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Formed 1846 from Robertson
Falls formed 1850 from Limestone, Milam
Freestone formed 1850 from Limestone


1850 Limestone Co. TX Census (and from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
5th Precinct
Pg.374, #291-291, Thomas DUNCAN 27 SC farmer $1000
                  Maryann (f) 25 AL
                  Frances C. (f) 4, Mahala 2 TX
                  Martha WILLIAMS 14 AL
                  William S. DUNCAN 23 TN a rounder $0
                  (MAD: Thomas in 1860 Bell Co. TX census, buried in Bell Co. TX; William S. in 1860 Tulare Co. CA census, later Los Angeles Co. CA)
Pg.376, #325-325, John DUNCAN 61 VA house carpenter $0
                  Margaret 51 VA
                  Alvira (f) 18 TN, James 12 TX
                  (MAD: one John Duncan mar. Margaritt Gregory 12/18/1828 Henry Co. VA; one Margaret Duncan in 1860 Robertson Co. TX census; one James Duncan 21 TX in 1860 Falls Co. TX census)
Pg.378-379, #367-367, G.B. DUNCAN 27 TN farmer $4000 (mar/in/year)
                  Rebecca A. 22 AL (mar/in/year)
                  (MAD: Green B. Duncan son of Robert Duncan d.1828 Madison Co. TN whose widow Mahala O'Barr moved to Robertson Co. TX)

1860 Limestone Co. TX Census
Pg.326, #187-167, G.B. DUNCAN (m) 37 TN stock raiser $5000-3450
                  R. (f) 29 TN
                  J. (f) 9, L. (f) 7 TX
                  R.M. (m) 6, Thos. 4 TX
                  W.P. (m) 1 TX

1870 Limestone Co. TX Census
District 48, P.O. "Eataw"
Pg.174, #349-363, DUNCAN, Green B. (m) 48 TN planter $5600-$2820
                  Rebecca A. 42 AL keeping house
                  Josephine 18 TX at home
                  Lewis N. 15 TX at home
                  Thos. R. 13 TX
                  William G. 11 TX
                  Francis E. (f) 9 TX
                  LOWERY, Sanford M. 39 GA planter $1250-$160
Pg.247, #1363-1309, DUNCAN, Virgil J. 60 GA laborer $0-$0
                  Nancy 50 AL keeping house
                  Nathaniel Y. 36 MS laborer
                  Georgia A.V. (f) 25 MS at home
                  Elizabeth F. 15 MS at home
                  Wm. G. 21 MS laborer
                  Thos. H. 19 MS laborer
                  Axey (f) 18 MS at home
                  Emma 12? (??17??) MS at home
                  Benj. F. 14 MS laborer
                  Farris (m) 13 MS laborer
                  Tamsy (f) 10 MS at home
                  Ohhilia? (f) 8 MS at home
                  Sallie 7 MS at home
                  (MAD: 1850-1860 Itawamba Co. MS census; see Greene Co. GA Deeds MM-29 and others in 1835-1836, and RR-343 in 1860)

1900 CENSUS, PCT. 4, MEXIA, LIMESTONE COUNTY, TEXAS (from Kathy D. Cawley 3/2006)
S.D.# 9. E.D.# 59, PAGE# 197A, IMAGE 9 OF 48
HEAD, W/M, MAY 1839, AGE 61, M'd 40 YRS., TN./VA./N.C., PREACHER
MARY A., WIFE, W/F, MCH 1836, AGE 64, 10 CHI. BORN, 5 LIVING, TN./GA./GA.
      (KDC: 1880 Maury Co. TN census)


Limestone Co. TX wills 1874-1913 (FHL film 986,078; SLC 6/18/2008)
      No Duncan indexed

Limestone Co. TX Probate Minutes index (FHL film 986,068 item 1; SLC 6/18/2008)
      Case #, name, admin/exec/gdn, pgs.
      Case #276: Duncan, G.B.; R.A. Duncan admr; Book B, pgs.267, 270, 328, 329
      Case #1470: Duncan, T.R., lunacy; Book O pg.212

