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Formed 1819 from Western District
Shelby formed 1819 from Hardin
McNairy formed 1823 from Hardin


1830 Hardin Co. TN Census
Pg.398  Jo Duncan             1310,01       - 1000,01
        Dickinson Duncan      0000,1        - 001

1840 Hardin Co. TN Census
Pg.244  Jesse Duncan          0000,1        - 0
   250  Joseph Duncan         1013,101      - 1210,001

1850 Hardin Co. TN Census (and from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
6th Civil District
Pg.202 (404), #25, Samuel PENNINGTON 38 TN laborer
                  Emily P. 36 NC
                  William A. 12, Charles S. 8, Sarah C. 7 TN
                  Mary J. 5, James T. 3, Samuel W?. 1/12 TN
                  (MAD: see Knox Co. TN, looking for Charles)
Pg.205 (410), #73, Joseph DUNCAN 52 TN farmer $3500
                  Harriet 28 AL
                  Melberize H. (f) 21, Mary Ann 19 TN
                  Nancy J.H. 18, Joseph R. 14 TN
                  Sarah H. 10, James K.P. 3 TN
                  Noah G.P. 1 TN
10th Civil District
Pg.216 (431), #10, Jesse LAWSON (LARSON?) 55 NC farmer $0
                  John 22 TN laborer
                  Jesse 15 AL laborer
                  Benjamin W. 11, George F. 8 TN
                  (MAD: one Jesse Larson m. Nancy Duncan 11/16/1839 Anderson Co. TN)
12th Civil District
Pg.249 (498), #75, John DUNCAN 56 SC laborer $350 can't R/W
                  Polly 49 TN can't R/W
                  John 14 TN
                  (MAD: ?? died 1860 McNairy Co. TN)
2nd Civil District
Pg.262 (524), #160, Wm. C. DUNCAN 28 TN farmer $0
                  Amanda F. 29 TN
                  Sarah T.L. 4, Wm. D.L. 3 TN
                  Clarissa R. 1, Amanda E. 9/12 TN
                  Catherine BIRD 11 AL
5th Civil District
Pg.290 (580), #79, A.T. ROBERTS (m) IN blacksmith $200
                  C.E. (f) 23 TN
                  Emily A. 5, Nancy J. 3, Peter? E. 3 TN
                  Christopher C. 1 TN
                  (MAD: A.F. Roberts m. Cynthia E. Duncan 12/26/1842 Lawrence Co. TN)

