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Fauquier Co. VA Will Book No. 2, A-Z, 1759 to 1920 (from Mildred Hofer 1980 with permission to share with others)
      Pg.112. Duncan, Joseph - Rec. Book 2, page 284; Dated: Feb. 13, 1792; Died: Dec. 13, 1792. Wife: Lydia; Son: Joseph; Son: Howsen (Howsan); Daus. Myma (Jemima) Mauzy, Rose Withers, Hannah Porter, Mary Wright. Executors: Joseph and Howsen Duncan, Sons; and Sons-in-Law Joseph O'Bannon and John Mauzy. Wit: John Kerr, Peter Kemper, James Parr and John Downing.
         A list of the buyers at the estate sale of Joseph Duncan 30th Nov. 1797: Sold to: Howsen Duncan, Sarah Kerr, Joseph Duncan, John Mauzy, Lydia Duncan, Ebbin Porter, John Withers, Wm. Withers, Lewis Withers, John O'Bannon, Nathaneal Rector, Wm. Pickett, Enoch K. Withers, Armistead Holder, Archibald Duncan, James Edmonds, and Walker or Walter Adams. Rec. Feb. 25, 1799.
         Final Division of Joseph Duncan Estate, Apr. 28, 1800.

Fauquier Co. VA Will Books (FHL films 31,566 and 31,567)
      Did not copy 3-69, 3-156, 3-157. (see books by Sparacio and others)
      1-154: Oct. 1769, appraisal of estate of John Etherington, decd, by John Wright, Jeremiah Darnall. (FHL film 31,566)
      1-323: Will of Elizabeth (x) Etherington, dated 29 Nov. 1776: uncertainty of life ... to Catharine Nelson bed & furniture, cow & calf, side saddle, walnut square table; to Betty Allen, bed & furniture and cow & calf "during her natural" then to her eldest dau.; wearing cloaths divided between Catherine Nelson, Betty Allen, and Catherine Duncan; to Benjamin Russell bed & furniture now in his possession; nephew Thomas Obannon son to Samuel Obannon one still(?); Capt. John Wright Sr. have use of said tole free during his natural life; nephew Thomas Obannon a negro woman Luce and man Harry and all goods and chattels to nephew Thomas Obannon son to Samuel Obannon. Exec. Capt. Elias Edmonds Sen. and Jeremiah Darnall. Wit. Henry Bramlett, Berryman Jennings, James Wright. Prob. 23 March 1778 on oaths of Jennings & Wright. Exec. refused, Thomas Obannon appointed admin. on his bond. (FHL film 31,566) 3-347: Inventory of Elizabeth Etherington 24 March 1778. (FHL film 31,566)
      2-1: Inventory of Mrs. Mary Bradford 25 Aug. 1783. (FHL film 31,566)
      2-12: Will of James Withers of Fauquier Co. VA, 9 Jan. 1784, weak in body; to my youngest son George Washington Withers the land whereon I now live containing 573 acres and slaves Rose, Anthony, Charlotte and Charity and one good feather bed & furniture & one gun; if my son should die without a child lawfully begotten, the land and slaves and whatever else to be equally divided among all my children. To my eldest son James Withers & heirs slaves which he now has in his possession, namely, Robina & Sarah, and whatever else he now has in his possession; to my daughter Nanny Duncan one slave Esther and whatever else of my estate she now has in her possession; to my son John Withers one slave Bess and whatever else ...; to my grand-daughter Betty McKay the slave which Isaac McKay & my daughter Bridget McKay, parents of my said grand-daughter had in possession, namely Sammer & her former & future increase; the remaining part of my estate equally divided between my wife Jemima Withers & my children following, namely James, William and John Withers, Hannah Elisbeth Nanny and Betty Jennings. Execs. my sons James Withers and William Withers and friend John Wigginton. Wit. William Harris, Sabbatiah (+) Israel, John Wigginton. Proved in court 26 Jan. 1784. (FHL film 31,566)
      2-18/20: Estate of James Withers appraised by William Morgan, John Mauzy, Edward Settle & Henry Settle. Slaves named, not copied here; filed 24 May 1784. (FHL film 31,566)
      2-20/24: Estate of James Withers divided into eight lots. Samuel Duncan's lot #1 included negro Daniel, 2 horses, 2 pieces of leather, etc., total £25.6.11. (FHL film 31,566)
