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Section 2 - 1800 and later

Culpeper Co. VA Deeds
      V-400: 15 Nov. 1800, Joseph (+) Duncan and wife Mary (signed) to Harman Virecarver?, fore £120.5, 163-1/2 acres, corner George Duncan and Philip R. Thompson, mill run, corner Charles Mazingo, Reubin Slaughter, etc. Wit. Stephen Jones, Allen Johnson, Uriah Carder. (FHL film 30,951)
      W-150: 1 Dec. 1800, William Duncan of Culpeper Co. to Peter Gordon of town of Fredericksburg of Spotsylvania Co., mortgage of 190 acres in Culpeper Co. near the main road leading from Falmouth to Winchester which Wm. Duncan purchased of Patterson Fletcher. Wit. Jas. Stevenson jr., William Brown, Adam Brown. (FHL film 30,952)
      X-12: 8 June 1802, Elisha Mathews and wife Susanna to Gallop Duncan, for £222, 111 acres near Carters line, corner to Donbey & Blackwell. Wit. John Spilman, James Jett Jr., Robert Jett. (FHL film 30,952)
      X-307: 10 May 1802, Daniel Threlkeld to George Duncan, for $300, bill of sale for a slave. Wit. William Clarke, Major Young, George Freeman. Rec. 20 Dec. 1802 on oaths of Clarke and Freeman. (FHL film 30,952)
      Y-145: 4 March 1803, Daniel Threlkeld and wife Lucy to George Duncan, whereas Joseph Duncan willed to wife Mary for her life, then her children; Daniel Threlkeld married Lucy Duncan, one of daus. of Joseph; to George Duncan for $200 their undivided share of estate of Joseph Duncan. Wit. D. Jameson, Richd. Norris, Norgan Wright. Lucy could not travel, she examined separately. (FHL film 30,953)
      Y-295: 1 Oct. 1803, Josiah Payton to James Duncan, mortgage horses. Wit. Jeremiah Payton, John Payton, Reuben Campbel. (FHL film 30,953)
      AA-111: 14 Sept. 1805, Sarah Little on behalf of the infant children hereinafter mentioned to James Duncan, court suit, James Duncan pltf. vs. John Anderson and wife Nancy, Abraham Little, (other children not copied), of John Little; James paid the balance due; 34-1/2 acres on north side of Houston's? Gap road, line running between said Duncan and said Little, corner Charles Mosengo. (FHL film 30,954)
      AA-294: 12 Jan. 1806, John Cannon and Sarah his wife to James Duncan, for £3.17.6, 3-3/4 acres on little fork of Rappahannock on both sides of Cannon's Run, line of John Little. No Wit. (FHL film 30,954)
      BB-101: 15 Nov. 1806, William Roberts & wife Jane of Culpeper Co. to John Roberts Jr. his son of same, for £213, 332 acres in a hollow at the head of a branch near a spur of Battle Mountain, corner to John Roberts formerly John Stone's?, Edward Newby formerly Strothers, old Mill road formerly corner to William F. Roberts now Lewis Runkels, Thornton's Gap Run, spur of the mountain, corner Lewis Runkle formerly Bennetts and Goldins?. Wit. George M. Parsons, James Menefee, James Waggoner. (FHL film 30,954) (MAD: looking for reference to Charles Duncan's Power of Attorney 1807 in Ohio Co. KY)
      BB-171: 14 Feb. 1807, John Cannon and wife Sarah to James Duncan, for £18.5, 16-1/2 acres on Thorntons or Cannons River, corner Duncan's other tract and John Little decd. Wit. Gabriel Smither, John Strother Jur, Geo. M. Parsons, Caleb Morrison, David I. Cox, Wm. T. Lane. (FHL film 30,954)
      CC-183: 4 April 1808, Wm. Chowning to son John Chowning, for love and $1, slaves. Wit. Wm. Ashley, Thomas Pendleton. Memo. Wm. Chowning to retain for life the possession of one of the slaves. (FHL film 30,954)
      CC-314: 26 May 1808, Wm. Chowning to son in law Griffin Read and Chowning's dau. Elizabeth Read, his wife, for love & $1, slaves. Wit. Wm. Major, Hay Taliaferro. (FHL film 30,954)