1860 Hardin Co. TN Census
Pg.292, #108-112, P.V. LEDFORD (m) 33 TN farmer $0-$500
                  Mary A. 29 TN
                  Wm. L. 7, Harriet R. 3 TN
                  Joseph VINSON 1 TN
                  Alfred BEVERLEY 27 TN laborer $0-$0
                  Margaret 8, Wm. 6 TN
District 5, P.O. Smith's Fork
Pg.320, #512-538, W.E. WHITSON 38 TN Meth. M. & physician $2500-$1000
                  Susan J. 32 TN
                  John H. 12, Mary L. 9 TN
                  Wm. A. 7, Flora A. 5 TN
                  Samuel A. 2 TN
                  James DUNKIN 17 TN corn labor
Pg.323, #560-589, W.S.G. DUNCAN (m) 30 TN farmer $0-$300
                  Elizabeth 25 TN
                  George M. 9, Sarah F. 7 TN
                  Mary H. 5, Flora J. 3 TN
                  Nancy 1 TN
                  James BRYANT 17 TN corn labor
                  G.H. ALEXANDER (m) 23 TN corn labor
                  (MAD: William S. from 1850 Lawrence Co. TN census)
District 7
Pg.335, #741-773, John DUNKIN 63 SC farmer $500-$900
                  Mary J. 46 AL
                  Sarah E. 21, Frances A. 13 TN
                  Flora H. 3 TN
                  Mary HARRISON 21 MS
                  John 17, George R. 13 MS
                  (MAD: ? 1850 from Lawrence Co. TN census, 2nd wife ??)
District 13
Pg.393, #1535-1590, Wm. C. DUNCAN 38 TN farmer $500-$1150
                  Amanda F. 39 TN
                  Sarah S.L. 14, Wm. C. 13 TN
                  Clericy R. 10, Cornelia C. 7 TN
                  Andrew J. 4 TN
                  (MAD: 1870 Weakley Co. TN census)
District 15
Pg.400, #1620-1675, W.T. STRATTON (m) 28 TN shoe & bootmaker $0-$160
                  Sarah H. 20 TN
Pg.401, #1633-1689, A.J. GORDON (m) 31 TN farmer $0-$960
                  Martha 31 TN
                  Alexander 10, Louisa J. 5, Wm. S. 4, Mary 1 TN
                  T.T. Rica " (surname GORDON) (m) 21 farmer $3889-$240
                  Wm. S. BLASINGAME 23 TN farmer $0-$25
                  Amanda J. 20 TN
                  Harriss C. (m) 1 TN
                  (MAD: William S. Blasinggame mar. Amanda Duncan, 2/12/1858 Hardeman Co. TN)
Pg.401, #1640-1697, Joseph DUNCAN 62 TN farmer $5200-$5500
                  Harriet 38 AL
                  James K.P. 13, Noah G.P. 11 TN
                  John R.B. 9, Elcy C. 7 TN
                  Samuel B. 5, Napolian B. 2 TN
                  (MAD: Joseph Duncan, 1798-1869, bur. Antioch Cemetery, 2 miles W. of Courtland; from "South Panola Co. MS Cemeteries" by Panola Historical and Genealogical Society, Memphis Public Library book 929.3625 P195p3; from Evelyn Sigler 1984, her line)

1870 Hardin Co. TN Census (pg.394 also from Evelyn Sigler 1983)
District 5, P.O. Savannah, TN
Pg.394, #44-44, DUNCAN, Thopps S. 32 TN methodist minister $1000-$900
                  Isabelle 29 AL keeping house
                  Asa 10 TX at home
                  Emma 6, Whitten (m) 5 TN at home
                  Isabelle 3, Hunter (m) 1 TN at home
                  (MAD: 1850 Lawrence Co. TN census, 1860 Marion Co. TX census; EDS: Theophilus S. Duncan d.1892, mar. Isabella Childress; there would be more children; see 1923 "Tennessee the Volunteer State" Vol.4, by John Trotwood Moore, editor and Austin P. Foster; pub. by S.J. Clark, pg.484 Whitten Duncan and pg.498 Marvin Theophilus Duncan.)
Pg.394, #47-47, DUNCAN, Wm. A. 40 TN farmer $1000-$1760
                  Elisabeth 35 TN keeping house
                  George W. 18 TN farm hand
                  Sarah F. 16 TN unemployed
                  Mary H. 14, Flora J. 13 TN at home
                  Louvena E. (f) 12 TN at home
                  Theopuluse N?. ("f") 8 TN at home
                  Josephine 5, Ider (f) 1 TN at home
District 7, P.O. Savannah
Pg.413, #6-6, DUNCAN, David 57 SCT lumber man $3400-$200, parents of foreign birth
                  Harriet E. 32 ENG keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  David H. 6 TN at home, parents of foreign birth
                  ?H?orter D. 1/12 TN b.May at home, parents of foreign birth
                  SHELTON, Isaac 50 ENG sawyer, parents of foreign birth
                  LINDSEY, John 39 SCT gardner, parents of foreign birth
                  KNOX, Monroe (m) 33 NC BLACK day laborer
                  Jane 22 NC MULATTO cook
                  (MAD: Shelton, Lindsey and Knox not indicated as last names on actual census)
District 8, P.O. Savannah
Pg.424, #56-56, DUNCAN, James 38 TN BLACK day laborer $0-$265
                  Sarah 35 SC BLACK keeping house
                  Melvina (f) 17, Delila 14 TN BLACK "unemployed"
                  Oney (f) 6 TN BLACK at home
Pg.429, #116-116, HENDRIX, Edwin G. 32 AL (white) farming $0-$1272
                  Jane 33 TN keeping house
                  Joseph T. 15 KY farm hand
                  DUNCAN, Greenbery 20 KY (white) farm hand
                  Thomas 20 KY farm hand

