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Tennessee Land Grants Index (FHL film 1,002,730)
      Copied all Duncan, Dunkin, etc. (no Duncomb) through 1849; did not copy later index. Film consists of small index cards for each grant; some grants are repeated if they appear in two books.
      Name, Grant #, Acres, Date, County, Book & Page, District (Actual grant books are in series by District, then book volume & page)
      Abner Duncan, 2416, 5000a, 3/21/1832, White, D-306, Mountain
      John Duncan & Uriah York & James Wood, 6877, 640a, 6/7/1839, White, M-288, Mountain
      Marshal Duncan, 22466, 10a, 9/29/1824, White, Z-3, General; 7-704 Mountain
      Martial Duncan, 4715, 50a, 11/26/1826, White, 6-240 Middle; 1-583 Mountain
      Marshal Duncan, 901, 61a, 9/23/1828, White, B-334, Mountain
      Marshal Duncan, 914, 50a, 9/24/1828, White, B-347, Mountain
      Russel & Solomon Duncan, 7369, 125a, 10/16/1839, White, O-81; OPR-53, Mountain
      Solomon Duncan, 6423, 25a, 8/7/1827, White, 8-73, Middle; 2-752 Mountain
      Solomon Duncan, 6440, 125a, 8/7/1827, White, 8-90, Middle; 2-769 Mountain
      Solomon Duncan, 3716, 25a, 2/16/1835, White, E-419, Mountain
      Solomon Duncan, 7137, 200a, 9/9/1839, White, N-159, Mountain
      Solomon Duncan, 7329, 20-1/2a, 10/15/1839, White, OPR-28, Mountain (& 1854)
      Thomas W. Duncan, 8376, 5000a, 7/22/1841, White, L-569, Mountain
      William Duncan, 6529, 141a, 8/17/1827, White, 8-179, Middle

Middle TN Land Grants (FHL film 1,012,992)
      8-73: Grant #6423, White Co., 3 Nov. 1826, to Solomon Duncan, 25 acres, 3 Nov. 1826, on Calf Killer's Fork, corner Jonas Turner's corner, said Duncan's 80 acre grant, dated 7 Aug. 1827.
      8-90: Grant #6445, White Co., 11 April 1826, to Solomon Duncan, 125 acres, 3 Nov. 1826, on waters of Calf Killer, corner said Duncan's 80 acre survey whereon John C. Hudson now lives, dated 7 Aug. 1827.
      8-179: 17 Aug. 1827, State of TN, Grant No. 6529, Entry No. 490, to William Duncan, for 129? cents per acre, paid White Co. 6 June 1825, grant 141 acres by survey 1 Nov. 1826, on waters of Calf Killer, on north west corner of his 19 acre tract (faint copy), ... corner Isaac William's 28 acre survey, ... Williams lines ... on the side of a mountain.

Mountain District TN Land Grants
      D-306: 21 March 1832, TN Land Grant #2416, entry 2132, 15 March 1832 at White Co. TN, to Abner Duncan, 5000 acres by survey 19 March 1832, on Cany Fork adj. Conrad Groves 5000 acre entry, Grove's line, crossing Spring and Glade Creek. (FHL film 1,013,023)
      L-569: Grant #8376, entry #2792, 15 Sept. 1836, to Thomas W. Duncan, 5,000 acres, survey 28 Sept. 1836, in White Co. on Obeds River on Cumberland Mountain, dated 22 July 1841. (FHL film 1,013,030)
      M-288: 7 June 1839, Grant No.6877, by virtue of Entry No.296? made in the office of the Entry Taker of White County and entered on 5 June 1837 pursuant to provisions of an Act of the General Assembly passed 9 Jan. 1831, there is granted by State of TN to Uriah York, James Wood and John Duncan a tract of land containing 640 acres by survey 10 October 1837, lying in said county on the waters of Cane Creek on Cumberland mountain, beginning on a white oak with the root groing round a rock ate on Pure? rods or next South of a spring that Reuben Hooper formerly used, then E 64 poles to a post oak and hickory, then N 240 poles two chesnuts and a black oak, then W 436-1/2 poles to a post oak and black oak and black jack, then S 340? poles to two red oaks, then E 362-1/2 poles to the beginning, including the improvements made by said Hooper and Franklin Paine and a chalebiat? spring. (FHL film 1,013,031; SLC 8/31/2010) (MAD: see Warren Co. TN)
      OPR-28: Grant #7329, entry 3123, White Co., 4 Dec. 1838, to Solomon Duncan, assee. of James Turner, 20-1/2 acres by survey 9 April 1839 on Calf Killer's, corner land purchased of Col. Alexander Lowry; dated 15 Oct. 1839. (FHL film 1,013,036)
      OPR-53: 16 Oct. 1839, State of TN, Grant No. 7369, Entry No. 1643 dated 20 Oct. 1828, to Solomon Duncan and Russell Duncan, 125 acres by survey 26 Nov. 1838, on Cumberland Mountain on the ? ? west fork of Caney Fork, beg. white oak marked "S.D.", .... (FHL film 1,013,036)

