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Washington Co. TN Wills, Book 1 (Aug, 1779 to Feb., 1857) and Book 2 (1857 to 1889) (FHL film 825,521; searched page by page through about 1825)
      1-4: (no date), will of William Bean Senr; wife Liddy; son Russell; my children; Exec. sons William, Robert and George. Wit. Thomas Hartmon, John F. Callihan, Robert (tape covers last name, illeg.). Proved May, 1782.
      1-26: 26 April 1792, Robert Allison; wife Ann; son Robert (later "youngest son" Robert); two youngest daughters Jane and Polly, daughter Ann; married children who already have their share. Wit. John Andemon and George Bile?. Proved May, 1792.
      1-31: 14 Dec. 1793, George Gillespie of Green County; wife Martha 100a; son Thomas and his son George if he lives to arrive at age 12; daughter Martha Jack? and her son George Jack if arrives at 15; daughter Jane Gillespie land bought from James & Charles McCartoney in Greene County; "one bond upon Stephen Dancan for one hundred dollars"; son John part of plantation on mouth of Big Limestone and 500 acres of land "Thomas Kay owes to me"; daughter Elizabeth Hays and her son Charles Hays if arrives at 15; grandson George Gillespie son of my son John if arrives at 15; three sons George Gillespie, Allen Gillespie and James Gillespie; land that son Thomas sold on Lick Creek; exec. wife Martha and sons George and Allen; wit. F.A. Ramsey, George Gallespe, Henry Earnest. Proved Feb., 1794.
      1-39: 14 Oct. 1783, William Whitson, County of Washington, State of North Carolina; son Jessee; son Joseph; daughters Susannah Egan, Lydda McKay; wit. Henry Nelson, Jr., William Wood, Rueben Rider. Proved Nov. 1783.
      1-54: 21 Sept. 1794, James Allison; friends Robert Allison, Nathaniel Davis, James Chartin administrators; wife Pam?; (no relationship) Elizabeth Scott, Hannah Scott, Rachel Sharp, Esther Allison; remainder to daughter Elizabeth Allison. Wit. Frank Allison, John Adams, Michael Harrison. Proved May, 1795.
      1-54: 7 January 1800, John Wear/Weir; wife Agnes; 3 youngest daughters Nancy, Phebe and Susanna; daughters Betsy and Jane; sons Benjamin and George; daughters Mary Cunenysan? and Margaret Wilson; son-in-law John Wilson; son Hugh to receive one tract of land lying at foot of the Kiney Mountain when he comes of age. Wit. John Nelson, Reuben Payne, Allen Mathis. Proved Aug, 1800.
      1-57: 10 Jan. 1801, Henry Stevens; wife Margaret; stepson James Barnes; sons David and Isaac; step-daughters Penny, Polly and Peggy Barnes; Nancy, William, Betsy, Thomas John and Henry Stevens (no relationship); exec. wife Margaret and friend William Ward. Wit. Henry King?, James Morrison, James Barnes. Proved May, 1801.
      1-74: 29 July 1806, John Ferguson; wife Jane; son Samuel land; son John land; daughter Betsy Hodge; daughter Esther Oar; whole of my daughters; Exec. wife Jane and son Samuel; wit. James Kennedy, Joseph Duncan, George Bell. Proved May, 1807.
