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DEEDS, Books 19 and 20

Washington Co. TN Deed Books (from FHL film, and from Bobbie McDowell from the records of her cousin George O. Duncan, and from Shirley Harper)

Washington Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 825,528; page by page)
      19-17: 1829, Robt. & Jo. Allison buy & sell land on Boones Creek on line of old tract formerly owned by William Young and now by Saml. Crawford.
      19-54: 14 July 1830, John Ryland, Sheriff, to John Stout, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions 6 Nov. 1825, suit of John Stout against Adam Lowery, judgment granted to John Stout for $579.50 & costs; also apparently unpaid taxes, land seized by Sheriff belonging to Adam Lowery on Little Limestone, a small distance below Cyres Broyles, corner Daniel Broyles, NC grant to Joseph Butler, 240 acres, sold for $1,025, more than sufficient to satisfy judgments & writs.
      19-58: 9 Nov. 1812, James Anderson Senr, formerly of Washington Co., to William Purselley, Jur., of Knox Co. TN, for £1010, 150 acres on Big Limestone, same land said James Anderson Sr. sold to said Wm. Purselley Junr about the year 1786, which deed is lost, land on James Carmickles line, James Campbell's line. Recorded White Co. TN Nov., 1812; reg. Washington Co. TN 10 Dec. 1830.
      19-64: (no day or month), 1829, from James Deakins to Henry Deakins, $500, land on Indian Ridge, corner Jacob Miller's line, Fane's heirs. No Wit. Acknowledged 6 Oct. 1830.
      19-72: 11 May 1830, John Houston, Sr., William Houston, Dungins Houstin, James Houston, John Houston Jr., James Carothers and wife Orpha, Maddison Rano (sic) and Mary Rano, heirs and representatives of Jeremiah Dungins decd, to John Green of Town of Jonesborough, $30, Lot 3 in division of lands of John Houston Sr. & Mary his wife, one of heirs of Jeremiah Dungins, we ... heirs of Jeremiah Dungin and also heirs of Mary Houston, wife of said John Houston, Senr., decd, .... Signed by Houstons, Carothers, and C.M. Rancon (sic), Mary (X) Rancon (sic).
      19-82: 6 Feb. 1830, heirs of Sarah Waldren, decd, vis, John Medlock, Thomas Black, Barbary Waldren, Lidia Waldren, Solomon Waldren, John Waldren and Malinda Waldren, all of White Co. IL, to Henry Bashor, $50, 16 acres, on the line of No. 2, in Washington Co. TN. Signed John Matlock (sic), and others. Wit. Alexander Logan, Allen May. Heirs appeared in White Co. IL, court 6 Feb. 1830, reg. Washington Co. TN, 5 Jan. 1831.
      19-89: 3 Nov. 1829, Isaac Stephens to Henry Bashor, both Washington Co. TN, $400, 18 acres lying on Knobb Creek "being a part of the land formerly owned by Charles Duncan decd and known in the division of the heirs of said Charles Duncan as Lot No. 4" drawn by Steven and wife of David Stevens and one of heirs of Charles Duncan decd, beg. at a white oak below the spring where said Duncan lived. Wit. John A. Wildes, John G. Eason. Proven by wit. 24 March 1830.
      19-115: 23 Oct. 1830, Jeremiah Rogan to Henry Bashor, $297, 49 acres on Cherokee Creek, John Herises corner (faint & hard to read). Wit. Joseph Bowman, John Sherfy, Wm. Dorcer.
      19-119: 5 Feb. 1830, William Waldren and Suzan his wife of Gallaten Co. IL to Henry Bashor of Washington Co. TN, $50, 60 (sic) acres in Washington Co. TN, No. 3, "bequeathed by Robert Duncan to Sarah Waldren" (same land bounds as Deed 19-82). /s/ William Waldren, Susan (X) Waldren; Susan examined 5 Feb. 1830 in White Co. IL; reg. Washington Co. TN, 9 March 1831.
      19-126: 8 Nov. 1827, John Young to John Caruthers, $27.50, 5-1/2 acres on Knob Creek, part of land of John Young Sr., decd. Wit. George Little, Hugh P. Young. Rec. by wit. 16 Dec. 1829.