      2-226: Will of James Freeman Sen, 8 May 1792: sick and weak of body, ... to my daughter Sally Freeman ... her grandfathers George Williams's estate which was by him bequeathed to her mother ... to my youngest daughter aforesaid at her mothers decease; my wife Margaret Freeman during her natural life; my grandson Gollop Freeman (alias Duncan) one bed and furniture; son Garrett Freeman one bed and furniture and ...; son Nathaniel Freeman; daughter Mary Hackley (torn edge) of James Hackley; daughter Eleanor Silman wife of Joseph Silma- (torn edge); son William Freeman; land ... 1/3 to two sons William Freeman and James Freeman ... divided between them; two sons Garrett Freeman and Nathaniel Freeman 1/6 part of the monies ... divided between them; grandson Gollop Freeman (alias Duncan) 1/6 part of monies ...; daughter Elizabeth Fletcher wife of John Fletcher 1/3 part of the monies; part of estate lent to my wife during her natural life ... 1/7 (sic) part equally divided between my four sons William Freeman, James Freeman, Garrett Freeman and Nathaniel Freeman and two daughters Elizabeth Fletcher and Eleanor Silman; residue of estate divided ... 1/7 equally divided between surviving children of daughter Mary Hackley and remaining part divided between four sons William Freeman, James Freeman, Garrett (page edge missing) and Nathaniel Freeman and my two other daughters Elizabeth Fletcher and Eleanor Silman. Exec. two sons William Freeman and James Freeman and wife Margaret Freeman. Wit. James Routt, William Williams, Samuel Wharton Jun. Prob. 25 June 1792. Bond by John Blackwell, Samuel Wharton, William Williams. (FHL film 31,566)
      2-281: 4 Nov. 1791, will of Joseph Martin
      2-293: Inv. of Joseph Martin
      2-323: Div. of Estate of Joseph Holtzclaw 28 April 1794
      3-353: 1785, estate of Benjamin Robinson
      2-284: will of Joseph Duncan
      2-312: 4 April 1788, will of John (X) Duncan; son John Duncan 10 shillings; son in law Benjamin Grigsby five shillings; remainder sold when son William arrives at age 20 and equally divided among my six children hereafter and my wife Wilkey, son Mosess Duncan, Elias Duncan, Enoch Duncan, William Duncan (MAD: "Willis" Duncan per Nancy Reba Roy's typed copy), dau. Milley Duncan and Lucinda Duncan and wife Wilkey Duncan; if wife Wilkey Duncan and six last "menshoned" children think proper to sell and divide estate sooner than son Williss Duncan arives at age 20 years it shall be lawful ... Exec. son Mosses Duncan and Charles Duncan. Wit. Charles (X) Duncan, Cossom Day, Margett ("her" X) Williams. Prob. 23 Dec. 1793; Moses Duncan, sec. John Blackwell Sen., for bond; Wilkey Duncan widow refused to take any thing under the will but to take her thirds.

Fauquier Co. VA Will (copy from ?original will book, from Pam Duncan 3/11/2015)
      Pg.312: In the name of God amen, I John Duncan of Fauquier County being in sound mind and memory tho weak in body ... make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, first my will is my just debts shall be paid by my executors hereinafter. Imprimis, I give and "beqh" to my son John Duncan ten shillings sterling. I give to my son in law Benjamin Grigsby five shillings sterling. All the remainder of my estate, both real and personal, to be sold when my son Willis Duncan arrives to the age of twenty years and "equillly" divided amongst my six children hereinafter "menshoned" and my beloved wife Wilkey Duncan. That is to say I mean my son Moses Duncan, Elias Duncan, Enock Duncan, Willis Duncan, my daughter Milly Duncan and Lucinda Duncan and my beloved wife Wilkey Duncan ... My estate shall be kept together for the support of my beloved wife and children last above written and in case if my beloved wife Wilkey Duncan and my six last mentioned children should think proper to sell and divide my estate sooner than my son Willis Duncan arrives to the age of twenty years, it shall be lawful, and my will and desire is that there should be no appraisement on my estate, Lastly I ... appoint my son Moses Duncan and Charles Duncan executors of this my last will and testament and revoke all other wills and testaments before me made. ... 4th April 1788. /s/ John (X) Duncan. Witnesses: Charles (his X mark) Duncan, Cossom Day, Margett (her X mark) Williams. (pg.313) At a court for Fauquier Co. 23 Dec. 1793 this will was proved by the oath of Cossom Day and Charles Duncan witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded. On the motion of Moses Duncan, one of the executors therein named who made oath and together with John Blackwell Sen. his security entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of $6,000 conditioned as the law directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. Wilky Duncan the widow having in open court refused to take anything under the will but to take her thirds. Teste F. Brooke, C.C?.

