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Washington Co. TN Tax Lists (1778-1840 from microfilm, E. Tennessee State University, Johnson City, Tenn, some copied by Charles Gordon 8/1983; others from FHL film 825,545 for years 1778-1850)

   Captain Wm. Been:
      Page 9: Andrew Thompson P.T.; Tho. Williams do; Dan'l Walker; John Vance; Joseph Duncome; John Been, Clement Dixon Senr., John B. McMahon; John Dunkin P.T.; Absolom Thompson, James Cooper, Andrew Thompson
      Page 10: Charles Parker P.T.; Demsey Ward, John White P.T.; John Duncome do; Charles Thompson; James Walker; George Russell
      Page 11: John Russell; Richard Walker; John Russell; Elizabeth Duncome; John Rice
      Page 12: Bradley Gambrel; Wm. Young; Mary Richardson; Charles Dunkin; Wm. and Pharoh Cobb
   Captain Zach Isbell
      Page 15/16: Phillip Sherill; John Sevier; Samuel Sherrill Senr; Danl Hair P.T.; JOSEPH DUNHAM; Jesse Walton Esq; Edward Rice P.T.; Leonard Rice ditto; Joseph English; Samuel Sherrill Jr. ditto
   Jacob Womack
      Page 18: John Allison; Charles Allison; Robert Willson; William Campbell; Isaac Willson; HENRY DUNHAM
      Page 19: Hugh Blair; John Ritchie; REUBEN DUNHAM; James English
      Page 20: Joseph Gest; Wm. Allison; Robert Allison; James Stephenson; JOHN DUNHAM; Adam Sherill; Alexr. Murrow
   Zach Isbell
      Page 21: William Ritchey; Jonathan Denton; DANIEL DUNHAM
   To Court:
      Page 23: JOHN DUNHAM
   J. Coward
      Page 24: John Dunkin P.T. (same as page 9)
      Willson: JOSEPH DUNHAM 0 land, 1 slave 10-40, 24 horses; Joseph English; HENRY DUNHAM 10 horses; Philip Sherill; Jacob Vance; Alexander Morrow; Jonathan Denton; William Richey
      Houghton's 1st & 5th: Jonathan Morrell; John Allison; JEREMIAH DUNGHAM (2 entrees including the Maner Plantation, mill and joining the whole 800 ac, 3 horses, 7 cattle); Entered in the name of John Carter for: Clem Hairs: (1 entry 400 acres in Carter Valley); Gideon Harriss (600 acres on big creek); Samuel Denton, Senr (1 entry of 529 acres of land the Maner Plantation, 3 horses, 8 cattle); Samuel Denton Junr; James Denton; William Whitson; Joseph Denton (1 entry 640 acres); Ephraim Dunlop (5 entries 1700 acres)
      5th District: (Page 13) John Ritchey; Robert Stevenson; Wm. Allison; CHARLES DODAN (300 acres land, 3 horses, 6 "neat" cattle); Alexander Morrow; (Page 14) Robert Allison; James Morrow; James Allison; Dan'l Duncan (11 horses, 4 "neat" cattle); (Page 17) John Strain; Alexdr. Campbell; RUBEN DUNHAM (8 horses, 15 cattle); (Page 20) John Lovelaty; (Page 24) Thomas Grimes; Jonathan Denton; Sam'l Denton; John Denton; (Page 25) John Duncan (100 acres land, 3 horses); Saml. Weer; (Page 28) HENRY DUNHAM (19 horses, 7 cattle); (Page 33) James Campbell; John Bennet (6 horses, 2 cattle); (Page 34) John Weer; (Page 35) Robert Wear
1780-81 (undated)
      5th District: Joseph Gest; Benjamin Gest; Craven Dunkin (2 horses, 2 cattle); Samuel Moore, Jr.
1780 & 1781
      Fifth District; Duncan, John, has 100a plus cattle worth total 1096.15.0.
