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Formed 1858 from Bosque, Coryell, Travis


1860-1870 Eastland Co. TX Census
      No Duncan indexed

1880 Eastland Co. TX Census (pg.331C also from Kirby Watkins to Evelyn Sigler to MAD 1984)
Precinct 7, pg.44, SD 3, ED 173
Pg.303D, #386-619, DUNCAN, Wm. 37 TN mar. farming TN TN
                  M.J. (f) 23 AR wife house keeping NC NC
                  Bessey (f) 2 AR dau. TN AR
                  R.W. (m) 11/12 TX b.Aug. son TN AR
                  BURKHEAD, M.L. (f) 58 NC (blank) widow housekeeping NC NC
Precinct 5, pg.38, SD 3, ED 174 (indexed as District 8)
Pg.324B, #364-364, DUNCAN, Wm. T. 33 GA mar. farmer SC GA
                  Joana 28 TN wife (blank) SC SC
                  James T. 10 AR son GA TN
                  John A. 7 AR son GA TN
                  Wm. H. 5 AR son GA TN
                  Kirby S. (m) 4 TX son GA TN
                  KELLEY, Jane 58 SC mo-in-law SC VA
                  (MAD: died 1922 Eastland Co. TX, son of James Duncan b.1801 of 1850-1860 Baldwin Co. GA census, per info of Kirby Watkins 1984)
Precinct 8, pg.51, SD 3, ED 114 (MAD: ED 174 ??)
Pg.331C, #484-484, HOGG, Wm. 26 TX & family
Pg.331C, #485-485, WILLIAMSON, Geo. W. 36 AL mar. farmer SC SC
                  Elizabeth E. 34 AL wife SC GA
                  Emma 8 TX dau. AL AL
                  Henry D. 4 TX son AL AL
                  Exer (m) 2 TX son AL AL
                  George W. 3/12 TX b.April son AL AL
                  (MAD: Elizabeth E. was dau. of Jacob Duncan of 1860 Coosa Co. AL census, from info of Marcie Bridges 1984; mar. 1867 Crenshaw Co. AL)
Pg.331C, #487-487, DUNCAN, Thos. 24 AL mar. farmer NC GA
                  Josephine 18 TX wife IL NC
Pg.331C, #488-488, DUNCAN, Edmund 40 GA mar. farmer NC GA
                  Frances 26 AL wife NC NC
                  Lula (f) 9 TX dau. GA AL
                  Willie (f) 2 TX dau. GA AL
                  (MAD: Edmond was son of Jacob Duncan of 1860 Coosa Co. AL census, from info of Marcie Bridges 1984; mar. 1868 Crenshaw Co. AL)
Pg.331C, #489-489, HAZARD, Jack P. 34 AL mar. farmer NC NC
                  Juliet F. 27 GA wife NC GA
                  Eddie 5 TX son AL AL
                  Zoe (f) 3 TX dau. AL AL
                  HENNING?, Lewis 67 VA (blank relation) mar farmer VA VA PA
                  Almira 46 NY wife NY NY
                  Thomas W. 23 TX son VA AL
                  Willie (m) 16 TX son VA NY
                  LEMONS, Molie (f) 18 TX widow (no relationship) AR TX
                  (MAD: Juliet F. was dau. of Jacob Duncan of 1860 Coosa Co. AL census, from info of Marcie Bridges 1984; mar. 1868 Crenshaw Co. AL)

1910 Eastland Co. TX Census (from Lucille Mehrkam 6/1984)
Enumeration Dist. 44, Sup. 16, Pc.5, Carbon
Pg.131, #106, James T. DUNCAN 38 AR m/1 14, MO AR
            Mary A. 34 TX m/1 14,4,4, AL SC
            Homer F. 13 TX son AR TX
            Addie E. (f) 9 TX dau. AR TX
            Bradie E. (f) 7 TX dau. AR TX
            Esterlea L. (f) 3 TX dau. AR TX
Pg.?, #340, DUNCAN, Kirby S. 32 AR m m/1 AR AR
            Minnie S. 26 TX wife m/1, 0,0 AR MS


Index to TX Confederate Pension Records (from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
      Application, Name, County, Book
      24637, Duncan, E., Eastland, 3
      33568, Duncan, R., Eastland, 4
      43780, Duncan, Mrs. Rhodes, Eastland

Texas Confederate Pension Files
      #33568, 8/9/15, R. Duncan, Eastland Co. TX, P.O. Ranger, TX, Route 2, filed Aug. 30, 1913; rejected, home too valuable, $1950; pension approved 12/13/1916. R. Duncan surrendered at Blakely, AL, April 9, 1865; now age 65, born Coosa Co. AL, resided in TX 22 years, resided in Eastland Co. 22 years, Minister of Gospel but not in active service; I also farm some, am not able to work regular; served Co.B, 63rd AL Regiment, enlisted Oct. 1864, paroled May 1865; /s/ 9 Sept. 1913, witness E. Duncan, G.M. Hazard. Deposition of E. Duncan, age 71, brother of R. Duncan who was born in Coosa Co. AL, wrote letters to R. Duncan when R. Duncan was in service. Letter 6/7/1918 from W.C. Gholson. Physician affidavit 30 July 1915, Rev. Rhodes Duncan, chronic muscular rheumatism and arterio scleroscis. Deposition of E.E. Williamson age 68 of Eastland Co. TX, she ... my mother got letters from him. He did not get home from the war for some time after the other brother of mine came home ... R. Duncan is my brother. (FHL film 967,714)
      #43780, Mrs. R. Duncan, Dead 8-11-39, Eastland Co., 804 Cherry St., Ranger, TX; filed May 12, 1928, appr. May 12, 1928, pension allowed from 3/1/1928. Widow of Rhodes Duncan who died 27 July 1920 in Eastland Co. TX, mar. 10 Oct. 1869 in Kemper Co. MS; age 78, born Nov. 5, 1850, Coosa Co. AL, resided TX 36 years, resided present residence for 36 years, Ranger, TX, 804 Cherry St.; husband drew pension #33568; /s/ 26 April 1928, witnesses Mrs. Virginia Gholson, Mrs. M.T. Ames, & S.V.V. Cooper. 12/8/1938, for several years Mrs. Duncan has been living with Haden Neal; Mrs. Duncan is the mother of Haden Neal's wife; Mrs. Duncan age 90. Letter 12/1/1938, A.E. Duncan, Fort Worth. Bond 22 May 1939, Tarrant, TX, for Mrs. R. Duncan, sureties Virginia D. Gholson, A.E. Duncan; letter from Virginia D. Gholson about "my mother." MAD: nothing gives Mrs. R. Duncan's first name. (FHL film 969,285)

HISTORIES before 1923

1899 "The Ministerial Directory of the Baptist Churches" by George W. Lasher, D.D.; pub. by Ministerial Directory Co., Oxford, OH (copy of pgs.225-226 from Margo Thiel 1/1986)
      Name, city & State; Place of birth; Place and date licensed and ordained; Preached; other abbreviations: Preached; Studied; Church; Institute; College
      DUNCAN, Rhodes, Ranger [Eastland Co.], TX - Born Coosa Co. AL; Lic. Jan. 1880, Ord. Jan. 9, 1881, Liberty Ch. MS; P. Liberty 1881-87; West Kemper 1882-85; Bluff Spring 1881-86; Salem 1883-88; Mont Nelson 1885; Pine Grove MS 1886-87; Macedonia 1890-92; Ranger 1896-98; Providence, TX 1895-99.


Some early Duncans in Eastland Co. TX:
      Julia Duncan, 12 Nov. 1876, mar. Thomas Holt


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