      19-129: 12 March 1817, John Ruble Senr to his wife, Martha Ruble, land corner John Ruble, Joseph Young, Charles Young and Thomas Young, to enjoy quietly during her lifetime or till we agree to live together ... takes land in place of $60 per year, mention Peter and Caly Ruble her children (apparently a separation rather than a divorce). Wit. John Parker, Jonathan Carothers, Wm. Irwin, S.B. Love. Rec. on oath of wit. 21 April 1831.
      19-133: 20 Sept. 1828, James Deakens to Ham Foley, piece of land James Deakens entered in 1819, joining lands of John Sherfy, Josiah Conley, Isaac Bales & late survey for Nathan Nelson. Wit. Josiah Conley, Elias Bowman.
      19-141: 29 Jan. 1827? (blurred), Thomas Bacon to John Bacon, $405, title to land where Thomas & John now live, being 1/2 land conveyed to them by James Duncan and Uriah Hunt, on Big Limestone, corner to heirs of Hugh McAdams, corner of tract conveyed to them by Uriah Hunt, Cazwell's old grant, corner tract conveyed to them by Jas. (Jos.?) Duncan, 129? acres (blurred). Wit. Nathan Shipley, John Gott, Thos. Barsen.
      19-144: 24 Aug. 1830, John Young to Hugh P. Young, $1, land on branch of Knob Creek, part of survey granted by NC to William Greenway and by him conveyed to John Young decd, two parcels, 90 acres on Michael Crouses corner, John Caruthers corner and line, and 25 acres also part of original survey but not now joined to the foregoing. Wit. Henry Bashor, John Caruthers, John Parker.
      19-148: 10 March 1831, Joshua Hunt to Danl. Bowman Senr, $1500, 167- 1/2 acres, south branch Boones Creek, part of tract granted to Joseph Duncan by patent 10 Nov. 1784, lane between Joseph Melvin and said Hunt, Bowen's line, dividing line between heirs of Henry Bowers and Jacob Ellis, Hosses line. Wit. George Crouch, Jacob Illis?, Danl. Bowman.
      19-159: 14 Jan. 1829, Jeremiah Ragan of Washington Co. to James Thompson of Green Co., for love Ragan has for wife of Thompson, only heir of his son John Ragan decd, and to enable Thompson to support his wife, dau. of said Reagan decd, and granddaughter Abigail of the said Jeremiah, land on Cherokee Creek. Wit. Jn. C. Harris, A.J? Harris, Sarah Harris.
      19-166: 29 March 1831, Nathaniel Jones to Benjamin Sherfey, $450, land on Big Limestone.
      19-185: 9 Nov. 1830, John Musslewhite & wife Kessy to John Stephens, $50, Kessy dau. of Zebulon and Sarah Smith, 221 acres on Brush Creek joining lands of John Huston, James Barns, Thos. Gibson & others, land Kessy owns by decease of her mother.
      19-186: William Masingill to Thos. Gibson, land from his mother Sarah Smith, heir of Jeremiah and Mary Dungings.
      19-187: 9 Nov. 1830, Daniel Smith to John Stephens, $100, Daniel son of Zebulon & Sarah Smith, rights in undivided tracts and also for town lots.
      19-208: 24 Nov. 1829, William Melvin of White Co. TN to Hugh P. Young of Washington Co. TN, $102, "parcel of land late the property of the estate of Robt. Duncan decd, being that portion of said tract that was assigned to Mary Melvin, wife of said William Melvin," "heirs of said Robt. Duncan, decd," Lot No. 7 (no acres) on Knob Creek in Washington Co., TN. /s/ William (X) Melvin, Mary (X) Melvin. Ack. White Co. TN, 11 Jan. 1830; reg. Washington Co. 30 Aug. 1831.
      19-214: 12 Feb. 1790, Pharoh Cobb to Peter Range, £100, 300 acres, grant by NC to Pharoh Cobb 11 July 1788 #824, on Knob Creek. Wit. William Nelson. Ackn. in court 12 Aug. 1831 by Pharoah Cobb, taken from records of Hawkins Co.
      19-218: 7 May 1831, Abigail Bacan, widow of Isaac Blent?, decd, and Charles W. and John B. Bacan, heirs of same, to Jacob Tailor, $10.50, 1-1/2 acres north fork Boons Creek, corner Henry Hale. Wit. Levi Bowers, Peter M. Reeves, Robert Duncan. Rec. on oath of witnesses Robert Duncan and Levi Bowers 24 Aug. 1831.
