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Formed 1749 from Henrico
Powhatan formed 1777 from Cumberland, Chesterfield
Formed 1702-3 from Charles City
Brunswick formed 1720 from Prince George, Isle of Wight, Surry
Amelia formed 1734 from Brunswick, Prince George
Dinwiddie formed 1752 from Prince George


1820 Chesterfield Co. VA Census
Pg.196 Wm. Dunkin     Free colored

1830-1860 Chesterfield Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Chesterfield Co. VA Census
Burmuda Twp., 2nd Rev. Dist.
Pg.188, #491-566, DUNCAN, Howell L. (m) 52 VA farmer $500-$1000
                  Sarah E. 25 VA keeping house
                  TROTTIE, William 14 VA BLACK domestic servant
                  (MAD: 1850 Roanoke Co. VA census)
Pg.188, #492-567, WHEELHOUSE, Richard 19 VA (white) farm laborer $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Minnie 3/12 (white) VA b.April
                  GILL, Richard 23 VA (white) farmer $12,000-$200
                  DUNCAN, Jane W. (f) 2 VA
                  Laura J. 17 VA keeping house $1800-$0
                  Edward J. 15 VA at home $1800

1830-1870 Prince George Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Chesterfield Co. VA Wills 1795-1850 (Index 1749-1947 on FHL film 30,870)
      (No others through at least 1852)
      7-45/48: Will of Charles Duncan of Chesterfield Co., 27 Jan. 1807; to my dau. Nancy Gilliam Dunlap and her husband James Dunlap all my lands or farm called Roslin which I purchased from Archibald Batting, William Thompson and Drury Ragsdale, negroes, horses, etc., on condition they pay my daughter Charlotte Smith Gamble £3,000 upon their getting possession, and they return to VA within 7 years. In case my daughter Nancy G, and son in law James Dunlap or either of them not choosing to accept these lands and negroes on those conditions, I give my afsd. land called Roslin to my dau. Charlotte Smith Gamble and her husband John G. Gamble, and all my negroes not hereafter disposed of, and my horses, etc. on condition they pay my dau. Nancy Gilliam Dunlap £4,000 on their getting possession of Roslin, £1,000 of which already paid to Jno. G. Gamble; in case my dau. Charlotte Smith Gamble or son-in-law John G. Gamble not choosing to accept Roslin etc. on these terms, then the land and negroes except those particularly bequeathed, the stock, etc., should be sold, £1,000 to be paid James Dunlap in lieu of so much paid John G. Gamble, and the remainder equally divided between my daus. Nancy Gilliam Dunlap and Charlotte Smith Gamble. To my son-in-law James Dunlap and my dau. Nancy G. Dunlap my negro woman Cross? and her five children Ann Eliza, Cecelia, Zach, Burwell, and James, my negro woman Betty and her child, my negro ship carpenter David Johnston; and their increase. To my son-in-law John G. Gamble and my dau. Charlotte Smith Gamble my negro ship carpenter Charles, my negro man Pully? Short and his wife Anne, their children Willie and Peter, my negro woman Sally, my mulatto woman Eloise? Joan?; and their increase. To Charles Macindoe? £100 when he becomes of age to set him up in his business. £100 sterling to the Minister andreldew? of the parish of Strathblam in Co. Sterling in Scotland. Emancipate my mulatto woman Shatlee and her child Jean and their future increase; if they wish to leave the state and if VA law will not let them, then I leave them to either of my daughters they may wish to live with. Residue of my estate including my stock in the Bank of VA, the loan office, the Commercial Insurance of Norfolk, my shares in the Appomattox Canal, and in the Lower Appamattox Co. and whatever may be due me by Dinwiddie Crawford & Co. and Duncan & Trumbull or any other, be equally divided between my daughters Nancy Gilliam Dunlap and Charlotte Smith Gamble. I own two lots in Blandford Hill which if not disposed of in my lifetime, I leave to be divided between my two sons in law James Dunlap and John G. Gamble. Appoint my sons in law James Dunlap and John G. Gamble, my friends Donald MacKenzie, John Dunlap and Robert Gamble Jr., merchants, executors of my will. I forgot to mention that the organ and pianna that was Eliza's may be sent to my dau. Charlotte Smith Gamble, and my furniture may be sold. /s/ Charles Duncan. Codicil: As my dau. Charlotte Smith Gamble is going to England with me, my organ and pianno may be sold, but if it will not sell for its value, it may remain for my dau. Charlotte Smith Gamble till her return. /s/ Charles Duncan. Proved 13 June 1808, on oaths that it was Charles Duncan's handwriting, by William Clarke, John T. May and Roger Atkinson. (FHL film 30,874)


Chesterfield Co. VA Land and Property (FHL film 1,421,640 item 11; from Louis Boone 1988 with permission to share with others)
      No Duncans found


Journals of the House of Burgesses, general index to all volumes (FHL film 1,486,518)
      Duncan, Charles, 1770-72 page xxx, signer of association
            1773-76, pg.235, mentioned

Prince George Co. VA Information from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others:
      A Herbert Duncome in 1698.
      1716 - William and Robert Duncan, two Jacobite prisoners sent to VA in 1716, settled near Petersburg.