      DD-406: 16 Jan. 1810, William Roberts of Culpeper Co. VA to James Menefee his son in law of same, for love and affection, land on Allen Runs that was taken up by my brother John Roberts which land I heired by his death, 510 acres more or less. Wit. Charles Allen, Betty Roberts, Lee John, Catharine (X) Jones, Maryanes (X) Burress. Proved 18 June 1810 by Charles Allen and Lee Jones, and on 16 July 1810 by Mary Ann Burress. (FHL film 30,955)
      EE-32: 17 March 1810, Joseph Duncan, son of Joseph and Mary Duncan, to Zechorus Yancy, for £55, undivided share of real estate. Wit. Benjamin Shackelford, John Shackelford, Peter Vaughan. (FHL film 30,955)
      EE-486: 21 Sept. 1803, William Duncan and wife Lucy of Culpeper Co. VA, James Duncan and wife Barsheba of Logan Co. KY for themselves and also the said James Duncan attorney in fact for Elizabeth Duncan widow and executrix of Benjamin Duncan decd. late of Fayette Co. KY, to Frederick Duncan of Culpeper Co. VA; that Elizabeth Duncan by her letter of attorney 22 June 1811 appointed James Duncan her attorney to convey land which she and the heirs of Benjamin Duncan decd. were entitled to in Culpeper Co. VA by virtue of the last will and testament of William Duncan late of Culpeper Co. VA; James Duncan as attorney as well as for himself with the said William Duncan first above mentioned, for £800.1.9, sell to Frederick Duncan, 246 acres in Culpeper Co., corner Major John Roberts, corner William Duncan in Charles Browning's line, corner said Duncan and Edward Newby. Wit. William Menefee, Jesse Garner, Samuel McQuinn, Nicholas Browning, Thomas Ashly. Rec. 16 Dec. 1811 on oaths of William Manfee, Jesse Garner & Samuel McQuinn. (FHL film 30,955)
      EE-489: 21 Sept. 1803, same to same, for £59.6.6, for 31 acres, on South Lick of Thorntons Gap road adj. William Duncan, along road, corner David Cannard in Lewis Runkles? line, Edward Newby; same wit. (FHL film 30,955)
      EE-499: -- day of June 1811, Elizabeth Duncan widow of Benjamin Duncan late of Fayette Co. KY, decd, appoint friend James Duncan of Logan Co. attorney re property in State of VA by virtue of last will of William Duncan late of Culpeper, or any dues ... I may have on any person in "Potsylvania" Co., State of VA, or any county in VA. Wit. Reuben Browning, Abner Browning. Recorded Logan Co. KY. (FHL film 30,955) (MAD: See Pittsylvania Co. VA)
      FF-350: 28 Aug. 1812, Robert Duncan (signed) to Andrew Collins, Duncan owes Darnal Wood, trust deed of animals and household goods. Wit. Elijah Mason, George Freeman, John Duncan. (FHL film 30,955)
      GG-28: 7 June 1813, Presley I.? White and wife Elizabeth, John A. White and wife Sarah Ann, Newman Allen and wife Peggy, and Elizabeth G. Allen, of Culpeper Co., to James Duncan, for $1,000, 641-1/2 acres, Brownings corner. Wit. Joel Inshop, Edward G. Brown, Robert Duncanson (sic), Jesse? Turner. (FHL film 30,956)
      GG-199: 24 Sept. 1811, Pricilla (X) Magruder, Dennis Magruder, John Chadwell and wife Pricilla, Taliafero Duncan and wife Polly, John Branner and wife Anna, to Elijah Arnold, for £800, 150 acres owned by Thomas Magruder decd. Wit. John Waters, Moses Gibson, Lewis Arnold, Burnett Maddox, Rodham Kumer?, James Barton. (FHL film 30,956)
      GG-241: 10 Dec. 1814, Spencer Butler and wife Elizabeth to James Duncan, for £75, 52-1/2 acres corner James Menifee, Edward Willey, Charles Allen and James Duncan's other tract purchased of White, Hughes line formerly Lawlers corner. Wit. M. Fishback, David Stallard, Gabriel Green. (FHL film 30,956)
