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Duncans in Marshall Co. TN


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised March 31, 2004

Formed 1836 from Bedford, Lincoln, Giles, Maury


1840 Marshall Co. TN Census
Pg.152  John Duncan           2100,01       - 1100,1001
   190  Nancy Duncan          022           - 2010,01
          (MAD: ? widow of Andrew 1830 Maury Co. TN census;
            to ? Calloway Co. KY 1850?)
        Thomas Duncan         1010,01       - 2300,01
   204  John Duncan           0000,0100,1   - 0000,0000,1
        James Duncan          0000,1        - 2000,1
   211  Nancy Duncan          0010,3        - 0010,3001
        Joseph Duncan         1200,0001     - 0000,01
   212  Holland Duncan        0             - 0001,01
        Josia Duncan          0000,0001     - 0000,01
   214  Tyrrell Duncan        1000,01       - 1200,01
          (MAD: Taney Co. MO 1850 census)
   217  Brinkley Duncan       0000,1        - 0
        Erwin Duncan          0000,1        - 0000,1
   219  William H/A Duncan    0120,001      - 2100,101

1850 Marshall Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
District 9
Pg.35 (69), #149, Thos. DUNCAN 46 NC farmer $0
                  Hannah 49 NC
                  Robert 21 farmer, Permelia 13 NC
                  Hanah 12, Sarah 10 NC
                  Mary 8, Julia 6 TN
                  Thos. 3 TN
                  (MAD: 1860 Maury Co. TN census)
District 12
Pg.91 (182), #917, Jno. DUNCAN 77 NC farmer $1200, can't read/write
                  Margaret 77 NC
                  John GREEN 30 NC farmer
                  Martha 23 TN
                  Margaret 9, Sarah F. 7 TN
                  Jas. M. 4, Wm. 8 TN
                  Jeremiah SOLOMON 15 NC
                  (MAD: Margaret age 77 was Margaret Story)
Pg.91 (182), #918, Jas. DUNCAN 39 NC farmer $900
                  Rebecca 28 TN
                  Martha 13, Mary S. 11 TN
                  Jno. W. 9, Margaret 7 TN
                  Jas. S. 4, Winny C. 2 TN
District 15
Pg.106 (212), #164, Josiah DUNCAN 64 NC farmer $2350
                  Nancy D. 48 NC
                  Jesse EMERSON 70 NC "no trade"
                  Margaret BIGHAM 46 NC insane
                  Irena POWELL 36 NC
                  Morgan DUNCAN (m) 17 TN student
                  (MAD: Nancy D. age 48 was Nancy Bigham)
Pg.107 (213), #173, Irwin R. DUNCAN 32 NC farmer $0