Limestone Co. TX Probate Minutes v.A-B 1876-1883 (FHL film 986,068 item 3; SLC 6/18/2008)
      B-267: #276, in vacation, Feb. 23, 1881. Rebecca Ann Duncan, wife of G.B. Duncan, filed petition. He is dead, there is a community estate, she asked for appraisers. Appoint John G. Walling, James Roark and Sanford Lowery appraisers.
      B-270: March 18, 1881, the inventory in hand is insufficient; 20 days further time to perfect it.
      B-328: Feb. 1881, petition by Rebecca Ann Duncan, the surviving wife of Green B. Duncan decd. That G.B. Duncan died in Limestone Co. TX on 30 Jan. 1881, left surviving him the following children: Josephine Myers age 30 years residing in Limestone Co. TX, and Thomas Robert Duncan aged 24 years residing in Limestone Co. TX, and William Green Duncan aged 22 years residing in Limestone Co. TX, Francis Eliza Smith age 20 years residing in Limestone Co. TX, and Minerva Ann Duncan age 10 years residing in Limestone Co. TX. There is a community estate in part of notes due the said G.B. Duncan; she asks for the appointment of John G. Walling, James Roark and Sanford Lowery as appraisers. March 1881, inventory includes homestead of about 200 acres, notes (not copied). /s/ 15 March 1881.
      B-329: Bond of Rebecca A. Duncan as principal and T.L. Curry, N.C. Duncan, John G. Walling, R.E. Myers, and Thomas Duncan as sureties, for $2,810.26 for letters of administration; signed March 1881, approved 30 March 1881.


Limestone Co. TX Deeds; index 1873-1940, reverse C-G (FHL film 985,960; SLC 6/18/2008; deeds start 1873)
      C-360: Duncan, G.B. from B.B. McKnight, relquish deed, 1/22/1875, 6/15/1875, estate of J.P. McKnight
      E-482: Duncan, Charles from G.W. Heard decd, deed, 3/22/1852, 5/12/1876, 640 acres
      E-486: Duncan, Daniel H. from Sarilda Reese, P/A, 5/18/1874, 5/16/1876, to sue for rights in est. J.S. & J.C. Moore
      E-487: Duncan, Daniel H. from J.R. Singleton et ux, P/A, 3/21/1876, 5/16/1876, to sue for rights in est. J.S. & J.C. Moore
      F-621: Duncan, G.B. from W.S.G. Wilson, deed, 5/2/1874, 3/5/1877, 8.6 acres, survey J.D. Brown
      G-99: Duncan, W.D. from Maria S.Y.W. West, deed, 4/2/1877, 4/20/1877, 34 acres, Acosta survey
      G-321: Duncan, Green B. from J.M. Choate et ux, deed, 6/28/1877, 6/30/1877, 20 acre survey George Gentry
      G-591: Duncan, N.Y. & W.D. from George L. Hammeken, 7/7/1874, 16/1/1877, 120 acres Acosta
      G-592: Duncan, V.J. from George L. Hammeken, 11/25/1872, 10/1/1877, 156 acre survey Acosta
      T-581: Duncan, Charles from William Christy et al and Charles A. Jacobs et al, deed, 10/27/1849, 10/25/1883, 5 acres, lot 1 block 3 etc. to Springfield

