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Formed 1849 from Navarro
Johnson formed 1854 from Ellis, Hill, Navarro


1850 Ellis Co. TX Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Ellis Co. TX Census
3rd Division, Milford P.O.
Pg.9, #65-58, G.W. DUNCAN (m) 47 NC farmer $0-$50
                  A. (f) 41 TN
                  M. (f) 19 and A.J. (m) 19 TN twins
                  A.F. (m) 15 MS farmer
                  S.J. (f) 13, J.W. (m) 10 MS
                  F.A. (f) 6 MS
                  T.M. (m) 4, G.W. (f) 1 TX
                  Moses BALDRIDGE 28 TN "Ind." (Indian) waggoner $0-$25
                  E.J. (f) 24 TN
                  E. McJILTON (m) 52 KY farmer $4900-$4850
                  L.A. (f) 47 VA
                  L. (m) 25 KY merchant $0-$400
                  Fannie (f) 15 MO
                  A. (f) 13, J. (f) 9 MO
                  (MAD: George W. Duncan, 1850 Rusk Co. TX census, wife Angelina)

1870 Ellis Co. TX Census (no Duncan nearby or indexed; see 1880 census)
Milford Prct
Pg.326, #78-78, ELDER, Martin 32 NC farmer $1000-$500
                  Elizabeth 33 TN keeping house
                  (no children)


Ellis Co. TX Index to Probate Docket 1850-1978 (FHL film 1,034,624 item 3; SLC 2/2009)
      Duncan, Emeline, #1208, (ca 1907)
      None earlier, quit

Ellis Co. TX Will Record 1853-1884 (FHL film 1,034,623 items 3-4; SLC 2/2009)
      Will Record 1846-1849 - no index
      Vol.A, 1853-1899 - no Duncan


Ellis Co. TX Deed Records; general index 1851-1871 (FHL film 1,034,589; SLC 2/2009)
      A-305: Duncan, Thos. to Harvey Skiles, Dec. 9, 1853, rec. Dec. 12, 1853, Prop.: Thos Duncan 320 acre survey
      A-304: Duncan, Thos. from State of TX, Patent, Dec. 9, 1853, rec. Dec. 12, 1853, Prop: Thos. Duncan 320 acre survey
      H-572: Dunkin, G.W. from C.R. & E.J. Waters, June 13, 1870, June 13, 1870, 56 acres on Chambers Creek

Ellis Co. TX Deed Indexes (SLC 2/2009)
   Grantors B-F 1845-1913 (FHL film 1,034,590)
      No Duncan through 1900
   Grantees A-D 1845-1913 (FHL film 1,034,594)
      A-304: Duncan, Thos. from State of TX, Patent, Dec. 9, 1853, rec. Dec. 12, 1853, Prop: Thos. Duncan 320 acre survey
      M-03: 1874, not copied, & later
      30-631: Duncan, James N. by asiee, from State of Texas, Patent, Sept. 21, 1854, rec. Dec. 28, 1882, 50 acres

Ellis Co. TX Deeds (FHL film 1,034,596; SLC 2/2009)
      A-304: Patent Vol.7 #158, 5 March 1853, to Thomas Duncan, 320 acres in Robertson District, Ellis Co., State of TX, on waters of Richland Creek, a branch of Trinity River about 20 miles S 15 deg. W of Waxahachie per Cert. 73, 12 Sept. 1839, (MAD: description not copied).
      A-305: 5 Sept. 1853, Thomas Duncan of Bell Co. TX to Harvey Skiles, 320 acres (above). Wit. John Patterson, C. Duncan.


Index to TX Confederate Pension Records (from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
      Application, Name, County, Book
      34072, Dunken, J.A., Ellis, 4