1880 Hardin Co. TN Census (and from Dorothy Franks 3/1989)
Page numbers are stamped page
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.44, Inhabitants of Savanah, 4 June, pg.32, #89-98, line 9
      DUNCAN, Neil, W, M, 31, Farmer, TN (blank) (blank)
                  Lydia, W, F, 19, wife, keeping house, TN (blank) (blank)
                  Lizzie, W, F, 5/12, Dau, NC TN TN (? Lucie?)
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.44, Inhabitants of Savanah, 4 June, pg.32, #100-111, line 18
      SPIER, Calvin, W, M, 45, Farming, TN TN TN
                  Tabitha, W, F, 40, wife, keeping house, TN TN TN
                  Frank, W, M, 25, son, farming, TN TN TN
                  Mattie, W, F, 16, dau, at home, TN TN TN
                  Ida, W, F, 20, dau, AL TN TN
                  James C., W, M, 14, son, TN TN TN
                  Luke? M., W, M, 13, Son, TN TN TN
                  Nancy A., W, F, 4, dau, TN TN TN
      DUNCAN, Emma, W, F, 4, orphan, TN TN TN
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.44, 4th Civil Dist., 12 June, pg.42, #278-279, line 11
      DUNCAN, Joseph, W, M, 36, Farming, AL NC NC
                  Annie E., W, F, 29, wife, TN TN TN
                  George W., W, M, 9, son, TN AL TN
                  James B., W, M, 2, Son, TN AL TN
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.45, 14th (4th?) Civil Dist., 6 June, pg.55, #77-77, line 35
      DUNCAN T.S.,W, M, 42, Farming, TN NC TN
                  Isabella, W, F, 38, wife, Keeping house, AL AL AL
                  Abhra?, W, M, 20, son, Farming, TN TN AL
                        (MAD: name written over)
                  Emma, W, F, 16, dau, at home, TN TN AL
                  Whitton, W, M, 15, son, at home, TN TN AL
                  Izabella, W, F, 12, dau, at home, TN TN AL
                  Hunter, W, M, 10, son, at home, TN TN AL
                  Mary, W, F, 8, dau, at home, TN TN AL
                  Anna, W, F, 6, dau, at home, TN TN AL
                  Jammia? A., W, F, 4, dau, at home, TN TN AL
                  Nancy E., W, F, 2, dau, at home, TN TN AL
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.46, 6th Civil Dist., 7 & 8 June, pg.61, #13-17, line 15
      DUNCAN, D.C., W, M, 48, Millright, TN SC (blank)
                  Eliza, W, F, 42, wife, keping house, TN TN TN
                  Francis, W, F, 23, dau, at home, TN TN TN
                  Julia, W, F, 18, dau, at home, TN TN TN
                  Milus, W, M, 15, son, TN TN TN
                  Mary, W, F, 13, dau, TN TN TN
                  Alvina, W, F, 11, dau, TN TN TN
                  Jesse, W, F, 8, dau, TN TN TN
                  Lula, W, F, 4, dau, TN TN TN
                  (MAD: 1850 Lawrence Co. TN, David in 1860 Wayne Co. TN)
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.46, 6th Dist, 7-9 June, pg.74, #271-321, line 34
      HAYSE, Wm., W, M, 28, MS TN TN
                  Laura, W, F, 29, Sister, MS TN TN
                  John, W, M, 30, laborer, MS TN TN
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.46, 6th Dist, 7-9 June, pg.74, #271-322, line 37
      DUNCAN, Mary, W, F, 23, sister, housework, AL (blank) MS
                  ??, W, M, 7, AL (blank) MS
                        (MAD: line bled through from reverse)
                  Bobbie, W, M, 7, AL (blank) MS
                  Lizzie, W, F, 4, neice, AL TN MS
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.47, 7th Dist, 7-9 June, pg.81, #15-15, line 27
      DUNCAN, David, W, M, 47, running St Mill, Scotland, Scotland Scotland
                  Harret E., W, F, 40, wife, keeping house, PA ENG ENG
                  David Henry, W, M, 15, son, TN Scot PA
                  Donaldson, W, M, 10, son, TN Scot PA
                  Harriet, W, F, 8, dau, TN Scot PA
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.52, 13th Dist, 18 June, pg.145, #143-157, line 3
      DUNCAN, Geo., W, M, 43, Farmer, TX TN TN
                  Lavina, W, F, 42, wife, keeping house, TN NC NC
                  Matilda, W, F, 17, dau, unemployed, TN TX NC
                  Ebenezer, W, M, 12, son, farm laborer, TN TX NC
                  Nancy, W, F, 4, dau, TN TX NC
Sup.No.9 (4), Enum.No.43 (173), 15th Dist, 7 June, pg.158, #78-78, line 22-25
      DUNCAN, Harriet, W, F, 58, keeping house, TN TN TN
                  Samuel, W, M, 25, son, TN TN TN
                  Napoleon, W, M, 22, son, TN TN TN
                  Evan, W, M, 19, Son, TN TN TN
Sup.No.4, Enum.No.172 (43), 15th Dist, 9 June, pg.159, #111-111, line 48
      DUNCAN, J.R., W, M, 29, Farmer, TN TN TN
                  Sally, W, F, 20, Wife, keeping house, TN TN TN