Limestone Co. TX Deeds; index 1873-1940, direct D-F (FHL film 985,967; SLC 6/18/2008; deeds start 1873)
      D-33: Duncan, G.B. to H. & T.C. Railway Co., deed, 8/2/1869, 3/23/1875, right of ways
      C-503: Duncan, G.B. et ux to R.C. Brown, T. deed, 9/11/1875, 9/13/1875, 200 acres
      D-275: Duncan, Green B. to Silas Eaton, W. deed, 3/27/1863, 10/23/1875, 64 acre survey Jowers
      E-101: Duncan, G.B. to Elizabeth McKnight, deed, 2/17/1876, 2/17/1876, 125 acres Eaton
      E-484: Duncan, Charles to James A. Wood, W. deed, 3/23/1852, 5/12/1876, 640 acres Heard
      E-484: Duncan, Charles to John B. Goldsmith, W. deed, 3/23/1852, 5/12/1876, 640 acres Heard
      skipped some
      L-469: Duncan, N.Y. & W.D. to W.H. Lansford, deed, Oct. 5, 1874, 9/14/1880, 121 acres Acosta
      P-536: Duncan, G.B. decd, adm. R.A., to Richard C. Wimberly, deed, 11/28/1882, 11/30/1882, 66 acres Gentry
      Q-181: Dunca, Thomas, William, Mrs. Rebec. et al to Fannie E. Smith, deed, 6/4/1881, 2/13/1883, 55 acres Wood survey. (MAD: name as given)

Limestone Co. TX Deeds v.E-F 1875-1877 (FHL film 986,057; SLC 2/2009)
      E-482/483: Limestone Co. TX, George W. Cox, administrator of the estate of G.W. Heard deceased of state & county afsd, by virtue of an order of the County Court of Robertson Co. & state afsd granted at its November Term 1851 of the said Court, after giving lawful notice, ... exposed at public auction in front of the Court house door in the town of Wheelock?, Robertson Co., on first Tuesday the 6th of Jan. 1852, land in Limestone Co. on waters of the Navasota 9 miles NW from Springfield belonging to said estate of Heard, viz, 640 acres by virtue of Patent No.824 the Head Right of said G.W. Heard, beg. at SE corner of N. Gilliams 3/0 League Survey, a stake J.A. Hence west boundary, (meets & bounds not copied), said land was purchased by Charles Duncan for $96, it being the highest and best bid, now G.W. Cox deeds the land to Charles Duncan for $96, 22 March 1852. /s/ George W. Cox, Administrator De Bonis Non of G.W. Heard decd. Test: Jas W. Bennett, Joshua Townsend. Ack. Limestone Co. TX, 24 March 1852.
      E-484/485: Limestone Co. TX, 23 March 1852, Charles Duncan of state & co. afsd to John B. Goldsmith and James A. Wood of Chambers Co. AL; that Charles Duncan for $96 paid to said Duncan, does remise and quit claim to Goldsmith and Wood a parcel of land in Limestone Co. TX on the waters of Navasota, the head right 640 acre claim of G.W. Heard by virtue of Patent No. 824, beg. at SE corner of N. Gilliams 1/3 League survey, (more not copied). /s/ C. Duncan. Attest: Jas. W?. Bennett, Joshua Townsend. Ack. Limestone Co. TX, 24 March 1852.