      1-91: 18 July 1812, Robert Allison; sick and weak in body; note to father Robert Allison, Senior; said Robert Allison, Senior, to have one half the balance of the sale of stock and farming articles; wife Jane Allison to have plantation bought from Henry Shields and also plantation bought from William Guinn; profits for place bought from James Dinwoody and Willit to go to my wife for support of the children; 1/2 profits to continue until my daughter Nancy comes of age at 18 and 1/2 until my daughter Rachel arrives at 18; also profits on plantation I now live "(after the death of my father)" for maintenance and schooling of the children; to daughters Nancy and Rachel plantation I bought from Dinwoody and Willit when they arrive at 18; to my two daughters Polly Anna and Hannah Eliza the plantation on which I now live containing an entry on which Edward Milliam (sic) now lives (175 acres) together with 40 acres which my father bought from Henry Shields when they reach 18; should my father be living when they arrive at 18, they are not to get possession until his death; also Robert Allison Senr. is to have my interest in a tract of land which Jonathan Barecroft and myself bought at sheriff's sale formerly the property of Thomas Gillis (Cyllis?) together with two entries said Barecroft and myself made in partnership; appoint my wife Jane Allison executrix, John Stephenson and Joseph Duncan, Jr., executors. Wit. William Walker, George Kirk, Elizabeth Mitchell. Proved Nov., 1812.
      1-112: 3 Nov. 1816, Joseph Melvin; wife Hannah; sons Joseph and John; daughter Rhuba? Melvin; exec. wife Hannah and son James Melvin. Wit. T.D.Y?. King, John Range, William Duncan. Proved April, 1817.
      1-119 Charles Duncan, proved July, 1818 (see complete copy below)
      1-120: 19 March 1819, Robert Allison; daughter Hannah Carmale; daughter Rachel Thompson to have land adjoining Joseph Duncan and Atkins (others?) whereon Joseph Archer now lives; daughter Polly Duncan to have land called Shant place and interest to Rotiton? place and negroe boy called George; daughter Ann Thompson; 4 daughters Hannah, Rachel, Polly, Ann; stock after Joseph Duncan's third is taken out; granddaughter Pollyann Allison. Exec. John Stephenson and Joseph Duncan, my son-in-law. Wit. Nathaniel Davis, Elias Ewing, John McCall. Proved April, 1819.
      1-122: 15 Sept. 1819, Henry Martens; wife Cloe; son Ruben; daughter Betty Jones; my wife and all my children (some under age); exec. friend Abil Wyley and son John; wit. John Strain, Henry Marsh, Jos. Duncan Senr. Proved Oct. 1819.
      1-151: 15 March 1825, Rosannah Stevenson (formerly Rosannah Duncome). Proved July, 1825. (see complete copy below)
      1-170: (undated), Andrew Duncan; "Memorandum of Andrew Duncan's last will and testament is as follows."; wife Jane; plantation in "hands of my son Andrew who is to take care of the same, to have the oversight of the younger children who are all to labor together and to have their schooling and maintenance off the land"; girls when they marry; daughters already married; land "divided equally amongst the boys except my son Samuel, he has already got" out of his part of the land. "The above nuncupative will was proven in court by the oaths of Joseph Duncan and George Bill." No proved date, but recorded shortly after October, 1825.
      1-171: 15 June 1796, William Stephenson; wife Alice; letter of attorney to Ralph Loftes of Rockingham Co. VA, to sell land there; son Mathew until age 21; daughter Elizabeth while single; son John receive land purchased from William Houston joining lands of Robert Allison and others; boys under 21; daughters under 18; Phillip Harper?; Exec. wife Alice and son Mathew and brother David Stephenson of Augusta Co. VA; Wit. James Cuken?, George Crookshank, Patrick Sheilds. (next will proved July, 1826)
      1-175: 1 June 1796, will of John Young; wife Isbell; 1/2 to son John Young; 1/2 to son Thomas Young; 200 acres on .... Creek in Knox Co.; exec. wife Isbell Young and Jonathan Coreathers son-in-law. Wit. Thomas Gibson, John Carr. No date proved.
      1-239: 24 Jan. 1837, Jeremiah Bogart; wife Elizabeth; children (not named). (did not get proved date).
      1-247: 9 Sept. 1833, Daniel Bowman; weight of years; wife Rebecca; son Jacob; Catherine Giesler, she and her husband living on property purchased from Nathan Shipley (300 acres); son Samuel Bowman; Susannah Crouse, widow of Solomon Crouse; land purchased from Joseph Melvin 169 acres; son Daniel land where I now live, including grist and saw mill; son John; wit. John Blair, John P. Chester, William P. Chester Jr. (MAD: no proved date recorded).
