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Formed 1742 from Prince William, Loudoun
Loudoun formed 1757 from Fairfax
Arlington formed 1847 from Fairfax


1820-1840 Fairfax Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Fairfax Co. VA Census
Pg.177, #1064, Robert M. WHALEY 32 VA farmer
                  Mary A. 29 VA
                  Walter W. 8, William W. 1/12 VA
                  Henry WHALEY 76 VA $7000
                  James A. DUNCAN 21 VA minister
                  Alfred WHALEY 50? VA (none)
                  (MAD: James Armstrong Duncan, son of David & Amanda Piemont from Norfolk Co. VA; mar. 12/1850 Warren Co. NC per IGI)

1860 Fairfax Co. VA Census
S O L A R Road
Pg.804 #247-259, Louis DUNCAN 39 VA MULATTO farmer $3500-$750
                  George LAIR 50 VA MULATTO

1870 Fairfax Co. VA Census
Dranesville Twp.
Pg.278, #305-310, DUNCAN, David 53 VA BLACK farm hand $0-$100
                  Betsey 50 VA BLACK keeping house
                  DUNCAN, William 16 VA BLACK farm hand
                  Elijah 13 VA BLACK at home
                  Stephen 10 VA BLACK at home
                  Fanny 9, Henry 7 VA BLACK
Falls Church Twp.
Pg.314, #482-472, DUNCAN, William 49 VA (white) farmer $16,000-$10,000
                  Julia 47 VA keeping house
                  (MAD: no children)


Fairfax Co. VA Wills, Inventories, etc. (FHL film 31,284)
      B-75: Estate, inventory, of Blanch Flower Duncan junr. decd, by Mary Duncan, admr, filed Dec. 1754.
      No other Duncans indexed.
      Letter from Clerk of Court, Fairfax Co., VA, April 1982 to Louis Boone, who had requested the inventory of Blanchflower Duncan 1754 (from Louis Boone 1982 with permission to share information with others): Blanchflower Duncan's inventory is in Will Book B, page 75. The book is in Richmond for repair. We expect it to be returned in May. ... Blanchflower's widow Mary married George Hardin by Feb. 19, 1755. This appears in the Minute Book for 1754, p. 209. There were, evidently, at least two Blanchflower Duncans. The Blanchflower who died by Nov. 21, 1754, had children John, James and Henry Duncan. He may be the son of Blanchflower & wife Lettice who are still buying land in 1773. There is a will for George Duncan in Will Book E (?) page 3-5. ...


Fairfax Co. VA Court Record Indexes (from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
      Index to Court Order Books 1749-1802 (FHL fiche 6,330,011)
      Subject Index (FHL fiche 6,330,012)
      Tithables (FHL fiche 6,330,031 and 6,330,032)
      Court Record Indexes 1749-1753 - see below (FHL fiche 6,330,131)
      Surname Index, County Court Order Books 1749-1800 - no Duncan (FHL fiche 6,330,155)
      Surname Index 1754-55, Court records - no Duncan (FHL fiche 6,330,156)
      Court Records 1756-1762 - see below (FHL fiche 6,330,179)
      Court Records 1763-1765 - see below (FHL fiche 6,330,207)
      Court Records 1768-1769 - see below (FHL fiche 6,330,218)