                  Selina 32 TN, can't r/w
                  William B. 10, Joab M. 8 TN
                  Kerney W. (m) 6, Josiah J. 3 TN
                  Jerry (m) 1 TN
                  (MAD: 1870 Smith Co. TX census)
Pg.108 (215), #189, John W. RICORD 33 NC farmer $1000
                  Robison BRYANT 33 NC farmer $625
                  Mary H. 25 NC
                  John 5, Louis 2 TN
                  Alex EDWARDS 22 NC shoemaker $0
                  Jonathan 21, Rebeca A. 15 NC
                  Wm. DUNCAN 47 NC farmer $3840
                  Winny W. 45 NC
                  Atlas G. 20 TN, Brantly W. (m) 22 TN
                  Nimrod P. PHILIPS 20 TN farmer
                  Holland DUNCAN 55 NC farmer
                  Allen C. TUCKER 30 TN farmer
                  Newton (m) 11, George W. 8 TN
                  Margaret E. 6, James O. 4 TN
                  Martha T. 2 TN
                  Harriet E. LEE 38 VA
                  Joseph E. 19 VA laborer
                  Richard 17, Henry 8 VA
                  Virginia 3 TN
                  William D. EMERSON 40 NC stonemason $0
                  Cintha (f) 41 NC
                  James A. 18 TN farmer, William N. 14 TN
                  Horatio T. (f) 12, Almarinda (f) 10 TN
                  Robert W. 6, Nancy ?. 3 TN
District 14
Pg.112 (223), #209, Benjamin HILLIARD 32 NC farmer $0?
                  Martha 25 TN
                  Mary E. 4, Leeroy (sic) (m) 2 TN
                  Francis (f) 10/12 TN
                  (MAD: Benjamin Hilliard mar. Polly Duncan 6/10/1842)
Pg.112 (224), #216, Elijah LINCOLN 47 TN stonemason $0
                  Elizabeth 34 TN
                  Mary J. 15, Elijah W. 11 TN
                  Martha A. 8, John L. 2 TN
                  (MAD: Elijah Lincoln mar. Elizabeth Duncan 1/1/1832 Maury Co. TN)
Pg.112 (224), #219, Wm. H. DUNCAN 57 NC farmer $0
                  Nelly 50 NC
                  Thena (f) 20, William 19 TN laborer
                  Benton (m) 17 TN laborer, Nancy 15 TN
                  Rene (f) 13, Sarah 11 TN
                  James 7 TN
                  (MAD: see also Benton Duncan in 1860 Fentress Co. TN census)
Pg.118 (235), #304, William EMERSON 70 NC farmer $100
                  Elizabeth 66 NC
                  James C. 34 NC farmer $0 mar/in/year
                  Martha 30 TN mar/in/year
                  Robert V. 14, James T. 12 TN