      GG-275: 17 Dec. 1814, Henry Jas Menifee junr. to James Duncan, trust deed, Menifee owes Daniel Broad, mortgage furniture. Wit. Wm. P. Gaines, Wm. Pendleton, George Yates, Wm. Hughes (FHL film 30,956)
      GG-416: 21 Aug. 1815, Joseph Gaunt and wife Bethany to Frederick Duncan, for £84, 40 acres corner Frederick Duncan. (FHL film 30,956)
      GG-473: 21 Oct. 1815, Charles Duncan of Fauquier Co., exec. of John Dillard decd, to Wm. Coons, for $3,000, 240 acres part of land whereon John Dillard lately lived, Muddy Run, corner Benjamin Higgington. Wit. Thos. Spilman, James S. Starke, Dillard Duncan, Horatio Day, George Freemorn. (FHL film 30,956)
      GG-477: 21 Oct. 1815, same to James S. Starke, for $3,162.50, 253 acres. Wit. Thos. Spilman, Dillard Duncan, William Coones, Horatio Day, George Freeman. Rec. on oaths of wit. 20 Nov. 1815. (FHL film 30,956)
      HH-106: 7 April 1817, William Miller and wife Peggy, Abraham Little and Isaac Little to Darcus Duncan, admx of James Duncan decd, for $230, 31 acres formerly occupied by John Little, adj. lands of James Duncan decd, Reuben Cannon and others, edge of small pond. Wit. John Fletcher, James Moody, Marshall Duncan, Nelson (+) Whorton. (FHL film 30,956)
      HH-266: 22 March 1816, George Yates and wife Dolly, Nimrod Duncan and wife Lucy, Frederick Whitescarver and wife Frances, Cornelius Whitescarver and wife Elizabeth, John Duncom and wife Nancy, Elijah Prince and wife Melinda, Robert Whitescarver and wife Sarah, George L. Browning and wife Gilean, which said Polly, Lucy, Frances, Elizabeth, Nancy, Malinda, Sarah and George L. Browning are some of the children and devisees of John Browning decd, and Elizabeth Browning widow and relict of said testator, to Darcus Duncan, widow and relict of James Duncan (Darcus purchased land to be part of estate of James Duncan), for $1236, 84 acres west side of Aarons Mountain corner to Elijah Settle, John D. Browning. Nimrod and Lucy Duncan and John and Nancy Duncan reg. in Logan Co. KY. (FHL film 30,956)
      HH-305: 22 March 1816, Darcus (signed) Duncan to John D. Browning, note on the Browning land. (FHL film 30,956)
      II-3: 7 April 1817, James Embrey and wife Elizabeth to Darcus Duncan as admin. of James Duncan decd, for $150, 15-1/4 acres formerly occupied by John Little. Wit. John Fletcher, Marshall Duncan, Nelson (+) Whorton, James Woody. (FHL film 30,957)
      II-12: 17 May 1817, Darcus Duncan administratrix of James Duncan decd, to Marshall Duncan, William Duncan, John Duncan, Lewis Duncan, Hiram Duncan, Lucy Duncan and James Duncan children and distributees of the said James Duncan decd of Culpeper Co. VA, it would be to the interest and advantage of the said children ... to distribute to ... the money of said estate in lands, [she] has purchased these several parcels of land with the monies of the said ... $590, she has purchased ... one parcel of 84 acres of the estate of John Browning decd 22 March 1816, one parcel 31 acres of Abraham Little, Isaac Little, William Miller & Peggy his wife 7 April 1817, and one parcel 16-1/4 acres of James Embrey and wife Elizabeth 7 April 1817; it is intention of said Darcus Duncan to vest the said lands in the said children and distributees, they on their parts assenting when they shall arrive at lawfull age to the course which she has pursued, and if they do not then they do not benefit under this deed but their shares be sold and the monies distributed to them. No wit. (FHL film 30,957)