Fairfax Co. VA Court Minute Books (Court House Archives, from Brenda Furches 1986; from FHL fiche from Louis Boone 1986; both sent with permission to share with others)
      SURVEYS, p. 28, Sept 29, 1746 - Blanchflower Duncan chain carrier in Elzey V. Critcher survey on North Branch of Tuskarora Run.
   1749-1753 (FHL fiche 6,330,131)
      27 March 1750, Catherine Dunkin, of Turo Parish, presented ??? for having base born child.
      18 Aug. 1752, Blanchflower Dunkin undertook to keep Sussanah, bastard child of Elizabeth Shrewsberry. (pg.225)
      21 Aug. 1752, Joshua Duncan witness for Thomas Turnbull against Joseph Stevens, attended 5 days pay.
      23 May 1753, Joshua Duncan bail for Wm. Hayes
      23 May 1753, Joshua Duncan Jr. bail for Wm. Hayes
      21 Nov 1754, Adminstration of the estate of Blanchflower Duncan dec'd is granted to Mary Duncan who will with Guy Broadwater & Wm. Shortridge acknowledges a bond for the same which is admitted to record. (pg.186)
      18 Feb 1755, "Ordered the Churchwardons of Truro Parish bind John, James & Henry Duncan, orphans of Blanch Flower Duncan dec'd, apprenticed to Blanch Flower Duncan, according to law who is to learn them to read and write and the trades of a cooper and a shoemaker." (pg.208)
      19 Feb 1755, Mary Hardin (Mrs. George), Admix of Blanchflower Duncan, dec'd with husband George, ordered to give estate of dec'd to Guy Broadwater & Wm. Shortridge, securitys. (pg.209)
      21 Feb 1755, Blanchflower Duncan, dec'd, Mary Duncan admix. def. v. Haden Edwards. Suit agreed. (pg.226)
      19 Nov 1755, Blanchflower Duncan appointed surveyor of the road in place of James Donaldson. (pg.426)
   1756-1762 (FHL fiche 6,330,179; LB: 1756 book appears to cover 1756-1762)
      17 Aug. 1757 (?), Samuel Duncan, surveyor of road from top of the Blue Ridge to school house above Anderson's (pg.14A)
      16 Nov. 1756, Blanchflower Duncan former surveyor of road (pg.37)
      no date (1756 book), Richard Duncan def. vs. Charles Tyler, petition to pay L2.0.0 and costs (pg.37A)
      17 May 1757, Richard Duncan acknowledged deed of feoffment with the livery & seizen and receipt to John Anderson (pg.99)
      16 May 1758, Henry Duncan, deft, vs. Robert Adams, attachment; Elias Cockerill, garnisher; failed to appear, cont. (pg.226)
      16 May 1758, Blanchflower Duncan informed court of Elizabeth Shroesberrys base born child (pg.227)
      16 May 1758, Blanchflower Duncan to be security for Elizabeth Shrosberry (pg.228)
      17 May 1758, Elizabeth Duncan (Mrs. Henry) co-plt, vs. Elias Cockerill, dismissed (pg.232)
      17 May 1758, Henry Duncan vs. Elias Cockerill, dismissed (pg.232)
      20 Dec. 1758, Henry Duncan deft. vs. Robert Adams, attachment to pay 6.3.8 costs; 452 pounds to be held by James North; 200 pounds to be held by Elias Cockerill. (pg.238)
      20 June 1758 (MAD: 1759?), Henry Duncan vs. Robert Adams, attachment; Elias Cockerill has 200 pounds of def. estate. (pg.253)
      22 May 1760, Blanchflower Duncan (named but page torn) (pg.464)
      18 Nov. 1760, Blanchflower Duncan, grand juror (pg.533)
      18 May 1762, Blanchflower Duncan, grand juror (pg.707)
      21 Dec 1762, Blanchflower Duncan offered to pass 3 five pound bills as current money of VA - adjudged. Forged. (pg.797)
   1763-1765 (FHL fiche 6,330,207) (MAD: no first names given)
      21 Aug. 1764, Duncanson, plt, vs. Bush, order v. dep. (pg.27)
      15 Jan. 1765, Duncan, Mrs., co-plt vs. Valandingham (pg.51)
      15 Jan. 1765, Duncan, co-plt vs Valandingham, cont. (pg.68)
      20 Feb. 1765, Duncan, plt, vs. Alexander, awarded L1.6.3 (pg.77)
      19 March 1765 (sic), Dunkin, def., vs. Forbes, assignee to pay L2.0.1-3/4 with interest from June 19, 1764 (pg.82)
      19 Feb. 1765, Duncanson, plt vs. Bush, abated (pg.83)
      17 Mar 1766, Blanchflower with wife Lettice, deed to Benj. Sebastian, proved by Gerrard Trammell, Robert Lindsay & Thomas Trammell. (pg.77)
      19 May 1766, as above (pg.82)
   1768-1769 (FHL fiche 6,330,218)
      18 Aug. 1768, Blanchflower Duncan, def, vs. Mark Mattingley, trespass, published scandalous words of the plaintiff; to pay 1 penny damages and costs. (pg.29)
   1797- book; pg. F, 17 Apr 1798, Henry Duncan, Justice of Jefferson Co. KY.
   Citizenship File, Drawer X - James Duncan, Native of Scotland, swears intention to become U.S. citizen, Dec 10, 1877, in Butler Co., PA. Oath appears in 1887 Fairfax County Court papers.
      (BDF: the above Court Minutes notes were taken from a 3 x 5 card file at the Fairfax Court House Archives. Due to limited time I was not able to copy all Duncan notes. My interest at the time was primarily Blanchflower Duncan. I do remember there were several note cards on Richard Duncan.)