1860 Marshall Co. TN Census
District 12
Pg.106, #97-79, John GREEN 41 NC farmer $50-$8445
                  Martha 42 TN
                  Margaret 18, Sarah F. 16 TN
                  James M. 14, William L. 12 TN
                  David J. 9, Eugenia (f) 7 TN
                  Mary A. 4, Erastus H. 1 TN
                  John DUNCAN 55 NC (blank)
                  Winnyford 14 TN, Jadock (m) 12 MS
                  (MAD: John Duncan and family in 1850 DeSoto Co. MS census; Jadock Duncan 12 MS in 1850 DeSoto Co. MS census as Z. Bradley Duncan 2 MS and 1870 White Co. AR census as Z.B. Duncan 22 MS)
Pg.106, #98-80, Rebecca DUNCAN 41 TN housekeeper $4500-$1275
                  Martha P. 22, Mary A. 21 TN
                  Margaret W. 17, Elizabeth W. 12 TN
                  Manda E. 9, Story 14 TN
                  Joseph 3 TN
District ?
Pg.118, #35-29, John G. COGGIN 51 NC (blank) $0-$400
                  Barthena 33 TN
                  Joseph A. 13?, Matthew W. 11, Nancy E. 8 TN
                  Winnie A.M.J. 3 TN
Pg.118, #44-37, Robt. V.B. EMERSON 23 TN farm laborer $0-$175
                  Nancy 23 TN
                  Mary F.L. 2 TN
Pg.119, #51-44, Horatio M. PHILLIPS 49 NC farmer $2500-$11571
                  Nancy 49 NC
                  Vina W. 24, Robt. L. 19 TN
                  Sarah HALL 22 TN
District 14
Pg.121, #83-72, Winnie H. DUNCAN 48 NC housekeeper $0-$0
                  Atlas G. 29 TN farmer $10800-$10300
                  Wm. M. 27 TN farmer $10300-$11200
                  Brantly W. 21 TN constable $10300-$10900
                  Louiza BUGG 32 NC
                  Alferd McCONNELL 29 TN com. school teacher
                  Jeremiah EMERSON 26 TN student
Pg.121, #84-73, John G. DUNCAN 36 TN farmer $0-$100
                  Margaret 37 TN
                  James W. 16, Sarah P. 14 TN
                  William 12, Alvis 10 TN
                  Columbus 8, John H. 6 TN
                  Frances 1 TN
Pg.121, #88-76, William H. DUNCAN 65 NC farmer $0-$0
                  Nellie 63 NC
                  Marine (f) 18, Sarah 14 TN
                  James 16 TN
Pg.121, #89-77, William H. DUNCAN 27 TN farm laborer $0-$100
                  Mary 22 TN
                  William 1/12 TN
                  (MAD: W.H. Duncan mar. Mariatta Killingsworth 9/20/1858 in Marshall Co. TN; per Carol Monroe, her name is given as Martha in the 1870 and 1880 Marshall Co. TN census and as Maretha in her will and on her tombstone in Greer Co. OK)
Pg.121, #91-79, Ervin R. DUNCAN 42 NC farmer $2000-2425
                  Solina (f)42 TN
                  William B. 20, Joab M. 18 TN
                  Kinney W. (m) 16, Josiah J. 14 TN
                  Lanroy? (not Jerry) (m) 12 TN
                  Elizabeth ARNOLD 68 VA
Pg.132, #157-152, Holland C. DUNCAN (f) 70 NC housekeeper $0-$200
                  Irena E.P.C. 38 TN domestic $0-$2700