TN General Land Grants
      Z-3: 29 Sept. 1824, Grant #22466 to Marshall Duncan, assignee of William Crane, part of Cert. #4897 dated 24 April 1823 for 11 acres, Entry #6957 30 April 1823, 10 acres by survey 4 June 1823 in 3rd District in White Co. on waters of Cherry Creek, corner said Duncan's 80 acre survey. (FHL film 1,012,964)

White Co. TN Deed Book A, 1801-1809; Book B, 1809-1810; Book C, 1810-1811; Book D, 1811-1812 (FHL film 507,907; from Alice Duncan)
      No Duncans

White Co. TN Deed Book E, 1812-1817 (FHL film 507,907; from Alice Duncan)
      E-449: 1 July 1815, James Chisum of Overton Co. to Marshal Duncan of White Co., $211.62, tract or parcel of land on waters of Calf Killer, on the waters of a creek known by name of Cheey? Creek, including part of improvement where said Duncan now lives, containing 80 acres granted by State of TN to said Jas. Chisum, grant #5772 dated 30 June 1814, beg. small beech, the southwest corner of Harry (Harvey?) James (Jones?) occupant survey of 100 acres, running S 30 poles to a black oak, E 80 poles to a hickory sugartree and dogwood on the side of a spur of the Rocky Mt., N 36 deg. East with the ---- 133 poles to five ---- from one ---, N 100 poles to a large --- beech marked I. (J.?) C. in the south boundary of an entry in the name of Elijah Chisum, W 70 poles to a maple, the N.E. corner of said J?--- survey, S with his line 175 poles to beg. Wit. Elijah Chisum, Senr., Solomon Duncan. Reg. 11 Apr. 1816. (This deed was very difficult to read)

White Co. TN Deed Book G (FHL film 507,908; no Duncan book F, 1817)
      G-292: 10 Oct. 1823, Hannah Broyles, widow of Abraham Broyles, to John Broyles, Reuben Broyles, Joel Yager and wife Betsy, William G. Midcalf and wife Phoebe, Benjamin Weaver and wife Polly, Simms Dearing and wife Nancy, John Brown and wife Hannah, and George Broyles, heirs of Abraham Broyles, ... Hannah's three infant children now living with her ... Julian, Salina and Abraham, and her son George, one of the above persons. Wit. Mass Bouteton?, Solomon Duncan. Reg. 15 Jan. 1824.
      G-393: 8 Oct. 1821, Anthony Dibrell of White Co. and John C. McLemon of Davidson Co. to Joel Duncan of White Co., $300, 160 acres, part of Eliza Williams grant, between said Duncan's field and pond, James Hill's line, path leading from James Anderson, by said Dibrell for himself and as attorney for John C. McLemon. Wit. George Griffeth, Marshal Duncan. Rec. 27 July 1822.
      G-398: 8 Nov. 1824, James Chisam of Overton Co. to Marshall Duncan, $100, 25 acres on waters of Cherry Creek, corner of Chisom's entry. Wit. George Thomas, James Hudgens, William Pryor. Reg. 2 July 1825.
      G-486: 20 Aug. 1825, Samuel Denton, attorney for John A. Thompson, Catharine T. Thompson, Mark Spencer and Harriet Spencer of the State of New York & c, to Washington P. Duncan of White Co. TN, $900, 100 acres, near the head of Wild Cat Creek, corner 200 acres surveyed for use of Clare? Fountain Salt?, corner of John Rose. Wit. Henry Lance, Samuel Lance. Rec. 13 July 1826.
      G-526: 8 Nov. 1825, Sylvester Milton of Cole Co. MO by attorney William Milton, and by said William Milton of St. Louis Co. MO, to Thomas Duncan, $400, 150 acres more or less, part of grant #2873 from TN to William Nevill Senr. for 300 acres, same tract said William B. Nevill conveyed to said Sylvester and William Milton by deed 14 March 1815, in White Co., beg. a dogwood & beech pointers in west boundary line of said survey, thence N 77 deg. E to beech, east crossing the road leading from Carthage to Sparta to 2 hickories in eastern boundary of said survey, south to southeast corner of said tract, west with south boundary of said survey to southwest corner of said 300 acre survey, with several lines of said survey to beginning ... deed is intended to convey all land in above boundaries, exact quantity not being known. Wit. Alexr? B. Lane, A. Dibrell. Recorded on oaths of wit. 18 Oct. 1826; reg. 28 Dec. 1826.
      G-664: 11 April 1828, Solomon Yeager Sr. to Elias Yeager, land on Cherry Creek, corner Moses Fisk's line, Mases? land?, corner Solomon Yeager Jr., Chisum's corner, Duncan's line and corner N 5-1/2 deg. W, Joel Yeager's line. Wit. John W. Dearing, William Farley, Solomon Yeager Jr.
      G-665: 11 Apr. 1828, Solomon Yeager Sr. to Solomon Yeager Jr., $800, land on Cherry Creek, corner Chisum, Duncan's line S 5-1/2 deg. E. Wit. John W. Dearing, Elias Yeager, William Farley.
      G-724: 10 April 1819, Micajah Frost and Nancy Frost to Stephen Walley, bill of sale for a slave. Wit. Joshua (X) Dunkin, Elijah Frost. Rec. on oath of Elijah Frost 14 Oct. 1828. (County mentioned in bill of sale was not clear, but mostly looked like it was White County. MAD: see also Anderson Co. TN)