Fairfax Co. VA Deed Index (FHL film 31,293)
   Index #1, to 1797; Book N, 1775-1783
      N-164: Duncan, Geo. from Carlyle, Carby W. & Dattons; Dalton exors & Carlisle
      N-373: Duncan, Geo. from William Carlin
      N-418: Duncan, Geo. W? to Jesse Tayler
      Deed book N not on film; missing?
      O-275, 276: from Susanna Hurst
      S-100, 311: Exors from John Skartson?, to John Murray
      D#4-290, Duncan, George to Jesse Taylor (1778-1822; could not find this book on film)
   Index #2, 1797-1841
      No Duncan

Fairfax Co. VA deeds
      B-355: 14 July 1748, Harman Cox lease to Richard Dunkin of Fairfax Co., VA, for 5 shillings sterling, 100 acres, corner John Hanby. Wit. Samuell Harris, Jr., George Grogg, Samuel S. Dunkin. (FHL film 31,294)
      B-392: 18 July 1748, Samuel Harris Junr, planter, and wife Mary, to Samuel Dunkin, planter, lease, 100 acres. Wit. George Grogg, David Harris, Jos. McGooch.
      D-393: 23 Sept. 1756, Richard Dunkin of Cameron Parish, Fairfax Co., to John Anderson, for £50, 100 acres whereon Dunkin now lives, corner John Handby. Wit. Jon. Barkley, William Boork, Margrett Boork, Matthew (X) Jewmall, Henry Vanmeter. (FHL film 31,296)
      M-297: 3 Aug. 1773, Gerrard John Dunkin for some time last past of "Roan County in the province of North Carolina but formerly of the County of Fairfax in the Colony of Virginia son and heir at law of Blanchflower Dunkin late of the said County of Fairfax the younger deceased who was son to Blanchflower Dunkin the elder" to David Davies of the County of Fairfax, merchant; George Turbervile late of Westmoreland Co. decd by his indenture to Blanchflower Dunkin the elder then of the county of Prince William, 2 Nov. 1741, sold to said Blanchflower Dunkin the elder 319 acres on Pimmels run in Fairfax Co. "during his natural life and then and thereafter to the use and behoof of John Dunkin and Blanchflower Dunkin sons of the above named Blanchflower party to that deed by Lettice his wife and to their heirs forever to be equally divided between them as by the said Deed" 2 Nov. 1741, recorded in Prince William Co.; "John Dunkin one of the remainder men mentioned in the said deed dyed intestate and without issue and Blanchflower Dunkin the younger the other remainder man is also dead intestate but left issue the above named Gerrard John Dunkin party to these presents his eldest son and heir at law who is entitled to the reversion of the said" 319 acres "after the death of the said Blanchflower Dunkin his grandfather"; the said Gerrard John Duncan being seized in fee of the reversion the whole 319 acres expectant upon the death of his grandfather, for £136, to David Davies, all ... 319 acres either in reversion remainder or otherwise. (includes dower right and title of dower). /s/ Gerard John (X) Dunkin. Wit. Thomas Lloyd, Richard Thompson, John Redman. (No wife mentioned or dower relinquishment). Recorded 18 Oct. 1773 on oath of John Redman and Thomas Lloyd. (FHL film 31,297)
      Book N not on film.
      S-100: 25 July 1787, John Short and Ann his wife of Town of Alexandria, Fairfax Co. VA, to William Hartshorne and Peter Wise, execs of will of George Duncan, money due and 5 shillings to secure payment of 86 lbs 8 shillings, land in Alexandria, lot #81 on Duke St., mortgage. Wit. William McWhir, John B. Dabney, Peter Tartspaugh. Rec. on oath of Peter Tartspaugh 16 Feb. 1790. (FHL film 31,299)
      S-311: (no day) Feb. 1790, William Hartshorne and Peter Wise, exors. of will of George Duncan late of Alexandria, to John Murray, same land in Deed S-100, for £96. Wit. Wm. Paton, Gurden Chapin, John McIver. Deed of assignment. (FHL film 31,299)