      19-242: 10 Dec. 1824, Henry Hale to Jacob Taylor, $50, land corner to Jacob Taylor, Isaac Bacon, Henry Hale. Wit. Joshua Hale, Elbert Freeman, Wilson Taylor, Leeroy Taylor, Robert Duncan. Rec. on oaths of wit. Leroy Taylor and Robert Duncan 26 Aug. 1831.
      19-253: 10 Oct. 1831, Abel Edwards to Danl. Deakins, $625, land purchased of Reuben Bayles, 119 acres on Little Limestone, several tracts. Wit. Jacob Brown, Sam Been?, John Templin.
      19-265: 18 Nov. 1830, John McCarney (McCamay?) and Orpha McCarney? of Wash. Co. to John Stephens, $30, undivided interest in land on Watauga River adj. John Houston, James Barnes and others, 21 acres, by decease of Zebulon Smith. Wit. John M. White, Thomas Stephens.
      19-295: 12 Feb. 1832, David A. Deadrick to John Dameron, both Washington Co. TN, $1000, lot on Main Street in Jonesborough where John B. Estes and Wm. McClellan now live, 1/2 acre, being part of Lots 14 and 20; wit. Danl. Kenney, J.F. Deaderick; rec. 20 Aug. 1832. (not Duncan)
      19-332: 10 Oct. 1832, William Massingall to Galloway Campbell, 2-0 (faint) acres on Knob Creek, road to Peter Ranges old place near Malonees, dividing line between Campbell and Wm. White. Wit. John Waddel, Thomas P. Gallow.
      19-344: (faint) -- Sept. 1832, Barney Mallenee and George W. Mallenee to Thomas King, $200?, 49 acres on Knob Creek, corner Thomas King, corner 25 acres sold to Jacob Range, Charles Waddle's line. Wit. David Omgst, Samuel Sherfy.
      19-351: 10 Nov. 1831, Sarah Humphreys to Abraham Jobe, undivided moiety in 2 grants, 200 acres, line of Robert Young's 640 acre survey, line of Little Joseph Denten's land, 81 acres; and the other patent grant 80 acres on Brush Creek, corner John Young, line of John Oadle's entry, line of Robert Young's survey of 640 acres, for $200. Wit. Isaac Stevens, Thomas Hampton, John Jobe, Jeremiah G. Gibson, Emeline Jobe.
      19-359: 3 April 1832, Samuel Caruthers to William Walker Juniar, land on Big Limestone for $1500.
      19-365: Peley Tilson to John & William Brown, 3 tracts, one of 17 acres on John Brown's line.
      19-387: Grant to Jonathan Young #11491 dated 12 Aug. 1825, entry #1926 22 Aug. 1812, founded on Cert. #447 issued to Nathaniel Taylor for 200 acres, 65 acres of which assigned to Jonathan Young, grant of 12-3/4 acres on Nelson's line.
      19-388: Grant to Johnathan Young #6207 dated 6 Sept. 1819, entry #26801 10 May 1815, founded on Cert. #98 issued by Nathan Shipley to John Shelby for 200 acres, 3 acres of which are assigned to Johnathan Young, 3 acres on Brush Creek, line of sd. Young, James Nelson and heirs of David Jobe.
      19-392: 15 Oct. 1828, Nathan Shipley to William Whitson, $150, 70 acres in Greasy Cove, Abraham Odle's line, John White's line. Wit. ---? Tinker, Zak Whitsan.
      19-400: 1 Aug. 1829, Abraham Whitson to John Roberson, $200, 36 acres. Wit. George Swingle, Leonard Swingle, Jessee White.
      19-404: 13 July 1830, Sheriff's sale to Zachariah Whitson, land on Indian Creek, ridge, corner to William Whitson's line.
      19-414, 415, 416, 420: Samuel Bayles' will: Thomas Hunt & wife Marteney, Isaac Hoss & wife Hannah.
      19-436: 11 March 1833, Joseph Beard to John Deakins, $835, 167 acres conveyed by John Fain to Robert Beard to Joseph Beard, on Knob Creek, corner Henry Deakins, top of Indian Ridge, Deadrick's corner, Deadrick's & Beard's division fence, division line run by Henry Hoss, Saml. Beard's line. Wit. Danl. Deakins, John Blair.
