradford. /s/ Joseph Duncan. (FHL film 31,586)
      9-314: 1 Feb. 1787, Denny Fairfax etc. to Howsen Duncan of Fauquier Co. VA, 159-1/2 acres, survey lately made by James Routt, corner Capt. Shackelfords, for the life of said Howsen Duncan, Joseph his son and Lydia his daughter. /s/ Howsen Duncan. Wit. Joseph Duncan, Ben Bradford, Archabald Duncan. (FHL film 31,586)
      12-307: 24 Sept. 1794, Charles Duncan and wife Elizabeth to Samuel Wharton, for £19, 14 acres, land by virtue of patent to him (no date), tin pot run, line of John Wheatley, corner Hedgeman. /s/ Charles Duncan, no wit. Elizabeth examined by men sent from the court - she did not appear, 24 Sept. 1795. (sic) (FHL film 31,588)
      12-311: 24 Sept. 1795, Charles Duncan and Elizabeth his wife to Cossom Day, for £10, 3-1/2 acres on small branch Tinpot Run, part of a tract where Charles Duncan now lives, dividing line between Samuel Fox and said Duncan. Wit. John Blackwell, Frances Martin, Thomas Bronaugh. (FHL film 31,588)
      14-312: 2 Feb. 1799, Trustees of Town of Fayetteville, Hamilton Parish, Fauquier Co., and Howson Duncan, sell lots #9 and #10 for for £18 to John Withers & Augustine Withers. /s/ James Withers, Robert Hunton, Howsen Duncan. (FHL film 31,589)
      14-686 to 702: Pole tax 1799. (FHL film 31,589)
      14-925: 1801 (no day, month), Moses Duncan, exec. of John Duncan decd to Cossom Day, for £186, 172 acres part of land of Wheatley and part of land of Slaughter in Hedgeman's survey. Wit. William Bradford, Simon Bradford, Garland Withers. (FHL film 31,589)
      14-959: 24 Sept. 1795, Charles Martin and wife Mary of Fauquier Co. to Charles Duncan, for £81.16, 57 acres on Downman's line by tinpot run, Ludwell's line, land Charles Martin holds by virtue of patent 10 July 1789. Wit. John Blackwell, Thomas Bronaugh, Cossom Day, Francis Martin. (FHL film 31,589)
      15-190: 25 March 1802, Howsen Duncan and wife Agnes to Enoch H. Withers, both Fauquier Co., for $3,000.00, 319-1/2 acres, all that land Howsen now lives which was devised to him by his father Joseph Duncan decd, ... licking run, corner Tunis Johnstons land, Robert Hinson's land, Fayetteville, Mrs. Keer's land. Wit. Cave Withers, Enock D. Withers, John Parker, Henry Dayton, John Blackwell, Thomas Bronaugh. (FHL film 31,590)
      16-446: 20 May 1806, Joseph Duncan and Jemima (X) his wife, to Frances Martin, both Fauquier Co., for £317, 317 acres, part of grant to John Marr Junr 19 Oct. 1711 and also a part of Daniel Marr's 25 Jan. "1727/8", dividing line Mary Allen and said Joseph Duncan, Marsh road, Chapple Branch; branch of Hopper's run known by name of Whiteoak Branch, McBee's line and corner. Wit. William Bower, Jas. Blackwell, Jno. Fox, Joseph Morgen, Thos. Groves. (FHL film 31,590)
      17-169: (no day, month) 1808, Charles Duncan (no wife) to Beverly Roy, both Fauquier Co., for £90, 103 acres. No Wit. (FHL film 31,591)
      17-299: 21 Jan. 1809, Beverly Roy to Charles Duncan, for £103, 103-3/4 acres conveyed by earlier deed (17-169). Wit. John Scott, Robt. Payne, Geo. W. Kemper. (FHL film 31,591)
