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JOHN DUNCAN, Rev. Pension Application R-3125 (FHL film 970,864; from National Archives; part from Sammie Duncan)
      Born June 10, 1755, Pittsylvania Co. VA; d. May 3, 1844, Jackson Co. AL. Applied 1834 in Jackson Co. AL; enlisted early 1776 in Camden [Co.], SC, under Gen. Lincoln, Col. Thompson, Maj. Perdue, Capt. Hopkins, served 18 months; volunteered again under Gen. Morgan, Col. Shelby, Capt. Small in VA and served 6 months; entered again under Col. Preston and Capt. Chadwell for 3 months; entered again under Pickens, Col. Anderson, Capt. Key; age in father's family bible burned with house shortly after war before he married; lived in Camden Dist. SC about 10 years after end of war; moved to Hawkins Co. TN; then to Greene (now Adair) Co. KY; then to Jackson Co. AL. Married 1780-81 Ann, who d. Nov. 23, 1846. Witnesses Rev. Steven Donathan and Jesse McElyea of Jackson Co. AL. Listed in 1841 census of pensioners age 83, Jackson Co. AL residing with Robert Duncan. Affidavit of Peter Duncan and David Chadwell 20 Feb. 1835 in Jackson Co. AL re service. Deposition of brother Peter Duncan of Marshall Co. AL on 8 April 1843, age ca 77; home in Hawkins Co. TN burned 47-48 years before; Peter age 10-11 when John entered service, age ca 13 when discharged. Deposition of Greenbury Middleton 27/29 March 1843, age ca 1868, of Jackson Co. AL; knew John Duncan ca 40 years ago in Adair Co. KY. Deposition by Absalom Coffee on 28 March 1843, age ca 55, knew John more than 20 years, later 30 years; mentions John and aged wife. Witnesses Daniel M. Martin and Philip Henry Armbruster. Deposition by John Duncan on 30 Sept. 1843, age ca 88.
      Children: David, Robert, Peter. There were other children but all died before their parents. Aug. 17, 1854, Absolum Coffee testified his wife Jane was a granddau. of John Duncan. William Duncan of Jackson Co. AL filed power of attorney 9 June 1854. Deposition by Absalom Coffee, adm. of estate, that when Ann d. 23 Nov. 1846 she left survivors David, Robert and Peter her only legal heirs; since her death David and Robert are both dead.
      Statement by SC on 25 July 1857 of copy from Indent and account No. 84, Book R: payment 9 May 1785 to John Dunkin Senr. for 526 days duty in 1781-82; note by John Duncan 14 Sept. 1784 of Broad River asking for indent, wit. Amos Davis JP; statement by John Dunkin 3 June 1784 before Camden Dist. JP
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1890 Census of Surviving Soldiers ... Hawkins Co. TN (FHL film 338,254)
      Pg.121, Line 11, #210-210 John M. Dunkins, Private, Co.K, 9th TN Cav., enl. 4 Aug. 1863, disch. 15 May 1865, served 1 year 7 mos. 11 days, disability rheumatism, spinal affliction, P.O. Chimney Gap.