White Co. TN Deed Book H (FHL film 507,908)
      H-27: 26 March 1829, Henry Williams of Bledsoe Co. to William Duncan of White Co., $550, 50 acre parcel on Glade? Creek, John Massa's line; 50 acre parcel adj. first parcel; incl. building and farm whereon said William Duncan now lives, land granted to Henry Williams and to John Massa. Wit. John Stewart, Benjamin Stewart. Rec. 1 July 1829.
      H-27: 4 June 1825, Gideon Lyda attorney for Richard Lunday, to William Duncan, $100, 19 acres more or less on waters of Town Creek, corner to (and part of) grant #10381, Nevil's old line of his 300 acre survey, Turner's line. Wit. Thos. Duncan, John Dolton?. Rec. 13 April 1829, 3 July 1829.
      H-107: 28 Feb. 1826, John C. Hudson to Solomon Duncan, $700, 80 acres on waters of Calf Killer. Wit. John W. Dearing, Marshall Duncan. Rec. Jan. 1830.
      H-125: 22 Sept. 1830, William Brown to Solomon Duncan, $35, 67 acres on Calf Killer fork, part of Grant #7902 rec. 30 May 1827. Wit. Frank? C? Conan?, Hugh L. Carrick. Rec. 11 Oct. 1830.
      H-330: 21 May 1832, Isaac Weaver to Solomon Duncan, $25, land on ?Lost fork of Caney Fork on Cumberland Mountain. Acreage of land given as "one hundred ---- five acres." (originally written one hundred forty, then forty partially erased.) Rec. 9 July 1832, 8 Aug. 1833.
      H-503: 6 Sept. 1833, Joel Duncan of White Co. TN to John Anderson of same, $500, 160 acres in White Co., beg. ... Duncan's fields, ... stake near the pond, ... edge of a glade, ... edge of the pond, ... near a large spring, ... near a track leading to James Anderson, .... Wit. A. Dibrell, A.N. Dibrell, Osburn Walker. Rec. 6 Sept. 1833 on oaths of Anthony Dibrell and Osburn Walker.

White Co. TN Deed Book I (FHL film 507,909)
      I-38: 2 Aug. 1834, James M. Nelson to Burtis Walker, $600, 220 acres total, incl. 206+ acres, excluding 6 acres sold to Elijah Nelson, corner William Irwin's, Thos. Neely's field now belonging to Asa Certain, tract on which William Irwin formerly lived, tract belonging to Dooly now Richard Crowder, corner 150 acre grant to Jonas? Taylor, Tickle's line now occupied by Certain in the Barruns; incl. TN grant #8497 to Thomas Usrey for 30 acres; incl. grant #4190 for 50 acres to William Irwin 5 July 1824 beg. corner 20 acre survey in name of Ab? or John Hailey, line of survey in name of said Irwin, line of survey in name of Wm. Dooley (not copied), containing 206+ acres, surveyed 14 May 1830; also 20 acres adj. Isaac Hudson, Richard Judson, John Bryant and lands sold by James M. Nelson to Elijah Nelson. Wit. A. Dibrell, Wm. P. Duncan. Rec. 2 Aug. 1834 on oath of Anthony Dibrell.
      I-166: 12 Feb. 1835, Ignatius Howard of White Co. to Thomas Snodgrass, $600, 104 acres on Cherry Creek, inheritance from decd. father Robert Howard Senr., rec. July 1834, beg. corner 136 acre TN grant #6413 to Robert Howard, along northern boundary of 2500 acre tract by NC to Robert King #342 (this land a part), thence south to ... dividing line of Lot #4 said Duncan mentioned assigned to Mary Howard, thence south with said line to ... on a spur of mountain on an old dividing line, then with said line north ... to ... Milphus? corner, thence north with his line ... to his corner on line of said 2500 tract, including place where William Howard resided in 1834. (no other mention of Duncan). /s/ Ign. Howard; wit. D.G. Mitchell, Jacob A. Lane. Ack. 12 Feb. 1835.
      I-212: 13 April 1835, William Duncan to William Dewise, $10, 51 acres on Cany fork, said Duncan's corner and corner of Williams survey, corner of original tract on line of William Dewise's 50 acre survey, said Duncan's survey, William's survey, being part of 141 acre survey granted to said Duncan by #6529. Personally appeared William Duncan 13 April 1835.
      I-219: 18 April 1835, Madison Fisk to Barlow Fisk, $50, 100 acres on Calf Killer "beginning at a poplar marked F standing on a flat of the mountain on the north boundary line of a tract of 1,410 acres allotted to William Steel? by commissioners appointed to divide lands between him and Thomas Y. (T.?) Thompson, running thence north 72 poles to a stake, thence west to a line of the tract of line conveyed to Washington P. Duncan, on the land allotted to Thomas T. Thompson in said division, thence with said Duncan's line and on the line of John Rose, leaving said tracts on the north and northeast until it again strikes the dividing line between said Thompson and Veal, thence west to the beginning".