Fairfax Co. VA Deeds (copies from Louis Boone 1982 with permission to share with others)
      B1-355/356 (top): (Page 354, right edge of page is deed or document signed by Samuel S. and Esthor Harriss) 21 June 1748, receipt from Samuel S. Harriss to Samuel Harriss Junr, for £20 for the lands and premises within mentioned. Wit. George Grogg, Samuel (S his mark) Dunkin, Richd. (R his mark) Dunkin. Proved on the oaths of George Grogg, Samuel Dunkin and Richard Dunkin 19 July 1748.
      B1-355/356: 14 July 1748, Harman Cox of Co. of Fairfax to Richard Dunkin of same, for 5 shillings sterling, 100 acres corner to John Handby, one year, rent of one ear of Indian corn, "to the intent that by vertue hereof and of the statute for transferring uses into possession the said Richard Dunkin may be in the actual possession of the premises and be enabled to accept of a grant of the reversion and inheritance thereof." Wit. Samuel Harriss Junr, George Grogg, Samuel (S his mark) Dunkin. Proved 19 July 1748 on oaths of witnesses. Release 15 July 1748, for 14 lbs and 10 shillings.
      B1-392/394: Refer to David Craig estate, no Duncan info found. (extract only)
      D1-393/395: 23 Sept. 1756, Richard Dunkin of Co. of Fairfax, Parish of Cameron, to John Anderson of same, for £50, 100 acres where Richard Dunkin now lives, corner and line of John Handby extension. Wit. Jan. Barkley, William Boork, Margrett Boork, Matthew (X in circle) Jewmall, Henry Vanmeter. Delivery and sale of deed 30 Sept. 1756 to Capn. Jno. Furley and William West by John Anderson, Wit. Wm. West Junr, Matthew Jhewmell/Newmell (X in circle). Next page: Mention of £50, signed by Richard Dunkin, wit. William Boork, Jon. Barley, Margrit Boork, Mathew (X in circle) Jewmall. Memorandum, 23 Sept. 1756, possession of land by Richard Dunkin to John Anderson, same wit. Next deed is from John Anderson to William Moor, 22 Sept. 1756, for 5 shillings, "it being the same land I formerly purchased of Richard Dunkin" 100 acres.
      G1-16/24: 10 Oct. 1765, Blanch Flower Duncan, planter, and Lettice his wife, of Fairfax Co. VA, to Benjamin Sebastian of same, attorney at law, for £83, 319 acres, corner Mr. William Darrell decd on pimmils run, Parson Scotts land. /s/ Blanch Flower (B D his mark) Duncan, Lettice (X her mark) Duncan. Wit. Gerrard (J T his mark) Trammell, Robt. Lindsay, Mordeca McPherson, Guy (X his mark) Broadwater Junr, Wm. Adams, Thos. Trammell. Receipt for £83 signed by Blanch Flower (B D his mark) Duncan; Wit. Wm. Adams, Gerard (J T his mark) Travvell, Robt. Lindsay, Thos. Trammell. Memorandum of possession signed by Blanch Flower (B D his mark) Duncan; wit. Wm. Adams, Robt. Lindsay, Thos. Trammell, Gerard (J T his mark) Tramell. Proved in court 17 March 1766 by Gerrard Trammell, Robert Lindsey and Thomas Trammell. 22 Oct. 1765, order to William Payne, William Adams and Edwd. Blackburn, to obtain acknowledgement of Lettice who cannot conveniently travel to court ... Blanch Flower Duncan her husband .... Return by William Payne Junr and William Adams that they had gone personally to Lettice Duncan and received her acknowledgement, 12 Nov. 1765. (LB: near the Potomac River in Dist. of Arlington)
      LB: George Duncan deeds. Wife was Elizabeth and they state they are from Alexandria, VA.

Loudoun Co. VA Deeds
      A-252/3: 13 Feb. 1759, Jacob Lasswell and wife Elizabeth to Joshua Duncan Junr., yeoman, for £42, 296 acres, grant to Lasswell 8 March 1742 in a great branch of Goose Creek called Beaver Dam opposite land called Godfrey's, corner survey made for Lovit Jackson. Wit. J.L. Boggess, Andrew Adam. (FHL film 32,297)
      (Louis Boone: This Joshua Duncan appears to have bought land in the area that Richard and Samuel Dunkin did earlier in Fairfax Co. VA; MAD: Joshua & Elizabeth sold 1767, Deed F-30, and 1795, Deed W-86>)
      E-223/9: 11 Oct. 1766, Samuel (S on side) Duncan and wife Sarah (S on side) to Stephen Russell, lease for 5 shilling, 100 acres which said Samuel Duncan bought of Samuel Harris Junr. as appears among the records of Fairfax Co., beg. corner 2 small white oaks corner to said Samuel Harris Junr, thence N85E 100 poles to small white oak, thence S18E 160 poles to small black oak and white oak, thence S85W 100 poles to black and white oak, thence N18W 160 poles to beginning, part of 304 acre tract. Wit. Ens. Campbell, Jas. Hatcher, Nehemiah (V on side) Rossell. Release 12 Oct. 1766 for £65. Court 13 Oct. 1766, acknowledged by Samuel; separate examination of Sarah. (FHL film 32,299)
      (MAD: apparently the Samuel & wife Sarah in Berkley/Craven Co. SC a few months later)