1900 TN Soundex (from Mary F. Hudson 2/1984)
Hardin Co., 4th Dist., Vol. 29, E.D. 32, Sheet 6, Line 67
      J.K. DUNCAN b. Feb. 1844 AL
                  A.C. (wife) (MAD: no data)
                  James P., son, 23
                  Annie A., step-dau, 19


"Hardin Co. TN Marriage Records 1865-1868" by Historical Records Survey (FHL film 24,684 item 3 and from Dorothy Franks 1990)
      Pg.56: Byron Sanders to Amarilia Duncan, by D.W. Blankenship, MG, 11/29/1865
      Pg.4: 17 April 1867, James Bryant to Mary West; by T.S. Duncan, MG, returned 6 Feb 1867.

Hardin Co. TN Marriage Licenses (FHL films; from Dorothy Franks 1989)
   Vol.1-3, Nov. 1874-Jan. 1878 (FHL film 981,000)
      Wm. Banks to Flora Duncan, 18 Jan 1876, married 19 Jan 1875 (no name of minister) bondsman W.G. Welch. (pg.51)
   Vol.4-6 (FHL film 879,045; following pages just before Vol. 4; probably from marriage returns book)
      H.C. Poindexter, w, 19, farmer, to M.S. Smith, w, 16, b. Lauderdale Co. AL?, both res. Hardin Co. TN, married Nov. ?1882 by J.R. Duncan, JP, wit. M.C. McDaniel, F.B. Odom. (pg.12, just before L.K. Laden entry; page edges missing)
      Oct. 12, 1882, L.K. Laden, w, 23, farmer, to Emma Duncan, w, 19, both born in Hardin Co. TN., Married by G.H. Hudeburgh minister of the Gospel; Wit: A.B. Cypent, E.W. Russell, T.S. Duncan, married Nov. 1, 1882. (Vol.3?/4, pg.12)
      Nov. 2, 1882, Thomas J. Carton w, 20, farmer, b. Mississippi, res. McNairy Co. TN; to Victoria A. Duncan, w, 20, b. McNairy Co. TN, res. Hardin Co. TN; mar. by J.A. Russell Minister of the Gospel; Wit: Parker Woods, W.T. Chambers & Anna Stevenson; mar. Nov. 8, 1882. (pg.13)
      J.D. Lay to Miss M.J. Duncan, license 1 May 1885; bond by G.A. Linam; married 3 May 1885 by Riley Patterson, JP (Vol.4 pg.156)
      W.T. Duncan and Rosa Freeman, lic. 24 Feb. 1886; bond by G.A. Linam; married 24 Feb. 1886 by J.D. Martin JP. (Vol.4 pg.302)
      T.J. Duncan and Miss F.M. Bryant, lic. 11 March, 1887; bond by A.J. Carter; married 15 March 1887, by D.W. Blankenship, MG. (Vol.4 pg.483)
      E.J. Duncan and Nancy Young, lic. 19 Sept. 1887; bond W.J. Hamilton; married 19 Sep 1887 by J.P. Martin JP. (Vol.4 pg.556)
      J.C. Robins to F.E. Duncan, lic. 29 Dec. 1887; bond J.H. Sharp; married 30 Dec 1887 by W.C. Sawyers, JP. (Vol.5 pg.55)
      J.N. Duncan to Miss C.N. McQueen, lic. 9 Nov. 1888; bond T.M. Reddin; married 13 Nov. 1888 by A. Pitts JP. (Vol.5 pg.224)
      Thomas Rhodes to Miss Callie Duncan, lic. 24 Nov. 1888; bond E.F. Tucker; married 27 Nov. 1888 by W.C. Sawyer JP. (Vol.5 pg.230)
      Willie L. Ladan to Mollie Duncan, lic. 26 Aug, 1891; bond J.T. Qualls; married 27 Aug. 1891 by D.T. Tatum MG. (Vol.6 pg.177)