White Co. TN Deed Book L (FHL film 507,909; no Duncan book K; no book J)
      L-58: 1 May 1838, power of attorney to Thomas Eastland, assigning and transferring entries, plats and certificates of survey on said entries, of 5000 acres each to Thomas B. Eastland; all costs to be paid by Eastland; entries in TN counties of White, Warren, Franklin, Marion, Hamilton, Bledsoe, Roan, Morgan, Anderson, Campbell and Overton; entries sold to Eastland; power of attorney signed by Washinton P. Duncan, among many others. (L-53 of 10 May 1838; L-55 of 25 Aug. 1837; all similar and signed by many people).
      L-106: 12 Aug. 1835, John Massa, Adam Massa of White Co. TN, and James Massa of IL, mortgage, to John Massa Jr., $600, 60 acres on Glade Creek, branch of Falling Water, where Jesse Williams now lives, part of grant #7782 25 April 1828 to Adam Massa, John Massa Sr. and James Massa, and to run up Glade Creek joining lands of William Duncan and William Kerr. /s/ James Massa by attorney Adam Massa. Rec. 29 Sept. 1838.
      L-107: 7 Sept. 1838, "between Adam and James Massa (Massy) of the one part and John Massy Junior, all of the county of White, and State of Tennessee, witnesseth that whereas a grant number 7782 issued by the State of Tennessee to John Massa, Senr., Adam Massa and James Massa for 480 acres, and whereas the said John Massa Junior for a good and valuable consideration has bought and paid for 60 acres of land out of said tract of 480 acres, now we the said Adam Massa and James Massa for the consideration aforesaid do hereby sell and convey to said John Massa Junr, who holds the joint bond of ourselves and our father John Massa Senr for said 60 acres the following described tract of 60 acres of land in White County on Glade Creek, waters of falling water and bounded as follows: Beginning on a hickory the northeast corner of a tract of land sold by James Massa to William Tickle now the property of the heirs of William Duncan deceased, and southeast corner of John Massa, Sr., running thence north with another line of the heirs of Duncan passing their corner at 31 poles and with Kerr's line and crossing Glade Creek at 39 poles ... black oak near Kerr? Young's ..."
      L-108: 29 Sept. 1838, John Massa Senr in his lifetime executed to William Kerr his bond dated 15 April 1822, ... I John Massa Jr., appointed administrator, 20 acres, northeast corner of 50 acre survey now owned by heirs of William Duncan decd., school house where Joseph Kerr taught.
      L-237: 15 Feb. 1839, Jonas Turner to Soloman Duncan, $1000, 425 acres; (1) 100 acres sold to Turner by William Rogers 16 Feb. 1813 on Calf Killer's Fork, Grant #3499; (2) 2 tracts to Turner from Alexander Lowry Senr. 17 Dec. 1830, 84 acres and 78 acres granted to Lowry 25 Sept. 1828, #25756; (3) 37 acres granted to Turner #15860 1 Oct. 1821 on Calf Killer's fork, passing Duncan's corner; (4) 121 acres granted to Turner #7914 6 May 1828; (5) 5 acres granted to Turner #19049 28 April 1823. Wit. William B. Nelson, Richard Nelson.
      L-353: 2 Aug. 1831, title bond, William Duncan of White Co. TN to William Carland, $400, 69 acres including the place whereon said Duncan formerly lived and adj. the place whereon Carland now lives, in being 50 acres out of a tract of land of a larger quantity of acres and 19 acres including the plantation above mentioned where the said Duncan formerly lived. /s/ Wm. Duncan. Wit. John England, Jr. Assignment by William (X) Carland to Anthony Dibrell 15 --- 183-. Wit. James Young. 19 Sept. 1839, John England Jr. appeared, "he was acquainted" with William Duncan ...
      L-354: 19 Sept. 1839, Susannah Duncan, administratrix of William Duncan, decd, late of White Co. TN to Anthony Dibrell, $200 paid to him the said William Duncan in his lifetime as appears from his title bond to William Carland 20 Aug. 1831 (see L-353), deed to 69 acres, first tract containing 50 acres being a part of 140 acre tract TN grant #6529 to William Duncan 17 Aug. 1827, part of said grant also having heretofore been sold to William Deweese and conditional line run, corner between said Duncan and Isaac Williams, corner 19 acre survey; being undivided. Bounds given of whole 141 acres of said grant; intention is to convey 50 acres adj. 100 acres where William Carland now lives; also the other tract of 19 acres adj. the aforesaid 100 acres of said Carland and adj. first tract above. William Duncan held 50 acres by deed from G. Lyda, atty for Richard Lunday, 4 June 1828 reg. in White Co., and also being part of 40 acre survey by grant #10381, bounded by waters of Lower? Creek, corner grant #10381, at or near Nevill's old line of his 300 acre survey; with Turner's survey. /s/ Susannah Duncan.
      L-364: 13 Sept. 1839, Anthony Dibrell and William Carland to Samuel V. Carrick in trust for benefit of William Simpson who paid to William Carland $400 to pay a bank note incurred by William G. Sims and Jonathan T. Bradley, sell to Samuel V. Carrick in trust for William Simpson, 2 tracts, 100 acres where William Carland now lives; 69 acres from Susannah Duncan. Rec. 30 Sept. 1839.
      L-453: 2 Jan. 1840, Anthony Dibrell and William Carland to Osburn Walker, $800, three tracts of land, total 169 acres; corner occupant survey in name of William Nevill Sr.; one tract whereon said Carland now lives; another tract of 50 acres, adj. first and being part of 140 acres TN grant #6529 to William Duncan 17 Aug. 1827, a part of said grant also having heretofore been sold to William Deweese, conditional line between said Duncan and Isaac Williams (same land as L-354).