      19-447: 6 Oct. 1832, Rolla Duncan, Marshall Duncan, William Duncan, and John Duncan, all heirs of Robert Duncan decd, of Washington Co. TN, to Henry Bashor, $391, several lots on Knobb Creek; Rolla Duncan's Lot No. 8, 17 acres on Knob Creek; Marshal (sic) Duncan's Lot No. 9, 17 acres; William Duncan's Lot. No. 10, 17 acres; John Duncan's Lot No. 11 on Knob Creek (no acres); containing in all 68 acres. All signed without mark. Wit. John H. Bowman, John Sherfey, Wm. Duncan Junr, Joseph Bowman. Rec. on oaths of Bowman witnesses 17 April 1833.
      19-450: 23 July 1828, Joseph Duncan to James Duncan, his son, both Washington Co., the sum of $900 paid by James "to his brother Andrew Duncan", land on Big Limestone, 300 acres, grant from NC to Alexander Morrow who sold land to Joseph Duncan, including plantation where said Joseph and James now live, except James and his heirs to provide for Joseph Duncan and "pay to each and every one of his grandchildren that is called Joseph after his name the sum of" $300 as they reach 21, and at the death of Joseph, land to remain the full property of James Duncan. Wit. Nathan Shipley, Martin Cory. Reg. on oaths of witnesses 17 April 1835.
      19-451: 24 Oct. 1832, Joseph Melvin to Daniel Bowman, 166-1/2 acres on south branch of Boones Creek.
      19-457: 5 Dec. 1804, Thomas (X) Melvin Senr. to Joseph Melvin, both Washington Co. TN, $1000, 160 acres on Boone Creek, a branch of the Watauga River, corner to Barkley & Jos. Melvin, said Melvin's line, corner to sd Melvin & William Bean, corner to James Crabtree, part of 320 acre tract granted by NC to Jos. Duncan 9 Nov. 1784, conveyed by said Duncan to John Melvin 19 Jan. 1789. Wit. John Melvin, Charles Dungworth, Thomas Dungworth. Admitted to be registered May, 1805. Reg. 10 July 1833.
      19-468: 14 Feb. 1791, John Melvin Sr. to Thomas Melvin, both Washington Co., territory of the United States, £160?, land on Boones Creek ... Jones line, William Bean, John Fuller, Crabtree (faint), 160 acres, part of 320 acre grant by NC to Joseph Duncan by patent 9 Nov. 1784, deeded by Duncan to said John Melvin 19 Jan. 1789. Wit. A. Roan, Moses Carson, Novm. Term '79 (sic). Reg. 14 Aug. 1833.
      19-473: 15 Sept. 1832, Elias Bowman, John Simpson and wife Elizabeth Simpson (Simpsons of Green Co.), dau. of Elias Bowman decd, legatees of Elias Bowman decd, to David Bowman (Bowmans of Washington Co.), $120, rights to estate of Elias Bowman, decd, 118 acres lying between Fredrick Devalts and John Tuckers plantations, and also shares of a house and 4 town lots in Leesburg. Wit. Ambrose Barcroft, Saml. D. Bowman, Saml. Davis, John Loyd, Saml. Dowman (sic).
      19-482: 12 July 1832, Jessee Duncan of Washington Co. to John Hodges, $1200, 124 acres on Watauga and Holston River, beg. bank of Watauga at Buzard Bluff, down the river to the junction with Holston, then with Holston to a tree on bank of River, corner to Rice Duncans land, corner Joseph Duncan's, his corner on the old line. Wit. George Maden, Howell Hodges. Jessee personally appeared 17 July 1833.
      19-495: 23 June 1831, Rice Duncan of Washington Co. to John Hodges, for $450, 100 acres on waters of Holston River, beg. bank of said river, thence on dividing line between him and Jessee Duncan, along dividing line between Jessee and Joseph Duncan, corner Joseph Duncan, ... tree on the river, corner of the original, then up the river including an island to the beg.; reserves 1/2 spring and part of river at least 2 poles wide from Joseph Duncan's lane to said river for purpose of carrying water as mentioned in his deed of conveyance. (Joseph's deed mentioned this reservation). Wit. Jessee Duncan. Jessee Duncan appeared in court 17 July 1833 ... he is acquainted with Rice Duncan.