      1-268: 5 July 1838, Jane Allison; to my two daus. Polly Ann Conley and Hannah E. Thompson; whatever in the hands of Duncan L. Blains and John F. Deaderick; my 3 grch. Amanda Jane Russel, Harriet Russel, and Robert A. Russel; daus. Nancy Russel and Rachel Russell (MAD: sic); exec: my sons-in-law Robert A. Thompson and Jonah Conly; /s/ Jane Allison; wit. John Stephenson, Thos. C. McAdams, Allison Long. (no proved date recorded) (FHL film 825,521; other nearby wills were dated 1838 but this date could be 1828 or 1838)
      1-274: 12 Feb. 1838, Matthew Stephenson; charities; friends James Cowan and Mary Russe; wife Mary A. Stephenson; brother John Stephenson; sister Elizabeth McEwen; land purchased from McGinnis, McCardle and George Cunningham in Greene Co., and lots in Leesburg; partnership with Isaac McPherson and his son Matthew; wit. Seth P.M. Lucky, Harry Buchannon, James Patten. (MAD: no proved date recorded).
      1-274: 5 July 1828, Jane Allison; daughters Polly Ann Conly and Hannah E. Thompson; whatever is in the hands of Duncan L. Blain and in the hands of John F. Deadwick after my death; 3 grandchildren Amanda Jane Russel, Harriet Russel, and Robert A. Russel when of age; daughters Nancy Russel and Rachel Russel; sons-in-law Robert A. Thompson and Jonah Conly executors. Wit. John Stephenson, Thomas C. Andrew and Allen? Loni?. (MAD: no proved date recorded)
      1-295: 21 Sept. 1836, Charles Denham; wife Mary; when two boys Thomas Denham and Peter Light age 21; son Thomas Denham; Peter Light grandson of wife Mary Denham. (MAD: no proved date recorded)
      1-298: 29 Dec. 1841, John Stephenson; two daughters now living with him and single; wife Elizabeth; son David; son-in-law Thomas C. McAdams; son David Stephenson; my decd brother Matthew Stephen and my sister; all my children; grandson William S. Strain; exec. son David; wit. Joseph Duncan Sr., Charles Deakins, Saml. B. Cunningham.
      1-316: 6 Oct. 1840, John Bowman; John and Madison Bowman to take care of wife Eve; Catharine Klipper, Susannah Klipper, Mary Highsinger, Joseph Bowman, Isaac Bowman, Rebecca Meads, Daniel Bowman, Benj. Bowman, Samuel Bowman (all has his or her part); Sarah Zimmerman's heirs after Jacob Bowman gits 400 if can be collected; John and Madison Bowman (left moveables); exec. sons Joseph and John; wit. Wm. DeSmonlen?, Solomon Smawlen, Joseph Birimcun?. (no proved date, but preceeding will proved April, 1842).
      1-327: 3 January 1839, William Stevenson; being old and weak; Jessee Hiter Crouch who married my relation Jemima McGuire; his son William Stephenson Crouch; Amy, daughter of Jessee H. and Jemima Crouch; William S. Crouch, son of Jesse H. and Jemima Crouch; exec. Jesse Hiter Crouch and George Crouch; wit. John Blakely, Anson Givin, J.K. Crouch. Proved July 1845.
      1-333: 30 Nov. 1845, Samuel Bowman; unsound body; wife Ann; my children; my part of grist mill; my mother; exec. John A. Bowman and Ann Bowman; wit. George Crouch, James Crouch. Proved Jan. 1846.
      1-363: 1 Sept. 1845, Roland Hodge; wife Hannah; son James Hodge; daughter Susannah Alison; heirs of daughter Eliner Alison decd; 3 daughters Elinor, Polly and Susannah; exec. son James Hodge; wit. John Bowman, Madison M. Bowman. Proved June, 1849. (no will for Edmend Hodge).
