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Section 1 - to 1799

Culpeper Co. VA Deeds
      A-1&2: 15 April 1749, David Kinkead and wife Winifred of St. Anne's Parish, Albemarle Co., to William Duncan and heirs of St. Marks Parish, Orange Co., for 5 shillings, 660 acres in Parish of St. Marks, Orange Co., bounded ... mouth of Kinkeads Run, side of Bessie Bell Mountain, to point of Mary Gray Mountain ... Wit. Saml. Scott, Rawly ("R his mark") Duncan, John Roberts Senr. (Jr. per Nancy Reba Roy), Wm. (X) Duncan Junr. 17 April 1749, release for £50. Same wit. Recorded 15 June 1749. (FHL film 30,942)
      A-484: 27 Jan. 1753, John Farmer of Culpeper to Francis Browning, for £45, 100 acres, on William Duncan's line on south side of run called Middle Run, and witnesseth that William Duncan grant all his right and title of the said land to Francis Browning excepting one acre for the use of a mill which is already laid out; John Farmer had title; /s/ John Farmer, William Duncan. Wit. William Strother, John Duncan, Samuel Scott. (FHL film 30,942) (MAD: unable to find grant or survey or grantee deed to John Farmer in Orange or Culpeper Co. VA)
      C-245: 20 Dec. 1759, William Duncan and Ruth (X), his wife, of Bromfield Parish, Culpeper Co., to Francis Browning, Jr., of same Co., for £25, 224 acres in Broomfield Parish between Allens Run & Mill Run. No wit. (FHL film 30,943) (MAD: unable to determine how William Duncan got this 224 acres)
      C-286: 7 March 1760, Frances Browning to William Roberts and William Johnston, for £15, 50 acres in Brumfield Parish, on north side Cumons River, corner John Cooper, Browning's old line, Nicholas Browning's corner. Wit. Rawley Duncan, John Cooper, Isaac Wall. (FHL film 30,943)
      C-288: 20 March MDCCLX (1760), Frances Browning the Elder of Brumfield Parish, for love ... to his son Nicholas Browning, 80 acres on little fork of Rappahannock, part of grant to said Browning of 430 acres 4 Feb. 1747. Wit. Wm. Johnston, Rowley Duncan, John Cooper. (FHL film 30,943)
      C-491: 28 May 1753, lease from William Beverley of Blandfield, Essex Co., to Francis Grant of Culpeper, 100 acres, part of William Elkwood' tract in Culpeper Co., on the Bank of the Hedgman River, down the river, corner to the tenement of Joseph Amiss, line of Wm. Crawford, tenants of William Lett (Sett?), lease to Francis, his son William and his daughter Lucy. Wit. W. Russell, Henry Russell, William (X) Abbott. (FHL film 30,943)
      C-494: 21 May 1762, Francis Grant of Culpeper Co. to Charles Duncan, Jr., all right etc. to within lease (C-491), for £16. Wit. Saml. Clayton, Cad. Slaughter, John Clayton. (FHL film 30,943)
      D-18: 7 April 1762, William Duncan to my son John Duncan of same Parish & Co., 210 acres on Gourdvine Fork, Rappahannock River, part of tract granted by patent to David Kinkead for 660 acres on 1 Aug. 1734, running to north side of Bessie Bell and south side of Mary Gray Mountains. Wit. Rice Duncan, William Johnston. Proved on oaths of William Brown, Wm. Johnston and Rice Duncan. (FHL film 30,944, ink goes through page and makes large blots, deed partly illegible)
      D-180: 17 Feb. 1763, William Duncan of Broomfield Parish, Culpeper Co., to son William Duncan Junr, 100 acres in Broomfield Parish on the Little Fork of Rappahanoch River, north side of Cannon's River, corner to Browning's Patten, land whereon William Jr. now lives, gift deed. No wife. /s/ Willm. Duncan. Wit. Wm. Roberts, Wm. Johnston, John Lawlands, Rice Duncan. (FHL film 30,944)
      D-584: 21 March 1765, William Duncan of Culpeper Co. to son Charles Duncan of same, one tract of land in Parish of Bromfield, Culpeper Co., beg. Allens Run on south side of north Fork of Gourdvine and Runs, 194 or 294 acres (dim). No wit. (FHL film 30,944)
