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Formed 1838 from Brazoria


1850 Galveston Co. TX Census (and from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
Pg.257, #294-305, J.B. DUNCUM (m) 25 VA hospt. surgeon $0
                  Catherine 21 VA
                  Bailey 3 TX
                  Mary SHULTZ 12 GER laborer
                  Lewis HUNT 40 GER laborer
                  Ben CHEESMAN 50 B.W.Indies MULATTO laborer
                  Wm. H. St.JOHN 26 ENG druggist clerk
Pg.260, #335-344, James DUNCAN 51 SCT mariner $0
                  Mary BURR 52 SCT
                  Jane 10, Duncan 15 SCT

1860 Galveston Co. TX Census
Galveston Isl.
Pg.429, #1312-1305, E.C. DUNKIN (f) 35 VA (blank) $1500-$1400
                  Rosa 9, Eva (f) 6 TX
                  William 5 TX
Galveston Ward 3
Pg.484, #771-772, M. TURKS (f) 32 GERMANY
                  Henry 10, Amelia 2 TX
                  Geo. HENNAMAN 22 MA clerk
                  Jno. SMITH 25 NY clerk
                  F. BRENTREO? (m) 21 GERM. (blank)
                  P. DUNCAN (m) 33 GERMANY (blank)

1870 Galveston Co. TX Census
Precinct No.2
Pg.115, #192-192, DUNKUN, Mrs. (f) 40 VA keeping house $5000-$0
                  Rosa 17, Eddy (m) 15 TX
Pg.115, #193-193, DUNKUN, Mary 17 VA BLACK dom. servt.
                  CROW, Hattie (f) 6 TX MULATTO
                  Isaac 16 TX BLACK dom. servt.
Ward 2
Pg.215, #255-247, DUNCAN, William 36 TX com. merchant $0-0
                  Ann 22 TX keeps house
                  Leonard (m) 8 GA
                  BELL, Laha (f) 25 TX MULATTO domestic svt.
                  Anna 5 TX MULATTO
Ward 3 (indexed Thomas Duncan pg.240, not Duncan)
Pg.240, #177-170, ADAMS, Rachel 23 TX dress making
                  DUNCAN, Mary 23 IRE "do"


St.Louis [MO] Probate Court Digitization Project, 1802-1900; Case Number #20127, Filed 1893, Microfilm Reel C 39592 (Internet images, 12/2004; MAD's extract)
      http://www.sos.mo.gov/archives/stlprobate/ A collaborative project of the Missouri State Archives, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, and the St. Louis Probate Court.
      #20127. DUNCAN, Michael 1893
      Notice to Creditors of estate of Michael Duncan by Public Administrator, in City of St. Louis, 20 November 1893, /s/ Wm. C. Richardson, Public Administrator.
      Inventory of real & personal estate of Michael Duncan, Nov. 20th, 1893:
      Cash on hand at time of death $380.00; Certificate of deposit of the Third National Bank of St.Louis dated Feby. 18, 1893, bearing 3% per annum interest, $2200.00; Interest now due on same $50.05; (clothing, 1 gold watch); Signed by O.W. Radermann and H.L. Verdier, witnesses appointed by Public Administrator of City of St.Louis to accompany & aid him in opening and examining the papers and money of Michael Duncan. /s/ Wm. C. Richardson, 6 Dec. 1893. Appraisement by O.W. Rodermann, H.L. Verdier and William Kuemmel, of City of St.Louis, to appraise estate of Michael Duncan ..., 20 Nov. 1893, (clothes appraised at $8.25, watch at $30.00, total $38.25) Appraisement filed Dec. 6, 1893.
      We, the undersigned, the only children and heirs of Michael Duncan, deceased, hereby acknowledge the receipt of the goods and chattels consisting of one gold watch and some clothing of the appraised value of $38.25, belonging to said estate the same to be charged against us as a part of our distribution share in said estate. /s/ Mary Scott Duncan, Nellie G. Duncan. Notarized in Galveston Co., TX, 27 Dec. 1893.
      Receipt of Dr. Fritz Neuhoff, Nov. 20, 1893, for $34.00 for medical attendance during last illness for 17 professional visits, one each day from Nov. 3 to Nov. 19th, 1893, both inclusive at $2.00 a visit.
      Settlement by Administrator ... 1895, includes: Balance $2317.95, pay Mary Scott Duncan daughter of decd $1175.10 less amt already paid $19.12-1/2, $1155.97-1/2; and "Helen Gertrude Duncan" $1175.10 less amt already paid $19.12-1/2, $1155.97-1/2, total $2311.95; filed 9 Dec. 1895.
      January 15, 1896, received from Wm. C. Richardson, Public Administrator in charge of the estate of Michael Duncan decd, $1155.97 for my distributive share in said estate as ascertained by the Probate Court on final settlement thereof. /s/ Nellie Gertrude Duncan.
      same wording, /s/ Mary Scott Duncan.
      State of Texas, County of Galveston. I, James B. Stubbs of the city and county of Galveston, and State aforesaid, being first duly sworn, depose and say,
      I was intimately acquainted with Michael Duncan, deceased, late of St. Louis, in the county of (Blank) State of Missouri. Have known him for about fifteen years. During a considerable part of this time he lived in this city. I also know his family well, and have known them for over ten years.
      He left surviving him two daughters who are all and the only heirs of said Michael Duncan, and who live in this city, county and state. Their names and ages are Mary Scott Duncan, who will be 22 years old April 4th, 1896, and Helen Gertrude Duncan, who will be 20 years of age on December 19th, 1895.
      Their mother is still living, but she was divorced from Michael Duncan in the District Court of this county, several years ago. The divorce was absolute. /s/ James B. Stubbs. Sworn 4 December 1895 before E. Burkey, Notary Public, Galveston Co. TX.
      Affidavit as to Heirs, Public Administrator's Office, St. Louis, MO
      Galveston Co., TX, affidavit by Jane Pritchard of Galveston, county & state aforesaid, ... that I have been intimately acquainted with Michael Duncan deceased, late of St. Louis in said county and State of Missouri all his life, and also with the family of said Michael Duncan for the last 19 years. That said Michael Duncan deceased left surviving him the following heirs, viz:
      Mary Scott Duncan, aged 21 years, residing at Galveston, Texas
      Helen Gertrude Duncan, aged 19 years, residing at Galveston, Texas
      /s/ Jane Pritchard. Sworn to by Mrs. Jane Pritchard (widow) 3 Dec. 1895, before E. Burkey, Notary Public, Galveston Co. Texas.


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