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Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, John H., widow Duncan, Catherine, minor Duncan, John H. "(hapless child)"; K 1 Tenn. Cav.; 1866 Aug. 16, Widow Appl. #131803, Cert. #153203; 1903 Dec. 8, Minor Appl. #795790, no cert., Tenn. (MAD: Bradley & Hawkins Co. TN)
      Duncan, John M., widow Duncan, Bertie; B 4 Tenn. Cav.; 1879 Nov. 25, Invalid Appl. #331886, Cert. #350246; 1913 Sept. 8, Widow Appl. #1013900, Cert. #781155, Tenn. (MAD: Hawkins Co. TN)
      Duncan, Richard F., minor Chandler, Martin V., Gdn.; Unassd 8 Tenn. Cav.; 1875 Oct. 5, Minor Appl. #222968, Cert. #183285. (MAD: Greene or Hawkins Co. TN)

Copy of Pension Application #6539 for J.M. Duncan (from Joyce Colliflower 2/1989)
      3 Sept. 1904, Soldier's Application for Pension (filled in form). J.M. Duncan, native of State of TN, resident at Persia, Hawkins Co. TN, who was a soldier from State of TN in war between the US & the Confederate States, apply for a pension ... served in Co. H., contracted rheumatism in feet and legs, by reason of which wound or disability I am entitled to receive pension. Born in Ohio 1845, enlisted in 1863, Prentises Command, Capt. Richard Hager, Col. Prentis; precise nature of wound or disability was rheumatism in legs; rheumatism contracted while in the service and said disability is permanent; I am incapacitated; I was not discharged by reason of said wound or disability; I got out of the army ... I came home sick, not able for service in 1865 four or five days before the surrender. I took the oath of allegiance soon after the surrender, thought I had to because all other confederate soldiers was setting? the oath. Married; family consists of myself, wife and four children; wife age 56; children 16, 18, 21? and 23, one male and 3 females; children not able to support me; business of farming, I earn a scanty living; have estate of 20 acres of land valued at $50, one horse, 2 cows; wife has no estate; supported for last five years by farming; do not use intoxicants to any extent; resided in TN for 8 years; no attorney. Wit. R.D. Keller MD, Wm. H. Sutherland, Thomas Musick. (Doctor's statement re rheumatism; witnesses' statements in Russell Co. VA that they served with him.)
      30 July 1905, Persia, TN, Hockins Co. Letter from J.M. Duncan; never heard about pension; I am 60 yrs olde and not able to work much and had a family to maintain and had in crop 20 acres of pore land and no help but girls ...
      15 Aug. 1905, letter from Frank A. Moses, Special Examiner, TN Board of Pension Examiners, to Hon. Jno. S. Cox, re J.M. Duncan. In this case concerning which the applicant wrote you from Persia, TN, under date of July 30, I find the applicant failed to give the command he served in definitely enough for me to be able to investigate the case. He says "Co. H, Capt. Richard Wager Col. Prentis" He says he "was a soldier from the state of TN" but we have no record of officers of such names in any TN command. He says he got out of the army by coming home sick a few days before the surrender in 1865, but there is no proof to corroborate this. He does not state where his home was at that time. He should write me on these points. He should send in the certificate of the trustee of his county stating the acreage and assessed valuation of his property. The certificate of Dr. A.S. Keller hardly shows a pensionable disability. ...
      2 Oct. 1905, Rogersville, TN; note from John W. Portrum, Trustee, Hawkins Co. This is to certify that J.M. Ducan (sic) has assessed to him 20 acres of land valued at $50 as shown by record of my office.
      2 Oct. 1905, letter from S.H. Cheswith? (Chesmutt?), Rogersville, TN, to Capt. Frank A. Moses, Knoxville, TN: Mr. J.M. Duncan ask me to make the following statement for him in regard to the matters contained in your letter enclosed. He says Mr. Lauderback was mistaken when he wrote that he was a soldier from TN; that he was a soldier from VA. Co. H., Capt. Richard Hager (not Wager) Col. Prentis, 9th KY. His home in 1865 was in Russell Co. VA, 10 miles north of Lebanon. Look up his record. Write him at Persia, TN, RFD 16.
      16 Oct. 1905, TN Board of Pension Examiners; J.M. Duncan, who is an applicant for Pension under TN Pension Law, claims to have been a member of Co. H, 9th Regiment KY Cav. Request for Record of Service.
      19 Oct. 1905, War Department (typed) record, to TN Board of Pension Examiners: The name J.M. Duncan has not been found on the rolls of Co. H, 9th KY Cavalry, C.S.A., on file in this office. No record of his capture or parole has been found.
      20 April 1906, TN Board of Pension Examiners; J.M. Duncan, who is an applicant for Pension under TN Pension Law, claims to have been a member of Co. H, 7th Regiment KY Cav. Request for Record of Service.