1870 Marshall Co. TN Census
6th Civil District, P.O. Farmington
Pg.76, #103-116, COLLINS?, William 35 TN farmer $1500-$800
                  Elizabeth? 25 TN keeping house
                  Beth? (f) 13 TN
                  DUNCAN, Thomas 11 TN BLACK
12th Civil District
Pg.150, #48-48, DUNCAN, William 40 TN farmer $0-$0
                  Martha 28 TN housewife
                  Martha 10, James H. 5 TN
                  Charles W. 3, Robert Lee 1 TN
                  KILLINSWORTH, Cincinatti (f) 21 TN
Pg.151, #66-66, DUNCAN, Rebecca 55 TN farming $3000-$600
                  Mollie 24 TN
                  Story (m) 22 TN farm laborer
                  Elisabeth 20, Amanda 18, Josiah 15 TN
                  EMMERSON, James 25 TN farming $0-$200, mar. in Dec.
                  Maggie 23 TN housewife, mar. in Dec.
13th Civil District, P.O. Mooresville
Pg.159, #4-4, BERLY?, Yatesnon?? (m) 44 TN (white) farming $2300-$700
                  Sarah 36 TN MULATTO housewife
                  James 19, William 18? TN MULATTOS farm laborers
                  Joseph 14 TN MULATTO farm laborer
                  Robert 8, Sarah 6, John 4 TN MULATTOS
                  Frances (f) 1 TN MULATTO
                  DUNCAN, Milly 23 TN MULATTO house servant
                  (MAD: Milly indexed as white)
14th Civil District
Pg.174, #20-20, DUNCAN, John 51 TN farmer $0-$500
                  Margaret 48 TN housewife
                  James W. 24 TN farm laborer
                  Sarah 22 TN
                  William T. 21 TN farm laborer
                  Alvis M. (m) 19, Columbus 15, John 14 TN
                  Margarett 9 TN
Pg.175, #42-43, DUNCAN, James 26 TN farmer $0-$500
                  Simerin (f) 19 TN housewife
Pg.176, #64-65, DUNCAN, Eleanor 73 NC house keeping $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Nuton (m) 35 TN farm laborer
15th Civil District, P.O. Lewisburg
Pg.194, #128-144, DUNCAN, W.M. (m) 35 TN farmer $5400-1000
                  PHILLIPS, W.R. (m) 40 TN farmer
Pg.194, #128-145, DUNCAN, Will 42 TN BLACK blacksmith
                  Millie 30 TN MULATTO keeping house
                  Alfred 15 TN MULATTO farm laborer
                  Betty 12 TN MULATTO
                  Cornelia (f) 8, Thos. 6 TN BLACKS
                  DeWit (m) 15 TN MULATTO
                  Felin (m) 14 TN BLACK
Pg.194, #129-147, DUNCAN, Winnie 65 NC keeping house $3000-$1000
                  EMBERSON, Arch (m) 60 NC
                  DUNCAN, A.G. (m) 39 TN (blank) $5000-$0
                  Bettie 23 TN
                  Infant (f) 1/12 TN b.May
Pg.195, #134-153, DUNCAN, Mary 46 TN keeping house $0-$0
                  James 21 AL farm laborer
                  Reed 15 AL farm laborer
Pg.196, #154-173, DAVIS, Saml. Jr?? (m) 32 TN farming $1600-$1000
                  R.M. (f) 25 TN
                  Robert 3 TN
                  McKNIGHT, Mary 65 NC insane?
                  DUNCAN, Tilatha (f) 59 TN BLACK keeping house
Pg.200, #205-227, DUNCAN, Paulder (m) 40 TN BLACK farm laborer $0-$500
                  Martha 26 TN MULATTO keeping house
                  Cicero (m) 19, Squash (m) 15 TN BLACKS
                  Patsey (f) 14, James 12 TN BLACKS
                  Jenny 6, Luella 2 TN MULATTOS
                  Lee (m) 4/12 TN MULATTO b.Feb.
Pg.201-202, #226-250, TUCKER, H.G. 31 TN physician $1500-$1200
                  Mary 30 TN keeping house
                  Oliver (m) 6, Ellen 4, Anna 1 TN
                  DUNCAN, Toke (f) 12 TN MULATTO at home
Pg.203, #252-284, HAWKINS, Jas?. 33 TN merchant $0-$2500
                  L.A. (f) 21 TN keeping house
                  Geo. E. 4/12 TN
                  DUNCAN, Matt? (f) 15 TN BLACK keeping house
16th Civil District, P.O. Farmington
Pg.213, #91-97, NEIL?, J?.F. (f) 37 TN (white) not keeping house $0-$0
                  E.H. (m) 15 TN clerk
                  Sallie F. 10 TN
                  JONES, Bettie 29? AL BLACK cook
                  DUNCAN, Jack 21 MS BLACK farmer
Pg.214, #95-101, DUNCAN, Berry (m) 35 TN BLACK farmer $0-$500
                  Harriett (f) 22 TN BLACK keeping house
                  Van (m) 9, Hayden (m) 6 TN BLACKS
                  Eniritter? (Elnetter?) (f) 4 TN MULATTO
                  (MAD: Eniritter also indexed as Elnetter)