      19-499: 10 July 1833, Joseph Hail and Isabella Hail, formerly widow of Hugh McAdams, decd, Thomas McAdams, Elijah Ellis and wife Jane, formerly McAdams, all heirs of Hugh McAdams, decd, to Samuel B. McAdams, all of Washington Co., $150, 100 acres including dower rights, on branch of Big Limestone, dividing line Hugh and Robert McAdams. "N.B. Thomas McAdams conveys two fifths parts one of which was bequeathed to him by the last will of his deceased sister Margaret McAdams." Wit. Joseph B. Aderson.
      19-500: 16 July 1833, Smith Hunt to Saml. McAdams, 8 acres on Big Limestone for $25.

Washington Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 825,528; page by page)
      20-5: 6 Oct. 1831, Mathew Stephenson to William Jelis - not copied.
      20-10: 6 Oct. 1831, Mathew Stephenson to Archibald A. Jordan, land on Big Limestone - not copied.
      20-13: 1 May 1828, Joseph Boman to Jacob Miller, Peter Miller, James Beard, John Duncan and Joseph Bowman, Joseph being desirous of furthering the cause of education and for and in consideration of the aid and assistance aforesaid by them, the said Jacob Miller, Peter Miller, James Beard, John Duncan, and Joseph Bowman, in erecting and fitting up a suitable house for the purpose aforesaid, give 3/4 acres including said house of education in Washington Co. on Knob Creek, beg. stake in Deadrick's line near the Jonesborough Road. No wit.
      20-14: 24 May 1832, Thos. Stephens to John Stephens, $100, 100 acres between the lands of James Barnes and Johnethan Caruthers, Ceder Creek tract, line of Joseph Moreson Jun. Wit. Dungans Houston, David Stephens.
      20-28: 8 Feb. 1832, Daniel Deakins to Robert Hampton, $500, 119 acres purchased from Able Edwards, waters of Little Limestone, composed of several tracts. Wit. William Droper?, Hz. Bayls.
      20-30: 12 Jan. 1833, Catherine Oneal to Saml. H. Stephens, $80, 5-1/2 acres, part of place now belonging to Thos. Hummens, on said Hummens line, corner James Aikens. Wit. John Tucker, Abraham Tucker.
      20-31: 27 Aug. 1824, Grant to William Whitson, 6-1/2 acres on Indian Creek, north side of Nolachucky River.
      20-36: 15 Nov. 1832, Jane Allison to Ezur Pierce, $150, 57 acres on branch of Big Limestone. Wit. Josiah Conly, Henry A. Fergerson, Michal H. Martin.
      20-46: 4 Sept. 1830, Ephraim McGlaughlin to Zackariah Whitson, $300, 75 acres on Indian Creek in the Greasy Cove, adj. lands of John White & William Whitson. Wit. Abraham Whitson, Saml. McGlaughlin.
      20-60: 26 Nov. 1833, David McGinnis to Danl. Deakins, $150, bill of sale. Wit. Wm. Doper, Mark Bacon.
      20-61: 22 Jan. 1835, Smith Hunt to Mathew & John Stephenson, $221.50, "seven undivided tenths say one hundred and forty acres" of 220 acre tract from Uriah Hunt to William Hunt 9 Jan. 1823, on Big Limestone, Smith Hunt's corner, Bacon's corner, corner Thomas and John Brown. No wit.
      20-67: 25 Sept. 1833, Thomas Riddle to Reuben Bayles, $700, 139 acres, land formerly owned by Saml. McCracken, on bullars branch, corner to land sold by McCracken to said Bayles, Edward Millions line.
      20-85: 20/30? Sept. 1833, William Duzan to Jacob Klepper, both Washington Co., $780, 100 acres on Brush Creek joining lands of Peter Herrington, corner William Cox, William Nelson's line, and also 79 acres, Cox' corner, William Duzan's corner & line. Wit. James Harrington, Ephram Gain. Reg. by wit. oath 21 Oct. 1833.
      20-87: 16 Sept. 1833, Mark W. Nelson to Richard Carr, $180, 170 acres on Knob Creek, adj. Carr's land, Herington's corner, Dusan's corner. Wit. D.C. Hunter, Jacob Klepper.
      20-89: 3 Jan. 1834, Jacob Tayler to Mathew Stephenson, $140, 14 acres on both sides Boons creek where Taylor now lives, including dwelling house, etc., adj. lands of Henry Hale, Henry Deakins, James Beard & others.
      20-90: 3 Jan. 1834, bill of sale Jacob Taylor to Mathew Stephenson.
