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Formed 1823 from Western District
Crockett formed 1845 from Dyer, Madison, Gibson, Haywood


1830 Gibson Co. TN Census
Pg.228  Stephen Duncan        0000,1        - 3000,1

1840 Gibson Co. TN Census
Pg.198  Stephen Duncan        1110,11       - 1130,01
   210  George Duncan         1000,1        - 1100,1
          (MAD: ? 1850 Rusk Co. TX)

1850 Gibson Co. TN Census (part from Roy Hall 2/1989)
Page numbers without parens are stamped page numbers, within parens are handwritten numbers
District 3
Pg.149 (297), #362, Joseph J. HOLLOMAN 35 NC farmer $3000
                  Mary 26 TN
                  Penny (f) 1/12 TN
                  (MAD: Joseph W. Hollomon b.1811-12 mar. Mary Duncan, dau. of Stephen Duncan, per 1965 info of Biffle Owen; Joseph Holloman mar. Mary Underwood 9/14/1848 per marriage records)
Pg.228 (455), #1444, John B. WRIGHT 40 TN farmer $2000
                  Rebecca 39 NC
                  Wm. DUNCAN 16 TN student
Pg.228 (455), #1445, Stephen DUNCAN 45 TN farmer $1000 Can't read/write
                  Elizabeth 46 NC
                  Margret 23, Elizabeth 18 TN
                  John 17 Student, Martha 15 TN
                  Cynthia 12, Wm. 10 TN
                  Louisa 8, James 6 TN
                  (MAD: wife was Elizabeth Fullerton)
Pg.238 (475), #1582, S. DUNCAN 21 KY farmer
                  Susan 23 TN mar/in/year
                  (MAD: S.K. Duncan m. Susan Leonard; Samuel K. Duncan in 1860 Sebastian Co. AR)

1860 Gibson Co. TN Census
District 2
Pg.214, #257-262, Joseph SENTER 53 NC farmer $3500-$4000
                  Lucy 43 NC
                  Milan Jane (f) 17 TN
                  Stephen DUNCAN 23 TN (blank)
District 10
Pg.305, #1517-1538, John DUNCAN 28 TN (blank) $0-$200
                  Wm. 21 TN
                  Cathrin 30 TN
                  Luisa 18, Cyntha 16 TN
                  James 17 TN

1870 Gibson Co. TN Census
District 3, P.O. Humboldt
Pg.227, #18-18, DUNCAN, H. (m) 36 KY (white) local mail agt. $0-$200
                  M.E. (f) 34 IN keeping house
                  A.E. (f) 14, C.G. (m) 12 KY at home
                  F.B. (f) 9 KY at home
                  W.G. (m) 3 IN at home
                  (MAD: Henry Duncan, 1860 Hardin Co. KY census)
Pg.252, #271-294, DUNCAN, S. (m) 64 TN farmer $400-$400
                  Tirza (f) 56? (50?) AL keeps house
                  Catharine 92 NC at home (age as given)
District 10, P.O. Kenton Station
Pg.390, #34-34, DUNCAN, Wm. 38 KY (white) farmer $0-$300
                  Tersie 34 TN keep house
                  Sarah 15 TN at school
                  Serah Leonora (f) 58 AL "farmer" $800-$400
                  (MAD: Serah Leonora Duncan; next to Lasiter family)
District 13, P.O. Milan
Pg.429, #106-106, REIDINGS, James 30 TN (white) blacksmith $0-$0
                  Rachel 30 TN keeps house
                  Milton 3 TN at home
                  Robert T. 7/12 TN b.Dec. at home
                  DUNSON, J. (f) 35 TN (white) at home