      17-474: 23 Jan. 1809, Charles Duncan and Nancy his wife to Samuel Fisher, for £103.10, 103-1/2 acres, line of Aaron Fletcher now James Withers, Jordan's branch, land bought of Frances Jordan. Wit. Francis Martin, John Bronaugh, John McCormick, Gavin Duncan. (FHL film 31,591)
      17-596: 20 April 1810, Charles Duncan and Ann his wife to Thomas Green, for $194, 24-1/2 acres corner Frances Martin purchased of said Duncan, bank of Tinpot, corner Green, Franklin, Martin, Thornton's old line. Anney Duncan examined. Wit. Cossom Day, Small Tackett, Thornton Wheatley, Edward (X) Ballinger. (FHL film 31,591)
      17-599: 20 April 1810, Charles Duncan and wife Ann to Frances Martin, for $234, 19-1/2 acres on Tinpot, line of Thornton now Wm. Franklin. Wit. same as 17-596. (FHL film 31,591)
      17-601: 20 April 1810, Charles Duncan and wife Ann to Frances Martin, for $120, 10 acres on Tinpot. (FHL film 31,591)
      18-207: 24 June 1811, Charles Duncan, Wm. Mountjoy, Alvin Herndon bond for $500, Charles Duncan appointed constable for 2 years. Wit. H.R. Campbell. (FHL film 31,592)
      18-383: 2 April 1812, Moses Duncan and wife Synthia of Fauquier Co. VA to Joseph R. Dodd of same, for £252 current VA money, 168 acres where Moses & Synthia Duncan now reside, on western branches of Elk Marsh, adj. White Oak near Falmouth road in or near line of Wheatley, line of Foxes, corner of Hedgeman, corner to afsd. Moses Duncan. Wit. Augt. Jennings, Benjamin Dodd, Danl. McLearen, Alexr. D. Kelly, Martin Withers. Court order 20 March 1812 to Francis Martin, A.D. Kelly and William Bower to examine Cynthia; returned by Francis Martin and A.D. Kelly on 2 April 1812; receipt by Moses Duncan for money; recorded 25 May 1812. (FHL film 31,592) (MAD: per "Lines & ByLines" 4#4 p.121-2, The Duncan Family, by B.A.Buckner, Moses moved to Boyle Co. KY 1812, then Louisville, then Oldham Co. KY)
      18-691: 24 June 1813, Dennis Griffeth and Brunetta his wife to Charles Duncan, for $87.75, 7 acres 1 rod 10 poles, corner said Duncan, Elijah Griffith, Jane Grayham. No Wit. (FHL film 31,592)
      19-59: 1 Feb. 1814, William H. Hampton and wife Mary to Charles Duncan, for $3615, 183+ acres, corner to John Utterback and Wm. OBannon decd, sector town road, corner Ludwell Rectors line. Wit. Alvin Henindom, Benjamine Singleton, Threck? McRight, Spencer Glasscock, James Ridwell. (FHL film 31,592)
      20-184: 13 Nov. 1815, Decker Thompson to Edmend Duncan, both Fauquier Co., for $2553.75, 227 acres on Tinpot. Wit. Gavin Duncan, Horatio Day, John Dodd. (FHL film 31,593)
      21-334: 28 July 1817, Edmund Duncan and George Duff, appointed to sell the real estate of Anne Dodd decd, to Sanford Dodd, for $329.06-1/2, land being allotted to the above named Anne Dodd decd a legal representative of Nathaniel Dodd, decd, and numbered 3, corner to ? McLaurs? line, 40-1/2 acres. No wit. (FHL film 31,593)
      22-68: 6 Oct. 1817, Joseph Delany and wife Sarah and Edmund Duncan and wife Harriet Ann (all signed) of Fauquier Co. to Alexander F. Rose of Stafford Co., for $21,700, 1451 acres on Tinpot Run. No Wit. (FHL film 31,593)
