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Shelby Co. TN Wills by WPA
   Book 1, 1830-1847 (FHL film 24,826)
      No Duncan will
      1-318: Andrew Rembert's Will, 12 Oct. 1844. While in perfect mind and body I deem it expedient to write this my last will and testament expressive of my mental feelings both Religious and Political as well as a distribution of my estate, lest in future time I may be misrepresented and may Almighty God receive my immortal spirit through the atoneing influence of Jesus Christ Amen. 1st My Religious faith poetixed (MAD: not copied here)
            2nd My Political Opinion. I am a whig after the manner of our fathers of 76, believing in a constitutional guide as the only true garantee of our Republican. I am therefore opposed to modern democracy because they make the Executive superior to the legislature which should be only equal as contemplated by the framers of the constitution, but as now practised unlimited in its exercise cancelling all the power of Congress without regard to constitutional majority. This is manifested by President Jackson taking possession of the Treasury. The Judiciary a third and equal power is also mearged in the executive by the President acting contrary to their solemn decision three times pronounced with the great Marshall at the head, this is instanced in the United States Bank again because he assumes the whole appointing power puts in office who he pleases disregarding the restraints of law. Instanced is Van Beurens mission to England again because the President has laid the foundation for a monarchy if not already established in having elected a successor M.Van Beuren and though he fell so far of Public Expectation as almost to be universally denounced ---ed yet his herditary passion is so strong that he makes a second (nominee (sic) of one of his obsequious followers who never had the energy or independence of mind to conceive a patriotic act much less to practice one. This is James A. Polk. I oppose the self styled democrats again because the(y) appoint to high and lucrative offices men notorious in violating their allegiances to their country. This is instanced in Swartout Aaron Burs principal associate when charged with treason perhaps some high in office thought best to fill his mouth with leaves and fishes least something else might exercise his tongue. I oppose them again because they justify and depend all the public defaulters who have expended more and wasted more of the public funds in their short reign than we lost the preceeding fifty years. These with a long & almost innumerable train of abuses which are all endorsed by by (sic) democrats confirms me in whigary because my republican principals are entirely the opposite.
            My earthly goods ...from the great affection showed me by my son Samuel Stokes, in addition to what I have already given, to him ... all my estate both real & personal; he Samuel Stokes to have in addition to what I have already given my daughter Harriet Morgan, $1000 12 months after my death also Claiborn & Mennue. He is to be allow Robert Howard $50 annually for life, Janet was disigned to be free by a former master, I hereby manumit her & all her children & give them $300 apiece ... if my will should not be fully carried out, then 1/2 of my estate to be used for a Country Academy under supervision of John Pope, G.L. Holmes, William Moore Terrel, T. Goldsby & Dr. R. Wyatt, and the other half equally divided between my two children with confidence. Executor Samuel Stokes. Wit. William Moore, Benjy Dunkin, John Pope, Miles W. Goldby, W.A. Shelby. Proved June 1845 by Miles W. Goldsby and Benjamin Duncan. Samuel S. Rembert executor. (p.118-9)
   Book 2D, 1847-1855 (FHL film 24,827)
      Duncan indexed pg. 36, 227, 261, as witness, not copied; no Duncan will

Shelby Co. TN Will Record Book 3, 1855-1862, by Hist. Records Project (FHL film 24,826)
      3-174: #1927, John W. Harrison's will, Shelby Co. TN, weak and feeble in body; loan to wife Mary A.C. Harrison for life the plantation on which I now reside, together with my gin stand and corn mill, (animals, buggy, horses, furniture, tools, etc.) and also one fourth part of my negroes and privilege of making her own selection of the negroes, and a child's part in fee simple of such monies as may be in the house at my death and that may be due me. Balance divided between my children, giving to my son Isham T. Harrison, my daughter Susan C. Duncan (formerly Harrison) and my son William B. Harrison each $100 less than my son John Harrison $200 less than my daughter Mary A. Harrison $300 less than my son Wesley Harrison and $500 less than my son Nathaniel M. Harrison. In other words and to prevent misapprehension, I give my son John Harrison $100 more than either of my three oldest children. To my daughter Mary A. Harrison $200 more than either of my three oldest children. To my son Wesley Harrison $300 more than my three oldest children, and to my son Nathaniel M. Harrison $500 more than my three oldest children. This act from parental love and affection for my youngest (too dark to read bottom of page easily) all children to account for advances. That part of my estate to my daughter Susan C. Duncan (formerly Harrison) and my daughter Mary A. Harrison to be free from claims of husbands or future husbands. To son John Harrison my gold watch which I now wear. At death of my wife Mary A.C. Harrison the part loaned her for life to be divided equally between all my children (mention again freedom from husbands of Susan C. Duncan and Mary A. Harrison). My son William B. Harrison may settle and cultivate my farm on Wolf River near Raleigh until the death of my wife and no longer, with the privilege of clearing only so much of the land as actually necessary to keep up the fencing & firewood, but he to receive no compensation for any improvements he makes to the place. My land near Germantown on the Plank Road I wish sold, the proceeds divided equally between my wife Mary A.C. Harrison & all my children. Appoint wife Mary A.C. Harrison and nephew John H. Harrison exec. 11 Jan. 1859. Wit. W.C. Harrison, Wm. H. Myrick. Prob. April 1859, rec. April 7, 1859. (pg.101-2)
      3-229: #2036, John Blackwell's will; my entire estate land and negroes to my nephews and "nices" hereafter mentioned to-wit, Dr. George W. Blackwell, Dr. Nick Blackwell, Mary Duncan, Sallie L. Blackwell and James B. Blackwell, to be equally divided and families not be separated where it can be avoided, and the preferences of the negroes be respected, except I give to the following named persons, viz., to William N. Haynes, Annie Blackwell, John B. Martin, Maj. G.M. Bartlett, one good medium negro each to be arranged by mutual consent and compromise. My stock etc. and all other property to be equally divided amongst my said nephews and "nices", Dr. George W. Blackwell, Dr. Nick Blackwell, Mary Duncan, Sallie L. Blackwell and James B. Blackwell ... Appoint Dr. George W. Blackwell and Dr. Nick Blackwell sole exec. 6 Jan. 1860. Wit. A.N. Prudon, R.B. Shore, B.G. Taylor. Proven Feb. term 1860, rec. Feb. 11, 1860. (pg.131-2)
      3-253: #2088, Benjamin Dunkin's will; of Shelby Co. TN, in decline of life; to my wife Mary R. Dunkin a child's part of all real and personal property for life, then equally divided between all my children hereinafater mentioned. To my son James M. Dunkin a child's part, deducting the amount charged him on my books. To my son William R. Dunkin a child's part and 1/2 profits of my store business. To my daughter Elizabeth Lewis a child's part, with no deduction for the negro girl Permelia advanced to her as the said negro girl died without doing her but little if any good, but the amount of money and negroes otherwise on my books to her husband Robert B. Lewis is to be charged her share. To my daughter Ann Rembert one negro woman Julia and one negro man Harris already advanced her, and a child's part of my real estate only as she has more property and is in better circumstances than any of my other children. To my son George K. Dunkin a child's part of my real and personal property and shares in action. To my son Benjamin B. Dunkin a child's part, he to be well raised and schooled out of my estate, and as I have advanced to my children by my first wife one horse, bridle and saddle that has not been charged them, I give him in addition one horse, bridle & saddle. To my daughter Catharine C. Dunkin a child's part, and as I have advanced to my children by my first wife one horse, bridle and saddle that has not been charged them, I give her in addition one horse, bridle & saddle, she to be well raised and schooled out of my estate. No interest be charged my children. Appoint son William R. Dunkin and friend Samuel R. Brown exec. 6 March 1846. /s/ Benj. Dunkin. Wit. B.L. Dowell, W.P. Reaves, W. Woodson, Wm. L. Dewoody, L.A. Brown. Proven Aug. term "1850," recorded Aug. 11, 1860. (pg.146-7)

Archives, Shelby Co. TN; Probate records (personal visit by Evelyn Sigler 4/1991; records are in building that formerly housed main branch of public library; available by appointment only)
      Index to deaths 1820-1939; index is in order by years; following were oldest people in drawer with early 1900 deaths:
            Silas Duncan, May 27, 1913, age 85, #28505
            Mary Ann Duncan, July 23, 1911, age 87, #22405
            Lewis Duncan, May 24, 1902, age 88, #457
            Frances Duncan (male), Sept. 29, 1913, #28553
      #499, 1839, Estate Record; Bond of Benjamin Dunkin (/s/ Benj. Dunkin), S.R. Brown, and Eppy White for $1,000, dated 4 Nov. 1839; on behalf of B. Dunkin, administrator of estate of Nancy Dunkin deceased.