      1-368: 2 Aug. 1846, Elizabeth Bowman; (no relationship) David, Elias, George, John Bowman, Mary Calvert, Barbary McConnel, Elizabeth Simpson $1 as their share; Maria Smith left everything; exec. John T. Smith; wit. Wiley Tucker, James Smith. Proved June 1847.
      1-369: 18 Sept. 1846, Thomas Bell; wife Elizabeth Bell; niece Mary Emily Fergusen whom I have raised from childhood; exec. Robert S. Furguson, wit. William Smith, John H. Carr. Proved Feb. 1848.
      1-381: 19 Jan. 1848, Thomas Ferguson; my daughter Elizabeth Bell; sons Henry and Robert S. Bell; granddaughter Mary Emily Ferguson; my daughter and my two sons all that living of my children. Wit. Michael Bashor, Jas. F.D. Sherfey, Jesse Wilcoxon. Proved Feb. 1848.
      1-382: 17 Jan. 1849, David Stephenson; my father's will, I was executor; my newphew William S. Strain; my four sisters Martha A. Strain, Cynthia McAdams, Mary N. Wyly and Emily H. Mitchell; brother-in-law Jonathan C. Mitchell; Exec. Jonathan C. Mitchell, Thomas C. McAdams and James H. Doper; wit. Seth J.W. Lucky, C.D.F? Wilds. Proved Feb. 1849.
      1-397: 10 Aug. 1850, Joseph Bowman; wife Christina; 2 youngest sons David and Joseph (Joseph not 21); oldest daughter Susannah Crouch and her husband James Crouch; oldest son John H. Bowman; 2nd daughter Elizabeth Bashor, her husband Henry Bashor; 3rd daughter Mary Ghast, her husband Henry Ghast; 2nd son Daniel; 4th daughter Catharine Lear and her husband John Lear; 5th & youngest daughter Sarah Bowman; exec. John H. Bowman and John Lear; brother Jacob Bowman; wit. Christian Wine, Peter M. Reeves, Abraham Hoss. Proved Sept. 1850.
      1-449: 22 March 1834, Archibald Hall; wife Mary; daughters Minerva Slaven, Ruth Allison, Martha Hunt, Emalene Hale, Margaritta Bowman, Mary Brown, Amanda Jane Pritchett, Telema Duncan; grandson John Hale son of Allison Hale; grandson John Hale son of David Hale; widow of David Hale, Lucretia Hale to educate said John Hale (not 21); 2 sons Abednago Hale and William Hale; land purchased from John & Robert Allison; 2 sons executors; wit. Willison Lynon, James H. Allison, Franklin Lynon. Proved Jan. 1853. (MAD: per June Ricketts 1/1986, will was dated 1854, proved 1855)

      2-48: 28 Jan. 1860, James Melvin; wife Stacy Melvin; James R. Melvin 160 acres; Susan and Mahala Melvin 80 acres; after death of James and Stacy Melvin Susan and Mahala is to have ...; 17 acres above Bashors I will to Mary Crothers; exec. James R. Melvin; wit. 15 Feb. 1860 Azariah Peaples, Wm. C. Melvin. Proved July, 1860.
      2-48: 31 March 1856, Joseph Duncan; we Joseph Duncan Senior and wife Polly Duncan whose maiden name was Allison; son Robert A. Duncan money he paid to Frederick Davault (for land); son Samuel C. Duncan; son Nelson Duncan (death of his wife); remainder divided equally among all our children Rachel Duncan, Robert A. Duncan, Ann McAdams, Joseph Duncan, James W. Duncan, John B. Duncan, Nelson Duncan, Nancy J. Leah? (blotted), Samuel C. Duncan; exec. James W. Duncan; signed Joseph Duncan, Polly (her mark) Duncan; wit. Jacob Hartman, David Guinn.