Mecklenburg Co. VA Deeds
      1-531: 12 Aug. 1767, mortgage, Thomas Erskine of Mecklenburg Co. to Charles Duncan of Prince Georges Co., merchant, for £1350, 213 acres in Edwd. Goodes line and 600a on branches of Bluestone Creek on Roanoke River, part of a larger tract granted to John Cox 5 Aug. 1764, by Cox to Erskine 13 Sept. 1764. Wit. Dune Rose, Andw. Johnston Junr, Abraham Mauzy. (FHL film 32,532)
      6-81: 2 Sept. 1776, David Dortch of Mecklenburg Co. to Charles Duncan of Chesterfield Co. and Robert Turnbull of Dinwiddie Co., for £246, 82 acres on Dockry's (?Dockny's) Creek, Insels corner, granted to David Dortch by patent 10 Nov. 1757, reserving to David Dortch 5a which was leased to Messers Dinwiddie Crawford & Co. for 21 yrs. Wit. William Turnbull, Alexander Schw.. (?Schvir?), John Cook, John Cook (twice), Noah Dortch, David Dorlelys?. (FHL film 32,534)
      8-237: 13 June 1792?, Charles Duncan of Chesterfield Co. and Robert Turnbull of Prince George Co. to Joseph Speed? of Mecklenburg Co., refer to deed from David Dortch, 5 acres, lease, for £400, the whole of the tract, 82 acres by estimation, including the 5 acres leased to William Park, Lucases corner, Insels corner, Dockins? Creek. Wit. Jono. Speer, William Smith, Edward Bignale, William Cole, Saml. Holmes Junr., Jas. Byene? Jr. (FHL film 32,535)
      12-334: 9 Sept. 1805, Thomas Griffin Peachy of City of Williamsburg and Charles Duncan of County of Chesterfield, to William Coleman of Co. of Mecklenburg, similar to earlier; land; at court in town of Petersburg, 16 Sept. 1805, acknowledged by Charles Duncan. (FHL film 32,537)
      13-486: 13 Jan. 1808, Charles Duncan of Roslin, in Chesterfield Co., partner and attorney to Dinwiddie Crawford & Co. and Charles Duncan & Co., merchants in Great Brittain, power of attorney, appoint Richard Apperson of Mecklenburg Co. as attorney. (FHL film 32,538)

Brunswick Co. VA Deeds (FHL film 30,643)
      Copied to 1856
      10-294: Duncan, Charles & Co. mortgage from William Smith, 1771 (not copied)
      17-302: Duncan, Charles from Benjamin Inry/Ivy & wife, 1798 (not copied)
      17-311: Duncan & Turnbull to Gray, Edwards, receipt, 1798 (not copied)
      7-421: 22 Oct. 1763, James Parham of Brunswick Co. VA to Charles Duncan of Prince George Co., merchant, for £160, mortgage of negroes. Wit. Robert Hicks, Robert Hicks Jr., Zachariah Sims. (FHL film 30,643)

Charlotte Co. VA Deed (FHL film 30,783)
      4-124: 4 March 1779, Charles Duncan of Chesterfield Co. VA (not copied)

Franklin Co. NC Deed (FHL film 427,051)
      11-39: 1 April 1797, Charles Duncan of Petersburg to William Brickell of Franklin Co. NC, for £66.9.5, negro slave; apparently a mortgage or similar ... Brickell owes Duncan (indexed as Charles Duncan grantor)

Rockingham Co. NC Deed (FHL film 19,708)
      M-487: 29 May 1807, Elizabeth Morson of England by Charles Duncan of Petersburg, her attorney ... (not copied further).