ELIJAH DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application S-3309 (FHL film 970,863)
      Born April 1757 in Fairfax Co. VA; died 14 Dec. 1840 Smith Co. TN. Lived in Caswell Co. NC in 1777. He was a pvt in the Continental Army commanded by Capt. Wilson of 10th Regt., under Co. Lytle, NC. Enlisted in Caswell Co. NC for 3 yrs served 18 mo's himself and the balance of time served by a substitute. Heirs, living in 1840: no widow, Elijah Duncan, Jane Kimbil, Nancy Ban, Catherine Oweing, Abby Davis, Richard Duncan. John Davis of Virginia had the family Bible giving age of Elijah Duncan. Elijah "lived in Caswell Co. NC when he enlisted in 1777, lived in Rutherford Co. NC for some time, thence to Smith Co. TN for about 26 yrs" statement 15 Oct. 1833. Witnesses Jacob Fite, Augustine Robinson, Rev. John J. Bennett, Thomas Terry. Jonathan Fuson adm. of estate.
      Click here for more from the pension application file.


Quit Rent List; Photocopy of originals at Fairfax Ct. House (from Brenda Furches 1986 with permission to share with others)
      Blanchflower Duncan listed 1761, 1764, 1770, 1772 with 319a.
      No other data available on the list.

1749 Fairfax Co. VA List of Tithables (from Brenda Furches 1986 with permission to share with others)
      Wm. Duncan, 1 white, 0 negroes
      Sam (?) Duncan, 1 white, 0 negroes
      Blanch Duncan, 2 white, 0 negroes
      Josh Duncan, 2 white, 0 negroes


1887 "History of Henderson Co. KY" by Edmund Lyne Starling (Los Angeles Public Library book 976.91 H497St)
      Pg.800-801: CAPTAIN JOSEPH ALLEN DUNCAN was born in Vanderburgh Co. IN, on the ninth day of April, 1837, and, at the age of seven years, came with his parents to Henderson. ... At the age of twenty, on the eighteenth day of April, 1857, Mr. Duncan set upon life's journey for himself, and some months thereafter, found himself in California, where he resided until August, 1876. ... On the twelfth day of July, 1860, he married Miss Kate Driscoll, of Sacramento, and unto them have been born three children, Harriet Ellen, Mary Josephine, and John George. The eldest daughter married Thomas Trusty, who, after a few years, departed this life. She again married Thomas L. Myers. Mary Josephine died just as she had attained to womanhood. John George is engaged in business with his father. The father of our subject, John Duncan, was born near Fairfax, C.H., Virginia, in the year 1787; the mother, Harriet Stroud, was born in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, April 16th, 1809. They were married November 16th, 1835. In early life, John Duncan immigrated from Virginia to Pittsburgh, Penn., and was engaged in flatboating to New Orleans until 1840, a portion of the time teaching school. Colonel Stroud, as he was known, the maternal grandfather of Captain Duncan, fought with the flatboatmen in the rifle brigade under General Jackson at the battle of New Orleans. In 1831 he commenced farming in the bayou, opposite Henderson, and died September 1st, 1844.
      On the first day of September, 1876, Captain Duncan returned from California to Henderson and engaged in the hotel business. ....


"Washington Post, The" Washington, District of Columbia, 24 Jan 1888 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)

"Washington Post, The" Washington, District of Columbia, 29 Mar 1888 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)
      MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED: ROBERT LANCASTER, Prince George County, Md., and MAMIE E. DUNCAN, Fairfax County, Va.

"The Herald Despatch" Decatur, Ill., Wednesday, August 31, 1898 (transcription by and from Kathy Cawley 5/2004; MAD: ? Jefferson Co. KS 1880 census)
      Washington, Aug. 29 - Captain L.C. Duncan, surgeon of the 22nd Kansas regiment, is held by the sheriff of Fairfax county, Virginia, to answer an indictment charging him with the desecration of confederate graves at Bull Run, near Manassas.
      It appears that Duncan was not sentenced to five years imprisonment, as reported from Camp Mead, Pa., but sentenced much more lightly, there being a lack of evidence to prove that he actually took part in despoiling the graves.
      The finding of the court martial, approved by General Davis, was that Duncan be deprived of his rank for two months, be continued in regimental camp, and forfeit half his pay for the same length of time, and that he be reprimanded by the commanding general.
      How Duncan is to be continued in the regimental camp for two months when he is now a prisoner of the sheriff of Fairfax county, is difficult to understand. His regiment has moved from Thoroughfare Gaps to Camp Meade, Pa. It is understood when the sheriff presented his warrant for him under the state indictment, Duncan voluntarily surrendered. A clash between the state authorities and the war department may develop.


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