      Added: 31 March 1856, Polly Duncan; same as in father's will (Robert Allison decd), portion of father's real estate, to my heirs; appoint above James W. Duncan attorney to join his father in making sale of property; wit. Jacob Hartman, David Guin.
      Added: 7 Dec. 1858, Joseph Duncan; different conclusion regarding: my daughter Rachel G. Duncan and Nancy Jane Lyon; daughter Ann S. McAdams and her husband S.B. McAdams; while writing codicil son Robert A. Duncan called to see me; Joseph Duncan Jr.; son Robert A. Duncan; wit. Jasral Canly?, John A. Canly. Proved Aug., 1860.
      2-60: 18 Dec. 1860, Louisa Elizabeth Russell; 2 children William Harvey Russell and Rebecca Jane Russell when of age; guardian Robert F. Russell; wit. D.B. Barkley and William (X) Archer. Proved April, 1861.
      2-61: (no date), Robert Allison; wife Mary and her four children, namely, Archibald Chester John George and Aphia (no commas) my land my old farm near Jonesborough called State Hill and farm where Mark Hale now lives (200 acres) being an exchange for the John Bowman tract; my daughter Mary Hale; note due from G. Wallison; daughter Martha Maxwell, Deborah Hughes; my two sons Chester and John; my two youngest children George and Aphia; exec. wife Mary, son-in-law Henry Hughes; wit. George H. Range, T.J. Galloway. Proved April 1861.
      2-62: 26 Jan. 1861, Robert Allison Russell, sickbed in Marion Co. FL; partnership with Samuel B. McAdams, firm of McAdams & Russell; half-sister Margaret Amanda Russell when of age; half-brother John Irvin Russell; half- brother James Madison Russell when of age; half-sister Louisa Melvina Russell; nephew Allison Russell Duncan when of age; executor friend Robert Allison Thompson; wit. Geo. B. Hunter, C.H. Phinny, R.C. Simpson. Statement in Marion Co. FL that Robert A. Russell died 2 Feb. 1861.
      2-82: 26 Jan. 1848, John Ferguson; 4 sons Henry A. Ferguson, Robert M. Ferguson, George W. Ferguson, Alexander F. Ferguson; 3 oldest sons pay to Elizabeth Gibson and Amanda Ferguson; Henry A. Ferguson; 3 youngest daughters Elizabeth Gibson, Susannah Ferguson and Amanda Ferguson; 3 oldest sons pay 3 oldest daughters; exec. sons Henry A. Ferguson and George W. Ferguson; wit. Joseph Duncan, Francis Gibson, Philip Mulkey; recorded on oaths of Gibson and Mulkey May, 1862.
      2-152: 4 Feb. 1867, Daniel L. Bayless; sell land & distribute to all heirs except daughter Elizabeth Duncan which I consider has received her full portion of my estate. I will to each of her heirs $5 which is all I desire them to have out of my estate. I will to William Duncan $1; bequests to Eliza Bayless; son Wm. M. Bayles; exec. sons Wm. M. Bayless, Albert G. Bayless, and Bird D. Bayless; wit. Joseph West, Thos. J. Wilson. Proved May 1867.
      2-295: 17 June 1874, John W. Bowman; buried between my two beloved wives Selina and Rebecca; son Adam Bowman; daughter Sarah R. Hendrix (over 21, now married); daughter Mary Kitzmiller; daughter Honora E. Mooman (over 21, married 3 years, 8 months, 3 days after age 21). Proved July, 1874.