            Inventory of the property of the estate of Nancy Dunkin decd, Oct. 4, 1841, negro girl Lauvena age about 13 years. /s/ B. Dunkin. Sworn to in court Oct. 1841, rec. Nov. 26, 1841.
      #411, 1840, Estate Record: bond of J.C. Rudecill, Eve Duncan, and A. Dowel, for $800, 2 Nov. (no year); on behalf of J.C. Rudicill and Eve Duncan, administrators of D.B. Duncan decd.
            D.B. Duncan decd, 1840; to H. McAdin, Dr., to costs on a suit vs. Harrel? $3; five dollars Arkansas?, $5, cr. by act. $3.75, due $4.25. H.McAdin appeared before J.C. Rudisill Acting J.P. and swore the account was just & true; Dec. 3, 1841.
            One day after date I promise to pay Hugh McAdin $5 for value received; dated 7 October 1840, /s/ David B. (X) Duncan; wit. B. Walsh.
            Recd. of J.C. Rudisill Admr. of B. Duncan (sic) decd, one note on Hackesan? & Williford for $9.75, June 19, 1841, /s/ Eve Duncan.
            January 10, 1842, Mr. Rudisell sir please to let Charles have 18 dollars for to buy my pork and you will oblige your friend. /s/ Eve Duncan.
            On or befor 1 Oct. ... (can't read) $13 dollars for value received of him, April 23, 184 (blank), wit. Mhandind?. Dec. 25 1840 one half gallon of whiskey at 24 cts. /s/ David (X) Dunkin.
            One day after date I promise to pay unto D.M. Sanderson $12 for value received ... 28 July 1840, /s/ David B. Duncan.
            $80.00 on or before the 25th day of December 1839, I promis to pay Hugh McAden eighty dollars for value received ... 13 March 1839, /s/ David B. (X) Duncan; wit. J. Dougherty.
            B.D. Duncan Dr., 1840, to Wilson? Sanders? to ballance in next court? $187? through mistake in ... personally appeared before me J.C. Rudisill? an acting JP for sd County, Wilson Sandelen? and made oath in due form of law that the above act. of one dollar 47 cts is just and due this 5th (month not readable) 1842. /w/ Wilson Sanderlin. Wit. J.C. Rudisill J.P.
      MAD: Greene Co. TN Chancery Court Minutes 1825-1831, pg.75: 11 May 1841, Benjamin Duncan adm. of Nancy Duncan decd vs. James Moore adm with will annexed of William Ross decd. Wm. Ross made will in 1831, d. in 1834. William Ross had denied to Nancy Duncan wife of complainant a negro girl named Lavina. Nancy Duncan d. in 1836. Her adm. was granted to complainant by the County Court of Shelby Co. TN. Negro girl Lavina to be delivered to Complainant. From "Chancery Court Minutes, Greene Co. TN, Nov. 1825-Jan. 1831" 1987, author not given; from Evelyn Sigler 9/1988)

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