      24 April 1906, War Department (typed) record to TN Board of Pension Examiners: The records of this office show that Jordan (sic) Duncan, Co. H, 2nd (Gano's), subsequently Co. H, 3rd, subsequently Co. H, 7th KY Cavalry, C.S.A., enlisted Sept. 1, 1862, at Keysburg [Logan Co.], KY, to serve 3 years. He is reported on the roll dated Feb. 27, 1863, last on file, as present. Prisoner of war records show that he was captured July 19, 1863 at Chester, OH; received at Camp Douglas, IL, in Aug. 1863, and sent to Point Lookout, MD, for exchange, March 2, 1865. No later record of this soldier has been found. (MAD: see Sharshall Jordon Duncan of Logan Co. KY; this letter may be in the wrong file)
      15 May 1906, Persia, TN. Letter from R.D. Keller MD, to Col. Frank A. Moses, Nashville, TN. By request I wrote you in regard to pension claim of James (sic) Duncan. In his application he stated that he was in TN Co. which should have been VA. He says S.L. Chemutt? of Rogersville has made the correction. He is in needy circumstances & would appreciate any assistance you may give him ...
      16 Sept. 1907, statement by John W. Kerr, Notary Public for Dickenson Co. VA; R.M. Hager appeared, made oath he was Captain of Co. H, 7th Confederate Cavalry, and that J.M. Duncan was a soldier under him for 2 years. That the said Duncan enlisted at Wise Court House, and served under him the last two years of the war. That Duncan never was a deserter, and was a faithful and true Soldier during the 2 years that he was under him, until the close of the Civil war. (Handwritten statement by J.M. Duncan ... if this does not satisfy you write about me ...)
      16 Sept. 1907, letter from John W. Kerr, Clintwood, VA, to Mr. Jim M. Duncan, Persia, TN: inclose statement made by Mr. R.M. Hager of this place which I hope will assist you in getting your pension. If this statement is not in the proper form you can return it to me and state just what you want and I will assist you in getting the information and it will not cost you a cent. I am not a Soldier but I am proud that am the son of a Soldier, and they are as dear to me as relativs are. Please let me know how far you are from Rutledge TN, and acknowledge receipt of this letter. (handwritten note by) S.H. Chesnutt to Dear Moses, You might correspond with Capt. Hager & see what other facts he may know about Mr. Duncans army record; his statement in the affidavit is very brief.
      3 Oct. 1907, notarized statement by John W. Kerr, Notary Public for Co. of Dickenson, state of VA, certified that R.M. Hager appeared and made oath his command was at Narrows VA at the time they received word of the surrender of Gen. Lee and that he the affiant was on detach duty getting men at the time of the surrender, and that one J.M. Duncan was at his camp a few days before the surrender, and that he possibly could of been at his home sick when Lee surrendered. The affiant further states that the said J.M. Duncan was with his command about 6 days before the surrender. The affiant further states that as well as he remembers that Duncan was mustered out of service at the same time the other parties was, at Narrows, in Giles Co. VA. 7th KY Confederate Cavalry.
      20 April 1908, Persia, TN, RFD #3. letter from J.M. Duncan to Frank A. Moses. I am writing you. I have been informed by R.D. Keller to write to you in regard to my pension and to what was lacking to get my pension and you write me at once and tell me what is the trouble with my pension. I want to know just what proof I have to make to get it. Yours truly. J.M. Duncan.

Copy of Confederate Pension Application WO #1,013,900 of John M. Duncan (from Joyce Colliflower 2/1989)
      17 Nov.? 1879, Declaration for Original Invalid Pension, Washington Co. TN, John M. Duncan, aged 38 years, resident of Hawkins Co. TN; he entered service under the name of John M. Duncan on 5 February 1863 as private in Co. B, 4th Regiment, TN Cav. Vols. commanded by Capt. Thos. H. Easley; discharged at Nashville, TN on 12 July 1865 by reason of SO No. 69 DPCS authority for TN troops; personal description: age 38; 5 ft 10"; complexion fair; hair dark; eyes blue. That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and the line of duty at Coldwater, MS on or about 11 Feby 1864 received injury to spine by being thrown from his horse. That he was not treated in hospital; was treated by Dr. Elijah Hale Asst. Regimental surgeon in camp for said injury. Since leaving service has resided in the counties of Sullivan, Hawkins & Green in the state of TN except one year in the state of Illinois ... Occupation has been farmer. P.O. Address Falls Branch, Washington Co. TN.
