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White Co. TN Will Book A (FHL film 24,865; typed by WPA)
      A-157: Account returned by John Walker, guardian to heirs of Alexander Kerr (other places "Carr"), April, 1821. Also A-178, 1823; A-248, 1827. A-301: January, 1828, account of John Walker, guardian of Alexd. Kerr, heir of estate of Alexander Kerr. B-34: Jan., 1829, return of John Walker, guardian to heirs of Alexander Kerr, decd. No change. B-39: Report Jan. 1831, no change. B-40: Report, settled with Mahala, oldest heir of Alexander Kerr 17 April 1830 (sic). B-48: Report, guardian for Mahala Kerr and Levi Kerr, infant heirs of Alexander Kerr: Paid William Duncan for schooling Mahala $3.50; Paid for boarding Mahala & schooling $16.00; and other amounts collected or paid to people. The share of Mahala who married Joel Whitley $122.48-1/2. The share of Levi Kerr is $122.48-1/2. Dated 17 April 1830.
      A-209,210: Sale of property of William Little, returned by Thomas Little, April, 1825; sale to many people 24 Nov. 1823, including Morgan Duncan - some dishes.
      A-253 & earlier: Inventory March, 1827, of Matthias Anderson's estate, includes among a lot of notes, John Duncan, 200 wt. pork. A-255: Sales of estate of Matthias Anderson, sold 12 Sept. 1826, included among a lot of people, Jos. Duncan 1 side upper leather $4.18-3/4. B-2/9: Oct., 1830, inventory of Matthias Anderson, decd., including notes on many people; Accounts belonging to the estate of M. Anderson decd. created since his death (include): Washington Duncan .62-1/2 cents. Inventory made out under direction of John H. Anderson; /s/ Anthony Dibrell; rec. 15 June 1831. B-4: Settlement by Anthony Dibrell, Mary Anderson and John W. Roberts, administrators, Oct. 1830, John H. Anderson acting for said administrator; Accounts received from (include): Sept. 1, 1827, W.P. Duncan .50 account; Dec. 13, 1827, Jos. & Wm. Duncan 4.25 note; March 15, 1828, John Duncan 21.00 note