      II-171: 8 March 1817, William J. Roberts, William Browning and wife Milly, Henry Menefee and wife Molly, James Menefee and wife Tabitha, Samuel Russel and wife Lucy, and Betty Roberts, being heirs of William Roberts decd, to John Roberts of Culpeper Co.; that William Roberts in his lifetime sold to John Roberts land which John Roberts paid him the full amount of $1328, but William Roberts died before making deed; the heirs want to secure the title of the land to John Roberts; for $100 they sell to said John Roberts 332 acres more or less in Culpeper Co., Brumfield Parish in Little Fork of Rappahannock River, adj. lands of said John Roberts, Edward Newby and Lewis Runkel; adj. John Roberts formerly Johnston's corner, Edward Newby formerly Strothers, former corner to William J. Roberts near Lewis Runkells, Thornton's Gap Road, spur of Battle Mountain, corner Lewis Runkell formerly Bennetts and Goldons. Wit. John Menefee Junr., James Brown, Isaac Payton, Wm. J. Menefee, Henry R. Menefee. (FHL film 30,957)
      II-221: 21 Nov. 1817, William W. Browning to Marshall Duncan, William Duncan, John Duncan, Lewis Duncan, Hiram Duncan, Lucy Duncan and James Duncan, children and heirs of James Duncan, land already paid for - see deed II-12. (FHL film 30,957)
      II-239: 2 Dec. 1817, Wm. A. Lane and John Smithor, Justices of Peace of Culpeper Co., certify that Peggy Miller, wife to William Miller, parties to deed to convey real estate to Darcas Duncan, admx. of James Duncan decd, bearing date 7 April 1817 & hereunto annexed - examined Peggy and she wished not to retract and it was her deed. (FHL film 30,957; see deed HH-106)
      II-252: 27 May 1817, William Duncan and wife Lucy to Daniel Moffett, for $251, 25+ acres north side Gourdvine River. Wit. Thomas Moffett, Benjamin F. Duncan, Aaron Moffett, Enoch Duncan. (FHL film 30,957)
      KK-183 - similar to II-221. (FHL film 30,957)
      MM-197: April, 1821, Oliver W. Browning and wife Mildred to John D. Browning, Darcas Duncan, ... See II-221. (FHL film 30,958)
      MM-212: 18 April 1821, William Duncan to John D. Browning, for $81.25, 36-1/4 acres on side of Aarons Mountain. (FHL film 30,958)
      MM-237 - similar to II-221. (FHL film 30,958)
      NN-14: 27 April 1821, William B. Duncan to Elijah Settle, for $502.50, 105-1/2 acres on Aarons Mountain. Wit. Marshall Duncan, Strother? Settle, Charles D. Browning. (FHL film 30,958)
      NN-152: 18 June 1821, William B. Duncan to John Roberts, for $112, 22+ acres on Aarons Mountain. Wit. Wm. Morrison, John Morrison, Landon Butler. (FHL film 30,958)
      NN-276: 5 March 1822, Reuben Cannon to Charles D. Browning, Reuben owes Marshall Duncan $372, trust deed of land, corner Lewis Duncan. (FHL film 30,958)
      PP-51: 21 Dec. 1822, Thomas Browning, James Smith, James M. Duncan for himself and as attorney for heirs of Charles Browning decd, Sarah Browning and Jacob Morris to Nicholas Browning of Culpeper Co., for $2014, 237 acres corner to Vececarver? line, Shadrach Browning, Charles Browning, foot of Giants Cattle Mountain. No wit. (FHL film 30,959)
      PP-134: 21 Dec. 1822, Thomas Browning, Nicholas Browning, James Smith, Jacob Morris and James M. Duncan for himself and as attorney for Charles Browning the younger, to Sarah Browning, for $705, 83 acres on Gourdvine Fork. (FHL film 30,959)
      PP-135: 21 Dec. 1822, Thomas Browning, Nicholas Browning, James Smith, James M. Duncan for himself and as attorney for Charles Browning, and Sarah Browning, to Jacob Morris, for $1160.25, 136-1/2 acres on Allens Run. (FHL film 30,959)