      11 Jan. 1887, War Department, Adjutant General's Office, #331.886, Washington. Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions. John M. Duncan, a Private of Company B, 4 Reg. TN Cav. Volunteers, was enrolled on 5 Feb. 1863 at Cave City KY for 3 year, mustered in Feb. 26/63 and is reported: on roll for Jany & Feby/63 present same for March April/63. May & June absent. sick in hospital Nashville TN. July & Aug/63 present. Same to Oct. 31/64, Nov & Dec/64 absent sick in convalescent camp Nashville, TN. Jan. & Feb/65 present. Same for March & April/65, (last on file) Mustered out with Co. a Corpl. at Nashville, TN July 12/65. Return for Jany/64 does not report about enlisted men by name. Rugel? Hospital Records (which read Feby 9 to 12/64) show him admitted July 2/64 with "Dysentery." July 6/64 returned to duty. The records of this office furnish no evidence of alledged injury.
      7 Jan. 1908, Declaration for Pension. Elbert Co. CO, John M. Duncan, 66 years of age, and a resident of Keysor P.O., Elbert Co. Colorado, the identical person who was enrolled at Barren County KY under the name of John M. Duncan on 5 February 1863 as a corporal, in Company B, 4th Tennessee Cavalry in the service of the US in the Civil War, and was honarably discharged at Nashville, Tennessee on the 12th day of July 1865. That he was not employed in the military or naval service of the US otherwise than as stated above. That his personal description at enlistment was Height 5 ft 10 In, complexion light, eyes blue; hair dark; that his occupation was farmer; that he was born June 22, 1841, at Washington Co. TN. That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: Jonesboro, TN up til 1875, then he moved to Mount Vernon IL in 1875, Sugar City CO in 1904, Kiowa, Elbert Co. CO. That he has heretofore applied for pension 350246. That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the US under the provisions of the act of Feb 6, 1907. That his post-office address is Keysor, Elbert Co. CO. /s/ John M. Duncan. Wit. R.L. Brown, Edgar Brewer, both residents of Elbert Co., who have known him 1-1/2 years each.
      3 Nov. 1911, Declaration of Wife under Act of March 3, 1899; Crowley Co. CO. Birdie Duncan, aged 29 years, a resident of Sugar City, Crowley Co. CO, declares under the act of March 3, 1899, in order to obtain one-half of the pension due or to become due her husband, John M. Duncan, who is a resident pensioner of the United States, and who deserted said Birdie Duncan on the 5th day of April 1911. That her husband served as a private in Co. B, Reg. unknown, State of TN, 2y 6 mos, and is pensioned under certificate number unknown. That she was married under the name of Birdie Dykes to said John M. Duncan at Fall Branch, TN on 3rd day of June, 1903 by Baptist minister, name unknown. That she has not been divorced from her said husband; that she is a woman of good moral character and in necessitous circumstances, and is not an inmate of any institution or home provided for the wives and children of soldiers and sailors. That her Post-office address is Sugar City, Crowley Co. CO. /s/ Birdie Duncan. Wit. (Mrs) Mollie Gillespie, Dr. J. Ed. Ray, both residing at Sugar City, CO, who have known her 5 years and 1 year respectively.
       (Attached?) Marriage certificate, Washington Co. TN, John M. Duncan and Miss Bertie Dykes m. by Rev. C.T. Swift on 3 June 1903, rec. Book 5, page 115. 27 Nov. 1916.