HISTORIES before 1923

"The Parish of Strathblane and Its Inhabitants from Early Times: a Chapter of Lennox History" by John Guthrie Smith (died 1894), F.S.A. Scot., James Maclehose and Sons, Publishers to the University, 1886. (from Alfonso P. Duncan 8/2001 with permission to share) (MAD: see Autauga Co. AL and Chesterfield Co. VA)
      Among the families in Killearn who were not possessed of lands was an old race of the name of Duncan. They were leading people in the parish in the seventeenth century, and though the main line is extinct in the district, there are many families both in Strathblane and elsewhere descended from this good old stock.
      John Duncan in Ledlowan, in Killearn, and afterwards in Drummiekeich (part of Blairquhosh Cunninghame), in Strathblane, married in 1703 Elizabeth Graham, one of the large clan in Strathblane which had grown and multiplied since David de Grahame was settled at Mugdock about the middle of the thirteen century. John Duncan and his wife had three sons, of whom afterwards, and two daughters -
      Elizabeth, who married in 1740 William Finley of Moss, and had (1) William of Moss, who was the father of the late William Finlay of Moss, who died childless; Mrs. James Adair Lawrie, of whose family the eldest son, Archibald Campbell Lawrie, advocate, now of Moss, is a judge in Ceylon; and Mrs. Dixon. (2) Jean, married David Bannerman of Letham Hill, whose only surviving child Elizabeth, married at the Moss in 1805 the Rev. John Graham of Fintry, afterwards of Killearn (see Grahams of Ballewan), and had issue, Captain Thomas Graham, late of Balfunning, and three daughters. (3) Mary, married James Dennistoun of Golfhill, banker in Glagow, and four sons - (i.) Alexander, M.P. for Dumbartonshire in 1834, who succeeded his father in Golfhill, and was head of the great house of J. & A. Dennistoun. The survivors of his family are Alexander H. Dennistoun, now of Golfhill, and Eleanor, wife of Professor Sellar of Edinburgh. (ii.) William, died young. (iii.) James, married, but died childless. (iv.) John, from 1837 to 1847 M.P. for Glasgow, and a partner of J. & A. Dennistoun. The survivors of his family are John, a merchant in London, and Constance, whose first husband was John Hamilton, and who is now the wife of Archibald C. Lawrie of Moss. Mary Finlay and James Dennistoun had also two daughters, Mrs. Walter Wood, died childless, and Mrs. John Wood, whose grandson, John Walter Cross, married Gearge Eliot, the celebrated authoress. Mr. Dennistoun by a second marriage had three daughters.
      Jean, the second daughter of John Duncan and Elizabeth Graham, married in 1736 James Smith of Craigend. (See Craigend.)
      Andrew Duncan, the eldest of the three sons, died young, and John and James were tenants in Drummiekeich. John Duncan married Agnes Lyle, a daughter of another old Strathblane family, and had two sons - John, born in 1738, and Charles, born in 1739 and a daughter, Bethia, who married Robert M'Indoe of Carbeth, and had issue. James Duncan married Margaret Taylor of Fintry, and had a large family, of whom the three eldest, James, William and John, went to Virginia to push their fortunes there along with their cousins, Charles Duncan and Archibald Smith, afterwards of Jordanhill, a youger son of James Smith of Craigend and Jean Duncan, his wife. Ann Duncan, the youngest daughter of James Duncan and Margaret Taylor, married Archibald Craig of Dalsholm, of the Ballewan family (which see).
      Of the Strathblane cousins who thus settled in America, Charles Duncan remained there, married, and had two daughters, one of whom married James Dunlop of Rosslyn, Virginia, afterwards of Russell Square, London, and the other was Mrs. Gamble. Mrs. Dunlop had a son, and Mrs. Gamble a daughter, but both died unmarried. James, William and John Duncan and Archibald Smith, on the breaking out of the War of Independance in 1774, left America, the Duncans settling in Dublin, and Archibald Smith, as a West India merchant in Glasgow. (See Craigend.)
      Leaving James Duncan, the eldest of the three brothers, till afterwards, we find that William Duncan, the second of them, married a Scottish lady, Miss Baird, and had (1) William, who went to South America, and fought in the War of Independance in 1824 under General Bolivar, with the rank of colonel. His two sons, Colonel James Duncan and William Duncan, are well-known citizens of Baranquilla (sic), South America. (2) James, who also went to South America. (3) Maria, married David Taylor of Edendale. Their eldest daughter, Agnes Maria, married John Craig, son of Archibald Craig of Dalsholm, of the family of Ballewan, Strathblane, and had issue Archibald David Craig and the Rev. John Duncan Craig, D.D., incumbent of Trinity Church, Dublin. (See Ballewan.) (4) Rebecca. (5) Jane. (6) Agnes.
      John Duncan, the youngest of the three brothers who returned from Virginia, married a sister of William Duncan's wife. His son settled in the United States, married, and had a daughter, who married Dr. Emmett, a New York physician, and nephew of the celebrated and unfortunate Robert Emmett, one of the leaders of the Irish rebellion, and who was executed in 1803. John Duncan had a daughter, Mrs. John Hutton, whose eldest son is John Hutton of Merovyn, County Wicklow; her daughter Maria married the Rev. John D. Malet, D.D., whose son is Professor Malet of the Queen's University, and her daughter Henrietta married Charles J. Fox of Redford Lodge.
      James Duncan, the eldest of the three brothers, returned from Virginia and became a West India merchant. He lived in Eccles Street, Dublin, and by his marriage in 1796 to Hannah, daughter of William Arnold, he had a daughter, Elizabeth, born in 1797, who married George Peyton of Driney, County Leitrim, and had issue; and a son James, born 1798.
      James Duncan, the son, was manager of the Bank of Ireland at Sligo. He married Harriett Crosthwait, daughter of Leland Crosthwait, Governor of the Bank of Ireland, and had five daughters and two sons, of whom the eldest, James, died in 1853. James Duncan died in Dublin in 1874, and is buried at Sligo. The second son, Leland Crosthwait Duncan, fourth in descent from John Duncan of Ledlowan and Drummiekeich, and Elizabeth Graham, his wife, was born in 1831. He is an officer in H.M. Customs, and lives in London. He married in 1861 Caroline Ellen, daughter of F. Lewis, of Her Majesty's Treasury, and has issue, Leland Lewis Duncan, of the War Office, born 1862; Caroline Annette, and Amy Adela.


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