      20-95: 18 May 1833, Joseph Duncan to John Brown, $150, 22-3/4 acres on Big Limestone, Brown's corner, Kerkindale's old line, William Walker's line, top of ridge, Walker's & Squibb's corner. Wit. William Kincheloe, Zachariah Brown, Charles Jackson. Personally appeared Joseph Duncan 26 Sept. 1833.
      20-100: John & James Odle to Mary Odle, mortgage on land on Greasy Cove.
      20-103: 3 Jan. 1834, Jacob Taylor to Mathew and John Stephenson, not copied.
      20-105: 30 Jan. 1834, Mathew Stephenson to James H. Jones, land on both sides of Boone Creek, not copied.
      20-116: 29 Jan. 1834, sheriff's sale to William Irvin, court proceedings commenced 23 Aug. 1831 for sheriff to sell lands of Jonathan Caruthers, Senr, where he lived, 130 acres, joining Samuel Caruthers Junr, Abraham Hoss, James Caruthers, and heirs of Thomas King decd.
      20-122: 1 Oct. 1833, Charles and Margaret Waddill to Michael Miller, $1000, 150 acres on east fork of Knob Creek, corner Henry King. Wit. John Mallonee, Thomas King, Banj. (sic) Mallonee.
      20-126: 8 Aug. 1833, William A. Harris to Lemuel Bogert, $500, 87 acres on head waters of Knob Creek, corner Deadrick & Crawford and Henry Miller. Wit. Thomas Arrington, John Mallonee Jr.
      20-140: 8 Aug. 1833, William A. Harris to Barney Mallonee and George Mallonee, $1400, 174 acres on head waters of Knob Creek, Miller's line. Wit. Thomas Arrington, John Mallonee Junr.
      20-146: 2 May 1832, relinquishment bond, William Stevenson of Washington Co. TN to Joseph Duncan of Blount Co. TN "his right, title and interest that said Joseph Duncan had agreeable to him to a certain tract or parcel of land whereon I now live formerly owned by John Duncan and lying on the fall branch of Horse Creek, said relinquishment to take effect at my death or when I should leave the place. The intention of these presents or this obligation is that I, William Stevenson, does not avail himself nor is to take the benefit of the statute of limitation on the part that Joseph Duncan has to said premises." Wit. Lot O. Gott, J.J. James; proved on oaths of wit. 15 March 1834.
      20-171: 14 Dec. 1833, Saml. Duncan of Green Co. to William C. and George W. Nelson, $100, 20-3/4 acres, corner Thos. Michmacken's land. Wit. John D. Gwin, William Haws, John Link.
      20-173: 14 May 1834, power of attorney, William P. Rogan of Benton Co. AL appoint John C. Harris attorney to make deed to William Daper of land from William Rogan's father, Jeremiah Rogan, land on Big Cherokee Creek.
      20-211: 24 June 1834, Deed of Trust, Roderick Bain for $341.80 paid by Nathan Baughman, sell to John Dameron trustee, 228 acres on waters of Big Limestone, the plantation where I (Bain) now live, adj. William Carmical, heirs of Andrew Carson, David Bowman, Jonas Marsh and Thomas King; Bain owes Baughman; /s/ Roderick G. Bain, John Dameron; wit. William Williams; rec. 2 Aug. 1834. (not Duncan)
      20-239: Hiram Glass to Mathew Stephenson - not copied.
      20-243: 1834, Josiah Conly married Polly Ann, Robert A. Thompson married Hannah Eliza, both daughters of Robert Allison, Junr. Deed is in reference to division of land and mentions dividing line with Joseph Duncan.
      20-268: 15 March 1834, Joseph Duncan to Andrew Walker for $9.45, Walker's part of expenses of two entries, the surveys and grants made in the name of Joseph Duncan and now divided between said Duncan and Walker, Joseph Duncan releases to Andrew Walker 40 acres on bank of the creek (not named), William Walker & William Carson's corner, said Duncan's old corner. Wit. Massy Tanner, Joseph Duncan Junr., James Duncan. Joseph Duncan personally appeared in court 21 July 1834.
      20-288: 17 Dec. 1827, Uriah Hunt to Henry Hartman (not copied). Wit. included Joseph Duncan, Jr.