      10 May 1913, Declaration for Pension, Act of May 11, 1912. Sullivan Co. TN, John M. Duncan, 71 years of age, resident of Fall Branch rural service, Washington Co. TN; identical person who was enrolled at Glassgo KY or near this place, under name of John M. Duncan, on 5 February, 1863 as a Private, in Co. B 4th Regiment, TN Cavalry Volunteers, in the service of the US in the Civil War, and was honorably discharged at Nashville, TN on 12 July 1865. He is 5' 10" tall, complexion dark, eyes gray; hair dark; occupation was farmer; born near Jonesboro, Washington Co. TN 1841. That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: TN & Colorado & IL. In Colorado 1907 to 1911, IL 1911 to 1912, TN before (next line hidden in fold of paper); that he is a pensioner under certificate 350,246, that he has now applied for pension under original no. 350246. His P.O. address is Fall Branch, Washington Co. TN. /s/ John (x) M. Duncan. Wit. Charlie Dolen, Herman Dolen. Thomas J. Duncan, Notary Public.
      Drop Order and Report. Department of the interior, Bureau of Pensions. Finance Division. Washington D.C. Sept. 16 1912- John M. Duncan, pensioner, 350,246 certificate number, act of May 11, 1912. B4 Tenn Cav. service. US Pension Agent, Knoxville. Sir: you are hereby directed to drop from the roll the name of the above described pensioner who died Aug. 1, 1913. Report: The name of the above described pensioner, who was last paid at $23 per month to 4 May 1913, has this day been dropped from the roll of this agency. Sept. 17, 1913.
      Sol: John M. Duncan, Class: Act May 1, 1920 Minors. Aug 18, 1925, the name of the above descripbed pensioner who was last paid at the rate of $30-6 per month to Aug 7, 1925, has this day been dropped from the roll because of Legal limitation. Bertie Crawford, Gdn.
      6 Sept. 1913, Claim for Widow's Pension under General Law. Washington Co. TN, Bertie Duncan aged 30 years, resident of Fall Branch in Washington Co. TN, post office address Fall Branch, TN, the widow of John M. Duncan, who rendered service, in Co. B of the 4. Tenn. Vol. Cavy, Civil War. That said soldier was a pensioner under Cert. No. 350,246. That I was married to said soldier, in Washington Co. TN under the maiden name of Dykes in the year 1903. That I was not previously married. That said soldier was twice previously married. He was first married to Sarah Dykes, and next to Mary Dykes, and they each died before he married me. We have as fruits of our marriage the following named children which I here give in for pension, as the minors of said soldier, viz:- (1) Miles T. born, Nov. 18, 1903. (2) Hazel Z. born August 2, 1905. (3) Cecil M. born June 27, 1907. (4) Pauline O. born August 8, 1909 & (5) Arthur L. born the 29 of June, 1911. That my said husband died in Greene Co. TN on 1 August 1913. That I know of no public or church record of said soldier's death, and we will have to try to prove his date of death and death cause by the physician that treated him in his last illness. I drew one half of soldiers pension. I lived at Sugar City, Colo. when it was allowed me. I have returned here to my old home from above place. I know of "know" Public or Church record of the births of my children, but will try to prove births and dates of same, by persons that were with me at the time of confinements of each of them. See proof on file in my claim that I filed for one half, for use in this case. I also ask in addition to a widow's pension that I be paid, as widow, what ever accrued current pension that was due soldier and I from his last current payment up to date of his death. I have also this day made an application for pension, under act, of June 17, 1890. as the Guardian of my aforesaid children, and in the event that my claim for widow's pension, including children, fails then consider this claim for children that has been filed this day under the June act. Appoint M.L. Peoples of Johnson City attorney. Signed Bertie Duncan. Wit: D.M. Dykes, Guy S. Chase
