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Formed 1809 from Maury
Marshall formed 1836 from Bedford, Lincoln, Giles, Maury


1820 Giles Co. TN Census
Pg.  9  John Duncan      000010      - 00010

1830 Giles Co. TN Census
Pg.199  Will Dunking     0010,001    - 0000,01
   209  Jno. Duncan      0000,1      - 1000,1

1840 Giles Co. TN Census
        No Duncan indexed
Pg.102  Jesse T. Hix     1100,01     - 2000,01
          (MAD: looking for Jesse "Hiz?" or "Hise" mar.
             Mary Duncan 1/20/1838 Campbell Co. TN, in 1850
             Scott Co. TN census; probably not this one)

1850 Giles Co. TN Census
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Town of Pulaski
Pg.333 (666), #85-85, Jacob SHAWL 62 MD inn keeper $7000 (boarding house)
                  Mary 55 VA
                  Susan 55 MD
                  John 20 TN surveyer $0
                  Stephen KINGSBERY 25 NC clerk $0
                  Rufus WHITE 41 TN physician $6200
                  David NEILL 31 31 NC merchant $0
                  William S. ADDAMSON 43 TN tailor $1000
                  John C. BROWN 23 TN lawyer $0
                  Augustus BATTE 21 TN student
                  Abet BRYANT (m) 33 SC carpenter
                  (MAD: one Abel Bryant mar. Eliza Duncan 12/29/1846 in Campbell Co. TN)
District 14
Pg.348 (697), #113, John DUNCAN 45 TN farmer $0
                  Nancey 23 AL
                  William 16, Franklin 14 TN
                  James 12, Andrew 10 TN
                  Thomas 8 TN
                  Mary 20 TN
District 4
Pg.389 (778), #102, James C. HUNTER 28 AL farmer $730
                  Mary M. 19 TN
                  Mary Jane 2, Thomas A. 1/12 TN
                  Margaret DUNKIN 76 SC

1860 Giles Co. TN Census
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
Pg.34 (68), #469, Saml. YOKELY 40 TN farmer & merchant $15,000-$18,000
                  Mary M. 39 TN
                  Sarah J. 14, Mary L. 12 TN
                  Andrew J. 10, Safrona C. (f) 8 TN
                  Ann A. 2 TN
                  James DUNCAN 21 TN farm laborer
Pg.44 (44), #614, Lurana COLVET (f) 60 NC farming $2000-$600
                  Lucinda C. 23 TN
                  Frank DUNCAN 22 TN laborer
Pg.83 (166), #1170, John DUNCAN 55 TN farm laborer $0-$500
                  Nancy 31 TN
                  Andrew 19, Thos. 17 TN
                  Reuben 12, Elizabeth 10 TN
                  Martha 6, Jesse 2 TN
                  John 6/12 TN
                  (MAD: probably not the John Duncan in Creek War 1838, married Nancy P. Harris in AL in 1853 as 2nd wife, she in Clay Co. AL 1898)
Pg.83 (166), #1171, Hugh YOKELY 45 TN
                  Martha A. 43 TN & family

1870 Giles Co. TN Census (also pg.201 from Zelda Villnave 5/2000; pg.290 from Elaine Lewis 1/2001)
Pulaski (town of)
Pg.129, #74-74, DINKIN, Patrick 47 IRE saloon keeper $300-$5000, parents of foreign birth
                  Martha 36 TN keeping house
                  James 7 AL father of foreign birth
                  Peter 2 TN father of foreign birth
                  LEA, Mary 20 TN (white) domestic servt.
                  Sarah 19 TN
                  SWANSON, J.P. (m) 28 TN (white) plasterer
                  KENNEDY, John 25 IRE brick mason
Pg.138, #232-232, DUNCAN, Ellen 57 NC (white) keeping house $0-$0
                  Nancy 20 TN weaver
                  Adaline 16 TN weaver
                  Robt. J. 12 TN
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Lawrence Co. TN census, widow of William S. Duncan)
District 10, P.O. Bradshaw Station
Pg.201, #3-3, DUNCAN, Jane 64 TN
                  SULCER, Elizabeth 12 AL
                  (MAD & others: 1860 Marshall Co. AL census)
Pg.202, #18-18, SULSER, George 49 VA (white) farmer $0-$30
                  Amanda 25 AL keeping house
                  Charles 16, Mary 14 AL farm laborers
                  Sarah C. 10 AL farm laborer
                  Nancy C. 6 AL
                  Jesse (m) 1 TN
                  DUNCAN, Julia 17 AL (white) farm laborer
District 13, P.O. Bufords Station
Pg.274, #238-238, DUNCAN, Andrew 26 TN (white) farmer $0-$270
                  Nelly P.A. 25 TN keeping house
                  Asey A.J. (f) 3, John W. 1 TN
District 14, P.O. Campbellsville
Pg.281-282, #65-65, DUNCAN, James A. 31 TN (white) farm laborer $225-$350
                  Cynthia L. 29 TN keeping house
                  Ellen E. 8, Margaret J. 6 TN
                  Althy A. (f) 3, Saphronia A. (f) 2 TN
                  Thomas O. 25 TN farm laborer
                  Eliza J. 18 TN
                  Isaac E. (m) 8/12 TN b.Oct.
14th Civil District, pg.28, P.O. Campbellsville, taken July 12, 1870
Pg.290, #187-187, DUNCAN, John 66 SC farm laborer $0-$0
                  Louisa E. 17 TN keeping house
                  Ruebin C. 18 TN farm laborer
                  Jesse 12 TN farm laborer
                  John K. 10 TN