      23-52: (no day, month) 1818, Alexander D. Kelly and Gavin Duncan, exec. of Charles Duncan, decd, of Fauquier Co., to French Dulaney of Culpeper Co., for $1239.50, 547-1/4 acre farm whereon decedent lately resided, corner to Beale Manor line, Tinpot Run, Fletchers branch, Jennings and Fox (line) and corner, corner to Day. No wit. (FHL film 31,594)
      24-190: 26 Oct. 1819, Robert Chinn to Sylvester Welsh and Charles Duncan; Robert Chinn owes Sylvester Welsh $500, land in trust to Charles Duncan to secure payment. Wit. Thomas Glascock, Mary (X) Crouch, Kitty (X) Crouch. (FHL film 31,594)
      25-386: 9 May 1821, Thomas Chinn Jr. & wife Ann Hendley of Loudoun Co. to Charles Duncan of Fauquier Co., for $1200, 166 acres on Cromwel's Run. No wit. (division of land). (FHL film 31,594)
      27-155: 10 May 1823, Edward Shacklett Jr. and wife Elizabeth to Charles Duncan, for $250, lot #27 in Salem. No wit. (FHL film 31,595)
      31-64: 18 March 1830, Peter Silman and wife Nancy to Charles Duncan, for $250, lot #26 in town of Salem. No wit. (FHL film 31,597)
      31-258: 14 Oct. 1829, Jack White and wife Hannah, free persons, owe William Roach, 25 acres in trust to Charles Duncan. (FHL film 31,597)
      33-262: 15 Jan. 1833, Rachael E. Rector, executrix of Ludwell Rector decd (2/5 land), John Utterback and wife Catharine (1/5 land), William Utterback and wife Polly (1/5 land), Elias Utterback and wife Margaret (1/5 land), to Charles Duncan, for $870, undivided tract same where John Utterback Sr. lately resided, 150 acres, bounded by land of said Charles Duncan, Abner Pollard, Susanna Smith and Nathaniel Grigsby, according to will of Tilmon Wever. No wit. (FHL film 31,598)
      34-103: 29 Sept. 1833, Joseph S. Florence owes Benjamin Brook, in trust to Charles Duncan, land, lot #4 & #5, that part of real estate of French Florence decd allotted to Elizabeth and Catharine his daus. (FHL film 31,598)
      34-269: 8 June 1833, Kemp F. Cocke of Fauquier Co. owes John W. Violett of Elkhart Co. IN and Edmund B. Cavileir of Champaign Co. OH, in trust to Charles Duncan, 142 acres purchased by Cocke from Violett and Cavelier. No wit. (FHL film 31,598)
      36-41: 6 Jan. 1836, Edward Dixon owes Wm. S. Shields, in trust to Frederick M. Duncan, 13 slaves. Wit. Jos. Weeks, James H. Hathaway, Geo. A. Taverney?. (FHL film 31,599)
      37-248: 25 March 1837, Edith Flowerree, Daniel R. Flowerree and wife Nancy, John D. Hitt and wife Susan, Charlotte Flowerree, Kitty Lear Floweree and Edy Maria Flowerree, to Charles Duncan, for $150, that part of dower of the estate of Major D. Flowerree decd allotted to John Flowerree, survey 14 March 1815, line of John Utterback now Charles Duncan, north edge of Rectortown, road corner to heirs of Wm. Flowerree decd and Charles Duncan, along road, line of Nathaniel Grigsby, 12 acres. No wit. (FHL film 31,599)
      46-161: 1 Oct. 1846, Charles Duncan, William Roach and Daniel Withers (body of deed - Daniel Vowles) to Jack White and wife Hanna, ref. to trust deed 14 Oct. 1829, 25 acres; White paid off note; release of trust. (FHL film 31,603)