Pension Application of J.A. Dunken, #34072, from TX State Archives (from Anita McMurtrie 6/2001)
   Cover page: 34072 DEAD Form A Soldier's Application for a Pension.
      The Commissioner of Pensions reserves the right to call for additional testimony if he deems it necessary.
      Name of Applicant J.A. Dunken
      Ellis County; Post office Forreston, Tx; R. R. #
      Filed 4/9/17; Approved 4/9/17; Pension allowed from Jun 1 1917
      Rejected (blank)
      J C. Jones (or Jonas?), Commissioner of Pensions
   Form A, 694-315-2M; For Use of Soldiers Who are in Indigent Circumstances.
      I, J.A. Dunken do hereby make application to the commissioner of Pensions for a pension to be granted me under the Act passed by the 33rd Legislature of the State of Texas, and approved April 7, 1913, on the following grounds:
      I enlisted and served in the military service of the Confederate States during the war between the States of the United States, and that I did not desert the Confederate service, but during said was I was layal and true to my duty, and never at any time voluntarily abandoned my post of duty in the said service; or (that I was in the service of the State of Texas during the war, to protest said State agains the Iidians {sic} and Mexicans for more than 6 months) That I was honorably discharged or surrendered {the last three words are dashed through} disbanded at Tyler, Texas, about May 1865.
      (give date and cause) that I have been a bona fide citizen of this State since prior to January 1, A.D. 1900, and have been continuously since a citizen of the State of Texas. I do further state that I do not hold any National State, city or county office which pays me a salary or fees of $300.00 per annum, nor have I an income from any other employment or other source whatever which amounts to $300.00 per annum, nor do I receive from any source whatever money or other means of support amounting in value to the sum of $300.00 per annum, nor do I own my own right, nor does any one hold in trust for my benefit or use, nor does my wife own, nor does any one hold in trust for my wife, estate or property, either real, personal or mixed, either in fee or for life, of the assessed value of over one thousand dollars, exclusive of a home of the falue of not more than $1000.00; nor do I receive any aid or pension from any other State, or from the United States, or from any other source, and that I am not an inmate of the Confederate Home, and I do further state that the answers given to the following questions are true:
      1. What is your age? I am 72 years of age.
      2. Where were you born? State of North Carolina.
      3. How long have you resided in Texas? About 67 years.
      4. In what county do you reside? Ellis County, Texas.
      5. How long have you resided in said county, and what is your postoffice address? About six years, and Forreston, Route --- Texas.
      6. Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate pension law and been rejected? If rejected, state when and where. No.
      7. What is your occupation, if able to engage in one? None. What is your physical condition? Poor.
      8. In what State was the command in which you served organized? Texas
      9. How long did you serve? Give, if possible, the date of enlistment and discharge 18 months {there is an encircled 'TX' beside this '18 months.'}
      10. What was the letter of your company, number of battalion, regiment or battery? Company I {?}. Jemmerson Regiment, 9th Texas Infantry.
      11. If transferred from one command to another, give time of transfer, name of command and time of service. Transferred from Infantry to Wagon Service. Cannot Give dates.
      12. What branch of the service did you enlist in-infantry, cavalry, artillery or navy? Infantry.
      13. If commissioned direct by the President, what was your rank and line of duty? Not Commissioned.
      14. If detailed for special services, under the law of conscription, what was the nature of your service and how long did you serve? Never detailed for any special service.
      15. What is the assessed value of your home, if you own a home? None.
      16. What is the assessed value of your other property? None.
      17. Have you transferred to others any property of any kind for the purpose of becoming a beneficiary under this law? None.
      Wherefore your petitioner prays that his application for a pension be approved and such other proceedings be had in the premises as are required by law. (Signature of Applicant) J. A. Dunken
      Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 11th day of November A.D. 1916. W.M. Tidwell (Seal) County Judge Ellis County, Texas
   AFFADAVIT OF WITNESS (Note.) - There must be at least two creditable witnesses.
      THE STATE OF TEXAS, County of Henderson.
      Before me J.A. McDonald, County Judge of Henderson County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared C.D. Owen & T.P. Luker known to me to be credible citizens, who, being by me duly sworn, on oath state that they personally know J.A. Dunken, the above named applicant for a pension, and that they personally know that the said J.A. Dunken has been a bone fide resident citizen of the State of Texas since prior to January 1, A.D. 1900, and that they have no interest in his claim. (Signature of Witness) T.P. Luker; (Signature of Witness) C.D. Owen
      Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 25 day of January, A.D. 1917, J.A. McDonald (Seal) County Judge Henderson County, Texas
      (If possible the two witnesses should have served with the applicant in the army, and if so, let them, or either, state it in their oath, their source of knowledge; also any information regarding applicant's army service.)
      THE STATE OF TEXAS, County of Henderson
      Before me, J.A. McDonald, County Judge of Henderson County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared H.H. (?) Beckham, and A.J. Cook who are personally known to me to be credible citizens, who, being by me sworn, on oath state that they are personally acquainted with the foregoing applicant, and that the facts set forth and statements made in his application are correct and true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and that they have no interest in his claim, and said applicant's habits are good and free from dishonor. And WE further make oath to the following facts touching the applicant's service in the Confederate Army: (State fully your source of knowledge)
      WE are each 70 years old and pesonally {sic} know the applicant: he enlisted in the Company E. Jemmersons Regiment 9th Texas Infantry in the fall of 1864, and served until the end of the War: WE each of us personally know these facts because WE were members of the Same Regiment. WE further swear that WE each pres. have personally known said applicant J.A. Dunken and intimately associated with him as our neighbor Sincd about he close of the War us to about 10 {5 or 6 crossed out} years ago, when he moved from our Settlement to Athens. WE live about 25 miles from Athens Texas, near Chandler in Henderson Co. Texas. (Signature of Witness) H.H. Beckham; (Signature of Witness) A.J. Cook.
      I, Lem Wray (May?), State and County Assessor in the County of Ellis {another encircled 'TX'} State of Texas, do certify that J.A. Dunken, or his wife, or his trustee, or trustee for his wife, whose name is signed to the foregoing application for a pension, under the Act of the Thrity-thrid Legislature, approved April 7, 1913, is charged on the tax rolls of said county with a homestead of the value of no/100 Dollars, and of other property, real or personal, or both, of the value of no/100 Dollars.
      Given under my hand, this 7 day of April A.D. 1917; Lem May, State and County Assessor
   Office Of Commissioner of Pensions; 2632-516-3M; State of Texas, Austin.
      {Seal of State of Texas} J.C. JONES, Commissioner
      To the Adjutant General, War Department, Washington, D.C.
      Dear Sir:
      I have the honor to request the military record of J.A. Dunken who is reported to have enlisted in Company F, Regiment 9 Texas Infantry, Jemmerson's Reg. Later transferred to Wagon Service in the service of the Confederate States Army.
      Purpose: The ________________ person named is an applicant for a Confederate pension granted by the State, and I desire to verify his proof of service.
      Very respectfully, J.C. Jones, {encircled 'TX'}, Commissioner of Pensions.
      The Adjutant General's Office, Washington April 17, 1917
      Respectfully returend to Com.r of Pensions Austin, Texas with the information that a statement of the service of J.A. Dunken, Pvt. Co F 9 Tex Cav. CSA was furnished the Com.r of Pensions for Tex in a communication from thie office dated April 12, 1913 to which attemtion is invited.
      No record has been fourn of a J.A. Dunken, or Duncan as of Co. F any 9 Regt. Tex. Inf CSA.
      Col. Jemmerson has not been identified.
      H.T. McCain, The Adjutant General
   January 18, 1940
      [to] Mr. O.J. dunken, Chandler, Texas
      I acknowledge receipt of your letter of January 17 requesting the military service record of one John A. Dunken whom you state lived in Henderson County at Athens when he applied for a Confederate Pension.
      The records of this office show one J.A. Dunken, nor borne as John A. Dunken filed application for Confederate Pension in the State of Texas in 1917 from Forreston, Ellis County, Texas. His application for pension was approved under file nuimber 34072. He drew a Confederate Pension until his death on July 7, 1918 in Athens, Henderson County, Texas.
      Mr. Dunken stated in his application for pension that he was a private in Company f, 9th Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army. He stated in his application for pension that he served 18 months and was discharged at Tyler, Texas about May, 1865.
      The application of John or J.A. Dunken was approved on the affidavits of H.H. Beckham and A.J. Cook who claimed to have been nightbors of Mr. Dunken and knew of his service in the Confederate States Army as they served in the same regiment with him.
      No further information as to the service of Mr. Dunken is given.
      Yours very truly, Geo. H. Sheppard, Comptroller of Public Accounts
      (Anita McMurtrie note: The possible reason behind all the confusion is that Col Jemmerson's Regiment was part of the Texas Volunteer Army "TVA" and those records are pretty much lost. John Alexander told his family that he ran away from home when he was 15 and enlisted. His previous service with the TVA was as a water boy. When Col. Jemmerson's Regiment was transferred to CSA command, John Alexander went into the Wagon Corps. His service with the CSA is all that is available in the records that I've found so far.)
   Chandler, Texas, Jan, 17th, 40.
      Mr. Geo H Sheppard, State Comptroller, Austin, Texas.
      Dear Mr. Sheppard:
      I would like to have the record of my father, John. A. Dunken, who lived in Hernderson Co, at Atherns, when he applied for Confederate pension, if you can give me the names of the parties who made affidavits for him I will appreciate same, I think he enlisted in Rusk. Co.
      I want to get a monument for his grave also my sister wants to join the daughters of the Confederacy and this information is required.
      Thanking you for the above information, I am,
      Your very truly, O.J. Dunken {encircled 'TX'} {Comptrollers Office stamped received as "No. 6 Jan 18 1940}