White Co. TN Deed Book M (FHL film 507,909)
      M-1: 29 April 1840, Samuel D. Arnold to Susannah Duncan, $56, 50 acres on Cany fork of Cumberland River, survey of Thomas Gibbs, George Pinter's line. Wit. Elijah Pertle, Hosiah Stamp?. Rec. 2 June 1840.
      M-24: 3 Feb. 1840, Adam Massa to John Massa, both White Co., $200, 56 acres on Glaad? Creek, running with Duncan's line, John Massa's corner, John Howell's line, Elmon's line. /s/ Adam Masa; James Masa by atty. Adam Massa.
      M-76: 10 Dec. 1840, Thomas W. Duncan of DeKalb Co. to Anthony Dibrell, $600, negro girl named Harriett, about 21. Wit. A.W. Dibrell, Wm. L.S. Dearing.
      M-380: 11 Nov. 1841, Price Cody mortgage to Washington P. Duncan crib of corn and 12 head of hogs, Duncan security for Cody at court judgement against Code June, 1841; but if Cody pays Duncan by 1 Feb. 1842, deed is void. Wit. Samuel Lance, Henry Lance. Rec. 13 Nov. 1841.

White Co. TN Deed Book N (FHL film 507,910, from Alice Duncan)
      N-278: 6 May 1842, George W. Gibbs of Obion Co. to Hampton Hudgen, $617.50, 123-1/2 acres in Wild Cat Cove, on a line near Leroy Rose's field, to Washington P. Duncan's north boundary line, line and corner. No wit.
      N-424: Feb. 1842, (Pertle) petition to sell land on east side of main road, opposite head of the Spring, ... where spring empties into Creek, ... by William Farley and wife Mary, Elizabeth Vermillion, Isaac C. Pertle, William Earles and wife Charity, Hosea Stamps and wife Sarah, George W. Pertle and wife Lucenda, Robert C. Pertle, Joseph N. Pertle, Jane Pertle, Jacob L. Pertle, Elizabeth H? Pertle, Susan Duncan, Nancy Earles, William Pertle, George W. Pertle, and William M. Pertle.

White Co. TN Deed Book P (FHL film 507,910, from Alice Duncan; no Duncan in book O)
      P-54: 9 Oct. 1848, Robert King of White Co. to Hosea Broyles of Bledsoe Co., $75; said King's tract of land vested in him by deed from Joshua Duncan which deed is lost or mislaid and cannot be found, containing 75 acres situated in the County of White, acreage includes a natural meadow known as Price's Meadow on the waters of Obed River. Wit. Jacob A. Lane, Jesse Allen.
      P-199: 8 Aug. 1849, Solomon Duncan to Geo. G. Broyles, $25, 5 acres, a tract in grant of Jonas? Turner, #19049 28 April 1823. Wit. James B. ???, John Ellmer?.
      P-318: Decree to sell lands Oct. term 1842, Pirtle heirs, incl. Susannah Duncan, same as N-424.
      P-380: 22 Feb. 1849, Solomon Duncan of White Co. TN, Robert Howard and his wife Elizabeth Howard formerly Elizabeth Duncan of Van Buren Co. TN, Ignatius Howard and his wife Mary Howard formerly Mary Duncan of the State of Ioway, Preston Anderson and his wife Lurany Anderson formerly Lurany Duncan of the State of Illinois and McDonoe (sic) County of the first part, and Tucker Maldin of the County of White and State of Tennessee of the second part. Witnesseth that the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of $800 ... all ... interest and shares which we may be or are entitled as heirs at law of Marshal Duncan, late of White Co. TN, decd., six parcels of land situate and lying and being in White Co. TN on waters of Cherry Creek and bounded as follows: (1) 80 acres TN grant #5772 to James Chism 30 June 1814 (faint land description) from Chism to Marshal Duncan by deed 30 July 1815; (2) 25 acres more or less TN grant #5773 30 June 1814 to Thomas Turner part of allotment to James Chism by commissioners when dividing sundry tracts between heirs of said Turner and said Chism; (3) 61 acres TN grant #901 to Marshal Duncan, Mountain Dist., 23 Sept. 1828; (4) 50-1/2 acres TN grant #914 to Marshal Duncan 24 Sept. 1828; (5) 50 acres TN grant to Marshal Duncan #4415 26 Nov. 1826; (6) 10 acres TN grant #22466 29 Sept. 1824 to Marshal Duncan. 276-1/2 acres. Wit. W.G. Sims, Lucinda Sims as to Solomon Duncan.
      P-384: 4 Sept. 1850, Tucker Malden and wife Hannah, formerly Hannah Duncan, to Solomon Duncan, $200, one undivided interest in 6 tracts or parcels of land on Cherry Creek, being our entire interest in all the lands belonging to Marshall Duncan at the time of his death and which descended to his heirs the said Hannah Malden being one of his heirs at his death, being the lands upon which he lived before his death. Both signed by mark. Wit. G. Dibrell, Jno. Herd. Rec. 7 Sept. 1850.
      P-386: 7 Sept. 1837 (sic), Solomon Duncan to Tucker Mauldin, $200, one undivided interest being 1/5 of land descended to heirs of Marshall Duncan at his death, the same being the share conveyed to Solomon Duncan by Tucker Maulden & wife in deed P-384. Rec. 7 Sept. 1850.