1780-81 (undated scrap); only three names
      JOSEPH DUNHAM (1 negro, 22 horses, 26 cattle)
Undated (ca 1782)
      Dunham, Joseph (total 2291.0.0); Dunkin, Craven (total 125.0.0)
1781-83 (undated)
      (Page 3) Charls Dodson (land, horses, cattle); James Willson; Samuel Denton; Jno. Sheral; Jonathan Denton; (Page 6) James Dickings (land, horses); Richard & Joseph Martain; (Page 8) (same families or some of them as on page 22 in 1781 5th District); Jno. Dunkan (no land, but horses & cattle); Marshall Lovelady; James Campbell
Undated (probably before 1783)
      Duncan, Craven (total 110.0.0); Dunham, Joseph (total 3486.3.0); Dunkan, John (total 336.3.0)
1780-83 (undated)
      (Page 12) Robert Stephenson, Robert Allison, James Alison, Charles Alison, William Campbell; (Page 14) Craven Duncan (land, horses, 1 cow); John Bennit (no land); Joseph Guest; Benjamin Gess Sr.; John Lovelady; (Page 16) Wm. Ritchey; JOSEPH DUNHAM (land, horses, 1 negroe); John Alison
after 1783 (undated)
      Depew's: Ann Allison; William Walker; John Campbell; Andrew Duncan (229a); Samuel & James Blair
      Fains: Samuel Bogart; Saml. Denton; Henry Bogart; John Allison; Charles Duncan: 432a, 1 pole, 1 "feme coverts", 1 "feme sales", 2 minor males, 2 male infants, 3 female infants, males above 60: none; widows: none; black: none
      Grier's: Thos. Duncan (1wp); William Duggard (200a, 1wp); John Grear; John Moore; John Kerr; Valentine Sevier; Andrew Greer Senr
      Million's: John Bowman; Jonathan Denton; Wm. Stephenson (1w, 300a)
      Capt. Depews Co.: Duncan, Andrew (229a, 1wp); Duncan, Joseph (310a, 1wp, 1 stud horse)
      Milliken's: John Bowman; Jonathan Denton; Wm. Stephenson (1w, 300a)
      Stone's: George Engle; John Melvan; Samuel Melvan; Joseph Croch; Michael Engle; Charles Dunworth (1w, 110a)
      Williams: Joseph Denton (1w, 185a); Jesse Whitson; Robert English; Isaac Denton (1w, 75a)
      White's: Thomas Whitson (over age, 350a, 1 slave pole); & others "over age" with no white poles
Casualties (no date)
      The under mentioned names are persons who are returned to me as being warned to meet on the day I appointed to take the Taxable property of Capt. Shipleys District, have failed to give in to me. ... Elesebeth Duncan.
1790 (undated but resembles the lists of 1790-91)
      Duncan, Andrew (329a, 1wp); Duncan, Anthony (200a, 1wp); Duncan, Joseph (100a, 1wp)
1790 & 1791
      Capt. Shipley's Co.: Dunham, Charles (1wp)
      Hanley's: John Allison; John Were
      Shipley's: Charles Dunham (1 free black); Crouch family
      Tulles: Charles Duncan (432a, 1wp); Joseph Melvin; Denton families
      White's: Patrick Dunking (1wp)
      North's: Thos. Dickson; Barbara Walker; James Allison
      Tulles (cont.): Henrey Stephens; John Bell; Joseph Melvin; Wm. Daniall; Henery Bogart; Samuel Bogart
      Wiley's: John Allison (Virginia, 150a); Francis Allison; Thomas Disney (1wp); Juashay Heris (no land, 1wp)
      White's: Julius Duggard; Cornelius Bowman; James Russell; Patrick Dunking (1 wp); Solomon Campbell; James Campbell; Isaac Campbell; James Guinn Senr. & Junr.