      PP-150: 28 Oct. 1822, William Pendleton and Marshall Duncan to William Williams, deed of trust of land of Williams released. Wit. David T.? Coxe, Peter Priest, Simmey Dier?. (FHL film 30,959)
      PP-197: 12 March 1823, Loyd Browning and wife Somerville to Frederick Duncan, for $800, land known as Shadrack Browning land which Shadrack gave to his four children, Somerville the wife of Lloyd Browning being entitled to 1/4, sell their 1/4 interest to Frederick Duncan. No Wit. (FHL film 30,959)
      QQ-419: 6 April 1824, Francis R. Browning of town of Russelville, KY, to Frederick Duncan of Culpeper Co. VA, for $1000, undivided 1/4 of land adj. Wm. Browning, Eli Glasscock and others where Shadrack Browning formerly lived, 1/4 bequest to Francis R. Browning. Wit. Emanuel (*) Martin, Eldridge (G) Duncan, James M. Duncan. (FHL film 30,959)
      QQ-455: 31 Jan. 1824, Samuel Hawkins of Franklin Co. KY agent for Susanna Duncan of afsd per power of attorney herewith annexed granted him said Samuel Hawkins by said Susanna Duncan for the purpose of ... selling her title to the lands belonging to her as devisee of the estate of her brother Job Hawkins decd of Culpeper Co. VA, to Aaron House of Madison Co. VA, for $335, tract in Culpeper Co. VA adj. Stone House run, corner to Creel, side of a road on a ridge corner to Creel and Kilby, with the road leading to Madison Court House, corner to Lot #5 belonging to said Aaron House, containing 94-1/2 acres, and also all houses, trees, woods, etc.; wit. Thomas Bally, Aybell Miller, Joel Hill, Edmund Broadus, Jno. Smisher?. (FHL film 30,959)
      QQ-456: 13 Nov. 1822, power of attorney, Susannah (X) Duncan of Franklin Co., KY, appoint Samuel Hawkins of afsd my attorney to receive etc. all sums of money which may become due me as devisee of the estate of my brother Job Hawkins decd. late of Culpeper Co. VA, and to recover any lands or moneys due me, and to sell lands and receive the money therefor; wit. John Walker JP, William B. Wallace JP. Susannah Duncan appeared in Franklin Co. KY 13 Nov. 1822; recorded Culpeper Co. VA 19 April 1824. (FHL film 30,959)
      RR-422: 19 Jan. 1825, George Duncan and wife "Mary" to James Kemper; George and wife "Peggy" (signed Peggy Duncan) in rest of deed; for $800, 100 acres, part of land Duncan resides, corner to Mrs. Mary Gibson. No Wit. (FHL film 30,960)
      SS-122: 19 July 1825, William T.? Davis and wife Sally to John Duncan, for $133, 16 acres where Davis resides. No Wit. (FHL film 30,960)
      SS-356: 19 Feb. 1826, George Duncan and wife Peggy to Mitchum Corbin, for $295, 265 acres whereof Joseph Duncan died seized and possessed, since then in possession of Mary Duncan, widow of said Joseph, being two undivided eighth parts, to wit, the part of said George and the part of Joseph Duncan decd. which was purchased by said George ... after the death of the aforesaid Mrs. Mary Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 30,960)
      SS-487: 13 April 1826, Frances S. Browning (later called Francis Strother Browning) of Culpeper Co. to John D. Browning, Elijah Settle, Bryant O'Bannon, Elijah Bruce, Daniel McCarly, and James and Lucy Duncan, for $1684, all that undivided equal 1/4 share in real estate of John Browning decd. (FHL film 30,960; see Deed UU-283)
       SS-487 notes: Looked at but did not copy ZZ-174, 9/19/1832, John Browning to James Green, trustee; ZZ-291, 5/1/1833, John Browning & wife et als to Richd. H. Cunningham; 1-352, same to same, 12/6/1833; 2-85, ack. of ZZ-291, 5/1/1833. (FHL films 30,962 & 30,963) No Elijah Settle found in index.
