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Duncans in the War of 1812 - Virginia

Index to Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During War of 1812; National Archives Roll 62, Microcopy 602 (FHL film 882,580, Dun to Duq; copied all Duncan and variant spellings)
      All last names are Duncan unless otherwise noted (MAD: have interfiled by first name); all entered service as privates and were discharged as privates unless otherwise listed. Vols = Volunteers; Mil = Militia
      Abner Duncan/Dunkin; Bradley's Regt. VA Mil
      Absolom; 7 Regt. (Saunders) VA Mil
      Alexander; 56 Regt. (Lynn's) VA Mil; Sgt. - sgt.
      Benjamin Duncan/Dunken/Dunkin; Bradley's Regt. VA Mil
      Beryamin; 4 Regt. VA Mil, Lt.Col. Huston, Lt.Col. Wooding
      Berry Duncan/Dunken; 78 Regt. (Feb.-Mar. 1815) VA Mil
      Caleb; 99 Regt. (Bagwell's) VA Mil; Corporal - corporal
      Cary; 2 Regt. (Ballowe's) VA Mil
      Cary; 7 Regt. (Gray's) VA Mil; see also John Patteson
      Charles; 36 Regt. (Renno's) VA Mil; 1 Sgt. - 1 sgt.
      Coleman; 5 Regt. VA Mil
      David; 5 Regt. VA Mil
      David; 7 Regt. (Gray's) VA Mil
      Dillard; Stapleton Crutchfield's Detachment VA Mil
      Dillard; 36 Regt. (Renno's) VA Mil; Sgt. - sgt.
      Edmund; 99 Regt. (Bagwell's) VA Mil; Private - Corporal
      Edmund B.; 7 Regt. (Gray's) VA Mil
      George; 5 Regt. VA Mil; Sgt. - corporal
      George; 57 Regt. VA Mil; Lt.Col. Mason, Lt. Col. Minor; Sgt. - sgt.
      George A./George T.; 8 Regt. (Wall's) VA Mil
      Henry; 5 Regt. VA Mil; Sgt. - corporal
      Henry; 5 Regt. VA Mil
      James; Detachment of Cavalry (1813-14) VA Mil
      James; 2 Regt. (Sharp's) VA Mil; see also Cavalry
      James; 7 Regt. (Saunders') VA Mil
      James; 56 Regt. (Taylor's) VA Mil
      James; 99 Regt. (Bagwell's) VA Mil; Lieutenant - lieutenant
      Jeremiah Dunken; Bradley's Regt. VA Mil
      Jesse; 99 Regt. (Bagwell's) VA Mil
      John; 1 Regt. (Crutchfield's) VA Mil
      John Dunkin; 1 Regt. (Trueheart's) VA Mil
      John; 1 Regt. (Yancey's) VA Mil; sgt. - sgt.
      John Duncan/Duncean; 4 Regt. VA Mil; Lt. Col. McDowell, Lt.Col. Koontz, Lt. Col. Chilton
      John; 4 Regt. VA Mil; Lt.Col. Huston, Lt.Col. Wooding
      John; 6 Regt. (Sharp's) VA Mil
      John; 98 Regt. (Green's) VA Mil
      Joseph; 1 Regt. (Crutchfield's) VA Mil
      Joseph; 5 Regt. VA Mil
      Lauson; 4 Regt. VA Mil (Lt. Col. McDowell, Lt. Col. Koontz; Lt. Col. Chilton)
      Leroy; 36 Regt. (Renno's) VA Mil
      Meshack; 99 Regt. (Bagwell's) VA Mil
      Richard C.; 5 Regt. VA Mil; sgt. - sgt.
      Thomas; 2 Regt. (Ballowe's) VA Mil
      Thomas; 6 Regt. (Sharp's) VA Mil; see also Capt. Scott's Co.
      Thomas Duncum; 69 Regt. (July-Aug. 1813) VA Mil
      Thomas Dunkin; 75 Regt. (Feb. 1815) VA Mil; see also Benjamin Smith
      Thomas; 98 Regt. (Green's) VA Mil
      Wesley L.; Sale's Battn, Cavalry, VA Mil; private - corporal
      Wesley L.; 5 Regt. VA Mil; sgt. - sgt.
      Wesley L.; 6 Regt. (Coleman's, Jan.-May 1814) VA Mil; sgt. - sgt.
      Wiatt/Wiatt B.; 90 Regt. (Mar.-Aug. 1813) VA Mil; sgt. - sgt.
      William; 1 Regt. (Crutchfield's) VA Mil
      William; 4 Regt. (Feb.-Sept. 1813) VA Mil; see also Carks Burwell
      William Duncan/Dunken; 4 Regt. (Beatty's) VA Mil
      William Duncan/Duncon; 4 Regt. VA Mil. (Lt. Col. McDowell, Lt. Col. Koontz, Lt. Col. Chilton)
      William; 5 Regt. VA Mil
      William; 5 Regt. VA Mil; corporal - private (sic)
      William; 6 Regt. VA Mil. (Lt. Col. Dickinson, Lt. Col. Scott, Lt. Col. Coleman)
      William; 16 Regt. (Walter's) VA Mil
      William; 68 Regt. VA Mil (Lt. Col. Walker, Lt.Col. Bassett)
      William; 99 Regt. (Bagwell's) VA Mil; 1 Lieut. - Lieut.
      Winston; 35 Regt. (Kent's) VA Mil

Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Abner, widow Mary; WO 19451, WC 28787; BL 60616-40-50, 69161-120-55; Private in Capt. John Gray's Co. VA Militia 2/9/1814 to 3/8/1814, soldier alleges service as a substitute, principal unknown; Res. sol. 1851 Washington Co. VA, 1855 Lee Co. VA; res. widow 1878 Cany Hollow, Lee Co. VA; maiden name Mary Fulton m. Apr. 19, 1837, Abingdon, Washington Co. VA; soldier d. March 2, 1869, Cany Hollow, Lee Co. VA; widow d. about 1888.
      Duncan, Absalom, widow Elizabeth; WO 29813, WC 17995; BL 29717-80-50, 44806-80-55; Private Capt. Linns Co. VA Mil., 12/31/1814 to 2/22/1815; res. of widow 1850, 1855: Macoupin Co. IL; 1878 Hornsby, Macoupin Co. IL; maiden name Elizabeth Duncan (sic) m. Dec. 26, 1816 Lincoln Co. NC; soldier d. July 31, 1849, Staunton, IL; Remarks: widow's pension ctf. & soldiers discharge ctf. in brief.
      Duncan, Cary, widow Lucy; WO 22627, WC 18622; BL 37891-80-50, 47199-80-55; served 8/1/1814 to 2/8/1815, 2/6/1815 to 2/21/1815; res. 1851 Buckingham Co. VA; maiden name Lucy Landrum m. fall 1815; soldier d. June 10, 1855, Buckingham Co. VA; Remarks: soldier's discharge ctf. and a leaf from family bible record in brief.
      Duncan, Charles; BL 51771-40-50, 40995-120-55; no claim for pension; served Ord. Sgt. Capt. O'Bannon & Capt. Osburn, VA Mil.
      Duncan, Dillard, widow Elizabeth B.; WO 28033, WC 28386; BL 7540-160-50; Private in Capt. Jennings Co. VA Mil; Sgt. in Capt. Dulin's Co. VA Mil, 3/30 to 10/11/1813 and 8/25 to 11/24/1814, soldier also alleges service as Ensign US Inf.; sol. res. 1850 Logan Co. KY; wid. res. 1878, 1879 Logan Co. KY (P.O. Dallams Creek); maiden name Elizabeth B. McCreary m. Feb. 2, 1826, Butler Co. KY; soldier d. Dec. 30, 1862, Logan Co. KY.
      Duncan, George A., widow Mary; WO 30399, WC 25533; BL 79678-40-50, 58517-120-55; Capt. Booker's Co. VA Mil. 12/30/1812 to 4/11/1813; sol. res. 1852, 1855, Henry Co. TN; wid. res. 1878 Conyersville, Henry Co. TN; maiden name Mary Poe m. July 10, 1838, Wilson Co. TN; soldier d. July 6, 1866, Conyersville, TN; widow d. Aug. 23, 1878, Conyersville, TN.
      Duncan, Greenbury, Greenberry or (Dunkin) Berry, widow Nancy; WO 4682, WC 33338; BL 21918-160-55; Private Capt. Timothy Dalton's Co. VA Mil., 2/8/1815 to 3/3/1815; residence of soldier 1855, Carroll Co. VA; residence of widow 1871, 1878 Carroll Co. (P.O. Dug Spur) VA; maiden name of widow Nancy Philips, m. 1809 Grayson Co. VA; soldier d. May 12, 1860, Carroll Co. VA, widow d. Feb. 19, 1882; Remarks: widows pension certificate in brief.
      Duncan, Henry; SO 27462, SC 18500; BL 25796-80-50, 1973-80-55; Sergt. Capt. Dennis McCarty's and Sgt. Capt. Noble Beveridge's Cos. VA Mil, 5/23/1814 to 12/26/1814; Sol. res. 1851, 1855 Loudoun Co. VA, 1872 St. Louis Co. MO (PO Normandy); maiden name of wife American Ann Pearson, mar. Jan. 9, 1843, St. Louis Co. MO.
      Duncan, Richard C., wife Mary; SO 9500, SC 8594; BL 11273-80-50, 31624-80-55; Ord. Sgt. in Capt. Jesse Hall's Co. VA Mil. 3/30/1813 to 10/13/1813; sol. res. 1850, 1855 Logan Co. KY, 1871 Logan Co. (PO Russellville) KY; maiden name of wife Mary Gilbert m. June 4, 1829, Logan Co. KY.
      Duncan, Wesley L., widow Susan; SO 27619, SC 19768, WO 44174, WC 34547; BL 27593-40-50, 91148-40-50, 2149-80-55; Sgt. in Capt. Thomas A. Bibb's Co. VA Mil, pos. Capt. William Sale's Co. VA Mil, 2/1/1814 to 4/26/1814 and 4/28/1814 to 7/23/1814; Sol. res. 1850, 1853, 1855 Amherst Co. VA, 1872 Bedford Co. VA (PO Liberty); wid. res. 1886 Bedford Co. (PO Liberty) VA; maiden name of soldier's 1st wife Sally W. Camden, widow Susan Ramsey m. Sept. 13, 1872, Bedford Co. VA; sol. d. Jan. 30, 1886, Bedford Co. VA; wid. d. May 27, 1914, Lynchburg, VA; Remarks: survivors 19768 and widows pension certificates 34547 in brief. Soldier alleges he served as a substitute for Charles L. Davis.
      Duncan, William; SO 4111, SC 3733; BL 5407-80-55, 24912-80-55; Private in Capt. Henry Welch's Co. VA Mil. 7/13/1814 to 1/28/1815; sol. res. 1850, 1855 Rutherford Co. TN, 1856 Bedford Co. TN, 1871 Rutherford Co. (PO Fosterville) TN.


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