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Formed 1846 from Matagorda, Jackson


1850 Wharton Co. TX Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Wharton Co. TX Census (no Duncan indexed)
Pg.254, #103, Henry CANNON 45 NC
                  Andrew 16, Gip (m) 18 TX
                  (MAD: looking for Henry Cannon, wife Elizabeth Duncan, Austin or Ft.Bend Co. TX, from Montgomery Co. AL, son O.G. b. 1847; not found TX 1850 index, not H.E. Cannon 53 GA in Harrison Co. TX 1850)

1870 Wharton Co. TX Census
Beat #2, P.O. Wharton
Pg.337, #164-164, DUNKIN, David "+" BLACK Africa farm laborer
                  Bettie (f) 30 GA BLACK farm laborer
                  Polly 7 TX MULATTO at home
                  David 2 TX BLACK at home
                  Statling (m) 2 TX BLACK at home
                  (MAD: age of head of household written as a one with a line across it, similar to a plus sign, but perhaps was an "X" for unknown; another similar household had same symbol for age of head of household)
Beat #3
Pg.344, #301-301, DUNCAN, G.C. (m) 28 KY farmer $3000-$1200
                  EASIDRIS?, Clabe (m) 16 MEXICO MULATTO domestic servant
                  (MAD: Green C. Duncan)


Matagorda Co. TX Probate Minutes v.A-C 1837-1858 (FHL film 1,011,113; SLC 6/2009)
      C-69: Petition of Wm. L. Sartwell of Matagorda Co. TX, that 3 May 1846, Mrs. Julia Duncan, a resident of said county and wife of John Duncan of said county, died intestate; she left large possessions consisting of undivided half of community of acquests and gains acquired during their residence in said county, petition for administration, signed Jas. Denison, atty for petitioner. Letters issued Nov. 24, 1851. Appraisers appointed. C-74: Inventory filed 29 Dec. 1851. C-78: Petition of John Duncan of same county, the estate of Julia Duncan, decd, former wife of this petitioner, is indebted to this petitioner in the sum of $24,705.00; the money was part of a sum belonging to this petitioner individually and expended in the purchase of community property during the lifetime of said Julia Duncan his wife now deceased; the property in the inventory was her share of community property. C-80: Accounting $60,000 furnished by petitioner expended to purchase money property in Texas after removal to Texas in 1837 ... 1/2 crop of rice in 1846 ... and debts in 1846. Land in ... Brazoria, Wharton, Calhoun, Bastrop, Burlison Co. and Matagorda Co.