White Co. TN Deed Book Q (FHL film 507,910, from Alice Duncan)
      Q-203: 13 Dec. 1857, Jesse Williams to John Massa, both White Co., $5, land on waters of Glade Creek, northeast corner of Abram Saylers, conveyed to Saylers by John P. Goodwin, to a corner on Susannah Duncan line. Jesse Williams indebted to John Massa $100 borrowed money; mortgage.
      Q-273: 23 March 1852, Hosea Broyles to Matthias Broyles, same land Robt. King conveyed to Hosea Broyles (formerly Joshua Duncan land), Prices meadow, on waters of Obeds river. Reg. 24 March 1852.

White Co. TN Deed Book R (FHL film 507,911)
      R-324: 22 April 1853, trust deed from James Anderson to County Court of White Co., land placed in trust as security for James Anderson to act as guardian for William Anderson and James Anderson, minor heirs of late William Hill, decd, and children of said James Anderson, (1) 176 acre grant to James Anderson decd reg. Book J, pg. 204 & 205, 12 May 1819, corner Preston Anderson (now Joshua A. Stone), Cosby Bowman, John Anderson (now Stones); (2) 160 acres adj. above land known as Duncan tract conveyed to John Anderson by Joel Duncan 6 Sept. 1853 (sic) reg. Book H, pg. 503, from John Anderson in trust deed to Wm. G. Sims, sold by Sims under decree of Chancery Court to said James Anderson on James Hill's line, Anderson's line; (3) 100 acres "on the mountain" granted by TN to said James Anderson #5184? reg. Book E, pg. 121, corner Daniel Lundy, Scott; (4) 175 acres and 100 acres adj. above, granted to James Anderson (no date) ....
      R-341: 9 July 1853, from Preston Anderson and Lusanah/Luranah his wife (signed Lurancy or Lurancey) to Solomon Duncan: This indenture made and entered into this 9 July 1853 between Preston Anderson and his wife Luranah Anderson (formerly Luranah Duncan) of McDonough Co. IL of the one part and Solomon Duncan of White Co. TN of the other part witnesseth that for an in consideration of the sum of $200 in hand paid, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, the said Preson Anderson and his wife Luranah, have this day bargained and sold and by these presence do hereby bargain, sell and convey unto the said Solomon Duncan, his heirs and assigns forever ... all the rights, title and demand they have in and to the lands of which Marshall Duncan, late of White Co. died seized and possessed, being the 1/5 part thereof, which lands are at present occupied by Tucker Maulden and contain by estimation 276 acres, lying on the waters of Cherry Creek in the 12th Civil District of White County and which descended to the said Luranah Anderson as daughter and heir of said Marshall Duncan decd .... /s/ Prest. Anderson, Luraney Anderson. Teste: Dalavan Marlin, Thos. M. Gilfrey. Recorded in McDonough Co. IL, then in White Co. TN.
      R-342: 29 June 1853, Ignatious Howard and wife Mary Howard formerly Mary Duncan of Desmoines Co. IA, to Solomon Duncan, $200, 1/5 interest Mary had in lands of Marshall Duncan (see R-341). Wit. W.G. Saunders. Rec. Des Moines Co. 29 June 1853, then White Co. TN.
      R-363: 8 Aug. 1853, from Solomon Duncan to Tucker Maulden, for $400, all my undivided interest ... 2 shares of 6 tracts of land; 276 acres in all, descended to heirs of Marshall Duncan decd at his death, ... District 12, ... waters of Cherry Creek, ... where Marshall lived at time of his death, one share conveyed to Solomon by Ignatius Howard and his wife Mary by deed June 29, 1853; the other conveyed to Solomon by Preston Anderson and wife Licusanah? (Licuranah? Luusanah? Luuranah?) Anderson by deed July 9, 1853, registered in White County. /s/ Solomon Duncan, witness J.D. Hozder?, R.M. Crawford. Rec. 3 Sept. 1853.
      R-383: 27 Aug. 1853, Samuel Usrey to John L. James, $700, 220 acres in Dist. 8, corner David England, tract entered in name of William Duncan, James Lowry, Henry Lyda, David England, land which said Usrey purchased of estate of Wm. Deweis, decd. Wit. Jo Herd, Thomas P. Johnson?.