William Duncan Service Record index cards (pdf file from Marquita Ellias from www.fold3.com 10/25/2011)
   #212, Duncan, William, or W.S., Co. Adams, Chevallie's Batt'n Texas Mounted Volunteers (Mexican War)., Private - Private. Card Numbers 11466058, 11466157, 11466253, 11466352, 11466447, 114665316, 11466621
      Co. D, Chevallie's Batt'n, Mounted Vols., Texas. Wm. Duncan, Pvt. Capt. Adams' Co., Texas Cavalry*, Mexican War, age 19 years, appears on Company Muster-in Roll of the organization named above. Roll dated San Antonio, Mar. 6, 1847, muster-in to date Mar. 6, 1847. Joined for duty and enrolled: when Feb. 12, 1847, where Robertson, Period years: during war. Valuation of horse, $50, Valuation of horse equipments, $5, remarks: brown horse 5 yrs old, 14-1/2 hds high. *This organization subsequently became Capt. Adams' Co., Chevallie's Batt'n, Texas Mounted Vols. Palmer, Copyist.
      Co. D, Chevallie's Batt'n, Mounted Vols., Texas. William Duncan, Pvt. Capt. Adams' Co., Chevallie's Batt'n, Texas Mounted Vols., Mexican War, appears on Company Muster Roll for Mar. 6 to Apr. 30, 1847. Present or absent: not stated. Valuation of horse $50, valuation of horse equipments $5. Palmer, Copyist.
      Co. D, Chevallie's Batt'n, Mounted Vols., Texas. Wm. Duncan, Pvt. Capt. Adams' Co., Chevallie's Batt'n, Texas Mounted Vols., Mexican War, appears on Company Muster Roll for May & June, 1847, Present or absent: not stated. Valuation of horse $50, valuation of horse equipments $5. Palmer, Copyist.
      Co. D, Chevallie's Batt'n, Chevallie's Batt'n, Texas Mounted Vols., Mexican War. Wm. Duncan, Pvt. Capt. Adams' Co., Chevallie's Batt'n, Texas Mounted Vols., Mexican War, appears on Company Muster Roll July & Aug., 1847, Present or absent: not stated. Valuation of horse $50, valuation of horse equipments $5. Palmer, Copyist.
      Co. D, Chevallie's Batt'n, Mounted Vols., Texas. Wm. Duncan, Pvt. Capt. Adams' Co., Chevallie's Batt'n, Texas Mounted Vols., Mexican War, appears on Company Muster Roll Aug.31 to Dec.31, 1847, Present or absent: not stated. Palmer, Copyist.
      Co. D, Chevallie's Batt'n, Mounted Vols., Texas. Wm. Duncan, Pvt. Capt. Adams' Co., Chevallie's Batt'n, Texas Mounted Vols., Mexican War, appears on Company Muster Roll Dec.31, 47, to Apr. 30, 1848. Present or absent: not stated. Palmer, Copyist.
      Co. D, Chevallie's Batt'n, Mounted Vols., Texas. W.S. Duncan, Pvt., Capt. Adams' Co., Chevallie's Batt'n, Texas Mounted Vols., Mexican War, Age 19 years, Appears on Co. Muster-out Roll dated Camargo Mex., June 30, 1848, Muster-out to date June 30, 1848, Last paid to Apl. 30, 1848. Clothing account: Due soldier $7.00. Due U.S. for arms, equipments, &c, $18.70. Remarks: Stop for 1 carbine $17.00, 1C Sling 75c, 1C swivel 75c, 1 wiper 20c, 1S driver 25c, D. Pistol, Holsters & housings lost in action with Indians at Lake Parras Mex. Apl. 16, 1848.

Record and Pension Office, War Department, Washington, Jul' 10, 1893. Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions. (filled-in 2-page form, pdf file from Marquita Ellias from www.fold3.com, 10/23/2011)
      The rolls show that Private William Duncan, Capt. Adams Co., Texas Cavy, (Mexican War),* was enrolled Feby. 12, 1847, mustered in Mar. 6, 1847, at San Antonio and M.O. with Co. June 30, 1848 at Camargo, Mex. and that the stations of the Company between muster-in and the last-named date were as follows:
      Apr. 30, 1847, Monterey, Mex.
      June 30, 1847, Encartatho, Mex.
      Aug. 31, 1847, La Encantada, M.
      Dec. 31, 1847, " ", Mex.
      Apr. 30, 1848, Parras, Mexico.
      Date Co. started for Mexico ----, 184_. Date Co. left Mexico ---- 184_.
      The rolls do not show the soldier absent.
      *subsequently became Capt. Adam's Co. Chevallie's Battn. Texas Mounted Vols.
      He is also borne as W.S. Duncan but not as William L. Duncan.
      No other Capt. Adam's Co. of Texas Vols. Mex. War.
      Stamped: Jul 11, 1893, U.S. Pension Office. /s/ F.C. Ainworth, Col. U.S. Army, Chief of Office Per M.