"1792?" (undated)
      Carriger's: Joseph Sevier; Alexr. Greer; Valentine Sevier; David Greer; Elisha Humphrey; Abraham Sevier; Thos. Duncan (1wp)
      Greer's: Aleson Greer; Valentine Sevier; Elisha Humphrey; Thomas Dunkeon (1wp); William Duggar (200a, 1wp)
      Depew's: Andrew Duncan (311a, 1wp); Abraham Campbell; Ann Allison, widow (145a); Joseph Duncan (425a, 1wp); John Campbell
      Milliken: Jonathan Denton; Solomon Yeger; Wm. Stephenson (1wp, 391a)
      Greasy Cole: Thomas Duncan (1wp); Richard Dickins (175a, 1wp); James Dickins (1wp); Jesse LYNCH (500a, 1wp); Thomas Dillard; Elijah Burass
      Tulleys: Jeremiah Dungans "in Maxwell's District" (1140a, 3bp); Henry Bogart; John Carr; Caleb Odle; Job Odle; Charles Dunken (432a, 1wp); Joseph Melvin
      Maxwell's: Jesse Whitson; John Whitson; Jesse Humphries
      ----: Isaac Denton & Junior; Jos. Denton; Wm. Daniel (200a, 1wp)
      Taken by Richard White: Duncan, Lawrence (240a, 1 free pole)
      Campbell & Thornton's: Benjamin Dunking (1 wp); Patrick Dunking (1wp); Julius Duggard; Champ Guinn
      Hale's: Richard Dickens (137a, 1wp); James Dickens (1wp)
      Blair's: Joseph Duncan (428a, 1wp); Andrew Duncan (313a, 1wp); David Russell; Elias Bowman; Robert Allison; Isaac Depew
      Maxwell's: Jerrmiah Dungan (1140a, 3bp); Isaac Denton & Junior; John & Jesse Whitson; Henry Bogart
      Melvan's: Samuel Melvan; James Crouch; other Melvans; David Dunham (1wp, 180a); Charles Dungurth (1wp, 100a)
      Murry's: Charles Dunham (1wp); Shipley families
      Milliken's: Wm. Stephenson (1wp, 592a); Jonathan Denton; Thos. Dunn
      Capt. Alexander Greers Co.: Duncan, Thomas (1wp)
      Morrison's: Samuel Denton; William Dannel (1wp, 200a); Charles Duncan (1wp, 432a); Jerry Denton (1wp); John Dannel (1wp); Henry Stephins; Samuel Bogart; Joseph Denton; Isaac Denton
      Carriger's: Isaac Dincoln (670a, 1wp); Abraham Sevier; John Humphreys; Thomas Duncan (1wp); Alexr. Greer; Andrew Greer
      Scott's: Joshua Harris (1wp); Isaac Hair; Frank Allison
      Depew's: Andrew Duncan (1wp, 229a); James Richey; Ann Allison (145a); Robert Allison (750a, 1wp, 1bp); Isaac Depew; David Russell
      Ford's: Patterick Duncan (1wp); Laurance Duncan (1wp, 140a); James Campbell; Champ Gwin; Zachariah Campbell, Jr.; William Dugger (1wp, 250a); Julius Dugger (1wp, 100a)
      Milliken's: Jonathon Danton; Sol. Yager
      Murray's: Charles Dunham (1wp); Joseph Melvan; Shipley families
      Scot's: Isac Hear; James Allison
      Taylor's: Jaremiah Dungens (1100a, 3bp)
      Melvan's: David Dunham (1wp, 100a); Moses Humphreys; Samuel Melvain; other Melven families
      Capt. Depews Co.; Duncan, Andrew (229a, 1wp); Duncan, Joseph (321a, 1wp)
      Calvert's: Jas. Dekins (1wp); Michal Ingle; David Dedrick; John Milliken; Jacob Greer
      Nicholas (Carriger's): Thomas Green; Valentine Seviers, Sr.; Alex. Greer; Thomas Duncan (1 wp, "no return"); Charles Whitson (1wp); Alex.Greer; Andrew Greer
      Ford's: John LYNCH (100a, 1wp, 1bp); Patrick Duncan (1wp); Laurance Duncan (240a, 1wp); Champ Guin; Julius Duggard; Zachariah Campbell; James Guin
      Melvanes (Boones Creek, Watauga River, Sinking Creek, Redy Branch): Charles Dungworth (110a Boone Creek; 640a Somner County, Cumberland River)
      Morrison's (Nob Creek, Brush Creek, Sinking Creek, Ceder Creek, Watauga River): Charles Duncan (2wp, 460a Nob Creek); Joseph Melvin & Samuel Denten & Henery Bogerd (Nob Creek); Joseph Denten & Jacob Bowman (Brush Creek); John Humphreys (Watauga); Henry Steveson (430a Cedar Creek, 1wp, 1bp)
      Murrey's (Watauga, Kendrick Creek, W. Sinking, head of Lick, Buffalo Ridge, Cedar, Big Limestone, E. Sinking, Reedy Branch): Elizabeth Duncan (300a North Watauga River); Charles Denham (120a head of W. Sinking, 1wp); Daniel Dun (150a head of Lick); John Crouch Junr (waters of Boones); Benjamin Shipley (head of E. fork of Cedar)
      There are two Sinking Creeks - one on the east side of Buffalo Ridge and one on the west side; and Capt. Murrey designated them East Sinking and West Sinking accordingly.
