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Formed 1875 from Titus


Franklin Co. TX Deeds (1845-1875 index on FHL film 1,301,867 part 1)
      (MAD: Deed books 1 to 5 are deeds transcribed from Titus County deed books; Franklin Co. formed 1875 from Titus County and also was part of Red River County 1841-1857; wanted heirs of James W. Duncan; see also Cass, Marion, Morris, Red River Cos.)
      3-117: (blank day) Feb. 1854, we the heirs of Daniel Gray, for $300 paid by Demondie and Claiborne, sell our right to 1280 acre grant to James Brantley by Bastrop Co. TX on 5 July 1838. Signed J.B. (X) Duncan, Mary Jane (X) Duncan. Reg. 11/20/1866. (FHL film 1,301,869)
      4-72 to 80: 3 July 1862, Davis Co. TX; George W. Duncan, Alexander M. Duncan, Cynthia Morris, Amos Morris, Thomas Duncan and Stephen Duncan, only heirs at law of James W. Duncan decd, by our attorney in fact William R. Lount, who was duly constituted our said attorney by virtue of certain power of attorney executed by us in Rowam (sic) Co. NC on 20 Sept. 1861; to Alexander Turner and William R. Lount or either of them, for $1540 paid by P.M. Graham of Davis Co. TX, sell etc. to P.M. Graham four certain land certificates or warrants described as follows, viz, 1st, Headright No. 138 for 1476 acres; 2nd Bounty No. 134 for 960 acres; 3rd Donation No. 62 for 640 acres, all the preemption issued October 29 1859 by Clement R. Johns, Comptroller, to the heirs of J.W. Duncan, and 4th, additional Bounty No. 365 for 960 acres issued December 14, 1861, by Wm. S. Hotchkiss Comr. of Claims, to the heirs of James H?. Duncan; together with any and all lands located by virtue of the same. /s/ George W. Duncan, Alx. M. Duncan, Cynthia Morris, Amos Morris, Thomas Duncan, Stephen Duncan, by Wm. R. Lounth? attorney. Rec. Davis Co. TX by William R. Louh? 4 July 1862 in City of Austin, filed 31 May 1870 in Franklin Co. TX.
            Pg.74: Certification for James E. Ren as Clerk of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Rowan Co. NC, 23 Sept. 1861. Rowan Co. NC, 20 Sept. 1861, George W. Duncan, Alexander M. Duncan, Cynthia Morris formerly Cynthia Duncan, Amos Morris the husband of Cynthia, and Thomas Duncan and Stephen Duncan, only children of Alfred C. Duncan decd., and all being the only heirs of James W. Duncan decd. and being citizens of Rowan Co. NC, for sundry good causes, nominate and appoint Alexander W. Turner of State of TN and William R. Lount? of Austin, TX, and each of them or either of them, our attorneys in fact, ... from the Government of the State of TX in any of its departments or from any person having possession thereof, any and all land, land certificates, land patents, money or pay due to us heirs at law of James W. Duncan decd, for his services in the War of Independance in the Co. of Captain Shackelford in 1836, and authorize the attorneys to sell and convey any and all lands, certificates and land patents ... Wit. Oliver Pratt, Nathan Hart. The signors appeared 20 Sept. 1861 in Rowan Co. NC.
            Pg.76: Rowan Co. NC; Be it known that before me, C. Payne, presiding Justice of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, personally came Nathan Hart and (Oliver) Pratt, citizens of Rowan Co. NC who are personally well known to me, give their oaths that they are well acquainted with George W. Duncan, Alexander M. Duncan, Cynthia M. Morris, Amos Morris, Thomas Duncan and Stephen Duncan who executed the foregoing power of attorney, and that they are residents of Rowan Co. NC and that George W. Duncan and Alexander M. Duncan are the only surviving brothers of James W. Duncan decd, and the said Cynthia Morris is the only sister of the said James W. Duncan decd, and that Amos Morris is the husband of Cynthia, and that Thomas and Stephen are the only surviving children of Alfred C. Duncan decd who was a brother to James W. deceased, and that the father and mother of James W. are deceased and he was never married and that he left surviving heirs neither wife nor decedents (sic) and that James W. decd. not having nor never had any brothers and sisters excepting the said George W., Alexander M., Cynthia and Alfred C. decd, and that the mother of the mother of the said Thomas and Stephen is dead; and that the said James W. decd. left the state of NC in the year 1825 and went thence to the state of Alabama in which last state in the year 1835 he attached himself to the Company of Soldiers under the command of Captain Shackelford and went in said company to the republic of TX and that James W. lost his life in the said republic in the month of March 1836 at Goliad in the said Republic as they the deponents have heard and believe since about the year 1836, and that James W. decd. has never been seen nor heard of as being in existance since the year 1836, and each and all of the parties to the foregoing power of attorney are of full and lawful age, and that in law? of the said James W. Duncan decd. has now living neither descendants nor decendants (sic) and that George W., Alexander M., Cynthia, Thomas and Stephen are the nearest of kin and only nearest collaterals of James W. Duncan decd. The affiants have no interest in the matter embraced in the foregoing power of attorney; the affiants are respectable and credible persons. /s/ Oliver Pratt, Nathan Hart. 20 Sept. 1861. Power of attorney and certificate of authentication filed in Travis Co. TX 19 May 1862 and recorded in Book F (P?) pages 303-304-305-6; Davis Co. TX, filed 19 Oct?. 1863; filed Franklin Co. TX 30 May 1870. (FHL film 1,301,869)
            (MAD: Unable to identify this family in 1850 or 18360 census; one Alexander M. Duncan was in Moore Co. NC in 1820, but not later and Duncans not in 1850 or 1860 Rowan Co. NC; no Amos Morris with wife Cynthia in 1850 southern states, incl. NC, TN, etc.; looked at Amos Morris indexed Lincoln Co. TN, Gaston Co. NC, and Anderson Co. SC 1850, no wife Cynthia.)
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Some early Duncans in Franklin Co. TX:
      James W. Duncan, 1859-1861, had fallen with Fannin; his heirs received bounty warrants; 29 Oct. 1859, his heirs received bounty warrant #134 for 960 acres; 320 acres in Marion Co. patented to the heirs on 1/18/1869, 40.75 acres in Cass Co. on 5/2/1871, 81.66 acres in Marion Co. on 3/4/1875, 234.5 acres in Morris Co. on 1/24/1906, and 278.8 acres in Red River Co. on 6/27/1868. On 14 Dec. 1861, his heirs received bounty warrant #365 for 960 acres; 300 acres in Cass Co. patented to heirs on 5/19/1869, 157 acres in Morris Co. on 4/23/1869, 503 acres in Franklin Co. on 3/1/1871. ("Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas 1835-1888" by Thomas Lloyd Miller, 1967, for service between 1835 and 1846, from records of the TX General Land Office; from Lucille Mehrkam 1984).


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