      E-547: 21 July 1768, William Duncan, the Elder, and wife Ruth of Culpeper Co., for divers good causes, love and affection, to our eldest son Rawley Duncan, (also spelled Rawleigh Duncan in deed), 83 acres in Culpeper Co., Bromfield Parish, joining on Cannon's River, it being the land and plantation whereon said Rawley now lives, bounded ... corner to William Duncan Jr., Coleman's patent, low grounds of Batle Run on the road near where it crosses the said run, the river, mouth of Batle Run. Not signed by Ruth; no wit. (FHL film 30,944)
      E-622: 5 March 1804 (recorded), Duncan heirs to each other re sale of property and slaves of Charles Duncan. (MAD: Nancy Reba Roy's book pg.161 lists this as a Culpeper Co. VA deed but this deed not found on FHL film 30,944; see Culpeper Co. VA deed R-119 and Madison Co. KY deed E-622)
      F-415: 16 March 1772, William Duncan the Elder, of Broomfield Parish, to son Rice Duncan of Culpeper Co., 200 acres on Gourdvine Fork of Rappahannock River on Mill Run, corner to David Kinkaid, corner to John Duncan and Joseph Duncan. No wit. (FHL film 30,945)
      F-417: 16 March 1772, William Duncan the Elder, of Broomfield Parish, to son Joseph Duncan, 200 acres in Culpeper Co. on Gourdvine Fork of the Rappahannock River, on Mill Run, corner to Charles Peyton and Rice Duncan. (FHL film 30,945)
      G-91: 15 Sept. 1773, Charles (+) Duncan of Culpeper, son of Robert Duncan of same, planter, to Gavin Lawson, attorney for Messrs. Begle Somerville & Co. of Glasgow in N. Britain, for £21.11, trust deed of household furniture, crop, etc. Wit. Geoge Hamilton, Thomas Fitzhugh, Uriah (U) Carder, Thos. Thompson, William Fitzhugh. Rec. on oaths of wits. 20 Sept. 1773. (FHL film 30,945)
      G-92: 20 Sept. 1773, Rawley (R) Duncan and wife Mary (+) to John Strother, the youngest, 205 acres in Culpeper Co., 1/2 part of tract granted to Wm. and Rouland (Rawley) Duncan by ... Lord Fairfax 1753, corner to Frances Browning, William Duncan's line, John Roberts Junr, Joneses line, 410 acres; also one tract 83 acres on Cannons River, side corner to William Duncan Jr, Cotman's patten, Battle Run. No Wit. (FHL film 30,945)
      G-284: 20 June 1774, William Duncan and John Duncan and wife Rachel (X) of Culpeper Co. (one part) to Elijah Cheek of same (other part), for £55, 200 acres in Bromfield Parish on Gourdvine Fork of Rappahannock River, on both sides of Mill Run, adj. Bessie Bell Mountain, Mary Grey Mountain, Thomas Brown now Burkett Davenport, and corner to Rice Duncan's land. /s/ Willm. Duncan, John Duncan, Rachel (X) Duncan. No Wit. (FHL film 30,945) (MAD: Thomas Brown, not Thomas Browning; nothing in deed indicates why three grantors)
      G-318: 15 Aug. 1774, Charles Browning, heir at law and Frances Browning admx of will of Francis Browning decd, to Joseph Duncan, Francis Browning owned land where Joseph Duncan now lives, 100 acres, north side Gourdvine River, corner James Pendleton, mouth Cabin branch, corner to John Washburn, grant by patent to Col. Henry Willis now said James Pendleton's, all estate of Francis Browning to be sold (court suit) (Frances widow of Frances) by Charles Browning; Joseph Duncan became a purchaser of land for 90 lbs. No Wit. (FHL film 30,945)
      G-455: 18 Aug. 1774, John Washburn and wife Suckey to Joseph Duncan, for £8.18.6, 85 acres adj. where said Duncan now lives, James Pendleton's line, Cabin Run. Wit. Samuel Furgeson, William Pendleton, Francis? Strother. (FHL film 30,945)
      G-492: 13 Dec. 1774, William Duncan of Brumfield Parish, Culpeper Co., for natural love ... to son James Duncan, 51 acres more or less on the north river of the gourd vine river, adj. north side of the river, corner Capt. John Strother's land formerly my son Rawley's. Wit. Chs. Browning, John Browning, Chs. (+) Duncan. (FHL film 30,945; MAD Note: Nancy Reba Roy's book "William Duncan the Elder" pg.224 lists this as 30 acres, deed by William Duncan Sr.)