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Hardin Co. TN will (FHL film 879,049; from Dorothy Franks 5/1990)
      Will Book 2 page 28-29: State of Tennessee, Hardin Co. Mar. 22, 1862.
      (EDS: If this is probate date, then Joseph Duncan's grave marker with death date of 1869 is wrong)
      I Joseph Duncan do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others. I give my soul to God who gave it and my body to the earth from whence it came. I direct that all my just debts be paid as soon as convenient or consistent.
      I give to my beloved wife Harriet Duncan all my household and kitchen furniture and poultry of every kind and all the cattle that has come of the cow her father gave her and one years provision after my death.
      I give to my said wife the land called the pleasant land containing 155 & 52 by deed and also Egypt containing 200 acres by deed during her natural life time or widowhood and also eastern rock hill the land whereon my family now resides by deed two hundred acres the above property is intended for the support and schooling of my present wifes children should she marry it is to be for the children giving her a childs part of the same.
      I direct that my other lands to wit the pine (or fine JMH) lands lying on English Fork of Turkey Creek east side of TN given in Hardin Co. by deed 370 acres but it has been measured and has 414 acres and eastern rock hill on the Seay Place by deed 260 acres on lick creek west side of Tenn. given and also one tract of land in McNairy Co. TN. (Goshen or given JMH) on the old George place by deed two hundred acres and also I have a bond on W.G. Campbell for 48 acres of land in McNairy Co. TN. these tracts of land bond is to be sold and the proceeds divided among all my children all that has got money or property is here charged first R.W. Duncan one hundred dollars and a small note I hold against him. To W.C. Duncan one hundred and fifty dollars and a note also for one hundred and fifty dollars due Dec. 2, 1859. To Francis M. Duncan sixty dollars and a note for five dollars due in 1846. To Jesse J. Duncan one hundred and seventy dollars. To Milberry H. fifty dollars to Mary Ann Ledford two hundred and forty-six dollars and 59 cents To Nancy Jane H. Parrish thirty-eight dollars. To Joseph R. Duncan thirty one dollars and fifty-one cents in a note due Dec. 28, 1858. To Sarah H. Stratton fifty dollars Each one of the above heirs is to account for all they are charged with thus those that has got nothing is to be made equal taking what is charged and all that is to come making all my children equal the former and the latter which is Jas. K.P. Duncan, Noah G.P. John R.B., Elly C., Saml. B. , Napoleon B. and Edwin E. Duncan my baby all the latter is to be made equal in the money that lands sell for that is set apart for sale as soon as practical after my death. and at the death of my wife Harriet Duncan or marriage the lands that is reserved for my wife and small children is to be sold and also all the other property and equally divided into all my children and should she marry she is to have a childs part equally with all my children.
      My black woman Rachel Margrette is to be given for the purpose of raising the children in the same manner and under the same rules and regulations that the Rock Hill Pleasant and Egypt and the property that is reserved for the maintenance and raising my family my wife's present children is to have all the beds and bed clothing at her death.
      In wittness whereunto I set my hand and seal. Joseph Duncan (seal)
      Signed and published in our presence and at the request of the testator in his presence and in the presence of each other this 16th April 1862.
      John A. Vanhouse, James Williams, W.H. Smith, Hamilton Smith, James H. Ward, John A. Bivens.