      51-10: 30 May 1851, court record (a form of eminent domain) land to Manassas Gap Rail Road; suit by Charles Duncan, court said damages paid Duncan were sufficient for 1/3 of one acre, cutting off a triangle from his land. (FHL film 31,604)
      54-190: 25 Dec. 1853, Charles Duncan to William Garrison, for $2000, 140 acres corner to E. Farmer/Turner?, W. Finch and J.T. Fishback, J. Howdershall, J. Griffith, E. Turner?. No wife or wit. (FHL film 31,605)
      56-87: 19 Feb. 1857, Nancy Duncan, Lucinda Duncan and Harriet H. Duncan appoint John P. Philips attorney to sign etc. as security for Elzur Duncan, bond as executor for Charles Duncan decd. (FHL film 31,606)
      57-46 to 49: Circuit Court 18 April 1857, Elzey Duncan in his own right and as executor of Charles Duncan decd and others, against Charles P. Duncan and others, defts, in chancery, appoint commissioners to divide land and slaves of Charles Duncan among his legatees and devizees according to the provisions of his will. They notify John S. Bynne the guardian ad litum of the infant defendants. Valuation: Home tract 381+ acres, Pollard tract 117+ acres, Mountain tract 104 acres. 6 lots, 4 lots from home tract and 1 lot each of others. Lots drawn: #1 by Miss Lucy Duncan; #2 by Mrs. Sally Roach; #3 by Mrs. Elizabeth Shackelford; #4 by Mrs. Juliet Glascock; #5 (Pollard Tract) by Miss Harriet Duncan; #6 (Mountain Tract) by Miss Nancy Duncan. Three town lots drawn by Chas. W. Talbott, Elzey Duncan, Fred Duncan's children per proxy. (FHL film 31,607)

Fauquier Co. VA Deeds (from Phyllis Duncan 1987 with permission to share with others)
      63-41: 5 Sept. 1870, Rebecca E. Duncan of Henry Co. MO appoints Elzie B. Duncan of Henry Co. MO as lawful attorney any real estate in State of VA from estate of Charles Duncan of VA. Henry Co. MO certification.
      63-43: (MAD: no date) Edwin C. Duncan of Pettis Co. MO appoints Elzie B. Duncan of Henry Co. MO as lawful attorney any real estate in State of VA from estate of Charles Duncan of VA.
      63-44: (MAD: no date) Charles P. Duncan, Sarah E. Parks by her husband F.J. Parks, and Bird D. Parks for Harriet H. Duncan (a minor), all of Henry Co., appoint Elzie B. Duncan as lawful attorney for any monies due us.
      64-18: 17 Dec. 1870, A.H. Baughman and wife J.E. of Vernon Co. MO, E.J. Parks and wife Sarah E. of Henry Co. MO, Elzie B. Duncan of Henry Co. MO as attorney for Charles P. Duncan of Henry Co. MO and Rebecca E. Duncan of Henry Co. MO and Edwin C. Duncan of Pettis Co. MO, and said Elzie B. Duncan in his own right, heirs at law of Charles Duncan decd; to William H. Davis of Fauquier Co. VA, for $100, all rights, title and interest in lot No. 26 in village of Salem containing 1/2 acre.
      64-36: 31 Oct. 1871, Charles W. Talbot and wife Mary C. of Fauquier Co. VA to Elizabeth Shackelford as trustee for her children of the 2nd part, and Sarah E. Balthrop, James W. Shackelford, Mary C. Swartz, Charles Shackelford, John N. Shackelford, Elzey D. Shackelford and Samuel F. Shackelford, the children of the said Elizabeth Shackelford of the 3rd part, for for $275, to Eliz. Shackelford as trustee (Salley Roach est. by Chas. Duncan).
