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Duncans in Charlotte Co. VA


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised July 9, 2004

Formed 1764-5 from Lunenburg
Appomattox formed 1845 from Buckingham, Campbell, Charlotte, Prince Edward


1820-1830 Charlotte Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1840 Charlotte Co. VA Census
Pg.147  Jacob A. Duncan     2010,01 - 1000,1
      (MAD: Prince Edward Co. VA 1830)

1850 Charlotte Co. VA Census
Pg.14, #216, Jacob A. DUNCAN 45 Albemarle VA planter $752
                  Eliza A. 37 Charlotte VA
                  John W. 20 Prince Edward VA
                  James H. 14 Pittsylvania VA
                  Thomas H. 10, Paulina M. 8, Julia F. 1 Charlotte VA

1860 Charlotte Co. VA Census
Charlotte C.H. P.O.
Pg.274, #631, Jacob A. DUNCAN 55 Buckingham VA farmer $3200-$6600
                  Eliza M. 49 Charlotte VA
                  Mary A. 22, Thos. A. 20, Paulina E. 18,
                  Julia F. 13 Charlotte VA
                  Tom. M. WILKES (m) 4 Charlotte VA
                  (Indexed Jacob D. Duncan)

1870 Charlotte Co. VA Census
Bacon Twp
Pg.1-2, #17-17, DUNCAN, Edward 33 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Mary A. 30 VA MULATTO keeping house
                  Jacob (m) 12 VA BLACK at home
                  Phobe (f) 7 VA BLACK
                  Cordelia (f) 5 VA BLACK
                  Rebecca (f) 3 VA BLACK
                  Mary A. 1 VA BLACK
Pg.2, #18-18, DUNCAN, Jacob 56 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Elizabeth (f) 36 VA BLACK domestic
                  Willie Ann (f) 15 VA BLACK domestic
                  Frank (m) 12 VA BLACK at home
                  John H. 11 VA BLACK at home
                  Solomon 8 VA BLACK
                  Mary J. 6 VA BLACK
                  Elizabeth (f) 5 VA BLACK
                  Magdalene (f) 2 VA BLACK
                  (MAD: Jacob indexed age 46 and was age 57 in 1880, wife Amanda 39 VA in 1880)
Madison Twp.
Pg.82, #556-556, HOWELL, William 37 VA BLACK farm laborer $0-$0
                  Parthena 30 VA BLACK keeping house
                  Richard 16, Ella 15 VA BLACK domestic servant
                  Anna 14, Nancy 12 VA BLACK domestic servant
                  Martha 10, Rosa 6 VA BLACK at home
                  DUNCAN, John 40 VA (white) speculator in tobacco (retail) $0-$0
Pg.85, #607-607, DUNCAN, Thomas 30 VA (white) farmer $0-$500
                  SMITH, Edmon (m) 54 VA MULATTO farm laborer $0-$100
                  Cely 53 VA MULATTO keeping house
                  Jennie 15 VA MULATTO without occupation
                  Archer (m) 20 VA MULATTO farm laborer
Pg.87, #651-651, DUNCAN, Jacob 65 VA (white) farmer $1720-$520
                  Liza 57 VA keeping house
                  Mary 33 VA without occupation
                  Paulina 28 VA without occupation
                  Fannie 22 VA without occupation
                  CARY, John 14 VA BLACK farm laborer
                  DANIEL, Bob 14 VA BLACK farm laborer
                  ANDERSON, Lucy 8 VA BLACK at home


Charlotte Co. VA Index to Minute Books (FHL film 30,796)
      Order Book 1, 1765-1827
      Order Book 2: Pg. 216, 226; Duncan from Lovel? (deed partly proved)
      Order Books 3 & 4 - Duncan & c from ... Charles Duncan of Chesterfield Co. VA, not copied


Charlotte Co. VA Wills (index 1765-1904 on FHL negative film 30,776)
      No Duncan until late:
      Duncan, J.A. 19-138 (not on film, book 14 is 1867)


Charlotte Co. VA Deeds (index 1765-1831 on FHL film 30,781)
      1/20/1769, Charles Duncan grantee 2-42, 2-96, 3-224, 3-400, 3-416 (not copied)
      William Duncan, grantee, 3-589, 12/5/1775, Peter Rawlins to William Duncan of Mecklenburg Co. (abstracted in "Charlotte Co. VA Deeds 1771-1777" by T.L.C.)
      Charles Duncan grantor 4-124 & later not copied
      no Jacob Duncan
      4-124: 4 March 1779, Charles Duncan of Chesterfield Co. VA (not copied) (FHL film 30,783)


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