Hardin Co. TN Wills & Inventories (FHL film 879,049)
      Vol.B, 1836-1842 - no Duncan
      Vol.D, 1842-1848 - no Duncan

Hardin Co. TN Inventory of Estates 1865-1878 (FHL film 980,988)
      Pg.202, 203: Aug. 28, 1867, John Duncan decd, widow Jane Duncan; inventory filed, widow's provisions granted.
      No Joseph Duncan

Hardin Co. TN Inventory Book 1842-1849, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,684 item 2)
      No Duncan


Hardin Co. TN County Court Minutes
      Vol.H-I, 1865-1875 - no Duncan April 1869 (ca pg.437) (FHL film 980,994)
      1820-1825, incl. index - no Duncan (FHL film 24,684 item 1)


Newspaper obituary, no date, possibly from "Memphis Commercial Appeal" (from Nashville cousin of Evelyn's who found it in her mother's papers; from Evelyn Sigler 10/1984)
      Mrs. Elsie Hurt dies; was Veteran's widow; Native of TN; was Daughter of Old South. Funeral to be tomorrow.
      Mrs. Elsie Caroline Hurt, former resident of Memphis and native of Hardin Co. TN, died at 8 o'clock yesterday morning at the Montgomery Hospital in Washington, after a heart attack suffered at the home of her son, Everett R. Hurt, at Gaithersburg, MD. She was 90.
      Mrs. Hurt was born a short distance from Savannah and across the TN River from Pittsburgh Landing. She was the daughter of the late Reverend Joseph and Harriett Duncan. When she was a child her family moved across the river to Pittsburg Landing, where the Battle of Shiloh was fought. Several of her brothers fought in that battle as members of General Albert Sydney Johnston's Army. She was 12 at the end of the war and had a vivid memory of life during that period.
      In 1870 at the old Peabody Hotel (EDS: Memphis, Shelby Co., TN) she was married to Major Branch Tanner Hurt of Petersburg, VA. He had served through the entire four years of battle in General Robert E. Lee's army of Northern VA. After her marriage she lived at Courtland, MS, until 1900 when she came to Memphis. Her husband died in 1890.
      At the time of her death Mrs. Hurt was working on a novel taken from her own experiences of life in MS and Memphis. Readers of the unfinished manuscript have compared it to "Gone With the Wind." It may be published soon.
      She was a Baptist. Services will be held at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the grave at Batesville, MS. The Reverend J.W. Lee will officiate. The Dickens Funeral home of Batesville is in charge.
      She also leaves three daughters, Mrs. Ada V. Wells of Courtland, Miss Mary Hurt of Memphis, and Mrs. Daisy H. Trezevant of Los Angeles, and three other sons, Albert W. Hurt of New Orleans, Oscar H. Hurt of Memphis and Lloyd L. Hurt of Las Cruces, NM.


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McNairy Co. TN Deed (FHL film 983,085)
      F-391: 23 Feb. 1857, W.G. Campbell to Joseph Duncan, both of Hardin Co. TN, $600, 200 acres on west side TN River on waters of Lick Creek, Range 5, Sec. 1. Wit. Larkin F. Bell, James W. Bell.