1900 Gibson Co. TN Soundex (from Mary Hudson 1984; all Duncans in soundex for this county)
23rd District:
      Leroy P. DUNCAN; Vol.21, E.D.57, Sheet 6, Line 75; b. Sept.1857, 42 yrs AL
                  Laura, wife, Nov. 1871, 28, AL
                  Ella, dau, Nov. 1889, 10, TN
                  Floyd, son, Jan. 1892, 8, TN
                  Lettie, dau, Jan. 1894, 6, TN
                  William, son, Dec. 1897, 2, TN
7th Civil Dist.:
      Mary McGEE; Trenton City, Vol. 20, E.D.39, Sheet 6, Line 47; (MAD: no data)
                  William A. DUNCAN; b. Dec. 1846 TN; Rasha (wife) b. 1856 TN
                  William R. DUNCAN; E.D. 39; b. Sept. 1836 TN; Sarah (wife) b. 1867 AL
16th Civil Dist.:
      In household of Caroline SMITH:
                  James DUNCAN (bro-in-law) b. Apr. 1846 TN
                  Margaret DUNCAN (sister) b. July 1843 TN
                  Nellie DUNCAN (niece) b. Sept. 1886 TN
4th Civil Dist.:
      William J. DUNCAN b. May 1851 NC; household includes children but no wife.
10th Civil Dist.:
      William R. DUNCAN b. Apr. 1856 TN; Sallie (wife) b. 1856 TN
24th Civil Dist.:
      William B. DUNCAN b. Apr. 1856 TN; Mary L. (wife) b. 1863 TN


Gibson Co. TN Surveyor's Book 1 (FHL film 1,007,811 item 1)
      1-44: Survey #39, 13th Dist. State of TN, by virtue of Entry #306 dated 15 Jan. 1821, founded on Cert. Warrant #1667 issued by Commissioners of W. TN to James Patterson for 5000 acres, dated 5 Oct. 1820, I have surveyed for George W.L. Marr and Joseph Bryan, assignees originally of James Patterson, 5000 acres in Stewart Co. in 13th Dist. on Mississippi River, surveyed April 4, 1821, /s/ Eph. B. Davidson, D.S.; C. Davidson and George Duncan, S.C.C.; returned 25 May 1821. (MAD: listed as Deed Book 1 in "Family Findings" Vol.18 #4)

Gibson Co. TN Deeds (index 1829-1849 on FHL film 1,008,149)
      G-219: 22 Feb. 1838, "Brown" Duncan of Dyer Co. TN to Moses A. House of Gibson Co. TN, $200, bill of sale for negro boy David 15 or 16 years old. /s/ Browning Duncan. Wit. John B. Wright, R. Peters/Petus. (FHL film 1,008,153)
      H-283: 7 Aug. 1839, Hugh A. Fullerton, John S. Fullerton, George W. Dickey and wife Margaret H., heirs of Margaret Fullerton decd, and Adam J/I. Fullerton and Saml. C. Fullerton, all Gibson Co. TN, to Stephen Duncan and wife Elizabeth H. Duncan, heirs of Margaret Fullerton, $1, part of 200 acres deeded by Hugh Reed decd. to Margaret Fullerton his daughter, which 200 acres is part of 3,000 acre grant by NC to Richard Holmes, corner William Reed, 50 acres. Wit. James T. Bone, H.Y. Bone, Reason Albia, H.H. Bank. (FHL film 1,008,154)
      M-285: 7 Dec. 1839, Saml. C. Fullerton to Stephen Duncan, both Gibson Co. TN, $250, part of 200 acres (above), corner Stephen Duncan, Hugh Reed, 50 acres. Wit. James T. Bone, Hugh Y. Bone. (FHL film 1,008,154)

HISTORIES before 1923

1887/8 "History of West TN" by Goodspeed (FHL film 899,867)
      Pg.927, Gibson Co.: William R. White is a son of John and Sallie P. (Duncan) White, natives of NC and VA respectively. They were married in the former State and there resided until 1836, when they came to West TN and located in Gibson Co., where they remained until their deaths. The father was a Jacksonian Democrat, and a blacksmith and farmer by occupation. He died about 1859. His widow resided on the homestead until a few years before her death, when she began residing with her children. She died in 1881. William R. was born in Burke Co. NC, December 5, 1822, and received ... Julia A. Armstrong became his wife in 1846, and after bearing 6 children, died in 1860. Three years later he married Jane Simmons, who bore him one child. ...


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