      Milliken's: Solomon Yeager (1wp, 1bp, 200a); Adam Lowry (1wp); Jonathan Denten (1wp, 100a); William Stephenson (467a)
      Taylor's: Jeremiah Dungan (on both sides of Wataga River, 3 negroes, 2 male & female, 1000a, 3bp, 1 female bp); Jeremiah Dungan (of Sinking Creek, 140a)
      Milliken's: William Stephenson (467a)
      Shipley's: Charles Denham (115a, 1wp); David Denham (115a, 1wp)
      Brown's: James & John Sevier; Richard Cambell
      Longmire's: Richard Deakins (113a); James Deakins (110a, 1wp); John Deakins (50a); Elizabeth Allison (175a); John Sevier (190a)
      Melvin's: Charles Dungworth (1wp, 110a)
      Morrison's: Jeremiah Dungan (3bp, 1000a Watauga River)
      Capt. Morrison's Co.: Duncan, Charles (2wp, 460a, Nobb Creek)
      Duncan's: Ann Allison (145a); Andrew Duncan (1wp, 228a); Joseph Duncan (1wp, 140a); Robert Allison
      Longmire's: Richard Deakins (113a); James Deakins (110a, 1wp)
      Morrison's: Charles Duncan (2wp, 460a Nobb Creek); Jeremiah Denton (1wp, 60a Sinking Creek); Joseph Denton (Brush Creek); James Denton
      Robertson's: Gov. John Sevier (300a); John Sevier, Junr (640a)
      Shipley's: Charles Denham (1wp, 125a); Joseph Duncan (1wp, 200a); Charles Kincheloe; David Denham (163a)
      Free taxables: (Hannah's) Mathew Stepnson; (Duncan's by Isaac Depew) #11 Andrew Duncan; #63 Joseph Duncan; (Morrison's) Abraham Bogart; Marshall Duncan; Henry Stevens; William Duzan; (Longmire's) Richard & James & John Deacons
      Calvert's: Benj. Harris (100a Little Limestone, 0wp)
      Duncan's: Andrew Duncan (1wp, 229a); Joseph Duncan (1wp, 418a)
      Shipley's: Charles Dunham (1wp, 125a)
      Morrison's (#I): Henry Stevens (1wp, 1bp, 430a); Charles Duncan (2wp, 460a); Jeremiah Dungen (3bp, 1000a); Joshua Hareas (1wp); Henry Bogart (460a); (#II) Henry Stevens (1wp, 1bp, 430a); Jeremiah Dungan (3bp, 1000a); William Duran (1wp); (#--) Joseph Melvin; Joseph & Isaac & Samuel Denton
      Capt. Morrisons Co. #1 May 1798: Duncan, Charles (2wp, 460a, 50 scalps)
      Capt. Morrisons Co. #2: Duncan, Charles (2wp, 460a)
      Capt. Shipleys Dist: List of free taxable inhabitants: Duncan, Jesse; Duncan, Joseph; Duncan, Rice; Duncan, Robert.