      20-370: 30 July 1833, John Caruthers to John Stevens, $1, 55 acres on cedar creek including two grants, one by TN to Moses Humphreis and James P. Tayler for 50 acres, the other to Jonathan Caruthers for 5 acres, Barnes line, stake in Taylors and Humphreis lines. Wit. Henry S. Stevens? (looks like "Unens"), Wm. F. Stevens.
      20-382: 19 Jan. 1835, bond of William Beard to Hugh P. Young, both Washington Co., to deliver title as soon as William Beard has it in his power he will make proper title to 23 acres mentioned in will of Robert Beard, decd, and joining lands of Joseph Beard, James Beard, and Singleton Pritchett.
      20-384: 1 Sept. 1834, Joseph Miller to John Longmeyer, $500, 108-1/2 acres on Knob Creek, adj. lands of widdow Range, and others. Wit. Henry Young, W.G. Looney.
      20-390: 19 Jan. 1835, Samuel Beard to Hugh P. Young, $303, 43-1/2 acres, including land where said Beard now lives (includes land in 20-382 title bond). Not copied further.
      20-395: 4 Nov. 1834, Nathan Shipley to Michael Hodges, land on cedar creek.
      20-409: 25 Dec. 1835, Josiah Conley and wife Polly Ann to John Stephenson, $45, 15 acres joining lands of John Stephenson, corner bowman tract, Stephenson's field. Wit. Robert A. Thompson, David Stuart, Joseph Duncan Junior.
      20-418: (faint) 2 May 1835, Hugh P. Young to Henry Deakins, $348, 43- 1/2 acres including house in which Wm. Bewrits (?Bearits?) family now lives, beg. stone Singleton Pritchalts corner, Henry Deakins line, Robert Burrit's corner, Wm. Pritchett's corner. Wit. Daniel Deakins, Daniel O. Doniel?, Wm? Clamer?, one other illegible.
      20-422: 13 Feb. 1835, Richard Carr to Alfred and James M. Carr, $680, 170 acres on Knob Creek, adj. Richard Carr's land, Carr's and Kelley's corner, Duzan's corner. No wit.
      20-446: (blank) 1835, Michael Miller to John Need, $300, 50 acres on branch of Knob Creek, side of waggon road from Jonesborough to Beansford, carter road, crossing said branch just below spring, old line now Malonees line at the foot of master knob. Personally appeared Michael Miller 31 Oct. 1835.
      20-458: 11/14 Sept. 1835, title bond, Thomas Ford to John Mallonee, $500, title to undivided interest Thos. Ford the father of said Thomas Ford had to land on east fork of Knob Creek which said Thos. Ford, decd, held as an heir of Barney Ford decd, land now in possession of said John Mallonee. Wit. Saml. Greer, John McCracken.
      20-466: 4 Sept. 1835, James King to William White, $2000, 330 acres on east fork of Knob Creek, part of tract purchased by his father Thomas King from William Cobb, corner Thomas King, Hoss's line. No wit.
      20-486: 10 Jan. 1823, Joseph Duncan to Joseph Shields, $100, 38 acres on Big Limestone, Levy Hartman's line, top of a ridge. Wit. Nathan Shipley. Personally appeared Joseph Duncan 19 Dec. 1835.
      20-502: -- Nov. 1831, teste bond, James Hustin to Thomas Stephens, title to 30 acres, his share as heir of his mother Mary Hustin, formerly Mary Dungin, as heir of Jeremiah Dungin, and her husband John Huston (faint). Also mention of his mother and grandfather. Wit. Elizabeth Stevens, John McCamey.
      20-520: 1 Nov. 1835, Robert Gray of Rockingham Co. VA to Henry B. Stephenson, town lot in Jonesborough.
      20-522: 5 Feb. 1836, John Hammer and John Marshall, exec. of will of Isaac Hammer, decd, to John Bowman, $2496, 280 acres both sides of Knob Creek, Jacob Hammer's corner and line, James White's line, stake at Knob Creek, corner of grant of Hammers 9-1/2 acre survey. Wit. Henry Young, W.G. Loeney, E.K. White, James H. Jones, William Likins.
      20-525: 14 Sept. 1835, John McCracken, surviving exec. of John McCracken, decd, to John Mallonee, $25, John McCracken decd purchased at Sheriff's sale the interest Thos. Ford had in land belonging to Barney Ford, decd, being the undivided interest of said Thomas Ford in land now owned by John Mallonee, the interest of John McCracken sold to John Mallonee.