      1 Dec. 1914, Application for Reimbursement; Sullivan Co. TN; Isaac Dulen, aged 34 years, a resident of Fall Branch, Sullivan Co. TN, declares in order to obtain reimbursement from the accrued pension for expenses paid in the last sickness and burial of John M. Duncan, who was a pensioner of the US by cert. No. 350246 on account of service of Civil War Co. B, 4th Reg., TN Cav. Vol. 1863. That pension was last paid to J.M. Duncan 1913. Name of deceased pensioner: John M. Duncan, pensioned as invalid soldier; Was he ever married: yes. Three times, to Sarah Dykes, Mary Ann Dykes, Berdia Dykes. The last wife Bertia Duncan survived him, she still living. Full names and dates of death of all deceased wives: Sarha Duncan (dec) Aug. 26, 1875; Mary A. Duncan (dec) Feb. 19, 1884. Never divorced that I know of. He left childlren under 16 years of age with his last wife. Is any such child still living: yes i supose so. No sick or death benefits were paid on pensioner's account; no executor or administrator, or will aplication made for appointment of any person as admr; Did the decease pensioner leave any money, real estate or personal property: $69.73 in money. Character and value of all such property: one trunk $100; hand grip $100; razor 50; kane 10 cents total $260.00; no accessed value of the real estate. Pensioner's property was disposed of: lifte with me; nothing said what to do with it. The money was used for the burial and expenses. Left no unindorsed pension check; relationship to deceased pensioner was Brother-in-law. I am married. Cause of pensioner's death? Dropsey of the hart, spinal trouble; last sickness began 1st of May 1913; From what date did the pensioner become so ill as to require the regular and daily attendance of another person constantly until death: May 1, 1913. Each physician who attended the pensioner during last sickness: Dr. R.K. Bailey, Fall Branch TN R#1; Persons by whom the pensioner was nursed during the last sickness: by myself Isaac Dolen, and family; pensioner lived during last sickness at my home in Sullivan Co. TN, and died at my home on Aug. 1, 1913; buried in the Nurrell(?) Graveyard in said Co. Has there been paid, or will application be made for payment to you or any other person, any part of the expenses of the pensioner's last sickness and burial by any State, Co., or municipal corporation? no. The expenses of the pensioner's last sickness and burial. Physician Paid $3.00; Nursing & care unpaid 90.00; Undertaker paid 69.73. /s/ Isaac Dolen.
       Also appeared J.M. Conkin and A.J. Gibson, they saw Isaac Dolen, the claimant, sign his name; they know the claimant herein; Did pensioner leave a widow or a minor child under age of 16 yrs surviving: yes wife and children under 16; pensioner died Aug 1 1913; did pensioner leave any property: none that I know of; We knew pensioner 50 and 30 years. We believe statements to be true because we know all parties. /s/ J.M. Conkin Fall Branch TN; A.J. Gibson, Fall Branch TN; Subscribed 3 day of Dec 1914.
       Statement of Attending Physicians. Pensioner's death Aug 1, 1913. Commencement of pen. last sickness: about the first of May. Dates he required regular and daily attendance of another person until death? from May until his death Aug 1, 1913. During what period did you attend the pen? three visits in May. State nature of disease from which the pen died: Dropsey of heart, and a chronic spinal troubles. Give name of each person who rendered service as nurse, and who had made or will make a charge for such service: Isaac Dolen and families. Does your bill include a charge for all medicine furnished the pensioner during last sickness? yes. Has your bill been paid; if so by whom? yes, by Isaac Dolen. /s/ Dec 3, 1914 R.K. Bailey, M.D.
      26 Sept. 1921, Application for a new certificate; Sullivan Co. TN. Bertie Crawford Gdn. declares she is 41 years old, and guardian of Hazel Z, Cecil M., Pauline G. and Arther L. Duncan minors of John M. Duncan who belonged to Co. B 4th Regiment, TN Cavalry in the service of the US; that has received a pension certificate 781155 dated Oct. 2, 1914, that she was last paid at the Washington, D.C. agency, to 4 May 1921, that she has not bartered, sold, assigned, or pledged her pension certificate or any interest therein; but that on or about 27 July 1921, at or near Kingsport, TN, her dwelling house was destroyed by fire and her said pension certificate was also destroyed when her house was burned with all of her household furniture &c. Post-Office address is Dall St No 668, Kingsport, TN. /s/ Bertie Crawford gd. (Witness:) Also appeared Nat H. Goodwin, who well knows Bertie Crawford gdn.