      H-301: 18 Oct. 1776, William Duncan to William Kinniard, 100 acres except mines, minerals, etc., land in Bromfield Parish, Mores? corner, Herman's? line, George Carders, lease for lives of William Kinniard, wife Mildred and son George Kinniard. Wit. John Jett, John Minor, Jon.? Corbin. (FHL film 30,946)
      I-268: 17 May 1779, William Duncan and Lucy his wife and John Daviss and Frances his wife to Phillip Wever, for £200, 240 acres in Brumfield Parish, grant to William Duncan and John Daviss by Lord Fairfax by deed 7 Dec. 1778 reg. in Prop. Office in Book R, Folio 48, bounded by survey made by George Hume, corner William Coon, widow Green's line, corner George Williams Farfax. Wit. John Strother, Joseph Early, Mordicai Redd. (FHL film 30,946)
      K-173: 8 May 1780, articles of agreement from William Dillard (recd. 2 shillings) and Samuel Duncan, to Samuel Duncan as much of his lot of land whereon he now lives at or near the mouth of Bee Branch as is necessary for grist mill for use of Samuel Duncan only. Wit. John Wigginton, George Bush, Magir (M) Dillard. (FHL film 30,947)
      K-284: 23 Aug. 1780, we, Hankinson Read, James Pendleton, Thomas Spilman, John Cannon Jr., Joseph (X) Duncan, Wm. Dulany, Wm. Pendleton, Francis Morgan, William Clarke, James Hufman, George Clarke, Thomas Brown, John Jones and Lewis Corbin are indebted to William Cannaday for £50,000; Wm. Cannady agreed to enter Continental Service as for the above persons. Wit. Henry Pendleton, William Bowman, John Read, Wm. Haynie, Samuel Farganson, Joshua Browning. (FHL film 30,947)
      K-331: 1 May 1781, Gift, Willm. Duncan of Brumfield Parish, to son James Duncan, 330 acres on south side of North River of Gourdvine River, "being the whole of the tract of land on which I now live (and part of a tract which I purchased of Benjamin and Joseph Cottman)" on bank of Mill Run, Charles Mazengo's line, corner Michael Lawler, lower corner of James Marsh and Jas. Duncan's upper corner. Wit. William Hughes, William Browning. Note at side: James shall not "disturb or hinder me from occupying any part of the above premises as also shall not possess himself of the mansion house during my natural life." (FHL film 30,947)
      M-73: 17 Nov. 1783, James Duncan and Seine his wife to William Roberts, for £305, 51 acres on north side of the river and corner to the land late the property of Capt. John Strother deceased, formerly Rawley Duncans. No signature or release by wife, no Wit. (FHL film 30,947)
      M-320: 17 Aug. 1784, George Dillard to Samuel Dillard, James Dillard, sons of said George, Robert Freeman and Charles Duncan and John Colvin who intermarried with Ann Loges (Lozee?) and Sally the said George Dillards daughters, for love and affection toward his children, slaves. Wit. W. Pendleton, Francs. Morgan, John Freeman. (FHL film 30,947)
      M-449: 15 Aug. 1785, William Duncan Sr. and wife Rose of Culpeper, Broomfield Parish, to Robert Bywaters, for £85 VA money, 100 acres on Bridge branch, corner John Green, Samuel Moore and William Kinnard's line. /s/ William Duncan, Rose Duncan. (FHL film 30,947)
      O-505: 14 Feb. 1789, Charles Browning heir and Frances Browning admx, to Shadrack Browning, equally divide land ... Wit. Edward Newby, Francis Duncan, Frederick Duncan. (FHL film 30,948)