      20-531: 28 March 1831, William Slaughter, Jr., to James Duncan, $75, 33 acres on Big Limestone, corner of 8 acre grant to said Slaughter, Richard Martin's line, James Cunninghams line. Wit. Hiram Luaney, Isaac Mulkey.
      20-536: 15 Oct. 1835, Saml. Beard to James Beard, $48, undivided interest in 23 acres mentioned in will of Robert Beard decd, joining lands of Joseph Beard, Singleton Pritchett and James Beard, which undivided interest in 6 shares out of 11 of the heirs of said Robert Beard decd, being the shares of Daniel Deakins and wife, Hugh P. Young and wife, Samuel Beard, Joseph Beard, Sarah Martin and William Beard. Wit. S.J. W. Lucky, Daniel Barkly.
      20-538: 30 Jan. 1836, James M. Carr to Alfred Carr, $400, undivided interest in 170? acres on Knob Creek adj. lands of Richard Carr, Kelley, Harrington's corner, Duzan's corner, land James and Alfred purchased of Richard Carr by deed 13 Feb. 1835. Wit. Seth J.W. Lucky?, John A. Wildes.
      20-541: 7 July 1834, James Duncan to Hiram Swaney, $75, 34 acres on Big Limestone, corner William Slaughter, Richard Martin's line. Wit. John Duncan, Nathan Shipley.
      20-566: 23 Nov. 1832, Jane Allison to her daughter Polly Ann Conley and Hannah Eliza Thompson, gift deed, 124 acres Big Limestone, part of land her husband Robert Allison Jr. purchased of Henry Shields and given to her by will of said Robert Allison decd. Witness: Joseph Duncan, Nathan Shipley, David Stuart. Wit. Shipley & Stuart in court 16 March 1836.
      20-567: 19 (sic) March 1836, Jessee Duncan of Washington Co. TN to John Hodges, $40, land on south side of Watauga except 5? acres heretofore conveyed to James Hall by Jessee Duncan out of the tract, beg. bank of river, James Hall's corner and line, line of tract of land formerly Joseph Crouchs, Jesse Duncan's line, containing all balance left of 20 acre grant issued to Jessee Duncan and not heretofore conveyed to James Hall. Jessee personally appeared 18 (sic) March 1836.
      20-572: 12 Nov. 1836, Mathew Stephenson to Thomas Thacker (Wacker?), land on Big Limestone.
      20-573: 19 (sic) March 1836, Jesse Duncan of Washington Co. to John Hodges, $10, 2 acres on north side of Holsten River, including said Duncan's ferry landing just below mouth of Watauga River, crossing line from Washington to Sullivan (apparently a strip along the river). Personally appeared Jessee Duncan 18 (sic) March 1836.
      20-574: 23 Aug. 1833, grant by Tenn. #17982 to Jessee Duncan, entry #3948, 10 June 1817, founded on certificate #2553 issued to James P. Taylor for 500 acres 17 Dec. 1816, 22 acres assigned to Jessee Duncan, this grant for 2 acres on north side of Holstein river, including said Duncan's ferry landing just below mouth of Watauga. (same description as 20-573).
      20-575: 23 Aug. 1833, grant by Tenn. #17981 to Jessee Duncan, entry #3950, 10 June 1817, cert. #2553 issued to James P. Taylor, 20 acres assigned to Jessee Duncan, this grant for 20 acres on south side of Watauga, James Hall's corner, Joseph Crouch's line, Jessee Duncan's line.
      20-585: 23 Sept. 1830, Thomas King to James Barnes, $300, 75 acres joining lands of said Barnes, James Houstin, William K. Vance and Jeremiah D. Gibsen. Wit. John King, Henry King.
      20-586: 9 Jan. 1835, from Daniel and Elizabeth Deakins, Hugh P. and Esther Young, Samuel Beard, Joseph Beard, and Sarah Martin - 23 acres mentioned in will of Robert Beard.
      20-600: 2 April 1836, Henry B. Stephenson to Benjamin Kelly, both of Jonesborough, $700, town lots.
      20-605: 18 April 1836, John L. Oliver to Adam Sell, $564, 94 acres on Knob Creek, joining lands of Adam Sells, George Humphries, John Ingle, John Longmire, corner Jonathan Hammers heirs, Krous corner. No Wit.

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