      64-471: 6 Nov. 1872, Elzie B. Duncan in his own right and as attorney in fact for Edwin C. Duncan of Pettis Co. MO and Charles P. Duncan and wife Mary J., F.J. Parks and wife Sarah E. of Henry Co. MO, and William B. Porter (signed W.B.) and wife Rebecca E. of Pettis Co. MO, A.H. Boughman (signed Alexander H.) and wife Juliette E. of Vernon Co. MO, and Harriet A. Duncan of Vernon Co. MO; to Harriet H. Duncan of Fauquier Co. VA; for for $156, Lot No. 4, about 13 acres, it being all the interest of the parties of the first part to the tract belonging to the estate of Nancy Duncan decd, adj. Burr Van Horn, Elzie Duncan & others. Certification in Vernon Co. MO re H.A. Duncan (declared herself single & unmarried) and Alexander H. Boughman & wife Juliette E. Certification in Henry Co. MO re Charles P. Duncan and wife Mary J., and F.J. Parks and wife Sarah E. Certification in Pettis Co. MO re W.B. Porter and wife Rebecca E.
         73-249: 29 April 1882, request for railroad switch put down between her land and the main tract of VA Mid R.R.
      79-7: 15 Feb. 1888, Harriet H. Duncan, 1st part, and The Virginia Midland Railway Co., 2nd part, to put up barbed wire fence between property and RR due to accidents. Also Richmond and Danville RR Co.
      81-260: 30 Aug. 1890, Elzey Duncan of Fauquier Co. to William H. Garrison and wife Bettie, A.W. Cauthorn and wife Mary C., Frederick H. Duncan and wife Melissa A., and A.E. Walker and wife Hattie L., Sallie R. Duncan and Edgar H. Duncan, heirs to his estate.
      83-59: 19 March 1892, Edgar H. Duncan, unmarried, to Harriet L. Walker, wife of A.E. Walker, for 1/2 acre.
      87-203: 12 Nov. 1888, J.W. Shackelford, Sarah E. Balthrope, E.D. Shackelford, Mary E. Swart, John N. Shackelford and Wm. Balthrope; appoint Elzey Duncan, Charles Talbot and W.H. Garrison to divide according to value a tract of 85a near Marshall; 1/3 undivided interest is owned by Eliz. Shackelford as trustee for her children and 2/3 undivided interests are owned by Samuel F. Shackelford.
      89-121: 28 Dec. 1897, Edgar H. Duncan of Marshall to The James Cunninghan Son & Co. for debts. Chas. W. Talbot Notary Public.
      93-512: 14 Aug. 1902, Bettie J. Garrison and husband W.H. Garrison, Hattie L. Walker and husband A.E. Walker, and E.H. Duncan and wife Nettie A. Duncan of Fauquier Co. VA, and M. Carrie Cauthorn and husband A.W. Cauthorn of Warren Co. VA, to F.H. Duncan of Fauquier Co. VA, property estate of Sallie R. Duncan decd. Chas. W. Talbot, Notary Public.
      93-452: 10 Sept. 1902, E.H. Duncan and wife Nettie Anderson Duncan of Marshall, assign all land between Bettie J. Garrison on the North, E.C. Glascock on the East, and Plains road on the South and publick road on the West, containing 62 acres, known as the Strother track, also one lot situated in the town of Marshall on West Main St. on North Warrenton Rd. on the East and publick school lot on South containing 1/2 acre or more.
      94-509: 12 Nov. 1903, F.H. Duncan and wife Melissa A. to Mary F. Ramey, a bond of indebtedness, convey tract of land containing 65 acres (same tract of land allotted to Sallie R. Duncan in division of her father Elzey Duncan estate, known as Lot No. 4 (DB 81 pg.260).
      99-22: 22 Sept. 1906, Harriet H. Duncan, spinster, of Marshall, to Southern Railway Co., portion of Pollard Tract from her inheritance of her father, lying and being on the East side of and abutting upon the right of way of Southern Railroad Co. for its main track running between Manassas and Harrisonburg at or near Marshall.