White Co. TN Deed Book S (FHL film 507,911)
      S-128: 16 Oct. 1839, Solomon Duncan to Brice Little, $100, 125 acres granted to Solomon Duncan and Russell Duncan by grant #7369 6 Oct. 1839. Rec. 10 March 1855.
      S-272: 5 Sept. 1854, John T. (definitely "T") Duncan and William Dobbs and Mary Dobbs to Lewis Howell, $150, our undivided interest in a certain tract or parcel of land which is 2/5 of the said land in White Co., TN, Dist. #7, containing by estimation 147 acres, bounded ... John Massa's line and corner, corner of the dowry laid off to the widow Duncan and her line, John Howell's line and corner, Brown's line. Wit. Alvey Bussell, John (X his mark) Bice. William Dobbs & wife Mary in court 11 May 1855; John T. Duncan in court 3 Oct. 1855; rec. 17 Dec. 1855.

White Co. TN Deed Book T (FHL film 507,911)
      T-15: 30 April 1856, John Austin for love and affection to daughter Susan Duncan, wife of John J. (definitely "J") Duncan, slaves. (very faint).
      T-94: 26 June 1855, Catharine Buck? by attorney Lewis Buck of Breathit Co. KY, to James S. Duncan of Scott Co. TN, $1000, interest in estate of Thomas Robesan decd late of White Co. TN. Wit. E.R. (H?) Duncan, of Scott Co. TN, L.L. King.
      T-578: 16 April 1841, George W. Gibbs of Obion Co. TN to Washington P. Duncan of White Co., $250, 100 acres at head of Wild Cat Creek, bounded by ... John Rases?, Palister Rases corner, being same tract conveyed by S? Denton to said Duncan containing 100 acres. Wit. A. Dibrell. Rec. 5 Oct. 1859.
      T-588: 13 Aug. 1859, Solomon Duncan to Stephen Hickman, $5, 1-1/2? acre, Dist. 12, boundary of a 50 acre survey of Tucker Mauldens, survey in name of Jonas Turner.
      T-678: 14 Jan. 1860, Andrew S. Potts to James M. Broyles and George Broyles, land in Dist. #1, side of the mountain, Solomon Duncan's corner.

White Co. TN Deed Book U (FHL film 507,912, from Alice Duncan)
      U-84: 27 Dec. 1859, John S. Walker to James Cook (not Clark), $200, 169 acres; part of a survey made in name of Wm. Neville; a part of 150 acre grant by State of TN to Wm. Duncan (very faint); (pg. 86 better); passing corner of land owned by Wm. Duncan and with said line, containing 19 acres, 100 acre and 50 acre tract conveyed by deed to Wm. Duncan, decd, by G. Lyda, attorney in fact for Richard Lunday dated 4 June 1828; same land purchased by Osborn Walker of A. Dibrell and Wm. Carlin and upon which O. Walker lived up to time of his death and the same descended to me from my father, Ausbin (sic) Walker. Wit. Harnell Williams, Rezia Walker. John S. Walker appeared 1 Jan. 1860. Reg. 5 April 1861.
      U-111: ? June 1861, James H. Morgan to John J. Duncan, $5 (sic), (mortgage?) 230 acres on waters of Calf Killer River, bounded on east by lands of Widow Mitchell, west by James Taylor, north by Sol? (Joe?) Gest, south by Mrs.? Olbensen?. I have this day bargained and sold to J.J. Duncan and F.E. Plumly the following, to wit: one negro man named Adam ... one negro woman named Tilley ... 1 yoke of oxen, etc. ... an indebtedness ... note given. Filed and noted 10 June 1861.
      U-142: 31 Oct. 1861, John J. Duncan to William Matlock, $192, 48 acres for a parcel of land in White Co., bounded by a tract of land sold to John Dildine? by Hays Arnold, beg. corner of a tract sold by Matlock to Harris.