Matagorda Co. TX Deed
      H-310/312: #3357. William L. Sartwell, administrator of the succession of Julia Duncan decd. appointed by County Court of Matagorda Co., by virtue of a decree of said court 30 Dec. 1851, after advertisement, on first Tuesday in Feb. 1852, offered for sale to highest bidder for cash, property belonging to succession of Julia Duncan decd, when John Duncan became the purchaser as last and highest bidder of the undivided 1/2 of 3090 acres in Matagorda Co. on Caney Creek, originally granted to I. Foster, for $1549.50; and the undivided half of 2214 acres in Matagorda Co. on Caney Creek originally granted to Wm. Baxter, for $415.12; and undivided half of 206 acres in Matagorda Co. on Cedar Lake originally granted to McCoy & Decrow, for $206.00; and undivided half of 2159 acres in Matagorda Co. on Live Oak originally granted to Williams & Flowers, at $1 per acre amounting to the sum of $1079.50; the undivided half of 4611 acres of land in Matagorda Co. on Live Oak originally granted to S. Williams for $1305.50; the undivided half of 1373 acres in Matagorda Co. on Caney Creek originally granted to A.C. Buckner for $2059.50; the undivided half of 500 acres in Matagorda Co. originally granted to Isaac Vandorn for $750.00; the undivided half of 740 acres in Matagorda Co. on Trespalacios Bay originally granted to I.E. Robertson for $625; the undivided half of 1,666 acres in Matagorda Co. on Trespalacios Creek originally granted to George J. Williams for $208.25; the undivided half of 177 acres in Matagorda Co. on Trespalacios Bay originally granted to James Hughson for $350; the undivided half of 4205 acres in Matagorda Co. on Turtle Bay originally granted to John Duncan for $575.63; the undivided half of 4 acres of land in Matagorda Co. on the Colorado river originally granted to Henry Williams for $25; the undivided half of 640 acres in Matagorda Co. in Bay Prairie originally granted to R.S. Briggs for $80; the undivided half of 1280 acres in Matagorda Co. in Bay Prairie originally granted to William Brown for $160; the undivided half of 640 acres in Matagorda Co. in Bay Prairie originally granted to J. Whitworth for $80; the undivided half of 1107 acres in Brazoria Co. on Linvill bayou originally granted to W.C. Carson at $1 per acre amounting to $553.50; the undivided half of 2214 acres in Wharton Co. on the Colorado river originally granted to J. Tumlinson for $2214; the undivided half of of 333 acres in Calhoun Co. on Matagorda Bay originally granted to James Hughson for $41.63; the undivided half of 4428 acres in Bastrop Co. on Rabbs Creek originally granted to J.D.G. Vanellman for $553.50; the undivided half of 4428 acres in Bastrop Co. on Colorado river originally granted to Perry B. Iles for $553.50; undivided half of 2214 acres in Burlison Co. on Elm Creek originally granted to David Clark for $276.75; undivided half of 2214 acres in Burlison Co. on Yegua Creek originally granted to Orvil Perry for $276.75; also undivided half of 500 head of cattle in Matagorda Co. for $750. On 23 Feb. 1852, I, William L. Sartwell Admin., filed in the County Court a return of sale, the Chief Justice confirmed it and ordered a conveyance be made to the purchaser; now William L. Sartwell as Administrator in consideration of $14,965.38, convey to said John Duncan all the interest of said Julia Duncan deceased to the described property. 24 Feb. 1852. /s/ W.L. Sartwell. Wit. Jas. H. Selkirk, Galen Hodges. Recorded 22 March 1852. (FHL film 1,011,104; SLC 9/11/2010)