      100-276: 1 Oct. 1907, Bettie J. Garrison to F.H. Duncan, 75 acres (known as Lot #3 in the division of late Elzey Duncan, DB81 pg.260), adj. lands of F.H. Duncan lying and being near Marshall, VA.
      100-276: 15 Oct. 1907, Fred H. Duncan and Melissa A. Duncan to Geo. Latham Fletcher, trustee party of 2nd part, and Albert Fletcher and T.N. Fletcher, parties of 3rd part, 100 acres in Fauquier Co. VA about 2 miles N/E of Marshall (Fred H. Duncan now resides) of 46 acres and 55 acres (lot #3 of Elzey estate). Chas. W. Talbot Notary Public
      100-358: 1 Oct. 1907, Fred H. Duncan and wife Melissa A. to Thos. L. Frost and wife Elizabeth M., all land conveyed to F.H. Duncan by Bettie J. Garrison (Lot #3 in Elzey Duncan estate) containing 20 acres about two miles N/E of Marshall, adj. lands of said F.H. Duncan. Chas. W. Talbot Notary Public. (Phyllis Duncan: survey shown in deed)
      100-499: (MAD: no date) Nettie A. Duncan and husband E.H. Duncan to Marshall Improvement Co., land & buildings lying in Fauquier Co. in town of Marshall, adj. lot of J.M. Ramey on Main St. and the Warrenton Rd. on the E. and Public School Lot on S, containing 1/2 acre.
      101-218: (MAD: no date) Nettie A. Duncan and E.H. Duncan to E. Cook Glascock, 62 acres near Marshall in Scott District in said Co. (DB 93 pg.452) (Lot #2). Chas. W. Talbot, Notary Public.
      101-484: (MAD: no date) Harriet H. Duncan, unmarried, to Jeremiah E. Murphy, for $530, property on N side of road from Marshall to the Plains. (map of property shown on deed). Chas. W. Talbot, Notary Public; survey made by request of E. Cook Glascock.
      103-111: (MAD: no date) Harriet H. Duncan, unmarried, to T. Henderson Maddux, for $200, property sold near Marshall Depot containing 3/7 acre. Harriet T. (MAD: sic) Duncan per E. Cook Glascock, agent. Chas. W. Talbot N.P.
      104-221: 3 Aug. 1910, Alvin D. Glascock and wife Lillie of Kansas City, MO, Lucy B. Glascock unmarried of Fauquier Co. VA, Chas. H. Glascock and wife Fannie of Fairfax Co. VA, all parties of 1st part, to E. Cook Glascock, party of 2nd part, their 3/4 interest in and from his brothers and sister, for $120 cash each, "Mountain Tract."
      105-216: 28 March 1911, F.H. Duncan and Melissa D. Duncan indenture to C.M. White trustee and Thom. J. Kincheloe, 3rd part, property DB 81, pg.260; DB 93-512, 100-276, 100-358. Charles W. Talbot, notary public.

Fauquier Co. VA Deeds from index; looking for 1791 Prue Benson & wife Elizabeth to William Skinker Jr., recorded 26 Oct. 1795 (see reference in Fauquier Co. VA Misc. Records 1759-1807 p.116)
      12-370: 2 May 1791, Prue Benson and wife Elizabeth to William Skinker Jr., rec. 26 Oct. 1795. (FHL film 31,588; see Misc. Rec. file for extract)
      8-316: 23 June 1785, William (+) Johnson Sr. and wife Mary (+) of Fauquier Co. VA to Robert Stringfellow of same, for £20, 18 acres more or less adj. George Jacobs, said Stringfellow. Wit. Jos. Blackwell, Saml. Blackwell, John Smith. (FHL film 31,586)
      No deed found in Fauquier Co. index for Robert Duncan to James Furnett (Furnell or Turnell)
      No deed found in Fauquier Co. index for Ned Furnett (Furnell or Turnell) to Prue Benson; no will found in Fauquier Co. for James Furnett (Furnell etc.)

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