Henderson Co. TX Probate Minutes, Vol.A to E, 1847-1883 (FHL film 1,502,710)
      B-13: Oct. 1858, Thomas Box, admin. of James Duncan, on motion of chief pertice?, Thomas Box removed and letters of admin. revoked; court dissatisfied; Box was absent from Texas more than 3 months. (MAD: scraps of pages at front of book; may be out of order; date as given; probably should be in Book C)
      B-24: Nov. 28, 1852, case continued. B-80, May 1854, Thomas Box called to appear. B-85, Aug. 1854, Thomas Box, residence in Trinity City, Ellis Co. B-88, Sept. 1854, continued. B-93, Oct. 1854, Box be cited to appear. B-118, 1855, citation issued. B-131, March 1855, Box moved outside TX. B-153-154, Sept. 1855, ordered that appraisers be appointed to appraise land in Hill Co. belonging to estate of James Duncan containing 414-1/2 acres in Robinson District on waters of E.fork of Aguela Creek about 15 miles N. from Fort Graham located by virtue of Cert. 347 issued 23 April 1850, patent 14 Feb. 1855, no. 803, Vol.10. B-162, Nov. 1855, Thos. Box to sell the property belonging to estate as is going to waste, such as rails, planks and other things, to be sold at Buffalo. B-195, 25 Feb. 1856, Thomas Box to sell the house and railes near the town of Buffalo. B-221, 28 July 1856, report by Thomas Box to be filed. (MAD: report not given in these minutes). B-283, Dec. 1856, not filed. B-283, 27 Jan. 1857, continued.