HISTORIES before 1923

1907 "A history of California and an extended history of its southern coast counties : also containing biographies of well-known citizens of the past and present" by Prof. James Miller Guinn, pub. by Historic Record (book qc979.4 G9, Vol.2, CA State Library; and FHL book 979.4 H2g and film 468,759 and film 1,000,099)
      Vol.2, pg.2171: DUNCAN, Narcissa. Mrs. Narcissa Duncan of Los Angeles, her grandfather William Parker of Livingston Co., MO, her father William Parker and mother Elizabeth Hicks. Narcissa b. 8 Dec. 1842; family to Texas 2 years later; to CA 1854 near San Diego. She mar. 1855 William S. Duncan, who although born in Tennessee was reared in Texas, whither his mother had removed while he still a youth. He came with Parker family to CA. He died 11 Jan. 1871. 8 children, youngest died an infant. Children: Francis mar. M.L. Bennett, d. age 27; Robert was 2nd child; Cora mar. Charles McClain, live Los Angeles; John Smith is rancher; Henry resides Los Angeles; Mahala mar. Louis Fogle; youngest living is Maude Myrtle, wife of Hugh C. Laughlin. (MAD: 1850 Limestone Co. TX census; son of Robert Duncan & Mahala O'Barr from Madison Co. TN.; see Mahala Duncan in 1850 Robertson Co. TX census)


"CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE" Volume 65, No. 16, Nashville, TN, April 21, 1904 [General Organ of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South] (from Kathy D. Cawley 3/2006; see also Limestone Co. TX)
      Rev. T.J. Duncan was born in Montgomery County, Tenn., May 27, 1839; was converted and joined the Church in August 1862; was licensed to preach in 1864; entered the traveling connection in the fall of 1866; and died January 27, 1904. His several appointments were as follows: In the Tennessee Conference, Dover, 1866-67; Lineport, 1867-69; Montgomery, 1869-70; Cedar Hill, 1870-74; New Providence and Bethel, 1874-77; Oliver and Pleasant Valley, 1877-78; Pulaski, 1878-79; Columbia, 1879-83; Columbia District, 1883-87; Shelbyville District, 1887-90; North High Street, Nashville, 1890-91; and Columbia Station, 1892-93. In the Los Angeles Conference, presiding elder of the Los Angeles District three years. In the Northwest Texas Conference, Taylor, two years; Mexia, two years, and in Ennis he had entered his fourth year when called from labor to reward. He represented the Tennessee Conference at Richmond, Va., in 1886, and in St. Louis in 1890. These simple figures and facts tell the story of an earnest, consecrated life and give to us its scope and activities. But facts and figures cannot impart to us the delicate character and the exquisite personality of Thomas Jefferson Duncan. To understand him thus was to come into touch with his presence and to feel the generous impulses of his great heart and his noble spirit. In person he was slightly above medium size, inclined to be fleshy, with a splendid head, a twinkling eye, and an amiable face, wonderfully expressive of his thoughts and feelings. As a man he had the courage of a lion and the gentleness of a woman; as a Christian he had a genuine experience, rooted in convictions as deep as his nature and as broad as his manhood, and his integrity had within it the solidarity of granite; as a preacher he was tender, original, importunate, interspersed now and then with a genuine flash of humor, and deeply spiritual; and as a friend and brother he was warm, confiding, unselfish, and abiding. He hated sin with an intense hatred, but he loved all mankind. He never took halfway positions on any subject, but went his whole length after having made up his mind that a given course of conduct was right and proper. You always knew where to find him when the truth as he understood it was up for discussion. And he knew how to differ from the brethren without carrying that difference into personal grievance and misunderstanding. He entertained no malice and never allowed the sun to go down upon his anger. Good natured, genial, witty, well informed, affectionate, he was ready to give and take and remain your brother still. In his home, in the private circle, and out in the great world, he exerted an influence as sweet as the music of song and as fragrant as the perfume of flowers. There was nothing gloomy in his religion or depressing in his spirit; on the contrary his face was always an expression of jubilant triumph in his voice and countenance. His whole nature bubbled over with kindness and his manner and words scattered sunshine all around him. He was always in love with God and mankind. He attracted to him the old and the young and little children flocked about him in the exuberance of childish glee. He was an eminently wise man. There was no foolishness in his character, and in all his relations his one object was to glorify his Master and bring people to a knowledge of the truth. He did his work in the pastorate and in the pulpit eminently well. He knew when to speak and what to say. His sermons were the essence of the gospel. They convicted sinners, strengthened believers, and comforted saints. In the inner circles of grief and sorrow he was wonderfully gifted with the power to soothe the wounded spirit and to solace the broken-hearted. The tenderness of his nature went out to the distressed and the bereaved. But as a husband and a father his devotion and love knew no bounds. In that inner sacred circle where the outside world did not gaze he was well nigh worshipped. The wealth of his heart exhausted its munificent resources upon those who stood related to him as wife and children. How they loved him and how he loved them! I have never seen more display of genuine affection than this man manifested in his domestic circle. To come within its sphere and enjoy its warmth, as I have done, is a benediction. Therefore, such a life as the one lived by Brother Duncan is worthy of our emulation. He lived, he wrought, and he died well. Behind him there is no darkness, and around his grave is the light of an inextinguishable hope. We shall meet him again under brighter skies, beside purer streams, and amid gardens whose foliage and flowers will know no frost blight for evermore. Goodbye, brother, friend, companion, noble old warrior, till we strike hands again beyond the murky waters of the turbid river.
      [by] G. C. RANKIN.