Roane Co. TN Deeds
      G-518: 17 Dec. 1833, William Maddox and wife Elizabeth G. Maddox to Joseph Duncan, all of Hardin Co. TN, $50, all their part of two tracts of land, one tract of 140 acres in Raccoon Valley on White Oak Creek and the other of 200 acres in White Oak Valley on White Oak & Job? Creek, being the property of Robt. Duncan deceased, and for $50 all their interest in the above land. No wit. (FHL film 560,108)
      G-519: 11 Dec. 1832, William B. Duncan of McNairy Co. TN to Joseph Duncan of Hardin Co. TN, $75, 48 acres on White Oak Creek, a seventh part of 340 acres, the real estate of Robert Duncan decd. Wit. William G. Norwood, Jeremiah Yarns. (FHL film 560,108)
      G-520: 26 Aug. 1834, Jessee Duncan of Hardin Co. TN to Joseph Duncan of same, $60, all my part of the land of my father Robert Duncan decd, one tract of 140 acres in Raccoon Valley on White Oak Creek, and 200 acres in White Oak Valley on Jobs Creek and White Oak Creek, on northwest side of Clinch River, together with remaining part of personal property of said Robert Duncan decd for I am a legal heir with six more brothers and sisters, seven in all. Wit. John J. Williams, Luther G. Houston. (FHL film 560,108)
      M-48: Hardin Co. TN; 28 July 1853, Plesent V. Ledford & wife Mary Ann H. Ledford, wife of said Ledford the daughter of Rebeccah Duncan decd. the dau. of Frances Ervin (sic) dec., appoint Joseph Duncan of Hardin Co. attorney to receive from chancery court in Roane Co. my distributive portion from sale of tract of land belonging to estate of Frances Ervin as one heir of the 9 children who are the surviving representatives of Rebeccah Duncan decd. Reg. in Hardin Co. (FHL film 560,111)

Marshall Co. TN Wills, Vol.A, 1835-1855 (FHL film 977,502)
      A-77: Nuncupative will of Joseph Duncan who died at the house of William McManus in Hardin Co. TN on 16 Oct. 1845; wife Winney Duncan use of property; his children when of age; at coming of age of youngest child there to be an equal division. He wanted Wm. Duncan, Joseph Duncan, and Josiah Duncan to borrow money to pay James Duncan. Wm. & Josiah Duncan executors. Recorded Dec. 1845 on oath of Wm. McManus.