HISTORIES before 1923

1894 "Memorial and genealogical record of southwest Texas : containing biographical histories and genealogical records of many leading men and prominent families" pub. by Goodspeed Brothers (Houston, TX, library book 976.4 M533; from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984; and FHL book 976.4 D3mg; and from Denzil R. Mauldin 3/1984)
      Pg.513: Hon. GREEN C. DUNCAN of Wharton County. There is such uniformity in the great body of men, that but little profit could result from the study of most of them. Occasionally an unusual character is developed, either physically, morally or intellectually, and so impresses itself upon the people within the reach of its influence that it deserves to be noted and studied. The subject of this sketch is such a character. He is a native Kentuckian, born near Bardstown, [Nelson Co.] October 10, 1841, and the son of Green Duncan, whose father went to Kentucky from Virginia many years ago, cleared up land and became an extensive planter. Green Duncan, also a native of the blue grass state, was three times married, and one son, Henry C., born to the first union, is a resident of Kentucky, near Bardstown. Nancy Wilson, the second wife, was our subject's mother. A son and daughter was born to Mr. Duncan's third marriage, and they now reside on the old homestead. Mr. Duncan held many positions of trust and honor in his native state, serving in the legislature for some time, and especially made his influence felt when matters of moment were under consideration. His death occurred in 1869, when seventy-two years of age. He was a Clay Whig in politics and from the first was opposed to secession. In Center College, Danville, KY, our subject received his schooling, and left his books to enlist in the Confederate Army in 1861, a company going from Kentucky to Memphis in August or September of that year. At first he was in Col. Marshall Walker's Tennessee Regiment, and later in the Eighth Kentucky Mounted Infantry, joining General Forrest's Cavalry. He was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant, and was captured at Island No. 10 and sent north, where he remained a prisoner from May 16 until September at Camp Chase and Johnson's Island. After being released he joined his command, and was with General Waul at Coffesville, Miss, Champion Hill, Jackson, Guntown, Brice's Cross Roads, Franklin, Nashville, and then went to North Carolina, but left the Confederate Army at Columbia, Miss, after the Battle of Selma, AL. During his service he had five horses shot from under him, but was never wounded. He rode horseback to Memphis, sold the horse there and went home to Kentucky. Soon after, coming to Texas to look after some landed interest that belonged to a member of the family, he was so favorably impressed with the appearance of the country, that he decided to make his home here. He resided on Caney Creek, in the lower part of Wharton County, for a few years, and then sold out and came to his present property. In 1872 he purchased 1,200 acres of land, now his home plantation, and he now has one of the loveliest home in the section. He has been trading in stock ever since locating here, and has driven and traded stock all over Texas and Mexico. In 1881 he formed a partnership with George H. Northington, and since then has done an extensive mercantile business. They own a ranch of 7,200 acres in Bernard, and another of 4,100 acres in Burnet County. This is one of the most substantial farms in the county. Mr. Duncan was elected to represent his county in the twenty-second session of the Legislature, and served on the committees of stock and stock-raising, roads and bridges, towns, cities and corporations, statistics, claims and accounts etc. July 11, 1872 he married Miss Mamie J. Bowie, a daughter of George Bowie, and five children have been given them: Matie, Harris, Vance, Bowie and Donald. Mrs. Duncan is a member of the Episcopal Church.
            1930 "The Medicine Man in Texas" by Geo. Plunkett Red, pg.324-6, Victoria Co. TX, contained an article about Dr. Thomas Green Duncan, born Bardstown [Jefferson Co.], KY, Nov. 29, 1840; ran away from home to join Confederacy, mar. Miss Mary Regina McClure, had 6 children, 3 died in early childhood; to TX in July 1882 and visited a brother living in Wharton Co., then made their home in town of Victoria; she died Feb. 1893, he mar. 1894 to Mrs. Jessie Lasseter, he died 14 May 1910. (from Jeannine Wright 1/1992) (JW: father of Dr. Ellis Duncan of Louisville KY, Scottie English (Duncan) Forbes, and Madge (Duncan) Brown of Cripple Creek CO)

"Reminiscences of the Boys in Grey 1861-1865" (Texas) by Mamie Yeary, 1912 (FHL film 1,000,598 item 1; pages 202-204, in alphabetic order by surname)
      Forward: In offering to the public these "Confederate Reminiscences" my only apology is to place in permanent form, and in the very words of the participants, as far as practicable, the personal experiences of the "men behind the guns," the "boys in the line," ... Many interesting papers, too lengthy for the scope of this work, have been abridged to contain the most important parts. ... While editing the data so kindly sent me, I have entered fully into each skirmish, battle, march and campaign. ...
      Green C. Duncan, Wharton [Wharton Co.], TX; was born Oct. 10, 1841, near Bloomfield [Nelson Co.], KY. Enlisted in the Confederate Army in September, 1861, at Memphis [Shelby Co.], TN, as First Sergeant in Co. A, Marsh Walker's 41st TN Infantry; Frank Ragsdale first Captain and Marsh Walker, first Colonel. In September, 1862, the company was transferred to the 8th KY Inf., and made Co. K, Buford's Brigade, Loring's Division. In the spring of 1864 the brigade was mounted and transferred to N.R. Forrest's command as Lyon's Brigade and placed in Buford's Division. We served under Forrest the remainder of the war. Was never wounded, but had five horses shot; two killed and three wounded; all under me except one. I had just dismounted from him and was standing by his side when shot. On April 8, 1862, the brigade, with others, was surrendered by Gen. McCowan at Tiptonville, TN, near Island No. 10. I was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and afterwards to First Lieutenant, which was my rank at the close of the war. Was in the battles of ...; Hood's retreat to TN River, from there to Selma, AL, March, 1865.


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