      O-510: 14 Feb. 1789, Charles Browning heir and Frances Browning to Joseph Duncan, 100 acres, north side of Gourdvine River, corner Maj. James Pendleton, Cabin Branch, corner John Washburn, now Samuel Fargeson, patent grant to Col. Henry Willis. (money blank) Wit. Edward Newby, Shadrack Browning, Frederick Duncan. (FHL film 30,948)
      P-492: 21 May 1790, agreement between Joseph (+) Duncan of Culpeper Co. and John Duncan, son and heir-at-law to Rawley Duncan, decd, of Russell Co. Whereas Rice Duncan, decd, late of Russell Co., having property in Culpeper Co. but not recorded, wherein he devised to said Joseph Duncan his brother all his estate ... Several years after, the said Rice Duncan removes to Settlement of Clinch in Russell Co., and soon after departed this life. Now dispute has arisen between said Joseph Duncan and John Duncan ... Joseph Duncan doth quit claim unto said John Duncan ... Estate ... which said Rice Duncan died seized in Russell Co.; John Duncan doth quit claim unto Joseph Duncan all right ... (as heir to his father Rawley Duncan who was eldest brother of said Rice Duncan) to estate ... which said Rice Duncan died seized in Culpeper Co. Wit. James Pendleton and James B. Pendleton. (FHL film 30,949)
      P-554: 15 May 1790, William Duncan Sen. of Culpeper Co., to loving son James Duncan, 495 acres ... certain tract of land ... in the Gourdvine Fork beg. ... Cannon's river, corner John Barrack, Thomas Brown, Frances Slaughter's line (same tract James & Barsheba sold to George Walters). Wit. Wm. Duncan Jun, William Browning, Benjamin Walker. (FHL film 30,949)
      Q-1: 18 Feb. 1790, Joseph (+) Duncan and wife Mary (C) Duncan to Philip Rootes Thompson, for £70, 200 acres given to said Duncan by his father by indenture bearing date 16 March 1772, Bromfield Parish, Gourdvine Fork of Rappahannock River. Wit. Lunsford Carter, John McPeak?, Robert (//) Wilkinson. (FHL film 30,949)
      Q-351: 13 Aug. 1791, William (X) Duncan and wife Rose (+) of Culpeper Co. to Eleanor Black, for £100, 225 acres, Bromfield Parish, corner Kelley Price, Covington's old line, land that was Hills, corner John Davis. Wit. William Newby?, Chas. Hill, John (8) Carder. (FHL film 30,949)
      Q-405: 26 Nov. 1791, Francis Strother for value received of Francis Duncan, appoint Francis Duncan attorney to recover all debts due me from the estate of my father Francis Strother decd. Wit. Samuel Fargeson, Edward Stevins, Thos. Jameson Junr. (FHL film 30,949)
      R-104: 17 Sept. 1792, John (x) Roberts Senr. of Brumfield Parish to James Duncan Jr., for £177, 336 acres near little Battle Run, Bradford's line near the Richmond road, west side of little Battle Mountain. No wit. (FHL film 30,950)
      R-119: 30 May 1792, Nimrod Duncan, Wm. Duncan, Charles Duncan (long blank space), to Robert Covington; "Witnesseth Robert Covington aforesaid and Charles Duncan decd., father to the above named Duncans had mutually agreed to interchange land and before deeds were executed the sd. Charles departed this life intestate, and by a decree of Culpeper Court the sd. Robert was to convey in principle ten undivided parts in eleven of a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Culpeper County to the sd Wm. Duncan Charles Duncan Shadrack Duncan Isaac Duncan John Duncan Milly Duncan Henry Duncan Zachary Duncan and Elizabeth Duncan and they to convey one other tract or parcel of land in Culpeper County to the sd. Robert Covington" the sd. Nimrod Duncan, Wm. Duncan, Charles Duncan (long blank space) exchange made with Robert Covington ... of land in Culpeper Co., granted by proprietors to Wm. Duncan decd. and by him to the above named Charles Duncan decd, (his son) in the Gourdvine fork of sd. county, bounded by a survey made by George Hume, beg. ... north side of Allens Run on the south side of the north fork of the Gourd Vine, ... foot of Giants Cattle? (Cantler?) Mountain ... 