Chancery Court Record, Hickman Co. TN County Court Records Book D, 1872-1875 (Copy of original contributed by Robert Bryant to April Heath who transcribed it, from April 11/2002 with permission to post)
      (AH: In 1874 Thomas Hiram P. Duncan (son of Hiram Walker Duncan) filed a lawsuit against several persons including Elizabeth Duncan Thornton his Aunt, her husband Moses Thornton, and David Duncan's Mary "who is now a Gossett". The suit concerned the sale of land and Mary's failure to care for Nancy the Widow of David.)
      Pages 169-172: Hickman Co. TN Court, T.H.P. Duncan vs Moses Thornton et al, O.J. Bill. To the Honorable George H. Nixon one of the Chancellors of the State of Tennessee holding the Chancery Court at Centerville.
      The Bill of Complaint of T.H.P. Duncan, a citizen of Hickman County, Tennessee, against Moses Thornton and Wife Betsy, formerly Betsy Duncan; Mary Gosset, formerly Mary Duncan; Wiley G. Ligon; Emily Bates and her husband, W.C. Bates; Mary Ligon and Permelia Ligon, the last named two are minors and have no regular guardian, all citizens of Hickman County, Tennessee; William Ligon a citizen of the state of Kentucky, Gilmore A. Duncan a citizen of the state of [MAD: 1870 Tippah Co.] Mississippi; the heirs of John Duncan; citizens of Hardin County, Tennessee but whose ages, residences, and names are unknown to complainant; the heirs of William Duncan deceased whose names, ages and residences are unknown; the heirs of David Duncan decd who are citizens of the state of Mississippi but whose ages and names are unknown to complainant.
      Complainant would respectfully represent and show to your honor that David Duncan died in Hickman County about twenty years ago, leaving his widow Nancy Duncan who died about three years ago.
      Complainant states that David Duncan left surviving him Betsy Thornton and her husband Moses Thornton, Mary Gossett, David Duncan, John Duncan, William Duncan, Gilmore Duncan, Nancy Ligon (Mother of the parties named as defendants), H.W. Duncan and Complainant his only heirs at law. Complainant states that said David Duncan siezed and possessed in fee of the following described tract of land lying in Hickman County in the 5th Civil District on the waters of Mill Creek, containing ninety-six acres and bounded as follows: On the north by J.P. Beasley's land, on the east by the said Beasley's land and J.N. Anderson's land, on the south by a 5000 acre tract claimed by T.P. Bateman, and on the west by the lands of Hilliard Beasley and T.W. Thornton a non-specific of said land will be given on or before a hearing on this cause.
      Complainant states that there would be nine shares of equal interest of said land, but that he has bought the interest of H.W. Duncan who owned one ninth and the interest of William Ligon who owned one fifth of one share, or one fifth of one ninth.
      Complainant states that David Duncan, Sr. left a will or deed by which he left the land above described to his Mary, (Now a Gossett) upon condition that she would take care of and support his widow during her natural life, that if she failed to take care of, protect and support his wife or widow, the land at the death of the widow should be sold and portioned among his heirs. Complainant states that said Mary failed to support and protect said widow her mother, that is she did not keep her more than two years. Complainant states that after the failure on Mary's part, he took her and supported her during the rest of her life, or at least he supported her for at least two years prior to her death, and that she was so old, a great part of the time helpless.
      Complainant states that the defendants Moses Thornton and wife Betsy Thornton, Mary Gossett and Wiley Ligon filed a petition in the county court of Hickman County December 2nd, 1873 praying to have the said lands sold and praying to have Complainant charged with rental. (An office copy of said bill or petition is herewith filed marked(A) and asked to be taken care of this Bill but not to be copied.)
      Complainant charges that he supported on the place the widow of David Duncan and grandmother to the petitioner all the latter years of her life, that she was in a helpless condition a part of the time, and that all the time a very great trouble, that he was put valuable and permanent improvements upon the land, built a dwelling house, corn Crib, etc, also he has cleared up and fenced in about forty acres of land. Complainant further states and charges that by his improvements and management of the land he has increased it; value more than one hundred percent.
      Complainant states that he is advised that this is the only proper tribunal that can have the same rendered and that he would be greatly embarrassed in any other court. Complainant states that the land cannot be divided by meters and bounds without great injury to the parties concerned and that it is manifestly to the interest of the parties that lands be sold for partition and distribution.
      The premises considered Complainants prays that the parties named as such be made defendant to this Bill, that copy of bill and sp issued and they be compelled to answer all the allegations therein made according to the usual course of this court, that publication be made as to the non-resident defendants as the law dictates and that Guardian be appointed to answer and defend for the minors and unknown heirs of David Duncan decd, and that the States Writ of Injunction issue and that defendants Moses Thornton, Betsy Thornton, Mary Gossett and Wiley G. Ligon be enjoined from further prosecuting this suit in the county court, and that an account be taken and that upon hearing that Complainant be allowed reasonable compensation for the support and maintenance of Nancy Duncan the widow of David Duncan deed, and reasonable compensation for the valuable and permanent improvements that he has put upon the land, and that the land be sold for partition and distributed among the parties in interest and for such other and different relief as to your honor may seem meet on the nature of the case require & c. This is the first application for writ of injunction in this case.
      State of Tennessee; Hickman County. J.W. Duncan agent of T.H.P. Duncan makes oath before me W.M. Johnson, Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court for said county, that the facts stated in the foregoing Bill are true to the best of his knowledge information and belief. Sworn to before me Feb 23rd, 1874.
      The Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court at Centerville, Hickman County upon Complainant executing an Injunction Bond in the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars payable and conditioned according to law, issue the writ of injunction as prayed for in the foregoing Bill given under my hand this 27th day of Feb, 1874.


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