Giles Co. TN Marriages (FHL film 968,829)
   Vol.1, 1865-1870
      Andrew J. Duncan to Nelly Purina Ann Ball, 13 Dec. 1865, m. 14 Dec. by J.F. Holt MG; pg.9
      M.A. (f) Duncan to W.H. Davis, 2 Dec. 1868, m. 25 Dec. by J.F. Walker MG; pg.164
      Isabella Duncan to John R. Campbell, 20 Dec. 1869, m. 21 Dec. by S.C. Duckson, A.M.; pg.210
      Thos. O. Duncan to Eliza J. Keltsur, 2 Jan. 1869, m. 3 Jan. by W.F.Hewalt, MG; pg.213
      Aramenta Duncan to Oliver Davis, 12 Jan. 1869, m. 14 Jan. by John Kraus? JP; pg.214
      R.C. Duncan to Nancy A. Jones/Joines, 17 Oct. 1870, m. 17 Oct. by A.L. Prentice JP; pg.262
   Vol.2, 1871-1881 - no bride index
      Wm. Duncan, col., to Rosetta Banks, col., 22 Nov. 1872 by R. Kirkman, MG
      (1878 colored not copied)
      M.B. (m) Dunnian/Dunncan to N.J. Gregy, 29 Oct. 1880, m. 30 Oct. 1880 by J.P. Moore, JP

Giles Co. TN Marriages (FHL film 968,830; from Judy Player 11/1990)
      Duncan, Frank to Thompson, Francis, 6 Jan. 1895 (pg.357)
      Duncan, Frank to Trice, Mary, 1 Aug. 1897 (pg.435)
      Duncan, Frank to Buttmann, Lee P., 14 July 1901 (pg.102)
      Duncan, J.D. to Cross, Emma, 12 Aug. 1900 (pg.67)
      Duncan, Nancy (b. Giles Co.) to Henson, John (b. Sanderda.), 24 April 1881 (pg.13)
      Duncan, W.R. to Price, Mary E., 25 July 1882, mar. by J.C. Abernathy, JP (pg.39)
      Duncan, William to Parr, Bettie, 22 Oct. 1891 (pg.213)


Giles Co. TN Misc. Wills 1830-1857, typed by WPA (FHL film 24,654 item 3)
      No Duncan


Giles Co. TN Deeds and indexes (grantor index 1810-1859 typed by WPA, on FHL film 24,654 items 1 and 2; grantee index 1810-1859, 1859-1895 on FHL film 968,850)
      (no early Duncan grantees indexed)
      B-374: 4 Nov. 1815, Samuel Duncan and wife Sally, Samuel Duncan attorney in fact for James Carson, Joab Craig and wife Elizabeth, Mary Lester, John James and wife Isabella, all of TN, to John Henderson for $600, 185 acres in Giles Co., part of tract sold to John Carson and by him willed to his brothers and sisters. Wit. Alexander Stinson, James Mitchell. Rec. 20 June 1816 on oath of wit. (FHL film 968,853) (MAD: see also Power of Attorney to John James in Campbell Co. TN court 1815)
      C-364: 29 Aug. 1818, John Duncan to John Samuel, covenant negro slaves Charles, Winney, and Lucy and $480; to board Duncan during life and care for him. both signed. Wit. L.M. Bramlett, A. Black. (FHL film 968,853)
      Z-501: 17 Sept. 1858, A.J. Duncan by H.H. Hanes & Co., agent, to L.A. Westmoreland, $225, negro boy Ben age 19. Reg. in Davidson Co. by A.J. Duncan 20 Sept. 1858. (FHL film 968,948)
      CC-199: Duncan & Scoggin from R.G.P. White, lot 69 (1865)
      DD-619: Duncan, W.F. from Erwin, J.F., lot (1867)
      DD-376: Duncan, W.F. from Scoggin, Robt. M., lot
      DD-437: Duncan, W.F. to Irwin?, J.F., mort. (1868)
      DD-619: Duncan, Wm. F. to Lewis, Wm. G., lot


Giles Co. TN Court Minutes
      1827-1835 - no Duncan (FHL film 968,835)
      1837-1840 - no Duncan
      1835-1855 - no Duncan (FHL film 968,836)


Trimble Co. KY Deed
      G-122: 26 Oct. 1865, Samuel T. Duncan, Samuel P. Jackson and wife Mary Ann, of Trimble Co. KY, and Martha H. Ringo and Luther Ringo her husband of Carroll Co. KY, and B.F. Duncan of "Jiles" Co. TN by his attorney Samuel P. Duncan of Trimble Co. KY, and Daniel B. Trout of "McCoupin" Co. IL by his attorney John Trout of Trimble Co. KY, and Eliza S. Gray and Wm. Gray of Carroll Co. KY, to Plyni Joyce of Jefferson Co. IN, for $11.50 per acre, $3056.58 paid and balance by note for $1,028.29 due in 12 months, 268 acres 1 rod 4 poles on waters of Corn Creek, corner to F/T?. B. Young and Chandler, corner to Barnes, on road opposite Barnes gate, being all their undivided interest to the land, they being all the heirs of Willis Duncan decd. /s/ S.T. Duncan, Samuel P. Jackson, Marey A. Jackson, B.F. Duncan by S.P. Duncan Atty, Daniel B. Trout by John A. Trout Atty, Wm. Gray, Eliza S. Gray, W.L. Ringo, Martha H. Ringo. Certification in Carroll Co. KY of deed to Plyny Joyce for Wm. Gray, Eliza S. Gray, W.L. Ringo, Martha H. Ringo, 27 Oct. 1865. Certification in Trimble Co. KY for others on 26 Oct. 1865. (FHL film 420,366)


Giles Co. TN misc. original papers and records; Cemetery records; church records; Bible records; many records referring to Pulaski, TN; items filmed at TN State Library and Archives (FHL film 968,963)
      No Duncan spotted page by page


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