      Duncan's: Ann Allison (145a); Andrew Duncan (229a); Joseph Duncan (1wp, 417a); Robt. Allison
      Hannah's: Alice Stephenson (467a)
      Morrison's: Jariha Dungen (4bp, 1000a); Marchel Dunken (1wp); Henry Stevens (1wp, 1bp, 440a); Charles Dunken (1wp, 460a); Joshua Harris (1wp)
      Squibbs: Ellis Stephenson (367a)
      Longmire (alphabetic): Deakins, Richard (113a), James (1wp, 210a), John (1wp, 50a)
      Lane (alphabetic): Duncan, Jesse (1wp, 300a); Duncan, Robert (1wp); Duncan, Joseph (1wp); Duncan, Rice (1wp)
      Norwood's: Charles Dungworth (1wp, 500a); David Denkam (1wp, 95a)
      Morrison's: Margaret Stepeson (1bp, 440a); William Duzann (1wp, 50a); Marshal Dunken (1wp); Jeremiah Dingins (4bp, 1000a); Charles Duncan (1wp, 444a); Joel Dunken (1wp)
      Taylor's: Joseph Duncan (493a, 1wp); Andrew Duncan (229a)
      Doaks: Rice Duncan (1wp, 100a); Jesse Duncan (1wp, 114a, 1bp); Joseph Duncan (1 wp, 90a)
      Rectn's: Charles Denham (1wp, 200a)
      Parker's: Harress, Benjamin (100a); Harress, George C. (1wp)
      Carson's: William Stevenson (1wp, 90a); John Stevenson (1wp, 395a)
      Carson's: John Stevenson (1wp, 123a)
      Payne's: Mathew Stepheson (1wp, 2bp, 341a)
      Guin's: Andrew Dunkin (229a); James Dunkin (1wp); Robert Allison; Joseph Dunkin (418-1/2a)
      Dokes: Joseph Duncan (1wp, 90a); Rice Duncan (1wp, 100a); Jesse Duncan (1wp, 114a, 1bp)
      Crouch's: Charles Dunsworth (1wp, 400a); Deakins; David Denham
      Carr's: Margarate Stevens (1bp, 120a); William Dunken (1wp); Charls Dunken (444a); Abraham Bogart (1wp); Joseph Bowman, Joseph Malvin
      Odell's: Charles Whitson (1wp, 140a); Absalom Dickens (1wp, 96a); Richard Dickens (143a); John Dickens (160a)
      Button's: John Dunham (1wp); Joseph Duncan (1wp, 90a); Jessee Duncan (1wp, 114a, 1bp); Rice Duncan (1wp, 95a)
      Carr's: Charls Duncan (444a); William Duzan (1wp, 50a); Abraham Bogart (1wp); James Malven (1wp, 150a); Joseph Malven (150a); Margaret Stephen (1bp, 110a); Jaremiah Dungan (1wp, 4bp, 1000a, 100a)
      Gwin's: James Duncan (1wp); Joseph Duncan (400a); Robart Allason; Robart Allason Juner; Andrew Duncan (225a)
      Cade's: Charles Dunham (1wp, 120a); William Stephenson (3bp, 323a)
      Guin's: James Duncan (1wp); Joseph Duncan (200a, 1wp); Joseph Duncan Senior (17a); Gean Duncan (229a)
      McAllister's: Mathew Stepleson (1wp, 2bp, 377a Big Limestone); Felix Stephens (1wp)
      Carr's: William Duncan (1wp); Charles Duncan (444a); Abraham Bogard (1wp); Jaremiah Dungins (1wp, 5bp, 1100a); William Duzan (1wp, 50a)
      O'dell's: Charles Whitson (1wp, 300a)
      Parker's: George C. Haress (1wp, 100a); Benjamin Haress (100a)
      McAlister's: Mathew Stevenson (1wp, 2bp, 272a Big Limestone by will)
      Parker: Jacob Haire (60a, 1wp); Isaac Haire (268a, 1wp); Benjamin Harress (100a); Geo. C. Harress (93a, 1wp)
      Guin's: Joseph Dunkin (200a Big Limestone by deed, 1wp, 1bp); Andrew Dunkin (229a Big Limestone by deed & warrant, 1wp); Joseph Dunkin, Senr. (306a headwaters of Big Limestone by deed)
      Par's: Benjamen G. Hares (1wp)
      Cade's: Charles Dunham (1wp, 120a Sinking Creek by deed); William Stevenson (4bp, 323a Horse Creek by grant)
      Carr's: Charles Duncan (444a); Wm. Duncan (1wp)
      Right's: James Deakins; David Denham; William Denham; Charles Dungworth; Thomas Dungworth
      Viney's: John Deakins (north Chucky River)
      Carr's Cont.: Joseph Melvin; Marget Stevens (120a, 1bp); James Melven; Jeremiah Dun (rest torn); Wm. Duzan (50a, 1wp)
      Barron's: Charles Dunham (100a); William Stevenson (4bp, 323a)
      Dimron's: John Stephenson (1wp, 2bp, 195a by deed) (others on Big Limestone, Cedar branch)
      ----: Nathaniel Haris (0wp)
      McCray's: Benjamin Harris (100a); George C. Harris (92a, 1wp)
      Rodman's: John C. Harris (1wp, 60a, 1 town lot)
      Davis: John Stephenson (423a, 1wp, 2bp); James Dunkin (1wp); Joseph Dunkin (302a); Andrew Duncan (229a, 1wp); Joseph Duncan (200a, 1wp)
      Barron's: William Stevenson; Joseph Dunkin; Charles Whitlock (1wp, 100a)
      Britton's: Rice Duncan (1wp, 100a); Jesse Duncan (1bp, 120a)
      Ellis: William Denham, David Durham, Rolen Hodges (1wp, 2bp, 330a Ready Branch) (others on Boone Creek, Watauga River)
      Mitchell's: Jeremiah Dungings (4bp, 1100a); James Melvin (1wp, 150a); William Duncan (1wp); Charles Duncan (444a); three Killey families; John Duncan (1wp); William Dugan (1wp, 100a)
      McAlister's: Mathew Stephenson (1wp, 2bp, 372a)
      Green's: Hugh Weaer (1wp) (area of Chucky River)

Washington Co. TN Tax lists (FHL film 825,545)
1811 - Capt. Mitchells Company, January, 1811 taken by Jacob Hoss, J.P.