290 acres. /s/ Sarah (x) Duncan, Nimrod Duncan, William Duncan, Charles Duncan. Wit. Phil R. Thompson, John T. Slaughter, Ben. Goins, William Jones, Geo. Wheeler. Commissioners sent to examine Sarah Duncan apart from her husband Charles Duncan. (FHL film 30,950) (MAD Note: Nancy Reba Roy's book pg.160 has note that this description agrees with that of the land William Duncan the Elder gave his son Charles Duncan in 1765)
      R-212: 21 Jan. 1793, James Pendleton and wife Catharine to Joseph Duncan (son of William of the same county), for £20, 80 acres corner Samuel Fargeson. No Wit. (FHL film 30,950)
      R-238: 31 Dec. 1792, Philip Philips of Bromfield Parish to James Duncan Junr of same, for £20, 65-1/2 acres on William Roberts line, Bradford's line, Malcolm McKenzy's line. Wit. James Duncan Senr, Reuben Duncan, Frances (X) Duncan. (FHL film 30,950)
      R-241: 11 April 1793, James Duncan Junr. and wife Barsheba (both signed) to George Walters, for £80, 495 acres on Gourdvine fork, south side of Cannons River, bounded by survey made by Mr. Richard Young, beg. ... Frances Cheeks line formerly John Barracks, ... corner to Philip R. Thompson, formerly Thomas Brown?, Francis Slaughter's line. Wit. Shadrack Browning, John Lawlor, James Duncan Sen., Frederick Duncan. Rec. 15 April 1793 on oath of wit. (FHL film 30,950)
      R-362: 16 Sept. 1793, Robert Covington and wife Mary to Nimrod Duncan, for £20, one eleventh part of 350 acres, Covingtons have right to one eleventh part of land formerly William Covington decd, north side of Rush River, joining lands of Capt. John Strother. The said Robert hath right to land by the deeds of Charles Duncan father of the said Mary Covington. No wit. (FHL film 30,950)
      R-445: 11 March 1793, James Duncan to Isaac Browning and Samuel Farguson, lease for 10 years, land where James now lives, mouth of Mill run, Duncan's spring branch, William Browning's path, Lawler's. Wit. James Pendleton, John Freman, John Ferguson. (FHL film 30,950)
      R-558: 4 Jan. 1794, Joseph (+) Duncan being father and heir at law of my son Francis Duncan deceased, Wilks County in the State of Georgia, as I am unable to undergo the fatigue of travelling to Georgia to settle decedents affairs, appoint my son George Duncan of Culpeper Co. attorney, sell all or part of his lands in the state of Georgia. Wit. James Jett. (FHL film 30,950)
      R-568: 17 Feb. 1794, William Roberts and William Duncan Senr. and wife Rosey to David Kinnard, for £30, 100 acres, to Moses Corner, Harmon Viscainers line. /s/ Wm. Roberts, Wm. (+) Duncan. Wit. Armistead Green, Thornton Taylor, Matthew Hughes. (FHL film 30,950)
      S-64: 25 Aug. 1794, James Duncan Jr. and Barsheba (+) his wife of Culpeper Co. VA to Edward Wiley of Culpeper Co. VA, for £50, 73 acres 2 rods 39 perches, adj. ... a scansing? run & along its meanders, near a road. Wit. Thomas Sims Senr, John Browning, George Walters. (FHL film 30,950)
      S-66: 25 Aug. 1794, James Duncan Jr. and Barsheba (+) of Culpeper Co. VA to Edward Wiley of Culpeper Co. VA, for £220, 217 acres 1 rod, on Little Battle Run, on W.side Little Battle Mtn. Wit. Thomas Sims Senr, John Browning, George Walters. (FHL film 30,950)