Fauquier Co. VA Will Books (FHL films 31,566 and 31,567)
      3-26, 27: Allot dower to widow or relict of John Duncan decd, 13 Oct. 1795. Since the above time an account rendered by Moses Duncan, exec. of John Duncan deceased certified agreeable to receipt that Purce Henderson Bailey, who married Milly Duncan daughter and legatee to the above deceased received one negro woman named Tempe ... in full discharge of his wifes present or future claim against the said deceased estate ... In the latter end of December 1795 the said Moses Duncan proceeded to sell the residue of the aforesaid estate ... The land purchased by Moses Duncan to self; slave purchased by Moses Duncan for his Brother Elias Duncan; same "for his Brother Willis Duncan"; slaves purchased by Lucinda Duncan as part of her legacy; ... The above amount after paying two small legacies bequeathed in the will and necessary expenses of the sale ... between five children of the aforesaid deceased namely Moses Duncan, Elias Duncan, Enoch Duncan, Willis Duncan and Lucinda Duncan. /s/ John Bronaugh, Augustine Jennings, Peter Routt. (FHL film 31,567)
      3-66, 67: 2 Oct. 1795, will of Lyddia (X) Duncan; dau. Lyddia O'Bannon wife of John O'Bannon; son Joseph Duncan; son Howson Duncan; dau. Jemimah Mauzy wife of John Mauzy; dau. Hannah Porter wife of Ebenezer Porter; remainder equally divided between my aforesaid children namely Lyddia O'Bannon, Joseph Duncan, Howson Duncan, Jemima ... and Hannah Porter (faint copy). Exec. Joseph Duncan and Howson Duncan. Wit. Enoch K. Withers, Mosses Duncan, John Kerr. Prob. 24 July 1797. James Withers and John Withers Sec. for Howson Duncan. (FHL film 31,567)
      3-251: Feb. 1800 and 28 April same year, divide the estate of Joseph Duncan amongst his representatives, viz, Elizabeth O'Bannon, Joseph Duncan, Jamima Mauzy, Hannah Porter, Rose Withers deceased and Howson Duncan, legatees to the said estate; division of estate of Lydia Duncan among her representatives ... Elizabeth O'Bannon, Joseph Duncan, Jamima ... ... Porter and Howson Duncan (too faint to read) (FHL film 31,567)

Fauquier Co. VA Will Books
      7-183: Charles Duncan of Fauquier Co.; my seven daus Priscilla Bowmen, Peggy Reads, Ann Carter, Mary Dulaney, Elizabeth Starke, Lucinda Starke, and Jennett Threlkeld; 4 sons Edmund Duncan, Gavin Duncan, Traverse Duncan and Dillard Duncan cash; my dau. Mariah Duncan 4 negros, bed, etc.; my wife Anne during her life only (underlined) land in Stafford Co., 500 acres of land whereon her deceased father formerly lived; wife Anne the place whereon I now reside; sell the farm (also my farm in Stafford Co.); divide residue son-in-law James Starke in trust for use and benefit only of my dau. Priscilla Bowmer and her children, my daus. Peggy Read, Ann Carter, my friend Alexander D. Helby and his heirs in trust for use and benefit only of my daughters Mary Dulany and her children, my daughter Elizabeth Starke, Lucinda Stark, Jeminah Threlkeld, Maria Duncan and my sons Edmund Duncan, Gavin Duncan, Traverse Duncan, Dillard Duncan. Exec. friend Alexander D. ?Kelly and my son Gavin Duncan. 15 Feb. 1818, /s/ Charles Duncan. Wit. James M. Bowen, John McCormick, Daniel Marr. Proved 27 July 1818. (FHL film 31,568)