      2-310: 1 Aug. 1874, Miss Margaret S. Stevens will, of Washington Co.; to sister Estella L. Cox all my estate, consisting of 1/4 interest in the farms owned by my father Isaac Stevens decd in the county of Sullivan; the several tracts included about 200 acres, 1/4 of which I bequeath to my said sister E.L. Cox; my personal property is not very much but owing to the kind treatment of my said sister and her husband, Mr. John C. Cox, I feel it just and proper that I should will all my effects to them after my decease, believing from their past kind treatment to me, that they will continue the same, as well as look after and take some oversight of my other sister and brother, to wit, Hiram D. & Elizabeth M. Stevens. My brother in law John C. Cox executor. /s/ Margaret S. Stevens (seal). Wit. J.M. Mitchell, John ? Grisham. Proved November 1874.
      2-478: 30 June 1884, Sophia Cunningham Duncan of Jonesbrough; money due her in Knoxville in April, 1883; in case I leave a child, C.E. Lucky of Knoxville exec; mother Ann A.D. Cunningham; Western Free Seminary in Oxford, Butler Co. OH; beloved husband C.A. Duncan, his family, if he follows me soon as does not seem to me improbable; my aged mother; stones to mark graves of each in our square, I.E., Aunt Jane Davis, Pa Saml. B. Cunningham, Ma A.D. Cunningham, and myself; wit. D.J. Gibson; proved on oaths of D.J. Gibson, C.A. Duncan and Nathan Bachinan July 1884.
      2-620: 9 Feb. 1889, John H. Stevens Jr. of Johnson City; wife Nancy C. Stevens; 6 children: Alfred J. Stevens, Masonri Dave Stevens, John C. Stevens, Levana Stevens, Oswego Stevens, Samuel J.T. Stevens; exec. Calvin Bowman. Wit. N.T. Nave, J.L.W. Carathers. Proved March, 1889.
      No will through 1889 for Samuel Spurgen (mar. 1823 Rosannah Duncan); no will for Crouch mentioning a Duncan (intermarried with Bowman and Stephenson).

Washington Co. TN Wills, Will Book A (typewritten copies from Bruce Duncan to Lenox D. Baker to MAD)
      John Carr, Senr. Will - (Continued)
almighty God. Calling to mind the uncertainity of this mortal life, Do make and ordain this piece of paper to be my last will and testament. That is first of all I give and recommend my sould unto the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a Christian like manner at the descreation of my Executors, and as touching, such of my worldly estate, I give and devise First that where as I have heretofore given to my children that is my sons John, James, Richard and William and my daughters Hannah, Levisa, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth and Isbell, what out of my estate I then thought I could spare, therefore I now give and bequeath to each of them respectively and severally all that I have heretofore given them to be theirs severally forever. Secondly that whatsoever may remain on hand of my estate at the time of my death let it be negroes, steep, of any kind, farming utensils, household furniture, monies or obligations to collection or anything whatsoever, let it be sold and the product arising therefrom to be equally divided with any money that may be on hand or there after collected if any. Between each and every one of my children that is boys and girls, share and share alike. After settling all my just debts and funeral expenses. That should any of my sd. children die before me the lawful issue of such decends (?) child to have the share that would have fallen to the said deceara (?) if they had been living or should die after me before the distribution can take place the sd, lawful issue to inherit also as the said the decease had taken place before me. Lastly I do nominate constitute, make and ordain, my two sons Richard and William Carr to be executors of this my last will and testament. Acknowledging this and no other. Revoking all other will or wills heretofore by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty fourth day of July one thousand eight hundred and eleven. John Carr (Seal) Teste. Samuel Denton, Martha (X her mark) Denton, Tabitha Denton.
      The foregoing will was proven in open court by the oathes of Martha Denton and Tabitha Denton, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto at July sessions 1818, and ordered to be recorded.
      (Notes by Dr.Baker in margin: Susannah Carr of Wash. Tenn Co. (m) Robert Duncan (b) 1762. Marriage took place late 1782 or early 1783. Note Denton. Denton mar. a Martha sister-in-law of Wm. Ballard, will 1775 Halifax Co. NC.)

Charles Duncan Will.