      S-73: 10 Sept. 1794, James Duncan (signed) of Broomfield Parish, for good causes, to son Reuben Duncan, son William Duncan, son James Duncan, son Willis Duncan, dau. Francis Duncan, dau. Mary Duncan, dau. Ann Duncan, dau. Sarah Duncan, negroes, retained in my possession until my sons arrive at age of 21 years and daughters to 18 years. Wit. William Menefee, Samuel McQueen, Frederick Duncan. Proved on oath of wit. 15 Sept. 1794. (FHL film 30,950) (MAD: Nancy Reba Roy's book pg.224 has 1784 as year of deed)
      S-212: 16 July 1792, Robert Covington and wife Mary to Nimrod Duncan, William Duncan, Charles Duncan, Shadrach Duncan, James Duncan, John Duncan, Milly Duncan, Henry Duncan, Zachariah Duncan and Elizabeth Duncan; Charles Duncan decd. and Robert Covington agreed to exchange land, 10 undivided parts in eleven of the 311 acres on north side of south prong of Rush run, lines of John Strother, William Covington. Wit. John S. Slaughter, Ben Gaines, William Jones, Geo.? Wha...? (FHL film 30,950)
      S-256: 1 April 1795, James Duncan to John Roberts Junior, for £1000, land granted to said James Duncan by his father William Duncan by deed 1 May 1781 recorded K-331, 330 acres, north side of Mill Run, Charles Mazingo's line, corner to John Lawlor & Lawlor's line, William Marshes? old field. Wit. John Minor, Anthony Hughes, John Lawlor, John Menefee junr., Charles Allen, William Menefee. (FHL film 30,950)
      T-32: 7 Oct. 1796, Joseph Strother and wife Nancy to James Duncan, all Culpeper Co. VA, for £18, 60 acres in Broomfield Parish in Little Fork of Rappahannock River on road to Thornton's Gap, part of grant to James Cantor of Great Brittain, adj. anear the fork of a branch, Little & Mesinger corners, Charles Mesinger's line, John Lawlor, heirs of Armistead White decd, John Browning, "Green John Little's corner". No wit. (FHL film 30,951)
      T-230: 17 Sept. 1797, Joseph (+) Duncan to his son George Duncan, gift, 200? acres, corner made to David Kincaid, corner formerly John Duncan now Engle Bowyers, corner Philip R. Thompson. Wit. Gideon Brown, Willis Duncan, Nimrod Duncan, Reuben Wall. (FHL film 30,951)
      T-255: 15 Jan. 1798, Francis Slaughter Jr. attorney for Francis Slaughter of Nelson Co., KY, to Frederick Duncan, 200 acres in Culpeper, for £100. No wit. (FHL film 30,951)
      T-293: 27 Oct. 1793, Robert Covington to Nimrod Duncan, for £40, slave. Wit. James Green Jur, Frs.? Covington. (FHL film 30,951)
      T-337: 17 April 1798, Francis Slaughter, attorney for Francis Slaughter of Nelson Co. KY, to Frederick Duncan, for £125, 700 acres including 200 acres heretofore sold to him. (FHL film 30,951)
      U-195: 12 Nov. 1798, William Duncan Sen. appoint Frederick Duncan attorney to sell land, 408 acres, in Hampshire Co. VA. Wit. William Duncan Jr., Elsey Newby, Armistead Newby, Edward Newby. Proved by oaths of wit. 18 Feb. 1799. (FHL film 30,951)
      U-415: 19 Oct. 1799, William (+) Duncan Sr. and Rosamond (+) his wife and Maj. William Roberts of Parish of Broomfield to William Duncan Jr., for £150, 220 acres on Cannon River. Wit. Francis Covington, Edward Newby, Dal. Brown. (FHL film 30,951)
      U-478: 10 Dec. 1799, William Duncan Senr. (signed) appoint Frederick Duncan attorney to sell land, 408 acres in Hampshire Co. VA. Wit. John Minor, Edward Newby, George Duncan. Proved by wit. (FHL film 30,951)

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