      8-396: Estate of Charles Duncan June 1822 ... distribution of estate to Priscilla Bowmer by James Starke, Margaret Read, Wm. Alerton and Nancy his wife, A. Dhelly? trustee for Mary Dulaney & children, Edmund Duncan, James Starke & Elizabeth his wife, Gavon Duncan, Thomas Threlkeld and Janet his wife, Thomas Threlkeld (sic) and Lucinda his wife, Traverse Duncan, Dillard Duncan, Lucius? Y. Fiels and Mona (?) his wife. (FHL film 31,596) (MAD: No marriage for William Allerton found)
      26-407: Charles Duncan of Fauquier Co.; 6 daus Sally Roach, Nancy Duncan, Harriet Duncan, Lucinda Duncan, Elizabeth Shackelford and Juliett Glascock, all my land, Pollard tract, home tract, 3 lots in village of Salem, one to the children of my late son Frederick M. Duncan, one to my son Elzey Duncan, one to my grandson Charles W. Talbot, equal to each of six daus; at the death of dau. Sally Roach her place divided between my grandsons Charles W. Talbot, Charles Shackelford and Charles Duncan the son of Frederick M. Duncan; at death of my daus. Elizabeth Shackelford and Juliett Glascock their share among their remaining children; exclude my son-in-law James Shackelford and Minor Glascock from any interest in my estate. Exec. son Elzey Duncan, also trustee for three married daughters. Dated 24 Jan. 1837. Wit. Rob. E. Pentore?, Saml. E. Shackelford, Henry Rector, John C. Rector. Proved Feb. 23, 1857. (FHL film 31,577) (MAD: James Shackleford mar. Elizabeth C. Duncan 8/20/1831 in Washington DC)

Fauquier Co. VA Wills (from Phyllis Duncan 1987 with permission to share with others)
      27-108: List of perishable property appraised on estate of Charles Duncan decd, 17 April 1857.
      27-122: Sale of estate of Charles Duncan, decd, 22 April 1857: Purchasers include Lucinda Duncan, Harriet Duncan, Elzey Duncan, Nancy Duncan, Charles W. Talbot, Nathaniel Grigsby, James Shackleford Senr, John Fishback, and others. Filed June 22, 1857.
      28-182: Executors account of Charles Duncan Feb. 1857 to March 1858.
      28-228: Executors account of Charles Duncan estate Nov. 1858 to April 1859.
      32-81: Will of Lucinda Duncan, 24 Feb. 1869, being admonished by age and infirmity; all including land to nephew Charles W. Talbot during his lifetime, then to his surviving children, or his wife if no surviving children, and at her death to be equally divided between my brothers and sisters or their heirs. Court may appoint a trustee if necessary. (no exec. named). Wit. Rob. E. Peyton, Jno. N. Shackelford.
      34-140: Account of Nancy Duncan, decd, ending 11 March 1873, at the request of Elzie B. Duncan; commissioners accounting.
      40-339: 25 Sept. 1891, Fred H. Duncan as adm. of Elzey Duncan estate; distribution of accounts.
      41-166: 3 Feb. 1894, Elzey Duncan estate as adm. by Fred H. Duncan; distribution of accounts by commissioners office.
      44-388: Harriet H. Duncan will dated 7 Aug. 1883, proved 2 Jan. 1903; land to nephew E. Cook Glascock; furniture to sister Elizabeth Shackelford; bed & bedstead to niece Harriet L. Duncan, to grandniece Harriet Duncan Glascock; to nephew E. Cook Glascock property and sole executor of will.
      47-3: Will of F.H. Duncan, 14 Dec. 1911; to wife Melissa A. 166 acres land on the farm. "May God in his Mercy be good to my wife and our children and may the children all be kind and loving to mother."

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