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Campbell Co. TN Land Entries, Vol.C&A, 1817-1824 & 1868 (FHL film 979,234)
      (no page) Entry #883, Soloman P. Duncan enters 5,000 acres beg. corner of 5,000 acre entry in name of John H. Dale, then going north; entered 20 Sept. 1836. (MAD: ? see White Co. TN)

Washington Co. TN Deed Books (FHL film 825,528)
      18-482: 24 Nov. 1829, Joel Duncan of White Co. TN to Hugh P. Young of Washington Co. TN, $85, 17 acres on Knob Creek, being that part of the real estate of Robert Duncan deceased which fell to him in the division of said probate, Lot 6, line of heirs of John Young, decd, ... Wit. James Melvin, Michael Krous, Joseph Melvin. Proven by oaths of James Melvin and Michael Krous 24 March 1830.
      19-58: 9 Nov. 1812, James Anderson Senr, formerly of Washington Co., to William Purselley, Jur., of Knox Co. TN, for 1010 Lbs, 150 acres on Big Limestone, same land said James Anderson Sr. sold to said Wm. Purselley Junr about the year 1786, which deed is lost, land on James Carmickles line, James Campbell's line. Recorded White Co. TN, Nov., 1812; Reg. Washington Co. TN, 10 Dec. 1830.
      19-208: 24 Nov. 1829, William Melvin of White Co. TN, to Hugh P. Young of Washington Co. TN, $102, "parcel of land late the property of the estate of Robt. Duncan decd, being that portion of said tract that was assigned to Mary Melvin, wife of said William Melvin," "heirs of said Robt. Duncan, decd," Lot No. 7 (no acres) on Knob Creek in Washington Co. TN. /s/ William (X) Melvin, Mary (X) Melvin. Ack. White Co. TN, 11 Jan. 1830; reg. Washington Co. 30 Aug. 1831.

Carter Co. TN Inventories of Estates 1839-1855; incl. index; by WPA (FHL film 464,080 item 1)
      Pg.12: (after Jan. 2, 1847) Estate of Godfrey Carriger decd, included notes on many people ... (pg.15) 1 note on Thomas Duncan, $9.15 ... (pg.20) by amount of note on Thomas Duncan placed in the hands of Jesse Lincoln of Sparta (MAD: White Co. TN) for collection but never collected, $9.15; ... (pg.54) long lists of money ... by probate, G.W. Duncan, Nov. 20, 1839, $1.60.

Buncombe Co. NC Deeds
      7-648: 3 April 1806, Pierce (X) Cody to William Allen, both Buncombe Co. NC, $100, 150 acres on long branch water of Ivy, beg. on south side of said branch, crossing branch. Wit. Dan Ball, Robert Robards. (FHL film 410,551) (MAD: Probably the father of the wife of Washington P. Duncan of White Co. TN)
      10-174: 25 Nov. 1799, John Strother to Pierce Cody, $21-1/2, 2 parcels on Joy? (Ivy?) River joining said Cody's land, 100 acres, and 100 acres part of large tract granted to John Brey Bount of 320 acres, 640 acres, sheriff's deed to said Strother 29 Sept. 1798. Wit. Edmond Palmer. (FHL film 401,552)
      10-391: 28 March 1806, Bazel B? Edmondson to Pierce Cody, 28 lbs, 150 acres on Cody branch, a water of Ivy. Wit. Solomon Israel, Abram Whittamore. (FHL film 401,552)

Greenville Co. SC Deeds
      H-149: 5 Sept. 1808, John Blankenship of Greenville Dist. SC, hatter, to William Mathey Junr of State of OH, farmer, Whereas John Blankenship and William Blankenship made notes ... (FHL film 24,015) (MAD: Blankenship families in White Co. TN later)
      K-306: 22 Aug. 1808, Stephen (O) Dill to my son Elijah Dill for love and affection, 50 acres on middle fork of Tyger River, north end of a grant to Archible (sic) Dill by patent 5 June 1786 for 149 acres, and by him conveyed to John Dill and by him to me. Wit. Solomon Dill, Abraham Randel, Nancy (X) Smith. (FHL film 24,016) (MAD: Dill families in White Co. TN bef. 1850)
      P-295: 31 Oct. 1818, Thomas (X) Duncan of White Co. TN to Jesse Mayfield, $50, 60 acres more or less, in the Dist of Greenville, State of SC, marker as are represented by a plat beginning on a red oak on Josiah Williams line to a white oak on Saluda River then thence to a stake, thence to a white oak on land run for Thomas Risiner, thence to the dividing line which was the beginning ... Wit. David Cobb, Jesse Mayfield. Rec. McMinn? Co. TN on oath of David Cobb. (FHL film 24,016)
      NOTE: No plat indexed to Thomas Duncan in SC books of plats.

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