John M. Duncan Civil War Pension File WO #1,013,900 (additional pages from Joyce Colliflower 8/1989)
      Bible Record: Miles L. Duncan was borned November 19, 1903. Hazel Z. Duncan was borned Aug. 2, 1905. Cecil M. Duncan was borned June 27, 1907. Paulene G. Duncan was borned Aug. 8, 1909. Arthur L. Duncan was borned June 29, 1911. (Reverse of form: New Testament, ...) (small piece of paper, handwritten, glued on large page below)
      Typed document (back very blurred from front bleeding through) Washington Co. TN, in the matter of pension of Bertie Duncan, widow of John M. Duncan, late of Co. B of 4th TN Vol. Cavy. Widow's No. 1,013,900. Personally appeared ... Dr. L.M. Dykes, age 26 years, and states I am brother of claimant, that my sister mailed me the evidence herewith with a detached leaf from her familiy Bible showing the names and dates of birth of her children for whom a pension is claimed, ... I notice that the Affidavit of Mina Arburs, Sugar City Colorado and Miley L. Duncan of Sugar City both state as to birth of child Hazel Z. as being about Oct. 2, 1905, they are evidently mistaken as record shows Aug. 2, 1905 which is evident correct ... Bible record ... herewith sent, Miles T. born Nov. 19, 1903, Hazel E. born Aug. 2, 1905, Cecil M. born June 27, 1907, Pauline G. born Aug. 8, 1909, Arthur L. born June 29, 1911. I was in Sugar City Colo. and present at time of the birth of Hazel Z, am of opinion Bible record was made by soldier in this case by his own hand. Children for whom pension is claimed are all living. Claimant has not remarried since soldiers death; sister was never previously married; I have every reason to believe soldier was only twice previously married; first wife died in IL before he married second wife (Mary Dykes). Claimant and soldier were never divorced from each other. Something like one year before soldier died his mind seemed to be impaired, that was while they lived at Keymor? Col. and they talked of placing him in the asylum. Took him to Sugar City and finally he come on here to TN ... 1 May 1914.
      Typed Letter, January 24, 1923, from J.T. Phillips, Phillips & Burnett, Attorneys at Law, Kingsport, TN ... Dear Sir. I write to inform you that Mrs. Duncan who married Dana Crawford, and who is drawing a pension herself and also on three children, is keeping one of her daughters out of school by not buying books for her. She is no good, and is depriving her child of an education, using the money herself, which the child is entitled to, there ought to be a Gaurdian (sic) appointed for them, so they would get the full benefit of what the Government allows them. This is none of my Buisness (sic) but I dont like to see such a Fraud perpetrated at the expence of a childs future.
      Certified copy of record of Family Record of John M. Duncan, 9 July 1914, Sullivan Co. TN, in the matter of the pension of Bertie Duncan; minors of John M. Duncan, late of Co. B ... I have this day found at the residence of Isaac Dollins & his wife Martha J. Dollins in said county, and where the said John M. Duncan resided at his death. Said record being as follows:
      John M. Duncan and Sarah Dykes married Aug. 10 - 1865
      John M. Duncan born June 22 - 1841
      Sarah Duncan born January 7 - 1831.
      Sarah Amanda Duncan born Feb. 11 - 1867
      Elvira Ann Duncan born Jan. 22 - 1869
      Charles W. Duncan born May 3rd 1870
      Lady Bell Duncan born Dec 30 - 1871
      Mary Jane Duncan born Dec 11 - 1872
      Jasper H. Duncan born Jan 5 - 1879
      Effie Margret Duncan born June 11 - 1880
      Victora Mable Duncan born June 24 1882
            Records of Deaths
      (1) Sarah Amanda Duncan died March 13 - 1867
      Lady Bell Duncan died Feb 5 - 1872
      Sarah Duncan died August 26, 1875
      (2) Mary An Duncan died Febry 20 - 1884
      John M. Duncan and Mary An Dykes was married Sept 11. 787. (sic)
      John M. Duncan and Bertie Dykes was married June 3rd 1903
... no marks of erasure or alteration has been made, and from the appearance of said record it is all in the same handwriting and ... said old paper that contains said record ... has been made years ago.