HISTORIES before 1923

1914 "History of TX and Texans" by Frank W. Johnson, Vol.1-5 (SUTRO book F386 J66 1914, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; and FHL book 976.4 H2j and film 547,564)
      Vol.5 pg.2613: WILLIAM THOMAS DUNCAN of Reeves Co. TX, born Ellis Co. TX 17 March 1869, son of James and Elizabeth Jane (Thomas) Duncan, both born TN, pioneers to TX in the 1840's, located in Kaufman Co., there James Duncan became a rancher, lived in Kaufman Co. 15 years, then moved to Brown Co. and later to Kimball Co., in 1882 moved to Jeff Davis Co. where he spent the last 16 years of his life, dying in 1898; was in Confederate service. Children of James (& Elizabeth Jane): William Thomas; George D. is a merchant in Toyah; James Lafayette, ranching in Jeff Davis Co.; Joseph D. a stockman near Toyah; Lela now Mrs. Frank Billingslea of Toyah. William Thomas Duncan married 29 July 1889 to Miss Annie L. Chalk, a native of TX; they have 4 children: Alice Zillah, now Mrs. Albert Tinnin of Culberson Co.; James C. in business with his father; William K. and Aubrey who live at home.


Some early Duncans in Ellis Co. TX:
      James N. Duncan, 1837-1840, immigrated to TX between 10/1/1837 and 1/1/1840, had 3rd class land grant in Ellis Co. (listed on pg.476, "Abstract of Titled and Patented Lands Compiled From the Records of the General Land Office of the State of Texas" published in Austin in 1860, and indexed by Paul Campbell; published in Vol.3#2 "Texas Heritage Quarterly," from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984 and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F385 T48) (MAD: see also Navarro Co. TX)
      Thomas Duncan, 1837-1840, immigrated to TX between 10/1/1837 and 1/1/1840, had 3rd class land grant in Ellis Co. (listed on pg.477, "Abstract of Titled and Patented Lands Compiled From the Records of the General Land Office of the State of Texas" published in Austin in 1860, and indexed by Paul Campbell; published in Vol.3#2 "Texas Heritage Quarterly," from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984 and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F385 T48)
      Charles Duncan, 29 April 1852, mar. Francis E. Parker
      Elizabeth J. Duncan, 15 July 1858, mar. Moses M. Borild
      Mary Ann Duncan, 12 Dec. 1860, over 18, had unclaimed marriage license to marry David G. Dunagen
      Sarah Dunkin, 26 April 1866, had unclaimed marriage license to marry John Pullhan, consent by her brother William Duncan


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