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Formed 1837; Old Mexican Municipality
Fayette formed 1837 from Bastrop, Colorado
Lavaca formed 1846 from Colorado, Victoria, Jackson, Gonzales


1860 Colorado Co. TX Census (pgs.149 & 160 also from Denzil Mauldin 3/1986)
Eagle Lake
Pg.149, #456-434, Mary DUNCAN 37 SC (blank, alone)
P.O. Frelsburg
Pg.158, #601-576, Eilert DUNKIN (m) 60 OLDENBURG farmer $250-$300
                  H.C. (f) 60 OLDENBURG
                  Mary STRUSE 63 OLDENBURG
                  (MAD: indexed Elbert, actually Eilert)
Pg.160, #631-606, Francis DUNCAN (m) 50 HESSIN farmer $2500-$3500
                  Mary 40 PRUSSIA
                  Sophia 15, Joseph 13 TX
                  Bertha 11, May 7 TX
                  Josphine (f) 3, Frances (m) 2 TX
                  Therrissa (f) 17 BOHEMIA sewing
                  Charles RIPFULL 25 BOHEMIA laborer
                  Henry SHULTZ 30 PRUSSIA laborer
                  (MAD: 1850 Harris Co. TX census)

1870 Colorado Co. TX Census
Precinct #3, P.O. Frelsburg
Pg.66, #196-196, DUNCAN, Mary 51 PRUssia farmer & keeping h, $600-$250, parents of foreign birth
                  Joseph 24 TX farm laborer $1020-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Betty 21 TX at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 16 TX at home, parents of foreign birth
                  SCHUBERT, Emile (m) 5 TX at home, parents of foreign birth
Pg.66, #199-199, DUNCAN, Joseph 50 PRUssia farmer $600-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary 44 PRUssia keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Francis (f) 15 TX attending school, parents of foreign birth
                  MEYER, John 17 TX farm laborer, parents of foreign birth
                  Joseph 13 TX at home, parents of foreign birth
Pg.76-77, #348-349, BAKER, William M. 38 GA farming $0-$0
                  Alafair S. (f) 31 GA keeping house
                  Willie (m) 4, Carrie (f) 3 TX
                  Bumbbly? (m) 4/12 TX b.Feby
                  Sarah A. 30 GA at home
                  DUNKIN, John G. 28 KY (white) farm laborer
                  (MAD: indexed in 1880 Bastrop Co. TX census)

HISTORIES before 1923

1914 "History of TX and Texans" by Frank W. Johnson, Vol.1-5 (SUTRO book F386 J66 1914, CA State Library, Sutro Branch; and FHL book 976.4 H2j)
      Vol.3 pg.1360: JOHN DUNCAN, now living in Columbus [Colorado Co.], TX; b. 28 Aug. 1838 in Matagorda Co. TX, son of Capt. John Duncan of KY and Julia (Coen) Duncan of CT. Both parents were brought to AL during childhood where they married; Capt. John Duncan operated boats on the Alabama River between Catawba, Mobile and Selma. Captain John Duncan came to Texas shortly before the TX Revolution, to the Caney Valley; he enlisted in Moseley Baker's Company, was in service until the end after the Battle at San Jacinto, then he returned to his lands in Alabama and returned to Texas with slaves. Capt. John Duncan & wife had five children, son John is now the only survivor. The others were Thomas (oldest), Samuel, Mrs. Dexter Walker, Mrs. John Reeves. John Duncan was in the Civil War, married 12 March 1885 Miss India Green of Gonzales Co., dau. of William Green who came from MS. John Duncan & wife had one child, John Green Duncan, who died in young manhood at the age of 24 (MAD: no wife mentioned for John Green Duncan). (MAD: ?? 1830 Mobile Co. AL census; ?? son of Samuel Duncan died 1826 Fayette Co. KY; 1850 Matagorda Co. TX census shows John Duncan b. 1795 PA)