       NN-374, 10 Dec. 1821, John Fletcher & Bryant O'Bannon release to Aaron Arden, all Culpeper Co. VA; Arden had conveyed land in trust on 3/25/1818 to secure payment to John Peyton of $1200. NN-375, 10 Dec. 1821, Elijah Bruce & wife Mildred deed to Aaron Arden, all Culpeper, for $330, 10-1/2 acres adj. Bryant O'Bannon. (FHL film 30,958) (MAD: see Aaron Arden in Loudoun Co. VA deeds 1813.)
       SS-488: 12 April 1800 (sic), Elijah Bruce release to John C. Browning, both Culpeper, that said John D. Browning had conveyed land in trust to Elijah Bruce to secure payment to Francis S. Browning, money has been paid. (FHL film 30,960; MAD: middle initials as written)
       TT-438: 22 Aug. 1826, Daniel (+) McCarty to Nathan McCarty, no locality, for $600, land where I now reside supposed to be 135 acres adj. lands of Reuben Cannon and Bryant O'Bannon on one side and Rush River on the other side; wit. E. Cheek, Reuben Cannon, William Beans. TT-478, release of dowers by Setty McCarty, 19 Sept. 1827. (FHL film 30,960)
       UU-37: 13 Oct. 1827, Elijah Bruce & wife Malinda to Henry Miller Jr., both Culpeper Co., for $600, 64-1/2 acres on Cannons Run corner to O'Bannon, Miller's line. (FHL film 30,961)
       VV-63: 11 Oct. 1828, Bryant O'Bannon and wife Polly and Aaron Arden and wife Eliz. to trustees, Mt. Salem Baptist Church meeting house, 1 acre. (FHL film 30,961)
       XX-399: 3 Nov. 1830, E. Cheek & wife Polly and Nathan McCarty to Dennis Payton (no locality), for $250, all the remainder of a tract of land formerly Daniel McCarly's adj. Rush River, Reuben Cannon, and the land said McCarly sold to Bryant O'Bannon, containing about 50 acres more or less. (FHL film 30,962)
      TT-274: 19 May 1827, Reuben Cannon and wife Hannah to John H. Duncan, for $1, interest in a mill race and small parcel land on north bank of Thornton's River. No wit. (FHL film 30,960)
      TT-291: 31 March 1827, John H. Duncan to William Fletcher, trust deed, Duncan owes Reuben Cannon $100, 75 acres on Arons Mountain, corner to Hughes. Wit. Luke F. Cheek, (blank) Goldin. (FHL film 30,960)
      TT-435: 27 Aug. 1827, Darcus Duncan to Lewis Duncan, for $540, 107 acres mouth of Settles Lane, being the dower allotted to me; also slaves, household, etc. /s/ Darcus (X) Duncan. (FHL film 30,960)
      UU-88: 26 Nov. 1827, John H. Duncan to John Peyton, for $25 and the discharge of a bond of $100 which I gave to Reuben Cannon, 75 acres bounded by Thomas Hughes land, James Memefee, Edward Willey, Hiram Duncan, division of my father's estate. No wit. (FHL film 30,961)
      UU-252: 22 April 1828, Lewis Duncan and wife Harriet to John H. Duncan, all Culpeper Co., for $30, 2 acres on Thornton's River, corner to Reuben Cannon below mouth of Cannon's run, road from Thornton's Gap to Jeffersonton. Both signed, no wit. (FHL film 30,961)
      UU-278: 16 May 1828, Thomas Hinson and wife Rachel to John H. Duncan, for $25, land belonged to John Mazingo Senr. before his decease, adj. lands of Charles Mazingo Senr, Thomas Hughes, John Roberts, on north side of Thornton's River, also their right to estate of John Mazingo Senr. No Wit. (FHL film 30,961)