Jeremiah Dungings, 4 bp, 1100a
Jeremiah Gibson, 1 wp
Joseph Bowman, 1 wp, 256a
John Carr, 2 bp, 232a
William Carr, 1 wp, 1 bp
Richard Carr, l wp
William King, 1 wp, 1 bp, 350a
John Gray, 1 wp
John Miller, 580a, 1 stud horse
James Melvin, 1 wp, 150a
Joseph Melvin, 1 wp, 150a
Thomas King, 200a
William Duncan, 1 wp
Charles Duncan, 444a
Joshua Killey, 1 wp
Kinchen Killey, 356a
William Killey, 1 wp
John Duncan, 1 wp
Charles Waddle, 1 wp, 150a
James King, 1 wp, 50a
David Collom, 150a
John Fulkerson, 150a
John McCoy, 150a
Peter Range, 450a
Jonathan Hammer, 1 wp, 75a
John Hammer, Sr, 1 bp, 135a
Mark Mares, 1 wp, 40a
John Range, 1 wp
Jacob Hammer, 1 wp, 103a
Aron White, 316a
James White, l wp
Isaac Hammer, 1 wp, 287a
William Nelson Sr, 4 bp, 300a
William Dugan, 1 wp, 100a
George Nelson, 1 wp
William Morison, 1 wp
James Nelson, 1 wp, 390a
Jonathan Carathres, 1 wp, 480a
Isabella Younge, 1 bp, 250a
Jonathan Younge, 1 wp, 200a
Horatio Ford, Sr., 100a
Horatio Ford, Jr., 1 wp
Mordica Ford, 1 wp
Shular McDonnald, 1 wp
George Hoss, 1 wp, 260a
Silas Hetton, l wp
Uriah Collins, 1 wp
John Hoss, 1 wp, 1 bp, 198a
Abraham Hoss, 1 wp, 198a
William Boring, 76a
Absolom Boring, 91a
Amon Boring, 1 wp
Wm. Cox, 1 wp, 200a
Jonas Little, 320a
John Little, 1 wp, 2 bp
Benjamin Runno, 1 wp
Jeremiah Smith, 1 wp
James Young, 1 wp, 100a
Joseph Young, Jr., 1 wp, 100a
Mary Ford, 450a
Francis Willet, 1 wp, 275a
Valentine Davalt, 1 wp, 3 bp, 640a
Frederick Devalt, 1 wp
Henry King, 250a
Samuel Hunt, 1 wp, 1 bp, 215a
James Younge per Rober Younge, 240a
Samuel Denton, 2 bp, 472a
John Denton, 1 wp
Peter Homanel, 1 wp
Cristian Stover, 1 wp, 41a
Isaac Linkhorn, 164a
John Hutton, 1 wp, 2 bp
Jane Kard, 41a
Greenberry Boring, 1 wp
Jacob Hoss,Esq., 1 wp, 270a
Joshua Boring, 0 0 0
Wm. Massingil, 0 0 0
James Borrens, 0 0 0
Darling Jones, 0 0 0
Peter Miller, 0 0 0
John Hammer Jr. & Taylor, Not given in thar taxes
Moses Humphreys,1 wp, 1 bp, 251a, 1 stud horse
Abigail Jobe, 1 bp, 280a, 1 stud

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