White Co. TN Will Book B (FHL film 24,865, typed by WPA; and FHL film 507,899, originals)
      B-75: Jan. 1831, return of sales of property of Martha Pistole included, among many other people (no Hooper), Solomon Duncan, 1 grey filly.
      B-100: Inventory of estate of Thomas Duncan, decd, filed on oaths of William and George Duncan and recorded at Oct. term, 1832. Included notes on B.F. Sanders bad debt, James Tilford bad debt, John Adkins, and accounts on Daniel Clark, William Duncan, Peter Howard by order, Charles Certain, David Glenn, James Crowden, Isaac Bennet, Archibald Hawks, Joseph Hawks, Joseph Bullard, William Green, John Green, and Rachael Bennet. B-116: Sales recorded Feb. 1833 by George W. Duncan, administrator.
      B-183: Thomas Duncan, report of settlement made with George W. and William Duncan, April term, 1835: Amount contained in first inventory, $289.85-1/2; amount contained in second return notes, $131.38-3/4; total $421.24-0/4 (sic). Paid debts to William Marlow, J.C. Davis, James Young, John Walker & interest on the same, James Cooper, Mitchell Sheriff, Osburn Walker, School Commisioners, James Anderson, William G. Sims, A. Glenn, Madison? Fiske, William G. Sims, total $247.95-3/4. Bad notes not: Jas. Tilford, Peter Howard, John Adkins, Joseph Bullard, total $30.50. Paid Jas. Land, Clerk, $3.30; John Allen, $5.71. Allowance to William Duncan the active adm. $25.00. Total $312.46-3/4. Leaves $108.77-1/2 this 13th April 1835.
      B-223: Inventory of estate of William Duncan, decd, returned June term, 1836, included one set of knives and forks, five spoons, (other farming utensils & household goods), notes on Riley Jones; notes on Archibald Hawks and William Marlow due 15 Nov. 1833 doubtful and 15 Feb. 1834 doubtful, Polly Duncan and George W. Duncan due 15 Nov. 1833 doubtful, Joseph Atwater and Isaac Bennet due 15 May 1834 doubtful, John Duncan due 11 Nov. 1833 doubtful, and James Lowry and George W. Isham due 15 Nov. 1833 deemed good (part of this note has been paid how much she knows not), executed to William and George Duncan, administrators of Thomas Duncan, decd; account on A. Dibbrill in favor of Thomas Duncan executed to William and George Duncan, administrators of Thomas Duncan, decd; accounts on Archibald Hawk, Joseph Atwater, Richard Spear, Sarah Tackel to be paid for work on the plantation - doubtful, and Riley Jones. Administrator Susannah Duncan. "her deceased husband William Duncan charged himself as admr. of said Thomas Duncan deceased..." Mention that the note from Riley Jones has been received by Admx. The property assigned to her for a years support is included in the foregoing inventory.
      B-230: 4 June 1836, provisions assigned widow Susannah Duncan and family; assign and set apart corn on hand and all the small grain growing; one cow beast for beef and the use of three cows and calves for milk and as much of the hogs as will do her and family till killing time and then one thousand pounds of pork. /s/ William Hitchcock, Ebener Jones, William Kerr.
      B-244: Account of sales returned Oct. 1836, by Susannah Duncan, the widow of William Duncan decd (she bought most items). Sales to John E. Bussell, John Massa, William Kerr, Daniel Martin, Elijah Elmon?, Abraham Taylor, Daniel Martin, John Bussel, on 17 Sept. 1836. /s/ Susannah Duncan.
      B-311: Settlement 22 Aug. 1838 at Sept. term, mentions note on Atwater & Bennett, acct. on J. Atwater, note on Riley Jones, two claims vs. Hawks, account on A. Dibrell for plank; credits incl. by amt of William Bristen?s act, S.K. Robinson, Dan'l H. Anderson note, W.H. Richardson act, W.L. Young & Bishears act, Henry Ulmaak? act, Sheriff, M/W Bowman assee note, George Elmon, Sh??p B. Whitely, N. Oroham, note to A. Dibrell, settlement with Susannah Duncan, admx of William Duncan decd, 3 Sept. 1838.
      B-357: Oct., 1839, report of Susannah Duncan, guardian to minor heirs of William Duncan, that she has nothing in hand. Rec. 5 Nov. 1839
      B-362: Will of Marshall Duncan of White Co., to beloved wife Susannah Duncan and dau. Hannah Duncan conjointly during life the tract of land wherein I now live as their property; after decease of above-named Susannah Duncan and Hanna Duncan, my son Solomon Duncan should have tract by paying moderate sum to each of legatees, and if cannot agree, land to be sold and equally divided among legatees; Susannah and Hannah to have household furniture and money and notes; dau. Hannah to have grey horse called hers, one cow and calf; wife Susannah yoke of (oxen?), cow and calf ....; rest of property appoint my trusty son Solomon Duncan administer estate; will dated 21 October 1839, Marshall (X) Duncan; wit. A. McBride, Elijah L. Golden; presented to court 2 Dec. 1839.
      B-362: Dec. 1839, letters testamentary issued to Solomon Duncan.
      B-367: Inventory returned Jan., 1840; sales to Solomon Duncan, Enoch Golden, Robert Denny, Bursten Belcher, Davis Weaver, Wm. Snodgrass, John Broyles, Elisha Camron, James Snodgrass, Sims Dearing, Abraham Yeager, William Dearing, Alexander Officer, Richard England.
      B-386: 4 May 1840, letters of adm. issued to William Glenn and Samuel Ramsey for estate of John B. Glenn.
      B-391: 24 Dec. 1839, estate of Jeremiah T. Will, account of sales by William Haley, admr, to Tabitha Will, Sampson Will, Wilson Haley, Henry Kiethley, Martha McElroy, Thomas Grunt, Levi Brown, Elijah Hill, Spencer Holder, Adrian Bryant, Joseph W. Rickman, John Halterman, James Adair, James W. Copeland, James Vaughn, John Kelly, John S. Phillips, Isaac Denton.
      B-399: 22 March 1836, will of Turner Lane; son Turner Jr., dau. Martha, Magdaline, Mary; mention William Wilson's note; little grandson Tandy A. Lain; already given to all my married sons and daughters; son Jacob A. Lane. Prob. Sept. 1840.
      B-401: 22 Dec. 1833, will of George Defreese: wife Mary, dau. Miranda, my six children Miranda Lyda, Elvira Robinson, Albertus B. Defreese, Lewisford B. Defreese, Nancy Defreese & Lian Defreese; exec. John England, wit. Jonathan T. Bradley, Jonathan Scoggin.
      B-409: Oct. 1840, report of William J. Bennett, one of guardians of Alphonso and Manisa Holmes; mentions notes on Emory Bennett and others; Nancy Holmes (widow?). C-24: 24 Dec. 1841, report of William J. Binnett and Nancy Holmes, guardian of minor heirs of Edward Holmes. Mention farm rented to Nancy Holmes.
      B-410: 2 Nov. 1840, letters of adm. issued on estate of George Pertle. C-6: 20 Nov. 1840, provisions for widow & family of George Pertle. C-88: Feb. 1841 settlement of Jacob Pirtle, admr. of George Pertle, ded, income includes one note on S. Duncan $7.31 & others; disbursements include several to Asa Certain, guardian (does not say of whom). C-164: Some of Pertle heirs in Henderson Co. KY. (not copied).