      UU-283: 13 Oct. 1827, Elijah Bruce and wife Malinda of Culpeper Co. VA to William W. Browning of same, for $600, land corner to John D. Browning's land corner to Dorcas Duncan, then with said J.D. Browning's line to Payton's corner, then with Payton's line to Miller's corner, then to Miller & O'Bannon's corner, then down Cannons Run to Settle's corner in the old church road, then with the road and Settle's line to Darcas Duncan's corner, then to the beginning, containing 62-1/2 acres more or less. (FHL film 30,961; see Deed SS-487)
      UU-284: 22 April 1828, Lewis Duncan and wife Harriet to Bryant O'Bannon, for $250, 48 acres corner to John H. Duncan's mill lot, south side road from Thornton's Gap to Jeffersonton, Thornton River, corner Charles Mozingo Senr, top of Cannon's Hill. No wit. (FHL film 30,961)
      UU-341: 21 May 1828, William C. Duncan to Presley N. Smith, trust deed, money due others, slave, animals, timber, etc. No. wit. (FHL film 30,961)
      UU-423: 31 March 1827, release by William Fletcher to John H. Duncan of the mortgage of John Duncan's land from his father's estate. See TT-291. (FHL film 30,961)
      UU-474: 16 Oct. 1828, Lewis Duncan and wife Harriet to Darcus Duncan, for $500, 107 acres during the natural life of Darcus, that tract conveyed by Darcus to Lewis; also all "other property mentioned in the above named deed". No wit. (FHL film 30,961)
      VV-285: 18 May 1829, Hiram Duncan to Isaiah Payton, for $500, 200 acres on Aarons Mountain. No wit.; no wife mentioned. (FHL film 30,961)
      VV-402: 18 May 1829, Isaiah Payton to John H. Duncan, trust deed of 200 acres, Peyton owes Hiram Duncan $378. No wit. (FHL film 30,961)
      WW-364: 25 Jan. 1830, Frederick Duncan and wife Susanna (X) to Edward P. Duncan our son, for 5 shillings, 100 acres corner John Peyton and Harman Whitescarver?. Wit. Carter McDonald, James Kendall, Joseph (+) Gant. (FHL film 30,961)
      XX-171: 27 July 1830, John H. Duncan to Hiram Duncan, for $315 and a claim against Darcus Duncan for $550, 1/2 privileges and profits of tract of land on Thorntons River, being a mill lot conveyed to John H. Duncan from Lewis Duncan a few years ago. (FHL film 30,962)
      XX-417: 17 March 1831, Elbun McDonald, attorney for Merewodher? T. Spillman, to John Duncan, for $133, his part of estate from his father, [being] 22 acres, corner William Freeman, Thomas Sudduth. No wit. (FHL film 30,962)
      YY-23: 24 May 1831, Zephaniah Turner and wife Sally M. and John Turner to Edward Duncan, for $250, 67 acres corner to George Burger, William H. Triplett, Frederick Duncan, White. No wit. (FHL film 30,962)
      YY-69: 25 July 1831, William H. Triplett to Edward P. Duncan, for $700, 100 acres corner Frederick Duncan. Wit. Teph.? Turner, E. Cheek, John Turner. (FHL film 30,962)
      YY-311: 17 Feb. 1832, Enoch Duncan to George Ficklen, mortgage, Duncan owes James ... mortgage of Enoch's interest in his father's estate, will of Wm. Duncan deceased, a negro boy named French, a sorrel mare. No wit. (FHL film 30,962)
