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Knox Co. TN Wills, Settlements, Administrations
   Vol. 0 (FHL film 1,020,320)
      0-6: May, 1794, will of Josiah Love of Knoxville, 20 April 1793, witnessed by Wm. Duncan; Doctor John McDowell Exec. (see "TN Cousins" for more)
   Vol. 1, 1792-1822 - most of index missing
   Vol. 2, 1812-1817 - no Duncan
   Vol. 3, 1818-1824 - no Duncan
   Vol. 4, 1824-1830 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,020,321)
   Vol. 5, 1830-1835 - no Duncan
   Vol. 6, 1836-1844 - no Duncan
   Vol. 7, 1840-1842 - no Duncan (FHL film 464,121, typed by DAR)
   Vol. 8, 1842-1844 - no Duncan
   Vol. 9, 1844-1848 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,020,322)
   Vol. 10, 1848-1850: (FHL film 1,020,323)
      10-34: 1st Monday Sept. 1848, administrator's bond, George W. Duncan decd, bond by James Duncan with William Craig and ?? (tight binding) Rudder, securities. [MS: Joel Rudder]
   Vol. 11, 1851-1855 - no Duncan.
   Vol. 12, 1854-1858:
      12-156/7: 1st Monday August, 1855. On motion of Caroline Duncan, administration is granted her on the estate of James Duncan, deceased; security Samuel N. Duncan and William S. Duncan.
      12-178: Nov., 1855. Inventory of estate of James Duncan, decd; notes on many people, including Wm. S. Duncan. Inv. submitted by Caroline Duncan 27 Oct. 1855.
   Vol. 13, 1858-1863 (FHL film 1,020,324)
      13-38: 1st Monday in Nov. 1858, on motion of Samuel H. Duncan, appointed administrator of estate of Matilda N. Duncan late of Knox Co., posted bond $2000, security Wm. S. Duncan and Caroline Duncan.
      13-93: Jan. 1859, Inventory of estate of Matilda N. Duncan filed by Samuel Duncan, admr., included 1 negro woman $1000, 1 cupboard, 1 work table, 1 family Bible.
   Vol. 14, 1863 - Oct. 1865 - no Duncan
   Vol. 15, Nov. 1865 - March 1868 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,020,325)
      15-2: November Term, 1865. Will of William Lyon of Knox Co. TN; to my sisters Mary C. Craig wife of John J. Craig and Louisa T. Barnes wife of A.A. Barnes, for their natural lives all of my property of any kind and description whatever without (their husband's control), and at the death of the sister, their share to their children. I have not included my other sister Susan E. Wallace wife of Campbell Wallace in the foregoing devise and bequest because her husband is a man of wealth and fully able to furnish for her and her children and not because my affection for her is less than for my other sisters. Appoint said J.J. Craig and A.A. Barnes executors without bond. 8 August 1863. Wit. Jas. R. Cocke, P. Masson. (and negative copy loaned by Al Drew 8/1986)
   Vol. 16, 1868-1870 - no Duncan

Knox Co. TN Bonds, Administrations (FHL film 1,021,353)
      Jan. 1859-Dec. 1869 - no Duncan

Knox Co. TN Probate Minute Book (copy of page from Michele Duncan 2/1991)
      S-316: Will of William Shinpaugh, 4 May 1900; of Letsinger P.O., Dist. 9, Knox Co. TN; wife Sallie Shinpaugh all property for life, then divided among my children as follows: to my daughter Sallie Duncan all personal property including horses, mules and cattle and 83a land on lower end of farm including old homestead and barn except about 4 acres on lower end next to the church, adj. Dick Grabeal corner, Rice's line, land bequeathed to my son Calvin Shinpaugh; 150 acres on upper or East end of farm sold and equally divided among my children who live in the West, viz, Hugh Shinpaugh, Elizabeth Shinpaugh now Jefferies, Joannah Shinpaugh now Young, James Shinpaugh, George W. Shinpaugh, William Shinpaugh and Alexander Shinpaugh; appoint William Rice executor. Wit. J.M. Varnell, S.S. Duncan. Proved July 1903.

Knox Co. TN Estate and Guardian Book 0 (FHL film 24,719 typed)
   Wills 1792-1803 - no Duncan
   Guardians 1792-1821:
      Pg.127: July 1816, "Robert Duncan is by the court appointed guardian to Polly, Jane and Betsy Lyon minor orphans whereupon the said Robert Duncan entered into bond with Robert Smith and William B. Carnes his securities in the sum of $2,000 conditioned for the faithful discharge of said guardianship." (typed pg.68)
      Pg.156: Jan. 1818, Robert Duncan, guardian of heirs of William Lyons decd, have not received any part of their legacies from executor; executor lives in Montgomery Co. VA where said legatees yet remain. 5 Jan. 1818. (typed pg.78)
      Pg.174: April, 1819, Robert Duncan, guardian of Polly Lyons, Jane Lyons, Elizabeth Lyons, heirs of Wm. Lyons; he received $157.50 for the heirs; 15 April 1819.
   Vol. 6, County Court 1806-1808 - no Duncan
   Vol. 10, 1819-1820 - no Duncan

Estate Books, 1812-1830, Knox Co. TN, typed by Hist. Records Project; incl. index (FHL film 24,723)
      1812-1819 - no Duncan
      1818-1824 - no Duncan
      1824-1830 - no Duncan

Knox Co. TN Estate Books 1792-1863, orig. records, includes indexes
   Estate book v.1, 5-6; 1792-1839 (FHL film 464,120)
      Vol.5, 1830-1835 - no index
      Vol.6, 1836-1839 - no Duncan
   Estate book, v. 7-8, 1840-1844 (FHL film 464,121)
      Vol.7, 1840-1842 - no Duncan
      Vol.8, 142-1844 - no Duncan
   Estate book, v.13, 1858-1863 (FHL film 464,122 item 1)
      Pg.38: Samuel H. Duncan, admin. estate of Matilda N. Duncan, filed bond for $2,000, Wm. L. Duncan and Caroline Duncan securities, court on 1st Monday Nov. 1858, that Matilda N. Duncan died intestate.
      Pg.93: Jan. 1859, Inventory of Matilda N. Duncan incl. 1 negro woman $1,000; cupboard, work table, family bible; submitted by Samuel Duncan, admin.

Knox Co. TN Guardian Settlements v. (1-3) 1822-1857 (FHL film 1,020,327)
   Vol. 1/1822 - 12/1841:
      Pg.98: Oct. 1826, Robert Duncan guardian of Polly, Jane and Betsy Ligon (Liyon?) to have account settled.
      Pg.102: Oct. 1826, Polly, Jane and Betsy Ligon heirs of Wm. Sawyers decd.
      Pg.104: Robert Duncan, guardian of minor children of William Lyons decd; settlement Jan. 1827, Duncan agreed to pay each legatee $140 and paid James Sherrod one of legatees $50; owes Sherrod $90; owes Levi McCloud $140.
   Vol. 1/1842 - 12/1849 - no Duncan
   Vol. 1/1850 - 1/1857 - no Duncan

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