Marshall Co. TN Marriages 1838-1849 (FHL film 976,385)
      No bride index
      Matthew N. Powell to Trina E.M.C. Duncan, lic. 4 Feb. 1839, no return (pg.16)
      Ervin R. Duncan to Lavina Arnold, 1 Aug. 1839, m. 9 Aug. 1839 (pg.19)
      John Green to Martha Duncan, 10 Aug. 1840, m. 11 Aug. 1840 (pg.31) (MAD: not 1850 Cocke and Lawrence Cos. TN)
      Benjamin Hillard to Polly Duncan, lic. 10 June 1842, m. 10 June 1842 by Wilson P. Davis, J.P. (pg.56)
      John Duncan to Margaret Vincent, 10 Sept. 1844, m. 12 Sept. 1844 by Henry Miller, M.G. (pg.79)
      Samuel Duncan to Luvisa Bennet, 12 Sept. 1848, m. 13 Sept. 1848 by Thos. Hardison (pg.149)


Marshall Co. TN Wills (FHL film 977,502)
   Vol.A, 1835-1855
      A-20: 14 Nov. 1831, will of William (W) Duncan of Maury Co. TN, weak in body; money equally to all of my children or their heirs; son Joab Duncan land if he clears it, 100 acres; son Joseph Duncan have liberty of my dwelling house; all my children (unnamed). Exec. two sons Joseph and Robert W. Duncan. Wit. Jno. W. Record, William D. Emmuson. (MAD: from Chatham Co. NC)
      A-77: Nuncupative will of Joseph Duncan who died at the house of William McManus in Hardin Co. TN on 16 Oct. 1845; wife Winney Duncan use of property; his children when of age; at coming of age of youngest child there to be an equal division. He wanted Wm. Duncan, Joseph Duncan, and Josiah Duncan to borrow money to pay James Duncan. Wm. & Josiah Duncan executors. Recorded Dec. 1845 on oath of Wm. McManus.
   Vol.B, 1855-1877
      B-16 & 18: 13 July 1853, will of Josiah (X) Duncan, in bad health; wife Nancy money & slave; niece Irena E.P.C. Duncan who was once married to one Mathew Powell, if she without issue then to Ervine R. Duncan and his wife Selina and at their death to Ervin R. Duncan's children; at wife's death all my other property sold and equally divided between my brothers and sisters and half brothers and sisters or their heirs with the exception that W.H. Phillips' wife Polly and Eli Emerson to (sic) children have a share equal to one of my brothers or sisters to be equally divided between the three. The said Irena E.P.C. and E.R. Duncan entitled to their relative proportion not specifically bequeathed. Wit. James McKnight, Robert Davis. Rec. 7 July 1856.

Marshall Co. TN Settlements, Administrators and Executors (FHL film 376,372)
   Vol.A, 1839-1846
      A-2: 13 March 1832, John W. Record, one of administrators of Joab Duncan, final settlement; no names of heirs given.
      A-16: 5 Nov. 1839, settlement by Vincent Duncan, admin. of Micajah Duncan.
   Vol.B, 1849-1856
      B-146: 23 March 1854, settlement by Winney Duncan, admin. of William Duncan; shows receipt of about a dozen notes, including one on W.H. Duncan.


Marshall Co. TN County Court Minutes index 1836-1845 (FHL film 976,392)
      1-11: Nov. 7, 1836, Duncan, Holland, app. (admr.) of Joab Duncan.
      1-12: Nov. 7, 1836, Duncan, Mrs. Micajah, comrs. to lay off year's support.
      1-12: Nov. 7, 1836, Duncan, Mrs. Joab, comrs. to lay off year's support.
      1-12: Nov. 7, 1836, Duncan, Vincent, app. admir. of Micajah Duncan.
      1-43: Dec. 6, 1836, Duncan, Joseph, app. admr. of R.T. Fillman.
      1-90: Feb. 7, 1837, Duncan, Joseph, app. admr. of Wm. Duncan.
      A-38: June 6, 1837, Duncan, Wm., will of (contested & appealed)
      A-100: Feb. 6, 1838, Duncan, Wm., will of, proven.
      A-100: Feb. 6, 1838, Duncan, Joseph, app. exr. of Wm. Duncan.
      A-236: Feb. 4 or Apr. 1, 1839 (MAD: written between entries with these dates), Duncan, Joseph (blank)
      no Duncan Book B
      Index to Vol.C-G, May 1846 to July 1857 - not copied, quit.

Marshall Co. TN Court Minutes (copy of page from Carol Monroe 4/2000; extracted by MAD)
      W-489: 18 Nov. 1884, J.C. Duncan Ex Parte No.552; Writ? to qualify as admr. of W.H. Duncan. J.C. Duncan appeared in court and moved that he be appointed administrator of William H. Duncan decd, a citizen of Marshall Co., who died intestate; J.C. Duncan posted bond of $250, securities J.K. Bone and Thos. F. Lewis, and was appointed administrator.
      Carol Monroe: J.C. Duncan was the youngest son, James, who had married Simmie Gipson of 1870 Marshall Co. MS census, Dist.14, Sheet 176.