      YY-417: 28 April 1832, Enoch Duncan in trust to Fayette Mauzy, Enoch owes William Walden from a suit for a debt, in trust a slave, furniture, etc., to the said Enoch Duncan by the last will and testament of his father William Duncan decd, also Enoch puts in trust all his right etc. to the property willed for the support of his mother, one eleventh of the estate including $100 he will get on the death of his mother. No wit. (FHL film 30,962)
      ZZ-53: 15 June 1832, John Duncan to John Caynor, for $65, 3/4 acres on Harmon's line. No wife, no wit. (FHL film 30,962)
      2-244: 25 Aug. 1835, Robert B. Duncan, Edy (+) Duncan and Lucy (+) Duncan of Franklin Co. TN appoint friends William Duncan and Jesse Oldham of said county & state to collect our portion of estate of Robert Bywaters, late of Culpeper Co. VA, to which we are entitled as children and heirs of Lucy Duncan formerly Lucy Bywaters, one of the children and heirs of said Robert Bywaters decd. Wit. John Goodman, Stephen Adams. (FHL film 30,963)
      4-363: 16 Aug. 1839, William Browning and wife Catherine to Eldridge Duncan, for $2780, 278-1/4 acres on bank of the river, Riney's line, Smiths line. No wit. (FHL film 30,964)
      5-472: 22 June 1833, John Duncan to Lewis Wood, trustee, Duncan owes Wood, 33 acres in trust. (FHL film 30,964)
      6-164: 22 Jan. 1842, William H. Browning and wife Catharine to Eldridge G. Duncan, for $1, 8+ acres corner said Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 30,965)
      6-289: Listed in index, but not in deed book (FHL film 30,965)
      7-70: 9 May 1844, John Duncan to George Jeffries, mortgage, Duncan owes William Hurt $95.18, mortgage land in town of Springfield where said Duncan now resides; deeds from William Dooris? (Davis?) and from Ebbin McDonald?, agent of Merrywith Spilman, 34 acres. No wit. (FHL film 30,965)
      10-221: Deed of four parts, 24 Jan. 1851, between James H. Vowles and wife Sarah M. of Culpeper Co. VA (1st part), John J. Duncan and wife Jane C. of Spotsylvania Co. VA (2nd part), Joseph T. Norman of Culpeper Co. VA (3rd part), and Lavinia L. Norman of Culpeper Co. VA (4th part); that the late Thomas Norman, father of the said Sarah M., Jane C., Joseph T. and Lavinia S. Norman, died owning land known as "Land Spring" tract which descended to his said children who now make a deed of partition. Deed includes survey of land 3 July 1848, 198-1/2 acres, on the main road from Stevensburg to Fredericksburg, adj. Jacob Stout, Martin Nalle's estate formerly Samuels, Mrs. Fitzhugh, Hansborough and Stout near the Sand Springs. (FHL film 30,967)
      10-290: 27 Jan. 1851, John J. Duncan and wife Jane C. Duncan of Spotsylvania Co. VA to Abel J. Stout of Culpeper Co., for $202, 50-1/2 acres, part of land willed by Thomas Norman decd. to his 3 daus., Sarah M., Jane C., and Lavinia L. Norman, known as sand spring tract, designated in the division of land as lot No. 3. No wit.; both appeared in Culpeper Co. (FHL film 30,967)
      11-284: 8 Sept. 1848, George Jeffries to James Edward Conner (Coons?), ref. to deed of trust of John Duncan 9 May 1844, land on which the said John Duncan then resided; Duncan defaulted, land sold to highest bidder. (FHL film 30,967)

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