White Co. TN Will Book C (FHL film 507,899)
      C-19: Will of Joseph Hunter dated 4 April 1840; dau. Elizabeth Wallace, wife of Matthew Wallace; wife Mary. C-95: same will. (not copied) C-393: 1 Dec. 1849, report by Joseph Pearson, guardian to minor heirs of Joseph Hunter. Names heirs Sarah Wallace, (paid Mary Wessan for guardian charges), Elizabeth Wallace, Joseph Wallace. Later reports also. E-346: 2 July 1860, bond of David Little, Bryce Little, Andrew J. Gamble, Edward Meredith, Charles Meek and Pierce Duncan, all of White Co., $6000 for benefit of children hereinafter named, on behalf of David Little, who is guardian to minor orphans named Elizabeth Wallis, heir of Joseph Hunter decd.
       C-444: 7 Nov. 1849, certificate in St. Clair Co. IL, by Benjamin McClain of Cass Co. MO; that Josiah Hughes now supposed to be living in AR and Joshua W. Hughes and Powell W. Hughes now living in St. Clair Co. IL, were children of Judith Hughes by marriage with William Hughes; that Judith Hughes afterward married James McClain then of White Co. TN; then James & Judith McClain moved to St. Clair Co. IL, and since both deceased. Born to said James & Judith McClain 3 daus; Martha since married Simeon Feeter? (Felter? Teeter? Telter?), Lucinda since married William C. Neely, and Dorathea since married Washington Walker, Dorothea now decd leaving one child living (unnamed).
       Said Judith McClain was sister of Polly or Mary Hunter, widow of Joseph Hunter of White Co. TN. (see C-19) Also certificate by Elizabeth Toner of St. Clair Co. IL, to same facts. Certificate that Judith McClain died 10 Aug. 1842, appointing John W. Hughes of St. Clair Co. IL, administrator. D-54: 15 Dec. 1851, Washington Walker in court in Washington Co. IL, that Sara Ann Walker is the only child and minor heir of Dorothea Walker, heir of Judith McClain (Washington Walker father of Sara A.H. Walker); Judith McClain was heir of Mary Hunter.
      C-162: Evidence of guardianship to John Hill, in State of Missouri, County of Buchanan, town of Sparta: 4 Nov. 1844, the trustees Robert Duncan, William Dunning and Robert Irwin (justices of court), ... I Robert Duncan, presiding justice of the county court, and I, William Fowler, clerk of the Buchanan County court ....
      C-447: 17 Nov. 1850, will of John Rose; my wife (unnamed), dau. Elizabeth Susan (no commas), son Elisha B. Rose; Exec. Leroy Rose. Wit. John J. Duncan, Sarah (X) Ingram. Rec. 3 Feb. 1851.

White Co. TN Will Book E (FHL film 507,899)
      E-302 & later: 22 Dec. 1859, Barlow Fiske's estate included lots of receipts to many people for amounts paid out, including John J. Duncan receipt $7.00.
      E-304: V.C. Lowry's estate 25 Nov. 1859, Charles Lowry admr, paid money to Mark Lowry, Pierce Duncan, and lots of others. E-421: 28 Sept. 1861, report of Charles Lowery, guardian of Flora Lowery, minor heir of Vance C. Lowery.
      E-323: 13 Feb. 1860, settlement by Pleasant Austin and Robert Austin, admr. of John Austin Sr., equal shares to James M., Pleasant, John Jr., Robert, William E. Austin, Dudley Hudgens & wife, D.B. Doyle & wife, J.J. Duncan & wife, Tamsey Harlons heirs 8 in number; Andrew J. and Mary Austin; also mentions widow's share (not equal to children).
      E-472: 3 Nov. 1862, death of Waman Mitchell suggested, intestate, Thomas W. Duncan appointed administrator.
      E-492: Court 2 March 1863, suggested death of Pierce C. Duncan, intestate, John J. Duncan appointed administrator.
      E-492: Court 2 March 1863, suggested death of James C. Duncan, intestate, John J. Duncan appointed admr.
      E-549: Court 6 Nov. 1865, Thomas W. Duncan death suggested, intestate, Adaline Duncan appointed admr. E-555: 1 Dec. 1865, 1 years provisions set aside for Adaline Duncan, widow of Thomas W. Duncan. E-578: Same as E-555. F-36: 11 Jan. 1868, settlement by Adaline Duncan, admix. of Thomas W. Duncan.

White Co. TN Will Book F (FHL film 507,899; from index only; no Duncan indexed book G)
      F-192: Solomon Duncan's will dated 23 Nov. 1870 (see deed book). No date given of presentation to court. F-197: 10 Feb. 1871, oath of James Stewart that Solomon Duncan died, James Stewart appointed to execute estate.
      F-386: 1 Nov. 1875, letters of administration issued to William J. Little since Washington P. Duncan died leaving no will.

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