"Tennessee Reports - Report of cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Tennessee" by John W. Head, Vol.III; a New Edition with notes and references, by William Frierson Cooper, pgs.287 to 289; (spine title: Tennessee Reports Cooper's Edition 40 - Head Vol.3); Vol.40, pgs.415 to 418 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 1/2004)
      W. H. DUNCAN et al. v. H. M. PHILIPS et al; Supreme Court of Tennessee, Nashville; 40 Tenn. 415; 3 Head 415; December, 1859, Decided.
      From Marshall. The cause was heard before Chancellor FRIERSON, at the February Term, 1859.
      CARUTHERS, J., delivered the opinion of the Court.
      This bill was filed for the construction of the will of Josiah Duncan, deceased. Nancy Duncan, the widow, married Horatio Philips, and the question is, whether her estate in certain slaves and other property, terminated thereby, or continued until her death. The Chancellor thought the latter, and the case is brought up for revision.
      By the second clause he gave her $1,000 in money, and a negro boy, Berry, "to manage and dispose of as she may think proper forever." In the same clause, he says: "I also give and bequeath to my said wife, Nancy, during her natural life or widowhood, the tract of land I now live on; also, all the negroes I may die seized and possessed of; also, all my moneys, notes, accounts," &c., &c. "It is my will and desire that my said wife, Nancy, shall not be required to give bond and security for the forthcoming of said property and money at her death, but that she have the free use and control of all said property during her natural life or widowhood, as aforesaid."
      In the fourth clause he says: "It is my will and desire that at my wife's death, that my lands be sold and my negroes divided or sold, and that all my other property, except that already specially bequeathed, be sold and equally divided between my brothers and sisters, and half brothers and sisters, and their heirs, with this exception," &c.
      We are not able to concur with the Chancellor in his construction of this will. He held that the limitation of her estate to her marriage, must be disregarded, and a life estate given to her without regard to that contingency. This construction is based upon the provision in the second clause, to the effect that she is not required to give a bond for the "forthcoming of the property at her death," and the fourth clause, which provides that the sale and distribution of the property or its proceeds among the legatees of the remainder, is to take place "at her death," without any reference to the event of her second marriage.
      Now, what was his manifest intention? Is no effect to be given to the term "widowhood" twice repeated, as the measure of the estate given to her? Can that be disregarded or expunged by construction? Effect must be given to all the parts if they are reconcilable, and not repugnant. To accomplish this, words may be supplied, or even disregarded, where it becomes necessary.
      The fourth clause may well stand with the second. All the difficulty arises from the omission of the words "or marriage" in the fourth clause, after the words "my wife's death." As framed it only refers to one of the events, provided for in the second clause, as the period of division among others, pretermitting the other. If she should remain a widow, she is to enjoy the property until her death, and then to go to his brothers and sisters. But if she should marry, what then? That event is to terminate her estate by the second clause; she is only to enjoy the property during "widowhood." When the state of widowhood ends, where is it to go? She can hold it no longer, for that is the limit fixed. Certainly to the brothers and sisters. Their right would spring up as well upon the happening of the one event as the other. It was with her to determine which it should be. This must be the construction when the whole will is taken together, and effect given to all its parts. Such must have been his intention. It will not do to strike out the word widowhood, as a limit to her estate. It is too important a word to disregard, and its proper force must be given to it. No violence is done to the fourth clause by this construction. It is made to operate upon both events instead of one, and that to carry out the spirit and intention of the testator, as manifested in the preceding clause.
      The case of Hughes and Wife v. Boyd, 2 Sneed 512, settles that this kind of a provision in a will is not void because in restraint of marriage. The doctrine and reasoning of that case applies to this, and need not be repeated. There is no distinction in principle between them. This doctrine is not hard upon the widow. She can dissent, and avoid all testamentary restrictions, and stand upon the widow's rights as fixed by the law. Having failed to do this, her rights must be governed by the will. Having chosen to place herself and take her rights under the will, she must abide by it in all respects. The election and its consequences are before her when she thinks of changing her condition from that of a widow to a wife. If she prefers the husband to the property, she will marry, and if not she may still enjoy her former husband's bounty. She can not have both blessings, but must choose between them and abide by her election.
      We are constrained, though somewhat reluctantly, to reverse the decree in favor of the woman, and remand the case for the execution of the will by the executors, under the direction of the Chancery Court, upon the construction herein given.


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Marshall Co. TN Tax Records, 1839-1841 (from Louis Stockstill 12/1983)
      Terrel C. Duncan, poll tax 25 cents.

Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850 (online database of TN State Library and Archives 8/10/2000)
      The Tennessee State Penitentiary opened in 1831. Prior to that offenders were held in county jails. Surviving records of the Penitentiary are housed at the State Library and Archives as Record Group 25.
      List of inmates found in ledger volume 86 of those records. The ledger also includes the date received in the Penitentiary, the prisoner's state of birth, and the date discharged. Copies of entries are available upon request by mail (listed under "State Penitentiary and Record Groups").


TN Confederate Pension Applications from index
      #6536, Newton C. Duncan, filed Nov. 21, 1904, accepted, Wid. #5103 (MAD: Elizabeth Duncan, Marshall Co. TN); applicant Newton C. Duncan, native of TN, res. near Cornersville, Marshall Co. TN; in Co.C of 17th Regt. TN Vols., contracted rheumatism of my "lims"; born Maury Co. "(now Marshall)" TN Sept. 24, 1835; enlisted in Capt. Clint Williams Co., the first company in this county, and was attached to 17th Regt. Col. Jas. W. Newman; family consists of my wife and one dau., wife age 65, dau. age 24; "To what sex do children belong: female"; res. of TN ever since my birth; /s/ Newton (X) C. Duncan, 12 Sept. 1903; wit. W.M. Fowler, Mary E. Talley. Statement by Mr. M.R. Allen, known Newton C. Duncan 50 years, /s/ Feb. 9, 1905. (FHL film 969,782)
      #6917, J.G. Duncan, filed April 20, 1905, accepted; applicant J.G. Duncan, native of TN, res. Lewisburg, Marshall Co. TN; member Co.C, 17th TN Regt.; born Marshall Co. TN 1824, enlisted 1861, Col. Newman, Capt. R.H. McCrory; contracted rheumatism during the war, on account of over age, discharged till the close of the war; I was at Corinth in 1862; I was farming; married, family consists of two, wife age 84; no children living with us; we have 3 daus. and 3 sons, they all have families of their own; /s/ 10 April 1905; wit. E.M. McAdams, J.C. Duncan; certify that J.G. Duncan and wife Peggy have no property. J.G. Duncan dead, per inquiry re voucher for Dec. 1917, John G. Duncan in Co.H, 17th TN Inf., enlisted May 28, 1861. (FHL film 969,785)
      #11055, J.C. Duncan, filed March 22, 1909, accepted; applicant J.C. Duncan, native of TN, res. Lewisburg, Marshall Co. TN; Co.H, 17th TN; born Marshall Co. TN 1844; enlisted May 1861 in Co.H, 17th TN, Col. Newman & Marks, Capts. McCrory & Ensal?; wounded in right ankle by a bayonette; family consists of wife and 2 children; wife age 48 and daughters 18 and 20; own house and lot worth about 6 or 700 dollars; lived TN all my life; /s/ 18 March 1909; wit. J.T. Killingsworth, J.A. Bryett. Letter, March 19, 1926, board is just in receipt of letter that J.C. Duncan died in Birmingham [Jefferson Co.], AL; reply on bottom, some years ago this man moved to Chattanooga from here, he had children in Birmingham. Letter April 11, 1926, Uncle Jim and his wife ... died some time in Feb., he was with his son in Birmingham, buried in his old home, Lewisburg, TN, she is wife No. 2 and step mother; certify that Mr. J.C. Duncan died Feb. 12, 1926, at the home of his son, Mr. O.L. Duncan, Birmingham, AL (in response to request to know how long J.C. Duncan was living in AL). (FHL film 969,678)


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1885-1887 "Histories of Maury, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Bedford and Marshall Cos. TN" by Goodspeed (Sacramento FHC)
      No Duncan biographical sketch in Marshall Co.


MAD: see "William Duncan, of Scotland, Chatham County, North Carolina, Maury and Marshall Counties, in Tennessee, and his eleven known children" by Olive and Joe Harris, ca 1975; FHL book 976.4 D2c, FHL film 1,697,336 item 2.


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