White Co. TN Deed Book V (FHL film 507,912, from Alice Duncan)
      V-46: 21 Oct. 1857, G.G. Debrill, Agt.; G.W. Gibbs of Obion Co., TN, to George W. Lance of White Co., land in 12th Civil Dist., on side of Mt. between the top of Cumberland Mt. and the Calf Killer River, being all the lands I own between top of said mountain and John B. Rodgers line, supposed to be 200 acres more or less, the line on top of mountain being unmarked line between John J. Duncan and me for which land said Lance has presented his 3 notes of $100 each, due 25 Dec. 1858 and Sept. 1860. Wit. A.C. Young. Filed and noted in Rec. Bk. p. 108, 26 May 1866.
      V-221: 10 Oct. 1865, trust deed, David Little to Elizabeth Meredeth, 207-3/8 acres. Deed of trust to Brice Little, Charles Meek, A.J. Gamble, Edward Meredith and Pierce Duncan, as guardian of Elizabeth Wallace now Elizabeth Meredeth wife of said Edward Meredith; lands on Calf Killer River on dividing ridge between Blue Springs and Wild Cat Cove, beg. line of George W. Gibbs, Brice Littles southwest corner ... I David Little do bind myself and my heirs to warrant and defend said Elizabeth Meredith and her heirs and assigns forever, and the said Brice Little, Charles Meek, A.J. Gamble, Edward Meredith and John J. Duncan, administrator of Pierce Duncan decd, do by these presents ... 28 Jan. 1869. /s/ David Little, Charles Meek, A.J. Gamble, Brice Little, John J. Duncan adm, Edward Meredith.

White Co. TN Deed Book W (FHL film 507,912, from Alice Duncan)
      W-55: 19 May 1870, will of Solomon Duncan; equally divided between Lean, my niece, Stewart and her husband James Stewart and Mary J. Duncan, my niece and Elizabeth Howard, who is my sister. I further will to the foregoing named persons to wit: my niece Lean Stewart and her husband James Stewart, one-half in value of all my real estate, during their natural lives and then to the lawful heirs of said Stewart if the said Lean Steward die without issue then to her next of kin, but it is expressly understood and willed by me that if my niece Lean should die before her husband James Stewart he is to have the use and occupation of the half willed to her during his natural life. The half willed to them shall be one half in value of all my lands, including the place where I now live. I further will and bequeath to my sister Elizabeth Howard and my niece Mary J. Duncan the other half of all my real estate to be divided according to value and to include the place where Robert Howard (who is the husband of my sister Elizabeth) now lives to have and to hold the same during their natural life ... but if one should die before the other then the one living to have the use .... Exec. James Stewart. /s/ Solomon Duncan, Wit. A. Fisk, J.S. Rhea. Wit. in court 21 May 1870, they are personally acquainted with Solomon Duncan. Filed and noted in Reception Book 1, pg. 125, 21 May 1870.
      W-80: 4 Oct. 1870, Solomon Duncan will; to James Stewart and his wife Leann Stewart all my personal property and all the household and kitchen furniture; they to take care of me so long as I shall live and at my death they are to pay all of (blank space) incl. burial and funeral expenses; appoint James Stewart executor without bond. Wit. John S. Rhea and A.L. Potts. Filed and noted in Reception Book 1, pg. 127, 4 Oct. 1870.
      W-87: 23 Nov. 1870, Solomon Duncan will, revoking all other wills; to James Stewart and his wife Leann Stewart all my personal estate and property of every name ... to include any debt if any that the said James Stewart or James Stuart (sic) and wife may owe me, ... take effect immediately, further ... conveyance made in consideration that the said Stuart and wife Lean are to take care of me and furnish me with such of the comforts and necessities of life ...; exec. James Stuart (without bond). Wit. W.J. Farress, John S. Rhea. Filed 23 Nov. 1870, Reception Book 1, pg. 127.
      W-283: 3 Jan. 1875, Susan A. Duncan to W.J. Farriss cow, farm animals, furniture, etc., and one note on George Carick and F.M. Sims for $75, on condition ... I am indebted to W.J. Farris for his fee for professional services in care of me and others against G?G? Dibrell and others in Chancery Court at Sparta, an amount something over $100, and if I pay same at the end of the ? Suit, then said sale shall be void. Wit. M.W. Hickman. Filed and noted in Reception Bk. 2, p. 11, 12 May 1875.
      W-366: 19 March 1872, John J. Duncan to E.F. Falconnet, M.C. Dibrell and J.W. Sawyer, lease, the farm on which I now live, 192 acres more or less, bounded on the west and south by lands owned by heirs of Barlow Fisk and the Calf Killer River; east by land owned by Lee Row?; north by lands owned by Brice Little and Edward Meredith; to dig for oil and salt water, in return for 1/10 part of all the crude oil or salt, etc. Filed and noted in Reception Book 2, pg. 18, 12 April 1877.

White Co. TN Deed Book Y (FHL film 507,913)
      Y-172: 21 Sept. 1873, Elizabeth Howard and her husband Robert Howard and Mary Burns and her husband Thomas Burns are tenants in common to land containing by survey 214 acres, same tract donated by will to said Elizabeth Howard and Mary Burns by Solomon Duncan decd, on Calf Killer River; division of land; Mary and Thomas Burns have part of land lying on West, bounded ... Thomas Jett's line and corner, Potts line, Broyles corner, 107 acres; Elizabeth and Robert Howard quit claim that part to Mary and Thomas Burns; Elizabeth and Robert Howard have land on east side, bounded ... Thomas Jetts line, Broyles line, side of the mountain, lines of James Stewart & wife (unnamed), 107 acres; Mary and Thomas Burns quit claim that part to Elizabeth and Robert Howard. Wit. T.J. Jett, Richard Maulden. Filed and noted in Reception Book 2, page 7, 25 Aug. 1874.

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