      In the name of God Amen:
      I Charles Duncan of Washington County and State of Tennessee being of perfect health of body and sound mind and memory, thanks be given unto God. Calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die; Do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all. I give and recommend my soul unto the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but that at the general rescurection I shall receive the same again by the almighty power of God. And as touching such worldly estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me in this life. I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First I give and bequeath to Luranah my dearly beloved wife the land and farm where I now live during her life or widowhood together with all my household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils, horses, cows, sheep, and hogs. Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my sons William, John and Robert all my lands amounting to 444 acres to be equally divided among them and their heirs forever, as follows that is to say, to my son William one hundred and forty eight acres including where he now lives, to him and his heirs forever. him the aforesaid William paying to my son Raleigh three hundred dollars in trade equal to corn to two shillings per bushel to be paid at the expiration of two years after my decease. To my son John one hundred and forty eight acres including where he now lives to him and his heirs forever. him the aforesaid John paying my son Marshall three hundred dollars in trade, valued equal to corn at two shillings per bushel and to be paid at the end of two years after my decease. And likewise to my son Robert one hundred and forty eight acres including where I now live to him his heirs forever. After the decease of my beloved wife and him the said Robert paying my son Joel three hundred dollars in trade valued equal to corn at two shillings per bushel and to be paid two years after my decease. And if my son Robert should decease without lawful issue of his body begotten, then the aforesaid one hundred and forty eight acres of land to be equally divided among all my sons and daughters, share and share alike. Thirdly all my goods and chattels that remain after my wifes decease to be sold and equally divided among my daughters Sarah, Stacey, Nancy, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret and Lorarey share and share alike. And as my sons William and John built the saw mill at their expence my will is that they have all the profits arising from sd. mill and lastly I appoint and constitute my beloved wife Susannah Duncan Executrix and my son William executor of this my last will and testament and I do hereby revoke and disanull all former wills and this only to be and remain my last will and testament and I do hereby revoke and disanull all former wills and this only to be and remain my last will.
      In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 14th day of April in the year of our Lord 1817. Charles (X his mark) Duncan (seal) Signed sealed, published & pronounced and declared by the Sd. Charles Duncan as his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names. /s/ H.Y. King, Richard Carr, Wm. Carr. The above Will was proved in open court by the oaths of Richard Carr and William Carr two of the subscribing witnesses thereto at July Sessions 1818, and ordered to be recorded. (MAD: wife was Lurannah, not Susannah)

Roseannah Stephenson's Will
      In the name of God, Amen;
      I Roseannah Stephenson formerly Roseannah Duncome of the County of Washington and State of Tennessee, being of sound mind and memory, calling unto mind that it is appointed for all persons to die, do make and publish and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say, with and consistent with John Duncomes Will, My first husband dated the 17th July 1776. I give and bequeath in manner and form following consistant with the above named, John Duncome's Will, I will that the real estate which my second husband is now in possession of this said John Duncome all the real estate be equally divided between Joseph Duncome Junior of Rice Duncome and Rice Duncome Jr. and Marvel Duncome sons of Joseph Duncom Senr. which is Brother to the said John Duncome their children that I make legatees descendant heirs of the said John Duncom. Second I give and bequeath unto Stacey Melvin formerly Stacey Duncan a daughter of Charles Duncom who was a Brother to the above named John Duncom. I will that the Stacey have my personal or the personal estate of the above named John Duncom that is to say six negroes, names as follows a negro wench and her four sons, namely Bob Harry Jim and Jeff and also a negro girl named Anake. And lastly I do appoint my friend James Melvin my executor of this my last will and testament to act with the above named will given under my hand and seal this 15th, March 1825. - Signed in the presence of us. /s/ Roseanna X Stephenson (Seal). William Grimsley, John English, Joseph Crouch.
      The foregoing will was proven in court by the oathes of William Grimsley and John English two of the subscribing witnesses thereto at July Sessions 1825 and Recorded. James Melvin qualified as executor to the foregoing will.

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