Some early Duncans in Limestone Co. TX:
      Green Duncan, 7 Nov. 1849, received bounty warrant #561 for 320 acres for service from 1 Oct. 1836 to 12 Jan. 1837; 160 acres in Falls Co. were patented to John W. McDaniel, assignee, on 17 March 1874; 80 acres in Freestone Co. were patented to F.R. Compton, assignee, on 14 Aug. 1860; 50 acres in Freestone Co. were patented to C. Gorman, assignee, on 2 July 1875; and 30 acres in Limestone Co. were patented to J.B. Tyus, assignee, on 19 Feb 1866. ("Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas 1835-1888" by Thomas Lloyd Miller, 1967, for service between 1835 and 1846, from records of the TX General Land Office; from Lucille Mehrkam 1984).
      Green B. Duncan, 18 Feb. 1875, age 53, of Limestone Co. TX, had TX Pension Application approved; Oct. 1836 was in Thos. H. Barron's Company A, btn. of rangers. Received a bounty warrant for 320 acres. N.C. Duncan, Robertson Co., a brother of applicant, affirmed service. R.M. Matthews, Navarro Co., served with applicant under Barron. G.B. Erath, Travis Co., also served in the same company as applicant for about 12 months. File in box 304-52. (pg.106, "Republic of TX Pension Application Abstracts" by John C. Barron (Chairman, Abstracting Committee, Austin Gen. Society), Nan Polk Brady, Emma Gene Seale Gentry, Barbara Langham Goudreau, Iris Higgins Zimmerman; FHL book 976.4 M2bj and fiche 6,101,694)
      Green B. Duncan, 30 Jan. 1881, died; Green B. Duncan, 1/29/1824 - 1/30/1881, and Mrs. P.A. Duncan 9/14/1829 - 6/6/1885, bur. New Salem Church an/or Eutaw Cemetery Records (Vol.20#3, "TX Footprints" from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984)
      William L. Duncan, 27 May 1893, deceased; his widow Narcisa applied in CA, WA-11388, for a pension based on his service in the Mexican War in Adams' TX Vols. ("Index to Mexican War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White; FHL book 973 M22mw) (MAD: Los Angeles Co. CA; Limestone Co. TX)

"A History of Prairie Hill - A Central Texas Community" by Myrtis Dominy and Norton Fox, 1981 (Houston, TX, Library book 976.44D671 or 976.4285 D671 LIMEST; from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984)
      This book contains a sketch of the family of Robert E. Duncan, born 4/25/1864 at Pittsburg Landing [Hardin Co.], TN, mar. 12/1893 to Mary E. Lee Brunson; to Prairie Hill [Limestone Co.] TX.


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