1916 "History of TX and Texans" by Frank W. Johnson, Vol.1-5 (SUTRO film 69 reel 2 & 3; CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Vol.4 pg.1705: JOHN A. DUNCAN, in service of Southern Pacific Railway, foreman of the roundhouse at Glidden [Colorado Co.]; had his home in TX almost 40 years. Of old VA family & ancestry, John A. Duncan was born in Montgomery, AL, December 29, 1858, son of George W. and Mary (Caldwell) Duncan who had moved to AL only a short time previously. His father, who was born at town of Fluvanna, Faquier (sic) Co. VA, self-educated, son of a slave-holding farmer. The old planter and the grandfather was James Duncan who married a Miss Sneed, representing another old family of VA; among the children of this old couple were: George W.; Robert who died in TN; Howell, the oldest son who spent his life in Roanoke, VA; Valentine whose life was passed in Faquier Co.; Mrs. Mary Waldrip of Hanover; Nannie who married a planter named Pettit and lived near Fluvanna; Lucinda who was married and spent her life in her native country, and German, of Fluvanna. After his marriage, George W. Duncan spent several years on farm of his mother and about 1855 left VA, to Montgomery, AL where engaged in planting, enrolled for service in Confederate Army, was captured at Agar's Station, MS, paroled two weeks later, returned home a year before close of war; an agent for General Allen, and later for Charles Moulton an extensive farmer near Montgomery, AL, in whose service he died March 3, 1868. George W. Duncan was married in Campbell Co. VA on November 15, 1853, to Mary A. Caldwell, born November 16, 1844, dau. of Watson and Mary (Winfrey) Caldwell; they belonged to old VA families and Mr. Caldwell was extensive tobacco grower with slave labor; lost his money because of Civil War; (more on Caldwell family not copied here). Children of George W. and Mary Duncan were: Alice who married Whitaker (no second name) and died at Spout Springs, VA; John Archer; Charles of Denta, VA; George Freney, who died in childhood; and Kate who died unmarried. John A. Duncan grew up in old VA, his mother having returned there after the death of the father, and in 1878 came direct from Lynchburg, VA, to LaGrange, TX, by railroad ... The first time Mr. Duncan revisited his old home in VA was after an absence of 14 years and soon after his own marriage. He was married at Halletsville, TX on November 26, 1884, to Mrs. Lydia Overbay, whose father, Charles Keykendall, was an early settler in Lavaca Co. The children of Mr. & Mrs. Duncan are: John C., an employee of the Southern Pacific at Glidden; Miss Ethel; Leslie, freight clerk at Glidden; and Miss Kyle, attending school at Columbus. (MAD: Denta, VA, as given in history; Dante, VA, as given by Terry Duncan, a descendant, 12/2001)


Some early Duncans in Colorado Co. TX:
      Charles R. Duncan, 1836-1837, had Bounty Grant for land in Colorado Co. TX and in Lavaca Co. TX, and 2nd Class Grant for land in McMullen Co. TX for immigrating between 3/1/1836 and 10/1/1837 (listed on pg.332, 924, and 1054, "Abstract of Titled and Patented Lands Compiled From the Records of the General Land Office of the State of Texas" published in Austin in 1860, and indexed by Paul Campbell; published in Vol.3#2 "Texas Heritage Quarterly," from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984 and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F385 T48). Charles R. Duncan received bounty warrant #7090 for 640 acres on 30 Jan. 1839 for service from 6/10 to 12/10/1836, 640 acres were patented to him on 25 May 1847; Patent #134 Vol.1 Abstract 180, GLO file ? 40 ("Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas 1835-1888" by Thomas Lloyd Miller, 1967, for service between 1835 and 1846, from records of the TX General Land Office; from Lucille Mehrkam 1984). (MAD: 1850 Washington Co. TX census)
      George J. Duncan, 1837-1840, immigrated to TX between 10/1/1837 and 1/1/1840, had 3rd class grant for land in Colorado Co. TX (listed on pg.332, "Abstract of Titled and Patented Lands Compiled From the Records of the General Land Office of the State of Texas" published in Austin in 1860, and indexed by Paul Campbell; published in Vol.3#2 "Texas Heritage Quarterly," from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984 and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F385 T48) (MAD: 1850 Washington Co. TX census)


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