      Affidavit of Elvira Duncan age 44 years, resident of Hawkins Co. TN, Post Office Church Hill RFD #5 Hawkins Co. TN, and Mary Bernard age 41 years, resident of Hawkins Co. TN, Post Office Church Hill RFD #5, TN; that they both are children of said soldier John M. Duncan by his first wife Sarah Duncan; that Mary Bernard does not remember her mother; that she has been told by her father that her mother died in IL in August or Sept. 1875; that her father keepted (sic) a family record of the deaths and births of his family, and from reclection of said family record her mother Sarah Duncan died in August or Sept. 1875; that Elvira Duncan remembers her mother Sarah Duncan and she was present when her mother died and saw her dead body, that she died in August or Sept. 1875 in IL, that her father and his family moved from IL in winter of 1875 to Sullivan Co. TN; that their father John M. Duncan married Mary Dykes about the year of 1877 or 78, who died on 20 Febry. 1884 in Hawkins Co. TN; we was living with our father and stept mother Mary Duncan at the time of her death; we was both present at the time of her death and saw her dead body; we remember the date of her death by the birth of her child Lema who was only eight days old at her death, which there is a family record of his birth and the death of the second wife Mary Duncan; there is no child or children under 16 now living by his first or second wife & Mary Bernard was present at the burial of John M. Duncan and saw his dead body; that John M. Duncan died 1 Aug. 1913 at his sister's house in Sullivan Co. TN where he was making his home. /s/ 9 Aug. 1913.

TN Confederate Pension Applications from index
      Indexed: 6539 Duncan, J.M., Hawkins, 7th KY. Cav. (had 1989)
      #6539, J.M. Duncan, filed 3 Sept. 1904; J.M. Duncan, native of TN, resident at Persia, Hawkins Co. TN; Co.H; contracted rheumatism in feet and legs; b. OH 1845, enl. 1863, Prentises Command, Capt. Richard Hager, Col. Prentis; came home sick, not able for service in 1865 four or five days before the surrender; took oath of allegiance soon after the surrender, thought I had to because all other confederate soldiers was setting? the oath; Married; family consists of myself, wife and four children; wife age 56; children 16, 18, 21? and 23, one male and 3 females; children not able to support me; business of farming, I earn a scanty living; have estate of 20 acres of land valued at $50, one horse, 2 cows; wife has no estate; supported for last five years by farming; do not use intoxicants to any extent; resided in TN for 8 years; no attorney. Wit. R.D. Keller MD, Wm. H. Sutherland, Thomas Musick. (Doctor's statement re rheumatism; witnesses' statements in Russell Co. VA that they served with him.)

Company Muster Roll James D. Allsup (from Joyce Colliflower 2/1989; JC: see J.D.'s papers signed by R.B. Duncan ??; Hawkins? Co. TN)
      Confederate Tenn, A, 1 (Turney's) TN. James D. Allsup pvt, Co. K, 1 Reg't, TN Infantry. Appears on Company Muster Roll Sept & Oct, 1861.; Enlisted April 27, 186-, Boons Hill, Lincoln Co. TN. by Newton C. Davis for 12 mo.; Last paid by G.W. Jones to August 31, 186-; present. R.B. Duncan copyist.
       Appears on Company Muster Roll Nov & Dec 1861; Enlisted April 27, 186-, Boons Hill Lincoln Co. TN, by Newton C. Davis for 12 months; last paid by G.W. Jones on October 31 186-; Present. R.B. Duncan copyist.
       (J.D. Alsup) Appears on Company muster roll for Sept & Oct 1862; Enlisted Apr 27, 186-, Yorktown VA by Capt Turney for 2 years; last paid by Capt Brannon on Aug. 31 186-; absent from woundes received in the Battle Gaynes Millta June. R.B. Duncan copyist.

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